Teaching My Son Ch. 01

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Finally the day I’ve been waiting for so long had come. I was going home after more than 7 months in hospital. Seven months ago my husband and I had a very bad accident with our car. My husband died in our car. I survived the accident but was injured very bad. I broke both my legs, several rips and my left arm. All these fractures are healed but I still do have problems with both of my arms. Although I can feel everything with my fingers I do not have any power in them. If I want something to be done I always need help.

It was Mike my 18 year old son who brought me home. He had cared about everything while I wasn’t home. He is such a lovely boy.

“It’s good to be home after such a long time.”

“It’s good to have you back home, mum.”

“I think it is time to talk about some things, Mike. I think there are some things that we have to talk about. There are some things we must change.”

“Okay, mum, what you have in mind, tell me!”

“I employed a maid to do the housework. You know she will fix everything around and in the house and keep everything tidy. That will give you the time you need for college. Is that ok with you, Mike?”

“That’s fine!”

“Next thing is that I will need someone who looks after me. I mean I need someone who will wash me who will fix my hair and who will dress me and all this things ‘cause my arms don’t work anymore you know. First I thought about a nurse but after 7 months in the hospital I have enough of all the nurses. I would love you to take care of me. I mean you can wash me before you leave for college in the mornings and on weekends I want you to help me to take a bath. What do you think?”

“It sounds a little bit strange ‘cause you are my mum but if that is what you want then that’s the way it will be.”

“I hoped you would say this. The is another point we have to talk about. I know lots of things have changed since the accident. Your dad died and I was away for seven month but I think there are still things to come that will change. That’s why I want us to be absolutely open and honest to each other in everything, honey.”

“This should not be a problem I think.”

“Don’t be to sure about this I guess there will be times when it becomes hard do be open and honest to each other.”

“Will see! – Will you rest a bit while I prepare dinner for us?”

“That’s a great idea. You’re such a sweetheart, Mike.”

I went upstairs to the master bedroom. It looked like it did before the crash. My husbands clothes and all his other things were still there. It was hard to be remembered. The first weeks after the crash were very hard and I cried a lot but slowly I learned to deal with it. I learned to handle the fact that he was gone for ever. But seeing all his stuff again made me cry again. This was the moment when I made the decision to through all the things away that could me remind me. This would be the first thing our maid will have to do tomorrow. I laid done onto my bed and closed my eyes.

I must have fallen asleep ‘cause when I opened my eyes Mike was sitting next to me and said that dinner was prepared and waiting downstairs.

We had dinner together and talked about this and that but I felt really tiered and went to bed about 9:30 p.m.. I called for Mike to help me with the night-gown. He came upstairs and into the my bedroom. He didn’t turn on a light. Very careful he helped me. We kissed and said good night and then he left.

“Mike, wait a second. I don’t need you tomorrow morning. A nurse from the hospital will come around and help me with everything but that is the first and last time she will help me so you can sleep as long as you like to before you have to leave for college!”

“OK, mum. Sweet dreams.”

With this words he left me alone and went into his room.

Before I felt asleep again I thought about what life will be in future. Will we be able to be as open and honest as I wanted us to be? What will his reaction be when he will wash me. How will I react when he does so … I fall asleep.

The next morning I woke up the sun lightly touched my face. I heard someone knocking on my door. I called the person in. It was the nurse. She helped me as professional as every morning and half an hour later she left. I went downstairs into the kitchen. Mike had prepared breakfast for me before he left. ‘He’s such a sweetheart’, I thought to myself. It took me about 45 minutes to eat my breakfast. I just had finished when the doorbell rang. It was the maid. A tall white woman – I guess about 5’10 – with a nice inviting figure about 25 years old. Her black hair reached down her shoulders and perfectly framed her pretty face. She has big green eyes that make her look a little bit like a cat. Her lips are full and make the mouth look very tempting. She has a perfect body. Her breasts are very small an A cup I guess. She doesn’t wore a bra under her white shirt and so her nipples which seem to be really big showed through it. She wore a pair of blue jeans and some black high-heels that made her kartal escort bayan even look taller and more sexy.

“Hi I’m Lisa, I’m the maid.”, she said smiling at me.

