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Hi guys and gals! I’m glad to be back! While dealing with writer’s block, heart problems, and another PC crap out, I managed to slowly put this one together for you. Hope you like it. There will never be a part 2 for this one! And, in case you forgot, I ONLY write fiction, as I don’t trust the moral police to let things slide that some people write about as ‘true’. Also, all characters are at least 18 years old. Don’t try this at home!

For those of you who really care about the details, I know that most of the man’s ejaculate is from the prostrate, with just a bit from the balls. However, ‘balls’ is shorter, and using it makes the story better than having to always say something like “she really drained my balls and prostate!” So it will just be “balls” from me.

By the way, personal soap box time. Several of the comment writers to my other stories show their disgust that I mention the story is fiction (like in paragraph one) and that I made it up. It just makes me wonder if, when those people find a book at a book store or public library, and it is located under the section called FICTION do they turn up their noses at Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King, to name just a couple. Of course, perhaps they don’t go to those places which is why book stores are closing and the library two blocks from my house keeps having book sales. As for me, I’m just glad that ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ and ‘The Langoliers’ were pure fiction!



Hey! Never thought my life could be turned into a story that anyone would want to read. Very normal parents in a very normal suburb with a pretty but very normal older sister. Oh yeah, her only brother is so fucking normal that girls I’ve sat next to in class many times didn’t know who I was when I asked them out on a date! Are you fucking kidding me? What am I, some sort of chameleon that disappears into the back ground? I admit I’m not a male model but I’m not butt ugly either, just, normal. But that’s not what this story is about.

I’m 19 and out of high school two years now. My sister graduated college last year and then married her girlfriend from college. I’ll admit it, I wondered about them the few times Kim came home for a holiday and brought Maxine with her. Oh, she goes by Max so at first, I thought Kim was talking about her boyfriend — until we met. She’s really pretty and it’s obvious to anyone that they are really stuck on each other.

They had the same major and ended up working at the same company on the other side of our metro area, so they live “close” to home but it is still a 75-mile trip — each way — via the freeway. (Surface streets are shorter but take much longer.) Due to good class selection and natural abilities I went from high school graduation straight into computer programming and, after one year, was bringing home more than both my parents combined made at their jobs. After dealing with the insane commute twice daily for nearly a year I bit the bullet and moved out of my lifelong home and bought a house about 6 miles from Kim and Max’s place.

The three of us hung out quite a bit and then even more when they joined a bowling league and begged me to fill out the five-person team. We had a great time, grew even closer and came in as the second-place team.

So, I was not surprised when shortly after noon on Saturday Kim’s car stopped in my driveway and they got out carrying an 18-pack of Bud Light. I had a fresh 12-pack in my fridge so I knew we were set for the rest of the day. I tossed some hamburger patties on the grill and soon we were sitting on my patio by the pool filling our stomachs.

“Okay Kim, you look like something’s been on your mind since you got here. So, what’s up. Don’t even try to deny it, I’ve always been able to read you like an open book.” As I said it, I took 3 more beers out of the cooler and handed each of them one after popping them open.

Her eyes looked away from me as both girls blushed profusely. Eventually Kim looked back to me and said, “We want to have a baby!”

Made sense to me. Just because they are lesbians doesn’t mean they wouldn’t want kids. “Hey, all right! Good for you two! So, are you going to adopt or what?”

“Well, we have been checking on adopting, but the waiting list is fucking incredible! Too many abortions mean fewer babies to be adopted, damn it.” Max said. I loved how relaxed she was around me, never mincing words like she did with our parents.

“Well, I’ve heard it is quicker if you adopt from overseas,” I suggested.

“Oh, it is quicker, but shit — it is so damned expensive!” Kim said.

“Oh,” I mumbled astutely.

“Yeah,” from Max. “And we checked on doing artificial insemination which is also very expensive and not covered by our insurance. They will cover the pregnancy and delivery but not the most expensive part.” As she finished speaking, she chugged the rest of her beer and slammed the empty down, crushing it in one go. That one didn’t last long!

I looked at her then the crushed can then back to her pretty face. “I’ll be back with more beers,” I said gaziantep escort bayan as I stood up and grabbed the empty cooler. Moments later I stepped back outside seeing them huddled together in a serious yet quiet discussion. I paused where I was out of ear range and waited for them to move apart, then I quickly sat down and handed out another round.

