Sybian d1 and d2

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So my weekend with Irene began on Saturday morning with me arriving at her doorstep by the agreed time. She opened the door in a colorful summer dress taking me inside. I was told to leave my clothes at the door and meet her in the living room. I quickly undid myself of my clothes and pulled them up on a little cupboard in the hallway.

Walking out into her living room I saw her making some drinks. She asked me if I wanted some. I agreed to some juice she had lying around so I took that. Sitting on the couch together we chatted some about the party from before and just other things in general. Finished our drinks she stood up and grabbed my arm. Leading me into the bedroom without any words.

There it stood just as I remembered from that one time I used it in a club. A big black machine with a not to big dildo attachment on top but with a very studded base. I was so mesmerized by the machine that Irene snapped her fingers right in front of me to snap me out of it. Giggling a bit at my sillyness she took me by the hand and threw me on the bed.

Taking my arms and legs she restrained me with her prepared cuffs. Before I could enjoy my birthday present it was only nice of me to properly thank her for using the machine of course she said to me while stripping of her clothes. She grabbed a little tray out of a drawer and took out a few clamps. First two clamps on my nipples with a metal chain in between. She gave the chain a few soft pulls that made me moan softly.

Those work she teased me before moving down with her clamps. One right on my clit and two more on my lips. She moved off the bed and grabbed a sleeping mask. She placed it over my eyes and I was in complete darkness. The clamps felt even tighter with my heightened senses. I could hear her rumble through her drawers. Not long after I felt a rubber ball pressing against my teeth. Instinctively I opened my mouth and let her lodge a big ball between my teeth before locking it shut behind my head.

The next few moments nothing happened. No sounds or touching. I just lay there on the bed. But I could feel her watching me. It’s a super weird feeling but sometimes you just feel like someone I watching you without seeing it. After presumably being watched for a little bit I felt a cold leather patch on my skin. The tip of a riding crop it had to be. I was sure of it. It slid its way over my body. From top to bottom until it lifted up and disappeared.

Smack! The crop hit one of my breasts and made the chain violently shake from my breast being hit. I moaned loudly into my gag from this mix of pain and pleasure. She laughed at me saying she only just started. She thought I would be a fun idea to recreate the little game from the party together. So her onslaught began on my clamped nipples and pussy.

Hit after hit landed on my exposed body and I couldn’t stop it. Not that I wanted to either. The clamps didn’t budge though since they are way harder to get loose in comparison to just some clothes pegs. So after a good while I heard her drop the crop on the floor and her hands wiggled behind my head to untie the ballgag. She pulled it out and I wanted to thank her like a good kimmy but before I could speak she sat right down on my face.

A slightly sweaty and very wet pussy was pressed down on my face. She grabbed the chain from my nipple clamps and gave it two firm tugs together with the command to start licking. So being the worlds best kimmy I started licking her. She stopped tugging on my nipples and leaned back to enjoy me eating her out for a little bit. I didn’t take her long to start grinding herself on my face.

Minutes later she loudly came all over my face. Smearing it all over me as she pulsated on my tongue. All sweaty and happy she dropped next to me on the bed. Slowly caressing my tied up body with her nails. We didn’t say anything she just lightly played with me and slid her fingers around me while she took her time to recover a little bit.

It was a really nice moment actually until she got up and took of my blindfold. But the gag got put back in. She untied me from the bed but immediately cuffed my hands behind my back again. She helped me get up and guided me to the sybian. With some help I squatted over it and lowered myself over the attachment. The cold rubber entering my very wet and little sore mersin escort pussy.

She grabbed a remote control and turned on the machine. A shot like lightning went through my body. The machine roared to live and it’s powerful vibrations with it. My whole body shook from the violent way the machine vibrated my pussy. I already got lost in pleasure and I started to grind myself on the studded plate I was sitting on. It was such a good feeling that words can hardly describe it.

She showed me the control and it was only a half speed just yet. Completely baffled I stared at the remote. But to my biggest nightmare she turned it completely off. She threw the remote in a sports bag and zippered it shut. She took me by the hand and lifted my unwilling body of the now silent machine. She untied my hands and took out the gag but commanded me not to speak a word.

She took me to the bathroom and told me to kneel while she turned on the shower. On my knees I watched her take a brief shower to freshen up. It was such a turn on sitting there waiting for her on the cold tiles while she enjoyed the hot water. She dried up and put on some sports clothes. Walking with her into the living room I saw her hold the bag she threw the remote in earlier.

