Taboo with My Brother

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I finally did it. I divorced my husband. We had been fighting constantly for over a year. One of us had to make the move so I filed the papers. Here I was thirty four years old and I felt like I was starting over again. It wasn’t a good feeling I can tell you. In the evenings I would break out the wine and have a few glasses. I knew I needed to get my act together.

My brother Matt stopped over one Saturday afternoon. Matt was five years younger than me but he always seemed to be the mature one.

“Are you drinking again Sue?” He asked me.

“Just one glass,” I told him.

Matt came inside and sat down on the couch. He looked directly at my body. I had taken to not wearing a bra whenever possible. My nipples were showing beneath my shirt. I think I liked the idea that my baby brother was looking me over. A few times when I was alone I would rub myself while thinking about Matt. I wondered what his cock looked like.

“You need to get yourself together Sue,” he told me.

I knew he was right but I preferred to be depressed right now.

“Who’s going to want me now?” I asked Matt.

“You’re still young and attractive. You should have no problems finding another man,” he said to me.

Right at the moment, the man I wanted was sitting right next to me. If only he knew how I felt. I guess I got bold right then. I stood up and pulled my shirt off. I let my brother see my hard nipples.

“What’s this about?” He asked.

“I think about you all the time Matt. I’ve been so horny.”

Matt got this strange face on. I gaziantep escort bayan wasn’t sure what he was thinking. I couldn’t let this moment pass. I pushed my pants and panties down to the floor and I kicked them away. My brother could now see me totally nude.

“I’m going back to the bedroom,” I told him.

I turned around and walked back down the hallway to my bedroom. I got onto the bed and waited to see if my brother would be coming back. I waited a good five minutes when Matt stood at the doorway. He was completely undressed. I must have gasped. My brother’s cock was dangling between his thighs. It was so fat. He walked to the bed and joined me.

“This is so crazy, you know that?” He said.

I didn’t care how wrong or taboo this was. I just needed Matt’s cock right now. Matt placed a hand on one of my tits and he squeezed it. I felt like I was melting right then. I reached over and began to stroke Matt’s dick. It didn’t take long before he was totally hard. Matt was on his side. He moved his hand to my thigh and lifted it. I soon felt the tip of his cock at my slit.

Matt slowly entered my pussy. I let out this gasp as his thick pole slid into my body. I missed being taken by a man. Here was my brother filling my pussy with his hardness. Matt pushed all the way in and rested his erect member inside me. My body began to shake.

“Fuck me hard Matt!” I pleaded with him.

Matt flipped over and got on top of me. He took hold of my ankles and he pushed my legs to my chest. I looked at his face. escort bayan gaziantep I knew he was going to punish my pussy. Matt began to go fast and deep. Our pubic bones touched every time he entered me. I placed my hands on his chest and then I held on. Matt used me that day in bed. I was tight and my younger brother stretched me out with his huge rod.

I have to admit. My ex-husband never fucked me like this. Matt had a bigger cock and he knew how to use it on me. Matt must have filled me for close to an hour. He told me he was getting close.

“Don’t pull out!” I practically screamed at him. “Cum in me Matt.”

Matt took a few more minutes. He kept plunging his stiff prick deep inside me. He finally grunted and I felt his baby cum squirting inside me. It had been too long since I felt a man’s cum coating my pussy. I squeezed his dick with my muscles. I needed to make sure I got every drop from my brother’s cock. Matt didn’t stop. He kept pumping his staff into my quaking pussy. I couldn’t believe the amount of orgasms I was having.

Matt finally stopped and rested his cock inside my tunnel. He lowered his face and worked on each of my hard nipples. I thought I had died and went to heaven. My body was shaking from all this erotic pleasure. Matt did go soft. He pulled out of my drenched pussy. I told him to climb above my face. I rose up and took his spent dick in my mouth. I needed to taste both of us.

I used my tongue and lips to clean Matt’s fat cock. After all that, I gaziantep escort blogu went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I was so full of my brother’s sticky cum. I came back to the bed and we talked. I told Matt I needed him him more than this one time. Maybe he thought this was just me needing a cock this once.

It ended up we did it again that same day. I was able to make Matt hard again with my mouth. I mounted my brother and slid down on his hard prick. It was easier this time around. I was still lubricated with our love juices. Matt reached up and squeezed my tits. That always gets me aroused. I was bobbing up and down on his hardness as Matt worked on my nipples. I lost count how many orgasms he gave me.

I was even surprised that my brother managed to cum in me a second time. It wasn’t like the first time but I felt his seed covering my pussy walls. I ended up collapsing on Matt’s chest. I just needed him to hold me now. We did become regular lovers after that. Matt would come over and stay the night with me.

My baby brother broke me in properly. I had his cock in my pussy and mouth and he even had my ass. I was never big on anal sex. One night I was on my hands and knees. I was waiting for Matt to enter me. He was rubbing his prick up and down my crack. Suddenly I felt this painful pinch. Matt was pushing into my bottom.

“Oh fuck!” I shouted out.

“I need to have your ass Sue,” he told me.

Luckily Matt took it easy on me. He did get his fat dick completely inside me. I did feel his swaying balls hitting me. I gripped him hard with my ass muscles and I made Matt cum inside my bowels. I do admit it was some intensely sexual pleasure when he took me that way.

I stopped drinking completely. Matt and I are talking about possibly moving in together. He says that he hates sneaking around like this. All I know is that I need to have Matt giving me his love cum.

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