Teach Me How To Squirt

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Teach Me How To Squirt

Hello friends! Thank you for reading my story I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

This is the story of Ariana and her best friend Melanie who wants to learn how to squirt.


I fall on the bed and close my eyes for a moment. My feet are killing me from dancing on my high heels all night. Melanie lands beside me and I open my eyes to look at her. My best friend has the most beautiful brown hair cut in a bob with bangs that decorate her beautiful freckled face. Her eyes are brown too and she has the cutest nose along with full kissable lips. Her body is petite but curvy with small breasts and a big ass that I’ve always wanted to squeeze.

It was obvious that I wanted to fuck my best friend.

Me on the other hand, I am blond with long hair and curtain side bangs. My eyes are blue and I’m tall with medium breasts and a normal ass. We’ve been best friends since our freshmen year of high school. We connected almost instantly in our English class and since, we’ve been inseparable.

She was my date to my sister’s wedding this weekend in Vegas and naturally, we also decided to stay in the same hotel room. I was more than tired but I wasn’t ready to fall asleep yet.

“Holy shit!” I complain with a slight painful groan. “My feet are killing me!” Mel looks at me.

“Let me help you with that” She sits up and gets to my feet.

“You sure?” I ask and she nods.

“Your heels are really tall. I don’t know how you managed to dance and be with them all night.” My friend gives me a mischievous grin. “That’s why I always wear flats. Always”

Of course she would say something like that. I bluff and she begins by removing my high heels letting them land on the floor.

“You are literally the best for this” I am grateful for what she’s doing. “And I just like to wear them because they look hot” I answer and she smiles again.

She is so freaking cute! Sadly, she would never look at me the same way. She has never shown any things that she’s interested in girls, not even a little bit. I’ve been very open and explicit about it but she’s always been private with those types of personal affairs.

I’ve always wondered what would happen if I ever propose something wild like a one night stand. How would she react? What would she say? Would she be up to it or not? Does she even find me a little tiny bit attractive?

Melanie begins to massage my feet and I relax almost immediately. I moan a little, feeling relief as she works my feet good with experienced soft hands.

“Gosh!” Almost moaning I say. “That feels so nice!” I compliment with great satisfaction.

“You have very nice feet” She comments, making me look her in the eyes.

“Do I?” My voice is raspy and Melanie nods.

“I just wanna lick them and suck your toes” Her comment surprises me.

We laugh together at what she said and Melanie rubs my other feet. My feet are feeling way better now with her attention to them. I guess that they are pretty with red painted toenails and scrubbed soles that are moisturized always daily.

My pussy is getting a little wet and my nipples are starting to get hard. It just feels so nice. I could definitely get used to this. Her grip is comfortable and her movements are very pleasing. I sigh in delight and she looks at me with a kind of look I can’t define.

Melanie bites her lower lip and licks them looking at me and then focusing on my feet.

Is this real? Is this happening right now or am I just imagining that this is real because I want it so much?

“Can I?” She says with desire in her tone of voice.

“Can you what?” I’m suddenly nervous with a heavy breath.

“Can I…” Mel lets out a loud sigh. “Lick and suck your toes?”

I look at her wondering what led her to think of this. I’ve never been a feet kind of girl or ever thought about it but if this is a way to get to her, to get her to do things that normal friends shouldn’t do then of course I will agree.

“Alright,” I accept. “Do it”.

Melanie leans down and licks the bottom of my right feet and proceeds to lick in between each toe taking her sweet time. I moan and my thong feels so wet that I don’t even know where it is coming from. I didn’t know that this would feel so lovely.

She suctions my big toe and licks it real nice all while looking straight at me. Melanie takes my other foot and kisses it gently bursa escort and then traces her tongue along its figure.

“Is she wet as I am right now?” I am left wondering. My feet feel so loved and relieved that I must somehow return her kindness. I had to do it, there was no other way.

Her tongue licks the feet that she’s currently teasing and she gets as much of my feet inside her mouth as she cans and sucks it.

“Oh shit Mel!” It was so hot seeing her sucking my feet. “It feels so fucking good.”

Melanie lets my feet go and she smiles kindly at me as if she didn’t do the most unexpected shit ever.

“Thank you so much for that.” I am truly grateful and my feet who are no longer hurting are too. “It was wonderful” I appreciate what she’s done and I sit on the bed.

“You’re welcome” She whispers.

Is she ashamed of what she just did? Hopefully not, cause I certainly enjoyed what happened. Suddenly, I don’t want her to get shy so I try to make her comfortable.

“Can I do something for you?” I dare to offer. “To repay what you’ve done?” My best friend gets lost in thought for a few minutes.

“Mmm well…” Mel makes up her mind but it’s still kind of shy. “There’s something that I’ve always wanted to do that I’m pretty sure that you know how to do well” Melanie begins saying and my brain sparks with curiosity.

“Yeah?” I crawl on the bed and get closer to her. “And that would be…?”

“I want to learn how to squirt” Mel blurts out, leaving me speechless.

That bold statement falls from her mouth and hits me like a hurricane. I look at her in the eyes and from her expression know that she’s 100% serious.

