Taking a Chance with My Daughter

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Watching my daughter grow a little older and a littler older, then finally hitting 18 caused some feelings I had tried to suppress for years become harder to ignore.

Not long ago, my wife was out of town for a couple of weeks, leaving Elle and me alone in the house.

Naturally, she came and went as she always did and I did the same. We usually only saw each other in passing.

One night she came in and almost caught me watching a little porn on the PC. My cock was hard but I hadn’t started jerking off or anything yet.

“Hey Dad,” she said.

“Hey,” I replied.

Luckily for my boner and I, she went straight upstairs. I thought I heard an odd thump like something fell on the floor so I hollered up the stairs “Are you ok?”

“Fine,” she said.

I hadn’t noticed it when she came in, but just then I thought I detected a slight slur.

Immediately I thought to myself that she had been doing some drinking with her friends.

Curious, I went up the stairs.

I should note here that my wife and I are pretty liberal folks. As long as what a person is doing isn’t hurting someone else, we don’t give much of a shit. That’s about the long and short of it, so if Elle had been drinking and they had a D.D. to take everyone home safely, then fuck it.

Anyway, I went up the stairs to maybe get a laugh out of her drunken behavior. I was a little disappointed when I entered her room and started talking to her, though, because she seemed barely tipsy, if anything.

“Hitting the bottle tonight?” I said.

“No I haven’t,” she said, of course.

Just to play around with her I kept it up.

“Hmmm, seems like I smell a little alcohol in here.” (which I didn’t).

“Well, you don’t,” she smiled and said.

Like I said, we are a pretty open and liberal family, generally speaking, so it wasn’t unusual at all that Elle was taking off her t-shirt, jeans, socks and All-Stars with me standing there.

She’s not slutty, she’s just very confident about her body and never has been very shy.

The feelings I talked about earlier came on kind of strong just then. I guess a combination of Mom being gone, me getting interrupted watching porn, and Elle standing there wearing a black bra and pink G-string was what did it.

Her Mom had had words with her about that G-string fad already but that just made Elle push her jeans down further and the sides of the G-string up higher.

All this amused me because I knew that my wife should have used reverse psychology to tone down her flaunting of the G-string, but no, she asked her to be a little more discreet which in my experience makes just about any teenager all the worse.

I thought she was going to grab a night shirt or something but she continued to ramble around the room looking for this or that.

Still being in a playful mood with her I smiled and said, “Nice panties.”

“They’re not panties. Old bostancı escort women wear panties.”

“No, I wouldn’t say that you’re an old woman. Those G-strings just don’t leave a whole lot to the imagination, do they?” I said.

“I don’t guess so,” she said flippantly.

“I’m tired as shit,” she said suddenly.

“From what?” I said

“Just running around all night,” she replied.

“Well, there’s the bed,” I said as I motioned toward her bed.

“Did you want to talk about anything or did you just want to drive me crazy all night?” she said.

“No, I guess just driving you crazy is about all had in mind”, I replied with a smile.

“Well, you’ll have to just look in the mirror and talk and drive yourself crazy because I’m lying down”, upon which she flopped face down onto the bed.

“Oh shit,” I thought as I looked at her perfect tan ass sticking up and I felt a little twinge in my cock.

I lay down beside her and kept talking, which was nothing unusual for us. Lying on her bed with her or her on mine, I mean.

After about ten minutes she stopped replying to what I was saying (which was probably just some random bullshit anyway) and I thought I heard a soft snore.

I rose up on my elbow to get a better look at her ass and I noticed the fine, white “peach fuzz” hair on her tan ass cheeks.

I kind of have a ‘thing’ for that and my cock not only gave a twinge then, it actually started to get hard.

Something that I knew I had thought of before but had tried to ignore it became just about too much to resist.

I reached down the front of my boxer shorts and, sure enough, the ol’ cock had gotten pretty damn hard.

Now visions or ideas or whatever you want to call them were running wild in my head.

Did I want to jerk off on her ass or softly kiss her ass cheeks or run my tongue or finger up her asshole or what?

“Maybe all the above,” I smiled and thought.

But the fear that we all know was still in the forefront of my mind, namely, “What if she wakes up? Will she scream and call the cops or stab me or lie there and enjoy it or maybe not even wake up while I’m doing it or who knows what?”

So, unable to resist by then, I thought I would try out the “least invasive” thought in my mind and I very softly ran my fingertips along her ass cheeks.

Whether she really was asleep or trying to fool ol’ Dad, she arched her ass up ever so slightly.

In my probably-not-so-reasonable state of mind, I brazenly took that as a go-ahead.

I leaned over and ran my lips softly across those beautiful cheeks. Again, if it wasn’t my imagination, she arched her ass very slightly.

“Ok, fuck it. If my wife finds out and divorces me or if I go to jail for molesting my daughter in her sleep I’ll just have to deal with it as it comes,” I thought as I threw all caution to the wind and ran the tips of my fingers up and down ümraniye escort bayan in her ass crack.