Well little slave she began speaking. She actually told me she had a volleyball game this afternoon and that she was leaving. But she told me I wouldn’t be bored as I was allowed to clean her entire apartment for her. She wanted it to be immaculate when she returned in an hour or three. The place was indeed in need of a good cleaning. I didn’t want to bring it up not to anger her but it was kinda dirty.

She gave me a kiss and left right after. I stood there thinking about what just happened. Not even 15 minutes ago I was on the sybian having the time of my life. Now I was standing in her living room with a soaking wet pussy and more chores then I could think off. With a lot of sighs and curses I started to clean up the place.

Starting with all the garbage and dirty kitchen. Then dusting and wet cleaning all the surfaces. Followed by a good vacuuming of the entire place. Next to clean the bathroom and toilet. Over two hours later I had her whole house shining again. So with my free time I organized her drawers with clothes a little. Together with some other small things to make it more nice looking. All while thinking about the 5 minute sybian ride I had before.

Being absolutely done with 20 minutes to spare I made my way back to the bedroom. Taking the restraints I cuffed myself back to the bed to wait for her arrival. With my eye mask I lost all sense of time and it was pretty fun. I laid quite peacefully on the bed until I heard some keys rattle in the door. It opened up and I heard two bags fall on the floor. Next I heard some noises in the kitchen that must have been glasses for a drink.

Moments later she entered the bedroom to see me tied up to the bed. She sat down next to me and gave me a few soft kisses. She said the house was spotless and I joked about all the practice I had at sanne and Debbys place. She told me she was super happy with the result. She then stood up and grabbed something from the cupboard. We did however lose the game she said in a way different super competitive voice I know from her.

She hit my right across both breasts with a flogger. Making me flinch and scream in completely surprise. So you might understand I’m not very happy about that she said in the same tone. She hit me several more times with quite some strength behind it until she stopped. She untied me and took away the mask. Getting me off the bed I was told to cook dinner for us.

Making my way to the kitchen I made some Mexican style food for the both of us. It was pretty nice to taste and I was really proud of the result I made. We had a pretty nice meal together as we chatted about all manor of things. She then had me clean up while she sat down on the couch watching some tv as I cleaned up the kitchen.

The rest of the night was actually rather slow which was kinda fun. We just sat together and played some table top games together. It was really great fun even though I had to spend it with Irene. She can be nice if she wants to. But in my mind I was still aching for that machine that rocket my world for 5 minutes. She did that mersin escort bayan on purpose I’m sure. Let me feel it for a brief moment and then make me wait for it.

Later that night and many games that I was made to lose later we went to bed together. We cuddled a little and caressed each other. Until at one point she pushed me down and I got the hint. Licking her to a good night cummy was my job this evening. So I did with all my skill until she once more painted my face in cum. Not returning the favor she pulled me back up and we fell asleep spooning. Cum still drying on my face and my mind still with the machine.

The next morning I was the first to awaken. Getting up slowly not to wake Irene I got out of bed and went for a quick pee. After a quick freshen up in the bathroom I made my way to the kitchen to make us both some breakfast. First I made some fried eggs and toasted some bread while waiting for the eggs. Grabbed some things we could smear on the bread like jam and meat.

Together with some juice I set the entire table with a quite nice smelling breakfast. Table fully ready I tiptoed my way back into the bedroom. She lay there still sleeping completely naked without the sheets to cover her. Gently climbing between her legs I thought about how it had come to this. How me the super best kimmy got into the position to serve my worst competitor.

Swallowing the remaining pride I had left I began slowly licking her pussy. Very gently to not slap her awake but let her awaken slowly. I was so focused on her pussy I didn’t even notice her waking up and placing her hand on my head. It startled me a tiny bit when she began stroking my hair. She told me good morning and I just smiled back while continuing to lick her.

She grabbed my head with two hands and pressed it firmly against her. Telling me to make a good seal I knew what she was about to do. A fraction later she started to empty her bladder in my mouth. The strong stinky morning pee of what has always been my number two was now flowing down my throat. The humiliation felt so good I let out a small moan while gulping it down.

She teased me about enjoying being her piss drinker and I could only blush as she pushed out every drop of pee in her bladder. Fully empty I licked the remaining drops off her pussy and told her breakfast was ready for her. After a quick freshen up for her we sat down at the table and ate together. My food all still tasting a little bit like piss since the inside of my mouth was still coated with it.

A nice relaxing breakfast later I cleaned up everything while she went to the bedroom. I heard her rumble around a little with some stuff and when I returned to the bedroom I saw that she had prepared the bed for me. Getting on the bed to get restrained she told me she already wanted me on the brink of collapse before I even got on the sybian. The 5 minutes from yesterday surely seemed to help my enthusiasm and craving towards it.

