Swing Choir Competition Ch. 04

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Sometime during Chapter 3…

Anika Garner was not having a good day. She couldn’t decide which decision she regretted more–the one to come back to her old high school and help with the swing choir competition, or the one to go down the hall to the party the night before. The party wasn’t the problem, she decided. The problem was when I decided to start downing Texas Sunrises, whatever the hell those are, after Cindy left with Julia. Anika had been hoping to convince Cindy into leaving with her for another night of no-strings-attached fucking like the three or four they’d shared already that year. Hell, if Cindy had left with somebody else, I’d have just seen if Julia was interested–wouldn’t have been the first time for us, either. With both of her potential partners already interested in each other, however, Anika’s choices had seemed limited–invite herself along, or drown her sorrows in whatever frozen concoction Candace’s blender was producing that evening. That reminds me–I have to get that recipe from her. I just don’t know if it’s so I can completely avoid it, or make some of my own later.

For the first time that day, though, the thought of drinking more of the fruity drinks didn’t make her want to throw up, which seemed like a good sign. The problem was that she was starting to feel horny again. Getting herself off the night before and again this morning wasn’t enough–she’d really been in the mood for sex with a partner, and specifically a female partner. Dammit, maybe I should have invited myself along with Cindy and Julia after all. She’d certainly considered it, she’d been that horny, but the two had seemed just a little too “into” each other to want company. Hell, even if they’d just let me watch, that would have been cool. The thought of the two hot coeds playing in front of her sent a thrill straight to her pussy, and she knew that she was going to go off and “have a wank,” as the cute British exchange student on the floor put it. And I know just the place…

The second choir of the day had just started, and were already proving that they were nowhere near as good as the first. She slipped out a side door and made her way back to the practice gym. The women’s locker room there should be deserted, she thought, making it the perfect place for a quick “wank.”

As she entered the practice gym, she heard the locker room door close ahead of her. Damn, somebody else is in there. Wonder who it is… She slipped off her heels, crossed the gym floor silently in her bare feet, and cracked the door open just enough to listen. She could hear two girls talking, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. It sounded like they were around the corner in the locker area, so she took a chance and slipped into the front restroom area. She hid in the first stall, where she could just hear them.

“Okay, then the first thing you need to know is that it’s perfectly normal for girls to experiment with other girls,” a girl’s voice was saying. Somehow, it sounded familiar to Anika, but she couldn’t place it.

Another girl’s voice replied, “It is? I always thought that was just what boys said to try and convince you to give them their two-girls fantasy.”

The first girl laughed. “I thought that too, but my mom told me the same thing, and I don’t think she was trying to get in my pants.”

“My mom?” That’s who that is! Anika was pretty sure the first girl was Peggy Buchman, whose mother was the principal of this high school. They’d been friends in junior high, but Peggy’s parents had sent her to high school across town, so she wouldn’t have to deal with being bursa escort bayan the principal’s daughter. Wow, the principal of a Catholic school, telling her daughter it was OK to fool around with other girls. God, I love the twenty-first century…

Anika had missed part of the conversation, but she quickly tuned back when she heard Peggy say, “In fact, it almost seemed like she might have done some… experimenting… back in her younger days.”

Holy shit! Anika thought. Principal Buchman getting with another girl–now that’s something I’d like to see. And something I’d like to experience even more… She thought about that for a minute. Well, hell, why can’t I? Anika had fantasized about the principal a time or ten during high school–Mrs. Buchman must have been at least forty to have a daughter Peggy’s age, but she didn’t look it, and it was easy to imagine what a hot little number she would have been back in college. And she’s going to be here later on today to cheer on the school’s swing choir. Knowing her, she’ll probably head up to her office first to catch up on some paperwork. Perfect.

As a plan began to form in the back of Anika’s mind, she heard the second girl moaning, “Oh, fuck.” Carefully, she left the stall and peeked around the corner into the locker area. Peggy was indeed one of the girls, and she was on her knees in front of the other girl, a cute redhead. For the second time in only twelve hours, Anika was tempted to invite herself into a threesome, but quickly talked herself out of it–from what she’d heard of the conversation, the redhead was a little shy about liking other girls, and would probably freak out if a stranger tried to horn in. Well, hell, there’s gotta be somebody here somewhere who’s looking for a little action.
Anika slipped out of the locker room, on the prowl for some pussy.