“Hi, I’m Jane. Please come in.”

We went to the kitchen and had a cup of coffee together while we chatted about her job.

“OK, Lisa, first of all I want you to know that there is know closed door for you. You can open all closets and walk into any room. You can open any drawer. I want you to fell absolutely free. Today I want you to clean up the master bedroom and get all the things that belonged my husband out. I just keep a photo and my memories of him. All the rest can be thrown away.”

“Okay, Jane, is there anything else I should know or is there something else for me to do today?”

“No, that’s all for today.”

I showed Lisa the way to the bedroom and then left her alone. I sat down at the couch in the living room and watched some TV and read some magazines. About four hours later Lisa came down and told me everything was cleaned up. “All the things are out now. Oh, I hope you don’t get me wrong now, in the closet I found some sex toys, porn magazines, adult movies and some photos of you. I left them where I found them. I’m sorry about this.”

“No reason to be sorry about I told you you can open every door and this what you did. And I think we are both of age and we know about sex, sex toys and porn, don’t we?”

“Yes we do. I didn’t expect you to be so cool about the sex stuff. May I ask you a question?”

“Sure, what ever you want to, Lisa.”

“I was wandering about all the vibrators and dildos you have. I counted 21 of them. Have used all of them?”

“Sure I did. My hubby always bought me one before he left for a business trip. He never wanted me to fell alone and always wanted me to get my needs and sexual wishes fulfilled. You know we had a very good sex life.”

“But some of them are very big. Doesn’t they hurt you?”

“Not at all. The bigger the better. If you are in heat and your really wet they can drive you crazy. Maybe you should try one. What do you think? Let’s go upstairs and you take the one you like most. How about that?”

“I’m not sure. You hubby bought them for you and not for me.”

“He bought them to give pleasure and if the pleasure you they bought them for you too. And I guess he would love the idea and the thought that one of them spent joy to your young pussy.”


We went upstairs into the bedroom. I told Lisa to get all of the vibrators out and to lay them onto the bed. She did as I told her. Wow, it’s been a while that I say them and I never saw all of them the same time. Hubby bought me a real nice collection. Some smaller ones and some real big ones. He loved to call me the first night when he was out of town ‘cause he knew I was doing my pussy with the new toy. He loved phone sex.

Lisa looked through them and seemed to be interested in the big ones.

“How about this one, young lady?”, I said and gave her a 10 inches long fake penis which looked very natural.

She took it in both her hands and massaged the dildo as it was a real hard-on. “That’s fantastic and looks and feels so real.”

“And it is yours if you want to.”

“Thank you, Jane!”

She put the rest of my collection back into my closet. We went back down. Lisa seems to be quiet nervous now. I guess she wants to find out what her new lover can do for her. So I told her goodbye till tomorrow.

It was about 5 p.m. and I was waiting for Mike to come home from college.

Mike returned home at about 6 p.m.. We ordered some pizza had had some bottles of wine. We sat in the living room chatting about all sort of things when my bladder asked for some relief.

“Mike, would you help me with my jeans? I have to pee.”

“Mum this is a bit strange, don’t you think?”

“Maybe it really is a little bit strange but there is no other way for me, sweetheart. And remember what we talked about yesterday. I told you that lots of things will have to change because I do not have any power in my arms. This is one of them. And don’t forget we agreed to be totally honest and open, right?”

“You are right, mum.”, he said and gave me a warm smile.

We went to the bathroom.

“Would you please open my jeans and pull them down for me?”

He did as I asked him to do. I sat down on the toilet and told him that he can leave me alone now for a minute and that I will call for him when I’m ready. He left the bath closed the door and waited outside. My bladder was so full it started hurting me. This was on last minute. I relaxed and let go. I could hear the familiar sound of my own peeing. You know the sound it makes when girls pee. It’s this “Ggssshhhhhhhhhhh”. I sat there some seconds longer than I needed to ‘cause a thought crossed my mind: ‘Usually I wipe my pussy after peeing with a blanket or something to get the last drops off my pussy. You know the ones on the labia. But should I ask Mike to escort maltepe wipe my pussy? No I couldn’t do this, not yet. So I decided to just pull the jeans up and that’s it.’