But tied up and gagged all the vibrators came out. She taped two to my nipples and one on my clit. She slid in a vibrator in my pussy first and then an orbed one in my ass. She used some tape to make sure they stay where she put them. Fully vibed up the teasing began. The remotes to all the vibrators in front of her she vibrated every part of me. The high vibrations sending me close to orgasm only for her to turn them back off again.

She continued to tease and edge me for over two hours. Constantly getting me right to the edge of cumming before turning the whole thing off and letting it die down again.

It was 2 hours of pure hell and damn was she good at it. Playing with me while the vibes were down so it made me beg for her hands to massage my clit to get me off.

But she never would. She teased and denied the absolute hell out of me and I love hated every second of it. The amount of control she had over me was so overwhelming for me it made me go crazy inside. After what felt like an eternity however she began stripping away the vibrators from various places. Until I was all but naked laying there.

She undid the straps from my cuffs but kept the cuffs on me. She helped my stiff body off the bed and right on the sybian. She tied my hands behind my back as I familiarized myself with the attachment intruding my pussy. Next she tied escort mersin my ankles together but that wasn’t enough for her yet. She grabbed some wider cuffs and placed them around my knees. Those she chained to some rings attached to the sybian.

Try standing up she commanded. Pushing my legs up I could get away. I was able to lift myself up but only partly of the dildo attachment was able to get out my pussy. The rest I couldn’t get out because the restraints kept me from lifting my body up further. Perfect she happily exclaimed while went to grab the remote for the machine out of her sports bag.

Apart from the remote she also took out some filthy looking panties. She undid my gag and held out her panties that she probably wore on her volleyball game yesterday. She asked me if I had any last words before she would vibrate me and my brain back into toddler state. I mumbled something about toddler state as a question

But without even answering that she had pushed her rancid panties into my mouth and pushed the gag back in to hold them in place. The immediate taste of sweat filled my mouth but before I could adjust to the taste she had already turned on the machine. Powerful vibrations shocked through me and I already was close to cumming from the teasing before.

My first orgasm leaked over the machine as Irene was amusing herself over the sight. She laid down the remote and had taken a riding crop. With it she began giving my ass and breasts light but firm taps while the machine kept ravaging my pussy below. I have no idea how long that went on for. It felt like hours but it probably wasn’t.

Orgasm after orgasm erupted from below without any control on my part. The machine expertly forced them out one after another. After more orgasm than I could count I started to feel a little sore. My clit foremost felt on fire from the constant stimulation. That’s when the begging started. I begged her to turn it off of down through my gag but she didn’t listen to me.

Begging she said while laughing the stage before toddler brain she exclaimed. She took the remote to show me it was only on 75% power. She grabbed the knob and with a lot of laughter she turned it all the way up and placed the remote out of my reach on the floor. The instant turn up made me cum right away as I felt the true power of the machine.

She got up and walked towards the door. See you in a bit toddler brain she teased once more before closing the door behind her. I screamed into my gag for her not leave as the next painful orgasm rolled over me. The machine kept going however and I tried getting of with all strength I had left. But to no avail the straps were more then secure enough to keep me firmly on it.

After each orgasm it became more painful and I got more exhausted. Every orgasm it did indeed became more difficult to form thoughts until at one point I did reach that toddler fase. The only thing I completely remember is that I just sat there brambling nonsense while the machine kept going. Not much later Irene came back to me.

Listening to my baby bramble I saw her grab the remote and while bursting in humiliating laughter she turned off the machine. I kept in the doozy state until she picked me off the machine and laid me on the bed. She had to drag me over there because my legs were so wobbly I couldn’t stand on them. She sat down next to me on the bed and just waited for me to come back to my senses.

No walking and no coherent sentences. Sounds like a succes she said with a triumphal voice. She gave me some water and we just sat there with me staring at the ceiling until I could think straight again. She took me by the hand and let me into the bathroom were an already filled warm bath was waiting for us. She got in first and helped me in next.

I sat down in the warm water and it felt like arriving in heaven or something like that. Sitting on a cloud of niceness. I sat back against Irene’s soft breasts and dozed off almost into sleep seconds after. Like being awake but not really. We sat there for so long without saying a word. Just me leaning against her in the hot water and just sitting doing nothing.

Getting out of the tub I felt more energetic then before. So together we got dressed and went back to the living room to just do some slow board games. It was really great as an aftercare thing to just sit and chat and play a game together. We did that till almost dinner time and I had asked sanne to come pick me back up.

With a kiss on my cheek and knees still a little wobbly I walked my way back to my car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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