Sweet Relief

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Maybe I’m not normal. I don’t really know. It seems that a lot of women get super horny when they are on their periods. I am normally super horny and there is this little area where I am on the cusp of starting my period where I get even hornier than ever but once the flow begins, sex is the last thing that I want.

There was a time when my periods were pretty regular but as I got older, they became quite irregular. I was never really sure when they might start, or how long or short they might be. I also never synched with my female friends or coworkers like a lot of women do.

At the time of this story, I was dating a much older man who was by far the best lover I ever had. I think he was willing to try anything and he seemed to know everything. He also had the amazing ability to just keep going and going once we got to bed. I can remember times where we got into bed on Friday night and stayed there almost entirely until Monday morning. We might get up to take a bath or get a bite to eat but that was about it. And there certainly wasn’t much sleep. I can remember dragging myself into work on Monday, happy as a lark but exhausted and sore. Oh but what a good kind of sore!

I met him at a club that was near the apartment where I lived. He was from Coos Bay, Oregon and had just moved to the Seattle area. When I met him, it was almost closing time. I was dancing with some guy I didn’t know. I love to dance and this night like most others saw me on the dance floor for nearly every song. I only sat out if I needed to regain a little strength or couldn’t stand the song. I wasn’t overly picky about my partner either, unless I had a steady beau, which at the time, I did not. I recall the guy I was dancing with then, trying to turn me down when I asked him, claiming that he didn’t know how to dance. I just smiled at him and said I would show him, which I did. He wasn’t the best student but by far I have seen worse dancers, so it was all good.

The song ended and I began to return to my table when a tall stranger stood up, sort of blocked my path and grinned at me. His looks reminded me of a younger Richard Gere. Kind of how he looked in the “American Gigolo” movie, except that Richard has brown eyes and this guy had deep blue eyes. You don’t often see the combination of dark hair and blue eyes so people with this coloring always seem special to me.

He told me that he had been watching me dance, was impressed and wished it wasn’t so late because he would like to be able to dance with me. I smiled at him and told him that I’d be back the next Friday so to meet me there. I gave him a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. And that was the start of our relationship!

Jay turned out to be the best dancer I’d ever been with. My background is in dance and I did teach it for a while. I taught ballet and tap when I was younger, and when disco was big, people often hired me to teach at their parties after they saw me dancing at other parties or in a club. I also studied ballroom and belly dancing, and I love all forms of dance. I discovered that most men flat out don’t like to dance. So finding Jay was like a miracle because dancing was one of his favorite things. I’ve also found that for me, the way a man dances gives me a good indication of how they will be in bed. If they’re awkward on the dance floor, well; let’s just say that they likely won’t get a chance to try out my bed!

I will also say that Jay and I hooked up before the following Friday. I had given him my phone number. He called me the next Wednesday and said that he really wanted to see me. I told him to meet me in an hour at that same club.

He did meet me there and we didn’t even finish our drinks. Everything was a blur but somehow we went back to my apartment in short order and before I knew it, we were having sex on my daybed and finishing up in the bedroom!

I am not normally one to do things like that, so very quickly and especially with a man I didn’t know but the sparks flew hot and heavy and it just felt so very right.

My friends didn’t believe that he’d show up at the club that next Friday. They were kidding me about my one night stand and how he was probably off to some other bar or club to pick someone else up, but they were wrong. Not only was he waiting for me there, but waiting with flowers!

I really think he wanted to leave to go back to my apartment and I know that I did but he was enjoying tormenting my nay saying friends by acting the part of the gentleman, and treating me well in their presence. He also impressed them beşiktaş escort with his dancing skills.

My friends and I normally went out for breakfast when the club closed but Jay and I declined, opting for breakfast and other fun at my place instead!

And so it went. We danced, we occasionally chatted, did crossword puzzles together, but mainly we had sex! I suppose ours was an unusual relationship because I knew that I wasn’t his only woman. He had been married before and had 5 kids. I suspect that he sometimes had sex with his ex wife and I did get reports from my friends that they had seen him at the club, dancing with other women when I wasn’t there.

Oddly enough, none of this bothered me. I was young at the time, not looking for marriage. He’d had a vasectomy so I didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. And this was enough years ago that some of the sexually transmitted things that are rampant now were not things that we even thought about. I just wanted to go out, taste the world, and see what it offered me. From my perspective, what it offered me was very pleasant indeed!

On this particular night, none of my other friends came to the club. Normally we sat at a long, rectangular table towards the back of the dance floor but since it was just the two of us, we wound up taking a booth. This particular booth did not have the best view of the stage which is likely why it remained open, but that worked out to our advantage.

This club was older and much in need of a remodel. The booths were semicircular and each one was separated by a wood paneled wall. Since ours was so far forward and to the side of but behind the stage, we were very secluded. The band might be able to see us if they turned around, but this didn’t bother me a bit since I knew the guys in the band. If they did see something they shouldn’t, I knew they might tease me about it later, but it was still fine with me.

