The Book Store

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It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and there wasn’t much to do. Ironically however, everyone I had called seemed to have plans for the day. All were staying in…doing something around the house. But, I needed to get out. I was restless.

What does one do on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Well, apparently one goes to the book store…ya know, the big book store with the coffee shop inside? Well, that is where I ended up with no purpose really but to get some coffee and browse the books.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one with that idea that day. The place was packed. I had to park on the far end of the parking lot and by the time I got my way to the store I was pretty soaked. It wasn’t going well. The line at the café was more than ten people long and every last table and seat in the place was taken. Figures!

For a moment, I thought about leaving…getting back in my car and just going back home. But, considering how far away I parked and how soaked I had gotten just to be there, I decided to stay…and I’m so glad I did.

Now, there are a variety of topics that interest me and considering the fact that I had gone there with no real agenda, I wandered the store, stopping here and there to browse the titles…looking for something to catch my interest. It wasn’t happening. I was distracted by the wet clothes that clung to my body and the number of people crowding my exploration. And so my attention drifted beylikdüzü escort from the books to the people.

For me, there had always been something sexy about a bookstore. As an aspiring writer, it was more than just a store to me…it was a gallery of fulfilled dreams. There was something of an exhibitionist nature about it…putting one’s thoughts down on paper for the world to read…opening your ideas, your opinions, and fantasies to an audience of millions. It was exhilarating. And as I looked around I became slightly aroused by some of the men, their attention focused on the words that they read within the books that they held. It was sexy; and I imagined that they were reading my words…my thoughts. Then I paused… how silly I was acting! Slightly embarrassed, I returned to searching the books.

It was only a few minutes later I had wandered into the social sciences section…sociology, current events, criminology, true crime…that one. As usual, that aisle was vacant. Without being crowded, I relaxed and began looking through the titles. I must have become quite focused because I didn’t even notice that another person had entered the aisle with me.

From behind me, I heard his voice speak my name. Before I could turn around his strong hands were around my waist and pulling me into his body. I closed my eyes for a second and beyoğlu escort allowed him to take a hold of me. I recognized that voice and I SO knew those hands. In a moment, I was weak.

He brought his face to the right of mine, softly kissing my cheek. He then whispered for me to be quite. Feeling helpless, I nodded in agreement to his request.

He took my hands into his…pulling my arms behind me and again leaned in to whisper, “Just walk.” I couldn’t help but smile. I loved how he could take control over me. And I obeyed…slowly taking steps as he directed me towards the back of the store. I wasn’t sure where we were going or what he could possibly have in mind…but I didn’t ask or question…I just enjoyed.

Through a door labeled, “employees only,” we entered. I heard the click of a lock behind me but remained facing forward…waiting for him to move me if he liked. We were in some kind of storage space…I don’t really remember the detail of the room as my mind wandered elsewhere and my body pulsed with anticipation.

And then the lights went out. He was still behind me, never allowing me to turn. Releasing my hands, he reached around me and began aggressively fondling my body through my wet clothes. He dove into my neck, kissing me passionately first on my right side…and then the left. I let out a soft moan and his hands traveled bizimkent escort lower.

He nearly tore open my jeans…it was then the thought occurred to me…what if we get caught?! Oh…but I didn’t care. His hands were in my pants and reaching between my legs. As he touched my pussy I could feel how extremely wet I had already become. With two thick fingers he entered me and I moaned…he then reminded me that I needed to be quite with a soft, “shhh”.

Finally, he turned me around and instantly his lips were on mine. He tore through my wet blouse and pushed my pants further down my legs. We were crazed to get undressed…like animals. Then I heard the door handle…someone was trying to get in!

Startled, my heart pounding in my ears, I reached down for my clothes. But, he wasn’t having that. Taking advantage of my position…leaned over and fumbling with my blouse…he grabbed me by the waist and turned me…directing me towards a chair. I grabbed a hold of it, as not to fall.

He entered me from behind. Bent over a chair in that dark room…my heart still pounding with the fear of being caught…he pumped me hard with his thick cock. I let out an incredibly loud moan…louder than before. This time he ignored it. Well, he didn’t say anything…he just started to work me faster. There was knocking at the door! And a voice yelled out, “Excuse me?!”

I opened my eyes and turned. There was a store employee standing to the right of me…arms full of books. And I blinked as I refocused. I was in the social sciences aisle again. The employee motioned towards the shelf and I apologized while stepping to the side. I stood there for a moment…disorientated, until the clerk asked me if I needed any help. I shook my head, no…and quietly walked away.

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