“Mike, are you there? I’m ready! Would you please help me again?”

Mike reentered the bath. I stood up and asked him to pull my pants back up. He did as I told him afterwards he flushed the toilet.

It was around 10 p.m. and I decided to go to bed. I went into my bedroom then asked Mike o help me with my night-gown. He came in and didn’t turn on a light. He stripped me naked and helped me into my night-gown.

“Honey, please never ever forget to be totally open and honest to me. If there is or ever will be something you want to talk about then just say it. And no beating around the bush, okay?”

“Okay, mum.”, he promised.

I lay awake for some minutes thinking about the morning to come. ‘What will happen and how will Mike react when he sees me nude for the first time? He never saw me naked before and tomorrow he will see every single part of my body. How should I behave? Should I feel ashamed or should behave very natural as there is nothing about seeing your on mom in total nakedness?’ I had no idea. I drifted into sleep.

The next morning I woke up when Mike entered my bedroom.

“What time is it, honey.”

“It’s short past ten and time to get up on such a beautiful Saturday morning.”, he said smiling at me.

“What comes first? Breakfast or morning toilet?”

“How about some breakfast in mums bed?”, I asked him. “We can both cuddle in my warm bed, have some hot coffee or tea before you wash me, okay?”

“You’re the boss, mum.”

He went downstairs into the kitchen and returned with tea and coffee for both of us. We both set under my covers drank some coffee and chatted about god and the world.

“I think it’s time to get some refreshment and get dressed. How about a shopping tour at the mall, Mike?”

“Would be great. So let things done and leave for the mall.”

He went to the bathroom and came back with some towels, soap and a basin full of warm water. He placed everything beside the bed on the floor. First he brushed my hair. Then he took the wash-cloth and washed my face.

“I guess it’s time to get your that night-gown off, mum.”

Finally the moment had arrived and now there was no way back. So I helped him as good as possible to peel me out of my night-gown. Then I laid back now totally nude and exposing every single part of my body to him. He looked me into my face then his look went over my whole body. He had never seen me naked before and now I laid there in front of him fully exposed.

“Hey young man, I told you that we’ll have to be totally honest and open and that’s one part of it.” “Wow, mum, you are so beautiful. You look like a girl my age and not like my mum.”

“Thank you, you are so kind.”

His look went on another journey over my body. It was very obvious that took a good and close look at my breast. They are quite large that means they are some 38 D-cup with nipples like pencil-rubbers and they grow even bigger when they are getting hard. Hubby loved them and I think Mike loves them too. His eyes continued their journey. Their next stop was my totally shaved and naked pussy. Although I hadn’t spread my legs everything was clearly visible ‘cause my pussy lips are quite large and fleshy too and therefore they are looking out between my outer pussy lips. Another part of my body which my hubby really loved.

“Mom, you are totally naked down there! I mean between your legs. I can’t see one hair! You do shave your pubs? But who did it for you the last months? I thought your arms are without any power?”

“Calm down, Mike, everything is just fine I’ll explain everything to you. Let’s begin with the easiest part of your question. Who did this? The nurses did it ‘cause I asked them to do it. Now let me explain to you why I wanted them to shave my pussy. Your dad and I always loved my pussy to be shaved. It makes every touch much more intense for me and your dad loved the look of my bare pussy as well as he liked it being totally nude when he licked it. Although your dad had died I wanted to keep it completely shaved because he loved it so much. But have you never seen a girls shaved pussy before, sweetheart?”

“Mum, to tell the truth I have never seen a girl down there before. You are the first one.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mike, but I didn’t know about that when I asked you to take care of me and asked you to do that washing thing. I’m so sorry about it. But let me ask you a question. You have never seen a girl or a woman totally naked? Do you mean in real life or do you mean never?”

“Never mom, I have never seen a girl or a woman totally naked neither in real life nor in any other way.”

“Does that mean you have never seen any kind of porn magazines or adult films I mean porn movies?”

“No, mom, never ever.”

“Don’t get that next question wrong, honey, but do you have any pendik escort idea about a woman’s anatomy?”

“Yesterday you told me to be totally honest in everything, right?”


“I do not really have an idea what a woman’s anatomy is all about.”