“Do you two need more time for that discussion or were you finished?” I asked either of them.

“Thanks for being a gentleman, and for the beers,” Max said with a slightly tense smile.

“Hey, they’re your beers, I brought out the rest of the 18-pack,” I said jovially trying to lighten the mood.

“Whatever,” they said in unison.

“So,” I asked, “where does that leave you two? At having a kid, I mean.”

“Well, we were sort of hoping you could help us with that,” Kim said so softly I wasn’t certain that I heard her correctly.

“You want me to do what?”

“We need your help,” Kim said slightly louder.

“Oh, okay, how much does it cost?”

“Men!” Max exclaimed staring right at me. “Sometimes guys can be so dense! We don’t want your money!”

I just stared at them both, my eyes searching one face then the other, back and forth several times. “So … you want … my sperm …” I slowly said, “for the AI procedure.”

“This isn’t going to work, hon,” Max said as she started to rise. “Let’s just go home!”

“Sit your ass, Max,” I said strongly. So maybe I’m out of practice at reading my sister. I looked each of them in the eyes then stopped at my sister as I went on, “Obviously I’m missing something here, and it must be pretty big, so help the nerd out and enlighten me.” She had kidded me for being a nerd for probably 13 years so why not just acknowledge it.

Blushing hard Kim squirmed as she said, “Well, we do need your sperm.”

“And that’s what I said!” I said raising my voice. “So, tell me the name of the doctor and I’ll go make a deposit for you guys.”

“Oh, for Pete’s sake,” Max said sounding really pissed at me.

“What???” I said looking at her.

“That’s not how we want your help?” she said looking as if she was talking to a ten-year-old that couldn’t tie his shoe laces.

I looked at her, then at Kim, then at Max, then at Kim, then, well you get the idea. My eyes moved back and forth several more times as they just sat there silently letting my computer brain digest their words.

“No … fucking … way,” I slowly said.

“Told you he could figure it out,” Kim said to her wife.

“Okay, you won that one,” Max said to her, then turning to me she went on, “but it is precisely ‘fucking’ that we want!”

This suddenly became the time I REALLY appreciated how private my backyard was. My house is at the end of a cul-de-sac and both sides of the yard are lined with thick, tall and impenetrable bushes as well as 7-foot tall brick walls. I never hear my neighbors and I’m sure they can’t hear me. They can’t see in either.

“What … wha … uh … wha … um … I … wha …” I stuttered.

“Yes brother, we have decided that we want you to father our child.”

Suddenly I was sweating profusely and breathing hard as I again looked back and forth between them. “You … you mean …” I paused, taking several more, deep breaths, “you two want me to FUCK and make one of you pregnant!” They both nodded their heads. “But who? I mean, which one of you? Shit, I can’t fuck my sister!”

“Maybe … maybe not,” Max said with no expression at all.

“But … “

“Look brother dear, we haven’t figured that out yet,” Kim said putting her hand on mine. “Each of us would love to give birth, so that makes it very difficult. We’re still trying to decide just which one of us would do it.”

“But sis, we can’t fuck!”

“Like Max said, maybe, maybe not!” Kim said squeezing my hand. “Look, I’ve never been with a guy before. And other than dad, you are the only guy that I do love, and I kinda want to … if it’s me … get knocked up by a guy that I love, and not just some lucky sperm from a test tube!”

“But if it is ME,” Max interrupted, “the only guy I love is my dad, but he got snipped so he’s out. But you are really nice and I like you a lot. Lot’s more than I ever thought I would. Plus, you’re not THAT bad of a looking guy and you have treated me really nice since day one. So, if I had to pick a guy to be my first fuck, you would be at the top of the list. So far that would be a list of one.”

“My god, I can’t believe you two are asking this of me,” I said as I grabbed another beer, then gave each of them one as well.

“Look, Jim, we haven’t even figured out how to decide who would do it,” my sister said with trembling lips. “Please don’t tell us ‘no’. Help us … you’re our only hope!”

“Aw damn it sis, did you have to use my favorite line from ‘Star Wars’ against me?! That’s a low blow!”

Max laughed at me saying, “You really are such a nerd!”

“Guilty as charged.”

“Jim,” my sister said flatly. I looked from Max to her and gaziantep escort reklamları she softly said, “We figured we needed a third party to help us decide. You decide what method we use to decide, your choice. Rock paper scissors, flip of a coin, cards, monopoly, whatever.”

