Telemarketing Turnabout Pt. 06

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I want to thank everyone who has followed this series of stories, and given me their feedback. Please continue to do so. I had fun writing it, and hope you enjoy it.

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I don’t usually pray. If there is a God, I’m sure he has more important things to do than listen to me, but on this occasion, I was begging for an audience.

Fortunately, this time, things were not as horrific as they might have been. They were still bad, but could have been much worse.

Jessi was still crying, but had taken refuge in my arms, and the police officer was filling in the considerable blanks as I held her.

There had been an accident, that much I knew. Lizzie had been driving, with her Mother in the backseat and Janya riding shotgun. All had been wearing their seatbelts, thankfully, when the semi truck had made a wide turn, pinning the car between itself and the concrete barrier. The car had been squeezed up and over the barrier, rolling down the hillside about fifty feet. Paramedics had to use the jaws-of-life to extricate everyone, but all three made it to the hospital by ambulance.

Becca had faired the best, but had still been thrashed around the backseat as the car flipped and rolled down the hill. She had a concussion, multiple fractures to her right arm, a broken right leg, and severe contusions. She would be in the hospital for a few weeks, then laid up until everything healed.

Lizzie and Janya were not so lucky. The doctors were optimistic on the prognosis for both of them, and anticipated full recoveries after an appropriate time span. Optimistic, but cautious. Placing them both in induced comas would allow their head injuries to heal better, and all their fractures as well. They would be months in hospital.

I found it difficult to visit Lizzie and Janya. Their room was quiet, other than the beeping of machines that monitored their condition. It was too quiet. I was thankful that they would both be okay, but seeing them, laying there, with tubes, bandages and splints everywhere… they didn’t look like the Lizzie and Janya I knew so well. I was used to their vibrant presence filling whatever room they were in.


Jessi got a great present for her eighteenth birthday, as that was the day her Grandmother came home. We had moved Becca’s king sized bed out for now, and moved in a rented hospital bed, which would be better for her until the casts came off. Jessi turned into Florence Nightingale overnight, providing 24/7 care and service to her very appreciative patient. As time passed and Becca got stronger, she only needed to step outside, with help of course, to rest in the sun beside the pool.

“How’s my Darling, today?” I asked her as I sat down next to her. She was looking a lot better. The bruises were gone, and she was smiling more, now that she knew her daughter was going to be okay. The doctors had brought her out of the coma last week, but she wouldn’t be home for quite a while yet. Janya was still in her coma. Becca looked across at me and smiled.

“Much better. These damn casts are going to wreck my tan, but I’m feeling better. And how are you doing, Sweetheart?” she replied.

“How I’m doing is the least of your concerns. You just get better.” She shook her head at my comment and tipped down her sunglasses, fixing me with her matriarchal gaze.

“Don’t play the martyr with me, baby. I’m horny as hell, so you must be going crazy. Are you… handling… things Okay?” she giggled.

“Yes,” I sighed, “but I do miss you in my bed.” Becca looked around, trying to locate Jessi.

“Careful, my love. Your daughter is always nearby, since she took the position of nurse and chief fuss pot,” she laughed. “She’ll hear you.”

I nodded and shushed myself. Sure enough, Jessi appeared seconds later, toting a tray of tea and goodies for her patient. The three of us sat in the sun, enjoying each others company almost as much as the warmth. Becca had somehow managed to get into a bikini, and despite the incongruous presence of very unsexy plaster on her arm and leg, she still looked fabulous. She was right ; I was horny, having gone from getting laid a couple of times a day to zero, overnight. It had now been a couple of months without any lovin’. Talk about going cold turkey. I was definitely going through pussy withdrawal. I realized, when I caught myself staring at her beautiful tits, that I would be in need of self-abusement, yet again, and soon.

The phone rang, inside. Why is it that, if you bring the cordless phone outside with you, it never rings, but leave it behind, and you’re sure to get a call? I ran inside, grabbing the handset just in time. It was the hospital, with more good news. The doctors felt that Janya had recovered enough to be brought out of her induced coma. They planned to do so tomorrow, and wanted us to know, so we could be there when she woke up. Happy day!

The next morning, we loaded Becca into the car, piled in with her, and headed kartal escort into town to the hospital. When we got there, Becca, in a wheelchair for ease of travel, went to visit Lizzie, who had been moved to another room when the doctors woke her up. Jessi and I went to wait for Janya to come out of it. We didn’t need to wait long.