“How do you know that I do that?” I am interested since I had no clue that she knew that about me cause the conversation has never been brought up.

“Well…” She starts. “You remember Chelsea?”

I nod. Chelsea was a girl who I had a couple of wild nights with and didn’t know that she was a distant cousin of my bestest friend until after we had sex. As she was getting out of my apartment one Saturday morning, Melanie was at my door.

“She said that you squirted so much that you soaked her bed sheets.”

Shit, that in fact happened.

“I wanna learn how to do that.” There’s genuine interest in her voice. “Can you teach me, please?”

Holy shit! I didn’t know that Chelsea was spilling the beans like that. After this, I needed to talk to her because privacy is something that everybody deserves to have even though Melanie was my best friend so I’m glad she didn’t tell a total stranger this but I also need to thank her for this opportunity. Without dear old Chelsea, Melanie would never know and wouldn’t be lured into trying something like this.

“Well,” I start by saying. “Since you’ve been so kind and good by helping me with my feet. Let’s do it!” I’m invested.

Mel smiles with excitement and sits comfortably on the mattress now.

“But first, we need to get comfortable and we need to get you wet.” Something that I planned to help her with. “This happens when you are really horny and have a good orgasm” I explain and she nods understanding my words.

“Alright, so… “Melanie looks down and then looks at me “Should I take off my clothes and then we do it?”

“Yes, we touch…” My voice gets raspy with need and imagining the things we’re about to do “We kiss and all of that unless you don’t wanna squirt”

“I wanna squirt so badly!” She practically yells “Yes!”.

“Okay, then.” I get to the edge of the bed. “Be a good student and get naked for me”.

Melanie stands up as I watch every move. My best friend looks so fucking sexy as she slides off her short pink pastel dress that ends on the floor. She also removes her flats and is finally in her underwear. She is wearing a white thong with a lacy bra of the same shade. Melanie’s body is a fucking work of art. Her nipples stick out and I spot a wet patch on the transparency of her underwear between her legs. Her figure is curvy and even though her breasts are small, they look desirable and touchable.

I stand up and get out of my black dress to next remove my bra letting my perky medium size tits bounce. She is staring at me and I lean over to get my thong off too. A little pre-cum stretches from my pussy to the thong. It’s sticky, a little cold and clear. I’m so aroused that my clit hurts a little with the need of some stimulation.

Melanie bursa escort bayan takes off her bra and her breasts are even prettier than I imagined. They are cute and her nipples look very beautiful and suckable. Mel, also slides off her thong and finally we are both naked. The room suddenly feels hot and smaller than it is with the both of us being in this state.

I can’t believe that me and my best friend are finally like this and willing to do things with each other. Her eyes glide down my body and lust sparks in her beautiful orbs.

“Wow, your boobs are even bigger than I remembered. They are so bouncy and big.” Her comment makes me proud. “Can I… touch them?” She asks shyly.

“Love, you can do whatever you want with me” I whisper with an agitated voice and she walks and stops in front of me.

Her little right hand raises and grabs my right boob and gives it a little timid squeeze. She shakes it, making us both laugh.

“Your nipples are so erect and full” Mel whispers and at last, she leans over and gives my nipple a little lick.

I take my breasts and offer them up to her. Melanie gives me one last look and sucks my left nipple with a groan that only helps me get wetter. Her hand finds my lower lips and she strokes them spreading my moisture all over my labia.

“Mhhhmm” I moan enjoying her mouth sucking my tits and she licks the other up and down while my lonely nipple gets attention from her fingers that squeezes it and twists it too.

“Oh fuck Melanie.” Moaning I say. “Suck my boobs.”

She smiles and enters her fingers past my pussy lips. My clit is so enlarged and in desperate need of her delicate fingers. Melanie finds the erect nub of nerves and pinches it hard making me squirm with desire.

My best friend makes wet and slow circles around each nipple provoking an even damper vulva. She suctions my right nipple several times and lets it go by letting it slide out of her mouth making me whimper. Mel repeats the same sensual action with the other one and then sucks them as hard as she can by sucking one and then the other with a fast pace.

My nipples were so sensible and felt extremely good being worshiped by her holy mouth.

“Ahhhhh yeahhh” She looks at me in the eyes looking all sexy sucking my tits.

I grab her waist and lower my hand to her vagina and find her pussy wet so much like my own.

“Melanie, you’re so fucking wet you’re basically dripping.” I feel the juice and her puffy lips embrace the palm of my hand.

“All because of you” She stops sucking my nipples and we kiss.

Her lips are soft and plump. I’ve never kissed such lovely and beautiful lips before hers. She moves her hips riding my hand and I do the same while she strokes my clit. We both moan on each other’s mouths and our tongues fight in a wet and sensual dance.

I insert two fingers inside my best friend’s cunt and she squirms on my lips like crazy. Her inside is warm and gushy and so fucking time but so wet that she basically swallows my fingers. I suck her tongue and finger her finding her g-spot just to stroke it knowing that her pleasure must be immense along mine. Her fingers rub my clitoris in circles and then she strokes it up and down moving faster and harder each time.