“Well, let’s do the first one,” I said. “Best two out of three or best three out of five.”

Max quickly said, “Out of five.”

With that decided they began and Kim was ahead two zip after her rock broke two straight scissors. She stayed at rock while Max threw paper and it was 2 to 1. Next Kim threw paper to Max’s scissors and it was tied. Kim looked sadder than I expected her to.

“Next one to win is the winner,” Max said.

Naturally they both threw rock, then scissors, then rock, then paper, then rock, and on it went until I said, “Next method!”

“Coin toss,” Kim said. “Only we pick a side and then that is our side all the way through.”

“Deal,” Max said, “heads.”

“Fine,” my sister said, “3 out of 5 again.”

I dug out a quarter and said, “Okay, I toss it and we let it land how it wants.” They both nodded their agreement. I tossed it above my head and we watched it bounce until it settled showing the eagle with wings spread.

“Yeah!” Kim said then blushed and tried to shrink her body.

Another toss and another bouncing coin till we saw Washington’s head appear. Max just gave a clutched fist hammer movement while remaining mute. Next was another heads putting Max in the lead. I tossed it a fourth time and the coin bounced then rolled until it stood upright in a crack.

“That’s leaning towards tails,” Kim said but scowled when I shook my head.

The next one was full on eagle so they were tied again. “Okay girls, here goes,” I said and flipped the coin giving it a wicked twist. They both groaned as it once more found a crack to stand in.

Nearly together they both said, “Are you fucking kidding me!”

How many times can a stupid quarter find a crack in the concrete patio coated with cool deck? I have no idea but it did just that six more times straight until I put it back in my pocket.

“It’s getting kinda cool out here, let’s go inside where I’ve got some cards.” They agreed with me so Kim grabbed the nearly empty cooler and we all went to my family room where I kept my cards.

I grabbed three new decks along with my auto shuffler (I hate shuffling cards) and quickly had them run through the machine five times. “Okay, each of you cut and turn your hand over to show the card. Once each of you have cut, I will reshuffle them one time and do it again. Okay?”

They agreed. “High card wins, ace is high, suits are neutral, best of 5.” Again, they nodded their agreement.

Kim emptied the cooler giving each of us our sixth beer since they arrived. We all took a drink, then Max reached out and cut, showing a 6 of diamonds. Kim cut a ten of spades to lead 1 to 0. Then Kim drew first and pulled out a queen of hearts and smiled thinking she would be up 2 to 0. Max somehow managed to turn a king of spades and they were tied.

The next two turns resulted in both of them turning the same card as their spouse so it remained 1 to 1. Max cut first and turned a four and frowned at her card only to see Kim pout when she turned up a three. Max led 2 to 1. Two more ties, before Kim drew an Ace to beat Max’s ten. Tied again. And then it went on and on and on, tie after tie after tie after tie.

We gave up on that and Max suggested we do a sort of spin the bottle, best of five would win, as usual. I had to spin as they were both positive the other would spin to assure the bottle landed at them. I don’t have to tell you the individual results. Once at a 2-2 tie, seven straight spins landed on me.

In frustration I said, “Why don’t you two head for home and talk it over? Once you get this part figured out then let me know when, where and who and I will help you out. Okay?”

“Nope!” Kim said sharply.

“Now what?” I asked.

“This weekend is our most fertile time this month!” she informed me. “Yes, for both of us. Our cycles have joined up like happens quite a lot when women live together. So, it has to be this weekend!”

“Well shit,” I grumbled, wishing they had figured this part out before bringing me into it. “Okay, let’s just take it easy, I’ll throw some steaks on the grill for supper and you two can figure out who the ‘who’ will be. In fact, if it happens to be you, Kim, I’d probably be better able to perform my part of this by not knowing. So how about if the winner waits till we’re all in bed then sneaks into my bedroom and we can do it in the dark? Okay?”

They both looked at each other and it seemed as if they were communicating via some sort of female mental-telepathy. Then they both smiled and looked at me while exclaiming, “Deal!”

We ended up spending the rest of the evening playing a heated game of Monopoly. Good thing they hadn’t said to use the game to pick the winner as I crushed them both. gaziantep escort resimleri Soon it was going on ten and I could tell all three of us were looking forward to bedtime.