On this particular night, Jay and I sat out more songs than we danced. Much of this time was spent making out in the booth. I was particularly horny this night and really did want to leave, go back to my place and fuck him like there was no tomorrow.

The problem? He knew this. It was obvious to him. And he did love to torment me sexually, often keeping me on the brink of orgasm for hours before allowing me to cum. Although it was torture at the time, when I finally was allowed release, the orgasm I had was out of this world. And it also made me crave more orgasms. And that meant I would do almost anything to be able to get them!

I was so desperate for an orgasm, that I excused myself to go to the restroom. My panties and the crotch of my jeans were soaking wet with my juices. I kept running my hands against my crotch, filling them with pussy juice and spreading it all over. Behind my ears, all over my breasts, across my belly, down my legs… I even filled my mouth with it, intending to French kiss him when I got back to the table. And all the while when I walked back to the table, I felt like I was some kind of sex siren, blasting out my need to cum. I wondered if others could smell my pussy juice.

I could tell by the look in his eyes that he could taste my juices as I kissed him. He also took his sweet time exploring other parts of my body with his lips, tongue and fingers. Just prior to my going into the bathroom, he had whispered for me to take off my bra and panties and put them in my purse. I was wearing a black gauze button down shirt and jeans but the denim was thin. He unzipped my jeans and partially unbuttoned my blouse, leaving me exposed and available for his pleasure. I was sitting towards the back of the booth. He was at the outside. I think perhaps the cocktail waitress saw that I was rather undressed, even though he leaned his body across me when he ordered our drinks. I did know her though and I knew that she wouldn’t kick us out for lewd behavior or anything like that.

As the night wore on, he tormented me more and more. Squeezing and pinching my tits. Kissing and sucking my breasts all over. Fingering me gently, then more insistently and once even going down on me under the table. I will say that while I don’t normally like getting oral sex, I did really like it from him. I wish I knew exactly what his technique was so I could tell the other guys to do it like that but to this day I remain clueless as to what he was doing down there.

Again and again, he cruelly brought me to the edge of orgasm, then stopped all beşyol escort stimulation. To make matters worse, he would have me touch his cock and a couple of times he even had me lie down to suck him. But he only allowed me limited contact with him.

One of my favorite things besides dancing is sucking cock and he knew it. This only added to my torment because he kept making me stop. I sat there in the booth practically shaking with the need to cum and fantasizing. Thoughts ran through my head of him taking me into the men’s room and having me suck off every guy that was in there. That’s how much I was craving the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth!

I began pleading with him to leave, but he just gave me his devilish smile and telling me that we were going to be the last ones out the door.

Finally it was getting close to closing time but I had the urge to pee. I figured I should just go there because once we got back to my place I had every intention of getting that orgasm as fast as I could. I even considered playing with myself in the restroom stall but quickly put that notion aside. I don’t know how guys do that. Something about a toilet and masturbation just doesn’t do it for me.

My pussy was running like a stream at that point! I thought it was just because I was so turned on, but I noticed tinges of pink on the toilet paper. My period had just started! I had a tampon in my purse. I figured I should put it in because I didn’t want to be bleeding all over my jeans.

We got back to my place not long after that. But he was not about to give me relief just yet. Instead, he said he was feeling hungry and thirsty. He sat down at the dining room table. I got him a beer and some cheese and crackers. He smiled at me and told me to totally unbutton my blouse. As I did so, he opened the drapes as far as they would go.

I lived off of a very busy highway and I knew that anyone looking up could see right into my window with the drapes open like that. But I was sitting down. I hoped perhaps I would be low enough in proportion to where the window was that maybe I wouldn’t be seen. The thought of my being seen like that was still in the back of my mind. I didn’t really like it and yet it somehow turned me on as well. I could tell that he sensed this.

“Stand up and take the rest of your clothes off. All of them! And don’t sit back down until I tell you to. I just want to admire you, naked like that.”

I did as he told me to. I think I was only standing there for a minute but it seemed like an eternity!

He then stood up and began kissing me. I pressed my naked body into his fully clothed one as best as I could, and hoped his body would cover me. But he didn’t want me covered up. He turned me to face the window and stood behind me, lifting my breasts up for all to see. Then he began pushing into me hard, from behind. I could feel how hard his cock was inside of his jeans and I could tell that it was dripping with pre-cum because the fly was soaking wet.

He kept pushing into me until I was forced to step forward again and again or fall down. The window itself was open. It was one of those old fashioned ones that flapped open to the outside. He then forced his leg between mine, telling me to spread my legs. As he did so, he pushed me again so that I was leaning over with my head and breasts hanging outside.