She still had tubes in her nose, and her arms, and traction splints on three limbs, but when her eyes fluttered open and she saw me, she smiled. Seeing Jessi at my side made her smile again. I wanted to kiss her, to let her know I still loved her, but couldn’t with Jessi there. I had to settle for a small kiss on the back of her one undamaged hand.

One day a couple of weeks later, on one of our visits to the room of a reunited Lizzie and Janya, Becca disappeared for a few minutes, returning sans cast on her leg shortly after. A walking brace replaced the plaster, since she still had hardware and plaster on her cane arm, but in a few weeks, once the strength came back, the brace would also be gone.

Lizzie and Janya still had months of physiotherapy ahead, but they were back together, helping to push each other’s progress. Everyone was conscious now, and our family would be together again soon. Yes, I missed them physically, but the hole in my life was far more emotional than I had been ready to admit before. I really did Love them all.

I slept in one weekend morning, waking with the sun high in the sky. Stumbling sleepily downstairs, I saw Becca and Jessi sitting together on the deck, engaged in a raucous, animated conversation, which abruptly ended as soon as I appeared. Suspicious.

“Hey sleepyhead, nice to see you!” Becca chirped, smiling widely. Her arm was now free of plaster as well, and soon she would be able to hit the pool again. And, if Jessi would ever leave the house for a while, I would most assuredly fuck her Grandmother’s brains out. Alas, that wouldn’t be today.

I did a lot of yard work that day, ogling Becca’s body in her black bikini as she tried to ‘repair’ her tan. She was not unaware of my gaze, taking every opportunity to increase my discomfort. I did ease things once, stealing away upstairs to jerk off like a teenager, but Becca’s powerful sexuality made a repeat necessary in the evening.

“Daddy? May I come in?” Jessi’s voice wafted in from the hall. The door was ajar, as I had been in a hurry to ease my sexual frustration and not closed it completely. I ducked under the covers and tried to hide my erection.

“Um… yeah, sure Jessi. Come in.” When she did, my jaw hit the floor.

I had always looked at my daughter with my ‘daddy eyes’. She was my little girl, and I still saw her as such. But somewhere along the way, when I wasn’t looking, my little girl grew up. Oh boy, did she ever.

The young woman that walked through the door looked more like her Mother had, some twenty-one years ago. The Lizzie who watched her Mother sucking my cock, from the hallway before flashing me her tits. The Lizzie who was later told by Becca to fuck me, because it was bound to happen anyway. Apparently, Becca was at it again.

Jessi was wearing one of her Grandmother’s costumes. She was dressed as a naughty nurse, with white spandex hugging every one of her curves. Her considerable breasts were bulging out of the deeply scooped neckline. Someone had replaced my daughter with a hottie.

“Grandma gave me this, and told me that you needed me more than she did tonight. Do you like it?” she gestured, running her fingers across the tight fabric.

Now, how is a Father supposed to respond to that? I was shocked, seeing my daughter like this, but not blind to the fact that she looked very sexy and desirable. My dick had noticed. I tried to ignore it.

“You look wonderful,” I gulped. “You say your Grandmother gave you that?” I knew she had ; I’d seen both Becca and Lizzie wear it over the years, usually not for long before I peeled it off and consumed the nude goddess underneath.

“Yes Daddy, she did, ” Jessi whispered, stepping further into the room. ” We’ve been doing a lot of talking, lately, and she told me a few interesting things.” She was getting closer to the bed, and I was starting to feel cornered. “You met Grandma first? And you two were involved?”

I held my breath, hoping that’s where Becca’s confessions had stopped. Nope.

“And… you still are. Auntie Janya, too.”

The room was spinning. I felt dizzy. When I turned my head back to where Jessi was, she wasn’t there, having moved around the bed to my side. When I located her again, she was perched on the edge of the mattress, looking a little concerned.

“Daddy, are you okay? It’s alright. Grandma told me everything. I know you love them, and that they all love you,” she cooed, stroking my hair. “I Love You too.”

Her touch was electric. It had been almost six months since any of my ladies had touched me like this, and even though it was meant to soothe, not excite, Jessi’s maltepe escort bayan caress was getting to me. What she said next almost made my heart stop.