I stepped up to Max and took her into my arms for a hug which she returned. Then I took her head in my hands and tilted it back as my lips moved to hers and we kissed for the first time ever. It was her tongue that worked its way into my mouth but from then on it was a very enjoyable duel. Breaking the kiss, I told her, “If it turns out to be you, I couldn’t ask for a better partner. You are incredibly beautiful and Kim was lucky to find you. I would be honored to be your first ever fuck with a real cock. Love you, sis in law!”

A huge shudder went through her entire body as she gasped in surprise at my remarks. Her eyes pierced mine then she said, “Wow, you really mean that, don’t you?” With a smile I nodded my head. She softly gasped out a “My god,” then turned towards Kim saying, “how did you get such an incredible brother?”

“He just popped out of my mother one day and ruined my happy home of 3. Turned out to be a great addition to the family! I sure do love him!”

“Me too.”

Kim raised an eyebrow at that revelation, then I gave her my first ever non-brotherly kiss goodnight. I actually was caught by surprise when her tongue nearly shot into my mouth, but I didn’t stop the kiss as I fought back with her just like with her wife, Max. Then we headed to bed, they naturally shared the guest bedroom.

It had been a busy day before they showed up and the beers from three hours or more ago had a major effect on me, so sleep hit me rapidly. I was awakened by a female lovingly sucking my fully hard cock to the bottom of my 6½ inch long and fairly thick shaft.

“Oh, fuck that feels good,” I moaned as the last of sleep left me. “For having never been with a guy, you do that extremely well!” I said which got a moan in response. “Move your pussy to my face so I can get you ready for my cock,” I said and she quickly did as requested.

Her bare pussy was freshly washed and her scent was slightly musky but not over powering. If anything, it was quite enticing and I loved it. She in turn loved what my lips and tongue were doing to her sex as her moans continued to grow in volume. And then her head lifted from my cock and she moved around into the cowgirl position then guided my cock with her right hand into her super wet and hot fuck hole.

She moaned all the way down as she slowly engulfed my entire shaft. I groaned softly, “Damn, your pussy feels incredible, so tight and hot!”

I didn’t expect her to speak and she didn’t. Not even one word by accident. Nothing to tell me just who it was whose pussy was enveloping my cock and working for a load of my sperm. In fact, I was surprised when she came wildly after only about five minutes of fucking and long before I would be ready to cum. Her body flopped down onto mine then we rolled over putting her on the bottom where my sperm would have a harder time of escaping her womb. Hey, it only takes one but why not up the odds?

I’ve known, thanks to comments from other girlfriends since high school, that I’m pretty good in bed, so I was happy that the two of us came at the same time, her body convulsing madly while my cock pumped her full with seven good sized shots of my sperm. That should do the trick.

The sexy woman beneath me had other ideas as she wrapped her legs around my hips and started forcing my cock into her over and over again. I was still hard so I gave her a powerful kiss then said, “I’m game for two loads if that’s what you want.” She hugged me super tight and we fucked the hell out of each other for another ten or fifteen minutes.

“I’m nearly there,” I told my fuck mate and she nodded her head quickly letting me know she was also. Seconds later she clutched tight to me as her body was slammed by a hard orgasm, her suddenly super tight cunt ripping the cum right out of my balls into the deepest recesses of her pussy! As she wouldn’t allow herself to identify herself to me, I could only go by her body’s reactions. It seemed like the best climax of the three she had. Mine was at least as good as my first!

Figuring we were now finished with our task I tried to lift my body off of her so as not to crush her but her arms quickly pulled me back down onto her and held me tightly in place. Okay, I can deal with that if that’s what she wants. After about ten minutes she gave me a nice gentle yet loving kiss then patted my ass in signal to move off of her. I did, then heard her hand on my bed table followed by the sounds of a pair of panties being put on. Then she searched for me and gave me another parting kiss before she left my bed and then my room.

Once my unknown lover was safely out of my room, I turned on my reading light and made my way to my master bathroom where I cleaned away the residue of sex well done. Returning to my bed I noticed the clock read 11:55P. Soon I was back in bed and sleeping away.

“Ooohhhhh goddddddd,” I was moaning when I awoke to another blowjob. ‘I guess the winner wants to make certain she gets pregnant from this,’ I thought as I pulled her head from my hard cock and gave her a kiss while moving her to her back. After the two loads of cum that I had already deposited within her I figured she would be wet enough for my entry. I was right and soon I was pounding away at her just like before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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