* * * * *

As it happened, it didn’t take her long to find it. “There you are,” a voice said as she stepped out of the practice gym. She turned to see Donna Hansen walking down the hall. “They told me you were here, but I couldn’t find you anywhere!”

Anika and Donna had hugged literally dozens of times before, but this time, as the younger girl came up to her, Anika had much different feelings. Donna was a year younger than Anika, but they’d been close friends despite that. Indeed, during her sophomore and junior years, Anika had considered Donna her best friend. Donna had moved away the previous year, though, which was the year when Anika had begun to discover that she preferred girls to boys in the bedroom. As they hugged, Anika did her best to put her sexual feelings out of her mind, but wasn’t entirely successful.

“It’s so good to see you!” Anika said. “Are you here with one of the choirs in the competition?” Donna hadn’t ever been in any choral program that Anika could remember, but maybe being in a new school had made her try new things.

“Nope,” Donna replied, “I’m back here at St. Francis. That job Dad took across the state didn’t pan out, so we came back.”

“Then why haven’t you called?” Anika wasn’t home much, but she knew her folks would have at least passed on a message from Donna, if they hadn’t just gone ahead and given Donna her dorm number.

“I figured you’d have plenty of new college friends, that you wouldn’t want me around anymore,” Donna said quietly.

Anika hugged the younger girl again, this time without any sexual feelings. “Are you kidding me? No way am I going to ditch you! Sure, I’ve got friends at school, but there’s plenty of me to go around!”

“There certainly is,” Donna bursa anal yapan escort teased as the hug broke off. “Looks like you’ve fallen prey to the deadly ‘freshman fifteen.'”

“Shut up, bitch!” Anika retorted. “You always thought I was too skinny before.”

“Not anymore. You look great, Anika. Especially…” Donna blushed, and cupped her hands in the air over her breasts.

Anika looked down at herself. If she’d put on fifteen pounds since starting college, ten of it must have been in her chest. “I’ve gone through two cup sizes in the last year. Just when my bras are starting to get comfortably worn-in, they’re too small.” She looked over at Donna. “But it doesn’t look like you’re doing too bad in that department yourself.”

Donna blushed again. “Yeah, there has been a little bit of a growth spurt there.”

“A little? Girl, you’ve grown more than me!” Anika realized she was staring longer than she should, but now that she’d noticed it, Donna’s breasts were quite a bit bigger–and all those sexual feelings were coming back, stronger than ever. Anika made a conscious effort to look up, and noticed that Donna was staring at her breasts just as hard, if not harder.

Suddenly, Donna looked up, realized that she’d been caught staring, and smiled. “Well, are we going to stand here in the hallway staring at each others’ tits, or are we going to find somewhere to talk?”

* * * * *

They wound up in the practice gym’s equipment room, which was big enough for the two of them but small enough that Anika was uncomfortably aware of how good Donna smelled. They must have spent a good half hour catching each other up on the past year, and the conversation fell into a slight lull. Donna started it back up by asking, “So, is it true what they say about Cameron?”

“Is what true?” Cameron College was the school that Anika was going to and Donna had revealed was one of her choices in the fall.

“That there’s all sorts of lesbians in the dorms.” Donna was looking at her like she was an idiot. “You must have heard that rumor yourself before you went.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t pay much attention.” Anika chose her words carefully. “Besides, not everyone who sleeps with girls is a lesbian.”

“Well, according to some people–especially the kind of people who spread rumors like that–they are. But I agree–there’s a difference between going completely lesbian and just enjoying a quick buddy suck every now and then.”