“Daddy… I saved myself for you.” I looked up at her, stunned. “Mom, Auntie Janya and Grandma told me to wait… that sex could wait until I turned eighteen. Obviously, I know all about sex… I mean, how everything works and that sort of thing, but I promised them I wouldn’t do anything, that I would save it. And now I know why. Please let me take care of you, Daddy.”

I looked into her eyes. They were blue, and bottomless, their colour and an extra inch or so of height being the only real difference between Jessi and her Mother, or her Grandmother for that matter. She didn’t wait for me to answer, leaning down and kissing me softly on the lips. My penis immediately reacted, waking up, while she maintained her contact, and I returned the kiss reflexively. My ‘parent mode’ kicked in trying to fight back, and I pulled away from her lips.

“Jessi, no… you’re my little girl!” I blurted, making a last ditch effort to stave off the inevitable. Now that she knew about all the cummings and goings of this household, it was only a matter of time until she ended up involved somehow.

She stood up, still looking at me with those soulful eyes of hers. I had never been able to say no to her before, when she wanted a new doll, or some more ice cream, so what chance did I have now?

Jessi’s hair was still pulled back in her usual long pony tail, draped over her shoulder playfully. Now, she reached up, and pulled the scrunchie off, freeing her mane. Shaking her head spread her wavy tresses, surrounding her pretty face with a frame of sexy red curls. She looked at me again, but this time, it wasn’t my little girl in those eyes. It was a woman.

“No, Daddy, I’m not your little girl, not anymore. I’m eighteen, and I can choose what I want.” She reached down, grabbed the hem of the ‘dress’ and peeled it up and off, shaking her hair loose again as it went over her head. “I want you. Do you not want me?”

Oh my god. The vision that stood gloriously naked before me was breathtaking. Her skin, from head to toe was smooth and tanned. Her legs, long and athletic, seemed to go on forever, but ended in a delightfully perky rear end. Her tummy was completely flat. All the swimming with her Grandmother had sculpted her body into that of a statuesque monument to femininity. But the parts that sealed the deal, that I had no chance to resist, were her breasts. Where the hell did those magnificent globes come from? It seemed like just yesterday she proudly told me of her trip with Mommy and Grandma to get her first bra. Now, she stood before me sporting a pair that had to be DD’s, at least, and that stood out majestically from her chest without a hint of sag. She had obviously inherited her Mother’s, and her Grandmother’s, remarkable tissue.

I laid there, looking up at this goddess that had replaced my daughter, with my mouth hanging open. I was so stunned that I didn’t even resist when Jessi pulled the sheet aside. She gasped when she saw my cock, which had made the decision for me before she pulled her dress off. Then she giggled.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she whispered, licking her lips unconsciously, and batting her eyelashes. She slipped silently into the bed beside me, pulling the sheet up under her fabulous chest, and laid back on the pillow. Her eyes spoke softly, but spoke volumes.

“Please, Daddy… make love to me. Take me. Show me how you make Mom feel. Show me how…”

I cut her off by pressing my lips to hers, having come to a consensus with my cock. She was gorgeous, and if she was offering herself to me willingly, daughter or not, I was going to partake of her luscious body.

She now kissed me back, growing more passionate with every passing second. I began to hear little moans of joy coming from her throat, and her hands came up, grasping my hair and pulling my lips closer. Her tongue probed my lips, finding an opening that she exploited, and pushing firmly into my mouth to tangle with my own. My little girl really knew how to kiss! She held me tight as she rolled back, pulling me on top of her.

My god, her breasts felt so fantastic crushed against my chest! We kept kissing each other for several minutes, with Jessi’s moans becoming louder and more passionate. We rolled around, caressing and exploring each other’s bodies, amid hissing breaths and noises of desire. I detached from her lips and began to work my way down the side of her neck, which had always been a favourite area for Becca and Lizzie. Jessi had inherited that, as well, groaning as she threw her head back.

Trailing down, I nibbled and kissed across her collarbones, continuing south into the foothills of her spectacularly mountainous breasts. Laying on her back allowed them to spread a little, widening the deep cleavage between, but they remained remarkably abrupt and upright, not flattening escort pendik as was often the case with busty women. As good as her resilient flesh felt against my chest, it was even better when I rubbed my face over those sumptuously curvy breasts. So soft and smooth, I caressed them not only with my face and kisses, but my hands as well. Only two points of stiff, puckered pink interrupted the flawless skin, but they sure attracted my attention. Young, but still impressively erect, Jessi’s nipples were classic ‘pencil erasers’, not nearly as tall or thick as those of her Mother or Grandmother, but still delicious. I gripped the little, spongy buds with my lips, alternately sucking one, then the other, while Jessi voiced her approval.