Removing my digits, I push her to the bed and she sits at the edge. Looking at her with a grin, I spread her legs giving me a better view of her stunning pretty pussy. Her vagina is totally shaven and pink. It looks so fucking hot and soaked as it’s glistening from her juices.

“You have the prettiest fucking cunt ever.” I compliment.

“It’s so wet”

“I love that you like my pussy Ari” Her right hand strokes her pussy spreading even further her arousal. ” It’s all for you. Eat it up.”

I waste no more time and spread her lips staring at that beautiful and stiff clitoris that she has. I kiss it like I was making out with it and she moans, grabbing my head without applying any pressure to it. I circle her clitoris with my tongue and spit on it to make it wetter as if that was even possible. I absorb the meaty clit and suck as hard as I can, feeling it move in my mouth because of what my lips were doing.

“Fuck yes! Yeah! Baby! Mgfffgfg” Melanie is screaming and trying to stay still.

I slip it in and out a couple of times being loud and sloppy with it. I loved eating pussy and sucking her clit. Her sounds were escort bursa driving me nuts. Melanie was sounding like a porn star with the things she was saying and with the noises that were abandoning her pretty mouth

I flick it her clit with my tongue and lick it as if it was a lollipop.

“Yes Ari!” She throws her head back. “Suck my fucking clit just like that! That feels so fucking good showing me what you can do with that dirty mouth of yours”. Her voice is so breathy that I know that I’m making her crazy.

Melanie moves her hips against my face and I fuck her with the same two fingers that were inside her before.

I ate her pussy like it was my favorite dessert and bang my fingers against her most sensitive and pleasurable spot introducing another one to her pretty slippery pussy.

“Holy shit Ari! Right there! Yes!”

I groan and lick her clit once more and suck it real nice making her scream even more. I push a fourth finger in easily because of how soaked she was and my best friend groans furiously shaking her hips riding them.

“I’m gonna cum!” Melanie screams. “I’m gonna cum! Fuck! Yes! I’m gonna squirt!” My best friend lets me know. “I feel it! I’m gonna push it!” She cries one last time and suddenly I feel my face getting splashed with sweet clear liquid.

“Oh my Gosh! It’s happening! I’m squirting on your face!” Melanie cries in a deep bliss and I have a look of amusement.

I swallow as much pussy juice as I can because she is shaking like a little bitch making it a little difficult for me to catch every drop. She stops finishing her orgasm and falls back with her chest going up and down.

“Sit on my face.” Mel suggests.”I need to swallow your squirt too” I giggle without knowing if she was serious considering the fact that she is panting after that powerful peak she just had.

“Are you sure?” I ask in doubt.

“Yes! I want you baptize me”

We both giggle and I get on the bed after she looks a little more composed. I position myself on top of her face and she smiles. Melanie grabs my thighs and pushes me harder against her surprising me

I feel a shy lick on my clit and I moan. Fuck, I don’t know how much I can handle before I cum.

Melanie rubs my clit gently and fucks me with her tongue that she moves expertly inside of me.

“Ohhh yes! Melanie! Fuck me!” I ride her face and she groans.

She licks my asshole and goes back to licking my clit going back and forth like that. I feel so fucking dirty but it feels so fucking good.

Melanie settles on sucking my clit and my eyes roll back with a whimper. My best friend lets my clitoris slip and catches it again and again and then sucks it hard. Gosh! She is really a miracle worker. My clit feels so nice and hot being sucked by her warm and incredible mouth. Every suction that she gives brings me closer and closer to the edge. I grab my tits and play with them by pinching and dragging out my nipples by using my fingers.

A digit finds my asshole and then she slips two fingers. But what she does next, is truly something unexpected. Melanie with her other hand, also slips two other fingers on my pussy all while sucking my clitoris like a crazy woman.

Fuck! She is fucking both of my holes with her wicked fingers!

I suck my left and right tit and feel myself getting to the edge.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna squirt! Yes Melanie! Give it to me!” I move faster against her fingers and her mouth feeling sweaty, heavy and almost there.

Holy shit! I start screaming and my pussy starts squirting like a loose house dripping and wetting my best friend’s face. This is truly one of the best orgasms that I’ve ever had. My pussy clenches and pants as it keeps releasing pussy juice coating her like she did with me.

I close my eyes and Melanie removes her fingers and licks my clit one last time and I gush even more squirt. I get off of her and lay beside her on the bed similar to the position that we were in when we started this whole thing.

“Fuck that was hot” Melanie says and I laugh.

“The hottest thing ever” I try to catch my breath.

“I’ve never orgasm like that before, much less squirt.” We both giggle “You are a hell of a teacher Miss Ariana”

She faces me and I grab her cheeks and kiss her. I drag out her lip by taking it in between my teeth and let it slip.

“And you are one hell of a student Miss Squirter.” She really is. “Congratulations you learned how to squirt and passed with flying colors”.

“Thank you Teacher, it was a pleasure learning from the best” Melanie thanks.

We kiss again and we cuddle getting comfortable to sleep cause right now, I am truly tired.

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