She didn’t seem to move this time.

Just saying “Fuck it all,” I gently spread her cheeks to get a glimpse of her asshole and maybe even a little bit of pussy.

Just as I suspected, she either just naturally wasn’t hairy or her and her friends got the ‘total wax treatment’ regularly, her asshole was just perfect, pink and hairless. Neither were there any signs of hair at all further down her crack closer to her pussy.

I gently touched that perfect asshole with my fingertips as I used the other hand to keep her cheeks spread open.

No response again. I guess I really didn’t have any idea what that signified, if anything, but I kept going.

Then I got the big idea to actually stick my finger up her ass.

Yes, crazy, I know, just begging to get busted but I didn’t give one fuck about that at the moment.

I started to lick my forefinger to kind of lube it up when I saw some body lotion on the night stand.

I reached over and got it and spread a little on my finger and some in her crack.

I barely pushed the tip of my finger against her asshole and surprisingly it went in just a little.

I don’t know what I expected but anytime I get within ten miles of my wife’s asshole she tightens up so tight you “couldn’t stick a greased needle in there” as my friend used to say.

I kept pushing and my finger slid in further. After a minute I had my finger stuck almost all the way up my daughter’s asshole! I thought my cock would just explode.

Getting braver by the minute I started actually fingering her asshole and sliding my finger in and out at a pretty good pace. Not hard, mind you, but I was definitely finger-fucking Elle’s asshole.

“What about two fingers?” I wondered.

So I started the tip of my middle finger along with my already inserted forefinger.

Now slowly, slowly I started to push both of them in.

At this point I imagine you’re doubting my story, but I really did it, no shit.

After a minute I was now finger-fucking my daughter’s asshole with two fingers in and out.

As you may guess, as a natural extension of all this bravery/stupidity, I then had the bright idea to actually fuck her in the ass.

“Whoa!” I told myself, “you’re just begging for trouble now.”

So what did I do? I got on my hands and knees above her body with no parts touching her and I reached down with one hand and slipped her G-string further to one side.

“Here goes, for better or for worse,” I thought.

Still on my hands and knees I slowly lowered my hips so the head of my mucho-swollen cock barely touched that wonderful hole while I spread her cheeks with one hand.

Now I’m not bragging about my cock because it’s not the biggest in the world but it is a little longer than some and it’s pretty thick.

So kartal escort I always say that at least I have a thick cock and not one of those long slender ones, although there’s nothing wrong with possessing a cock like that, I guess.

Slowly, I barely began to push against her with the tip of my cock and unlike my fingers, it didn’t seem to insert quite as easily.

“Well of course not,” I thought.

So I pushed a little harder and the head of my cock slowly started going in! I don’t know why I was so amazed about that, but I was.

When the head was in, I kept still for a while then I just kept pushing further and the next thing I knew I was balls deep in my daughter’s asshole!

“Should I stop here or keep going?” I wondered.

As I had already told myself a few times that night, “Just go for it. Divorce or jail can’t be that bad.”

So I very slowly eased my cock in and out and then picked up the pace a little, not a lot though.

Like I said about my fingers, I wasn’t pounding her ass for all it was worth but I was definitely, by any standard, fucking my daughter in the ass!

I bet it didn’t take two minutes until I felt that familiar feeling of my cock about to erupt.

Now the new question was “Fill her asshole with cum or shoot it on her ass cheeks and back?”

“Pump it into her asshole,” I thought.

So I did.

I came for what seemed like a long time, maybe it wasn’t but it seemed like it.

After I slowly pulled my cock out, a small stream of white cum was coming out of her asshole. I watched for a second and I don’t know if she was pushing or what but what seemed like pretty much my whole load came out.

I noticed her asshole was kind of reddish around it and I hoped that it wouldn’t be sore in the morning and give me away but at that point I still had no idea whether she was faking sleep and liking what was happening or whether she

was really asleep .

I got a wash cloth and wiped all the cum from her crack and asshole and positioned her G-string back where it was and then went to my bedroom.

I swear I was up just about all night wondering what was going to transpire in the morning.

“What the fuck was I thinking??” ran through my mind over and over endlessly.

There were several possibilities: She would tell her mom and I’d be headed for divorce city, or she would tell the cops I molested her while she was incapacitated, i.e. drunk and/or passed out, or just raise t-total hell with me about it and never speak to me again.

What actually happened was, she never said one word about it. It was as if nothing had happened.

I thanked my lucky stars that thinking with my cock instead of with my head had not gotten me into some seriously hot water.

Of course all you readers know exactly what I’m thinking. Should I try to do it again?

On one hand, maybe she was awake and liked it but on the other hand maybe she really had no idea anything had happened and doing it again would really be pushing my luck.

Knowing myself, the next time I have a hard cock and wifey is away and Elle is prancing in some sexy shit, I’ll probably go for it again.

Wish me luck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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