“Oh my God… Yes Daddy! That feels so good! Do you like my breasts, Daddy? Do you like my nipples?” Her voice quivered slightly with a combination of nervousness and desire.

“Mmmm hmmm,” I replied, continuing to graze on her little, pointy num-nums. She held my head close, again stroking my hair and neck while I tasted her.

“Do you mind if I come in, Jessi?” It was Becca’s voice, music to my ears. She was in the doorway, wearing her black silk robe, awaiting an answer. Jessi’s face lit up.

“Of course not, Grandma. It might be fun. Do you mind, Daddy?” I was still gently sucking her nipples, but I heard Becca laugh.

“Him? Rest assured, Jessi darling… your father loves an audience. He always has one,” she added gesturing at the cameras, which were discreetly hidden.

“Huh?” Jessi queried. I paused my loving attention to her nipples and answered.

“What your Grandmother is referring to, Honey, is the camera… rather, the cameras… that are watching us… cameras that we installed at your Grandmother’s request, I might add. Eight of them.”

“Grandma!” Jessi giggled, “you like to watch? That’s kinky!”

“Jessi, my darling,” I said quietly, “you have no idea!”

“Hey! I could have just watched you from my bedroom, but I thought it was proper to ask, given it’s Jessi’s first time. I didn’t come here to be abused!” Becca laughed.

“No…” Jessi laughed, “… you came here to abuse yourself! You came to cum!” My daughter gave her Grandmother a good zinger, and I gave her a high five, before going back to suckling her nipples.

“Oh shit, another comedian! She’s going to fit right in!” Becca giggled, conceding defeat. She opened her robe and began to caress herself. “So, Sweetheart, are you going to take shots at me, or are you going to initiate my granddaughter into womanhood?”

I moved slowly down Jessi’s body, kissing her smooth skin as I went. I soon found myself facing my beautiful daughter’s equally beautiful little pussy. A small tuft of curly red pubes resided just above her clit, but she was otherwise bare. Her labia were tight and thin, but still pouting out slightly.

“Daddy… are you going to lick me?” she asked quietly. I really wanted to. I wanted to taste her, to see if she was as incredibly delicious as the previous two generations of Wellington women. What if she said no?

“Would you like me to?” I asked, continuing to gaze at her pretty kitty. I need not have worried.

“Oh, yes please! My girlfriends at school all say they love being eaten!” It was strange hearing my little girl talking like that, but no stranger than the fact that my face was inches from her damp cunt. I leaned closer and flicked across the top of her clit with my tongue.

“Ooooooo! Oh Daddy, yes! Lick my pussy!”

I dipped my tongue between her lips, tasting the sweet honey so characteristic of her Mother’s juices. Part of me was still fighting, trying to stop me. This was my daughter’s pussy! It was wrong to do this! But she wanted me to, so I also felt compelled to comply. Then there was my libido, which was screaming ‘fuck her, fuck her now!’ and didn’t care who was on the other end of the vagina, as long as I got to stick my dick in.

I licked her again, long and deep, and she howled in pleasure. My little girl was a screamer, and apparently, she also got more… creatively descriptive… when she got excited.

“Oh, god, yes Daddy! Eat me! Make me cum like a bad girl! Oh, fuck! Your tongue!… ” she screeched,

Her pussy was truly delicious, and I was enjoying myself almost as much as she was, just more quietly. For about ten minutes, she screamed while I kissed, licked and probed her virginal vestibule. Higher and higher she went, until she could go no more.

“Oh my God!… Oh yes! … Oh Yes!… Oh YES, DADDY! I’M GONNA CUM!… YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM, DADDY!… OH YESSSSS!” She suddenly bucked and twisted like the Tasmanian Devil on Red Bull, virtually bouncing off the bed. If it wasn’t for the size of our custom mattress , she would almost certainly have fallen off. When she finally stopped flopping like a fish, she was almost three feet away from me, breathing like she’d just run a marathon, and sweating like it, too.

“Wow!” Becca laughed, still rubbing her clit gently. “Nice one, Jessi! That was impressive!”

“Holy shit!… That was soooooooooo much better than my fingers, or my hairbrush! Daddy, your tongue is magic!” she gasped, struggling to get her breathing under control.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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