Anika just stared at her friend. This was not the same Donna she’d known two years before. And it was definitely a change for the better. The Donna she’d known was as repressed sexually–and in other ways as well–as your stereotypical “good Catholic school girl,” but the new one was starting to sound more like the stereotypical “bad Catholic schoolgirl.” I wonder if she’s got one of those uniforms. She would look so hot in one of those, and I could slide my head under the skirt and show her what a buddy suck was all about… She realized Donna was looking at her expectantly. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I said, you never answered my question.”

“What question?”

“Is there a lot of girl-on-girl action at Cameron?”

“There’s certainly some going on, but I wouldn’t think it was any more or less than anywhere else. Girls everywhere are experimenting.” Including just on the other side of this gym.

“Good,” Donna said with a grin. “I’d hate to be in the need for a buddy suck and not be able to get one.”

Anika just stared at her.

“I’m sorry, did I shock bursa rus escort you?” Donna didn’t sound all that sorry. “I keep forgetting it’s been so long since we’ve seen each other, and how drastically it must seem like I’ve changed. It’s not like it happened overnight.”

“No, it’s okay,” Anika managed. “It’s just that–damn, you sure have changed. I like it, though.”

“Good.” Donna looked down. “You know,” she said softly, “back before I moved, back when I was still that repressed little girl… I still would have given you a buddy suck any time you wanted one. I had the biggest crush on you back then…”

“What about now?” Anika said, just as softly.

Donna looked up, expecting Anika to be joking, but her old friend was just staring at her with a familiar look in her eyes. Well, familiar in that Donna had seen other girls with that look before, but not Anika. Slowly, Donna fell to her knees in front of Anika. Anika lifted herself slightly off the folding chair she was sitting on, and hiked up her skirt. Donna reached out, grabbed the waistband of Anika’s panties, and pulled them down. She watched as Anika spread her legs, revealing a neatly-trimmed blonde “landing strip” and a clit just beneath it that was already poking out from its hood. She looked up into Anika’s eyes. “Like I said,” she whispered as she leaned closer, “any time you want…”

Anika moaned as Donna’s tongue touched her clit. Whoever her friend had learned from, she’d learned well. Donna licked her incredibly lightly at first, gradually adding more and more pressure as she sensed Anika needed it. “Just like that,” Anika whispered at one point, and Donna did her best to repeat herself over and over until Anika finally whimpered and came.

“My God, girl,” Anika said, “if I’d known it could be that good two years ago, you’d have been doing that every day.”

Donna blushed. “We’d better get back before somebody wonders where we are.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something? The way I learned things, it’s bad etiquette to receive and not to give back…”

“It’s okay, I don’t mind.”

Anika stood up. “Well, I do mind. So get those slacks off and sit your cute ass down.”

Donna smiled. “If you insist.” She pulled her pants and panties down at once, then sat down with legs spread wide. Donna had a full brown bush, with the only hint of trimming being around her clit, just enough to keep the area friendly for tongues. Anika quickly put her tongue to work, doing her best to mimic Donna’s technique of steadily-increasing pressure. “Oh, baby,” Donna whispered. “Oh, Anika, baby.” Hearing her friend call her name like that only increased Anika’s desire to make Donna come. It didn’t take long. “Oh, Anika. Anika. Anikaaaaaaaaa!”

Anika quickly moved up and kissed her friend, tasting her own juices in Donna’s mouth just as she knew Donna was in her mouth. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you to do that,” Donna said when they had to pause for air.

“Before I started college, I don’t know if I would have.”

“In that case, I think I’m going to have to go to Cameron. Sounds like it’s been a great experience for you.”

Anika looked at Donna to see if she was serious. “Want to room with me next year?” she asked.

“I don’t know…” Donna said. “I’m sure it would be great fun, but I want to meet lots of new girls, and if I lived with you, I’m not sure I’d ever leave the room.”

Anika grabbed a volleyball and pretended to throw it at the other girl. “You bitch!”

“Oh, come here and kiss me again.” Anika did, and this time when they came up for air, Donna said softly, “Of course I’ll room with you.” They kissed again. “We’d better clean ourselves up a little before we go back.”

“I know just the place,” Anika said, leading the way toward the girls’ locker room. “By now, it should be empty.”

“By now?”

“Long story…”

To be continued…

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