“So, then I think it’ll be my job as your mum to teach you all the facts. First thing you have to learn is not to call it a woman’s ‘down there’. There are lots of ways and words to call it. I use to call it my pussy, my love hole, my love tunnel, my dripping wet grotto or my cunt. But you can call it what ever you like to. Don’t be afraid that anything you call my pussy would offend me. There are only two names that are taboo. First one is ‘down there’ and the second one is ‘vagina’. There are so many lovely names for a woman’s pussy use any name you like all of them are alright and fine with me.”

“I guess I’ve learned that lesson, mum.”

“Okay, fine. Now it’s time for some anatomy before you are allowed to wash my body. You should know what you are doing and how I will or could react to what you’re doin’. The question is where to start. I’ve got an idea. Let’s look at some of the porn magazines I bought for your dad. Could you please get them? They are in my closet just above my shirts.”

Mike opened my closet and found the box with all my sex toys, porn magazines and movies. He brought them over to the bed. I told him to pour the box out on the bed. Mike didn’t know what to watch first my collection of dildos in all colors and all sizes, the porn magazines or the big collection of porn movies we bought over the years. There were magazines and videos of all kind of fetish and there where some video cassettes without any description.

“That’s a lot of adult stuff, don’t you think? We should start with some magazines just showing nude girls and women. Do you have any idea what the photos in the magazines will be showing?”

“No, not really ,mum, I’ve never seen such a magazine before.”

“Let’s take this one first.” I handed him a mag titled ‘Big titted bitches’. We flipped through the first pages. There where girls with real big tits in bikinis. On the next few pages the bikinis came off and the girls were showing the nude bodies.

“Now the interesting pages are coming. Take a good look at the girls. I guess you know boobs so I don’t have to talk about them. I don’t want you to call them breasts. That doesn’t sound sexy enough. They are tits, nipple, jugs, titties or even udders. Let’s see some girls spreading their legs wide apart. It’s time you see some pussy.”

Mike leafed through the magazine. Now we’ve reached the pages on which the girls spread their legs and their pussies and show some pink. I stopped Mike when he reached a side with a real close-up of a girls wide spread box. Mike starred a that picture.

“This is a real big cunt and it shows you everything you have to know ‘bout a girls pussy. Do you know some of the things the girl shows you? Can you name anything?”

“No, not really, sorry mum.”

“Nothing to be sorry about. Mum will teach you everything. Let’s start at the top. As you can see the girl is completely shaved – just as I’m – and spread her pussy lips wide apart that makes it easier to show you everything. This are her outer lips or as the doctors say her labia majora. The other ones are her smaller pussy lips – labia minora. At the top right between the small lips you can see her love button. That’s her clit. It’s a girl’s most sensitive spot. If you want do drive a girl really crazy just use your tongue on her clit. Now when you look a little below her clit you can see a little black point. This little black point is her piss hole. When girls and women sit on the toilet this is her the pee comes out. The pee hole is a very sensitive point to. And now we come to the main attraction. This here is where every man wants to be. If you put your dick, a finger a dildo or what ever in here you can fuck that girl. Do you remember everything I told you, Mike? Are you ready for some test?”

“I hope so.”

“Okay, then it’s time for the next page.” Mike turned to the next page on which a black girls big, wide spread pussy was to see.

“Your turn. Show me what you’ve learned. I want you to show me her clit, her piss hole, her love tunnel, her small and large pussy lips and her little asshole.”

He did as he was told and he did without a mistake. Not that I’ve expected any mistake.

“Good job! I think it’s time for some more practice but this time no photos but a real woman. Me! Watch my body and try to show me all the details I showed you on the photos.”

Mike looked a little confused and didn’t really know how he should react.

“You don’t have to be shy, young man, it’s all right take a good and close look at my body and my private parts.”

Slowly he came closer starring on my tits. They seem to fascinated by them.

“Would you like to touch them, honey? Would you love to touch mommies big tits? How about playing with my nipples?”

“That would be great.”

“Okay, that’s the deal, first you have to show me everything I taught you and then you can massage and suck my nipples. Deal?”


He went down on me towards my pussy which started to get wet. Suddenly he stopped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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