His left hand was on my left breast, cupping and squeezing it, while his right hand reached around to lightly tease with my clit. Somehow he had managed to unzip his jeans and I felt his stiff, bare cock pressing between my butt cheeks, drooling pre-cum all over.

The need to cum was so overwhelming and intense, it was all I could think about. I could hear him say softly to me with his deep, sexy voice, “What do you think all those guys out there are seeing right now?”

My voice came out in an almost croaky growl. “Me? Needing to cum?”

He chuckled. His voice took on almost a soothing quality. “Yes. They see you and your beautiful naked body, pussy dripping and aching with the need to cum. Now… Walk into the bedroom slowly, very slowly. Do it just like I say or your tits are going to get it!”

He turned me sideways, still right behind me with his cock pressing between my butt cheeks but he pulled me up so that I was almost stretched upwards. His hands cupped my breasts, pulling them up as high as he could. As I attempted to take a slow step, his foot wrapped around in front of mine, tripping me.

He beykent escort kept me from falling by yanking on my breasts but at the same time, pinching my nipples as hard as he could and pulling them straight out. I yelped in pain. He kissed my cheek as if to sooth me. Then he whispered that I should keep on walking.

We moved awkwardly across the room. I thought we would never reach the bedroom. He kept tripping me and catching me so he could get in a little nipple torture. He knew how much I loved this and knew this would turn me on all the more.

I began panting and whimpering. I tried to will myself to cum. I tried backing into him and hoping to force his cock up my pussy, my ass, anything! I would do anything for relief!

Once we reached the bedroom, he practically threw me on the bed. I knew he must have had the need to cum as much as I did. He landed right on top of me. I felt his cock between my legs. But then he got a strange look on his face.

“What the…?”

I felt him shove his hand roughly between my legs.

“A tampon!”

I had totally forgotten about that. I felt him yank on the string and then saw the tampon fly through the air. Where it went, I will never know. I never did find it. Not even when the place was totally empty after I moved all of my things out.

Finally my torment was over. I felt my pussy being filled with his cock. I came almost instantly! He brought me to orgasm after orgasm. He could stay hard for hours if he wanted to but this time he was in serious need of relief. He would give me probably 10-12 orgasms but seriously I wasn’t counting. Then he’d roll off of me, stand up and order me to suck his cock. Sucking cock always turns me on and I love the taste and the feel of cum in my mouth, but he preferred to put his cum elsewhere.

We went on like this until the sun came up. Fucking and sucking for hours. Sometimes he’d go down on me after he came inside of me. This was torment at first. My poor clit was so sensitive that it hurt very badly, but that pain soon turned into intense pleasure. To this day he has been the only man to give me orgasms from oral.

At one point, he asked me to get the belt and bend over. I shuddered in anticipation of feeling that leather on my bottom. But he delayed my torment by describing to me in intricate detail just what a little slut I had been earlier and how I must have turned on countless men by the things I did and the way I had been acting.

Then I felt the first of many blows raining down on my backside. Oh how I loved the sound of that belt whipping through the air and the hot sting of it making contact with my flesh. He loved to torment me like that. He never adopted a pattern to what he was doing. I never knew when he would take another swing at me and often he would blindfold me just to torment me more. He was very good at it. Keeping at it until my bottom was on fire and I could stand no more. Then when I begged for mercy, he would force me to endure another 10 strokes.

It got to where I would hold off longer and longer before begging him to stop, thus causing me even more pain. The best part of this was when I had to sit down in the morning, especially if it was on a hard surface like a wooden bench. The pain would be so intense that I’d have to fight the urge to hop right back up again. That coupled with trying to force my tortured breasts into my bra, made for quite a lovely day. That pain was such a sweet reminder all day long of all the orgasms I’d had the night before!

I also loved the sensation of having my hot, sore bottom pressed against the sheet as he fucked me. But my pussy wasn’t all that he was after. Jay loved anal sex too.

I totally lost track of how many orgasms I had over the course of that weekend, but he came in my ass three times. I do remember him bringing us some water to drink a time or two but mainly we stayed in bed, naked, fucking, sucking and dozing off here and there.

When he finally went home, I staggered into the bathroom to use the toilet. I had never been fucked up the ass that many times before. My ass was very sore. But I remember the sweet feeling of all that cum sliding down out of me and into the toilet. It was a very soothing feeling. I even felt myself having a small orgasm as the last of it slid out.

And then, I remembered. My period! How could I have forgotten it! A sense of panic came over me at the thought of trying to get all the blood of the sheets! But much to my surprise, there wasn’t so much as a trace of blood there. Weird thing was, I was bleeding profusely. I don’t know what happened there. Must have been something about all the sex that kept the flow up inside of me, only to come gushing out when the sex stopped.

That was a weekend I will never forget. And in remembering it now, I have gotten all turned on again. So I will have to excuse myself now to get some relief!

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