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The party is finally over, all the people have left our house, leaving behind a huge mess to clean up. What we were thinking about when we said yes to having a ice cream sunday party for your nephew’s birthday I’ll never know. Our dinning room table is covered with dirty empty bowls and spoons, the assortment of toppings for the ice cream seem over whelming. Spatterings of sprinkles, chocolate syrup, cherries, whipped cream and pools of melted vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream cover the table. I can only shake my head in dismay at the havoc a group of 10 year old boys can cause. With a deep sigh I begin the Lengthy task of picking up.

Returning from the kitchen after having deposited the dirty dishes in the sink, I hear you come back inside from bidding our guests farewell. Looking at the table, my hands on my hips, I try to decided what to tackle next, when I feel your hands wrap around my waist, pulling me tight against you. I reach my arm up behind me and softly caress the side of your face as you nuzzle into my neck inhaling my scent. Feeling your warm breath against my cheek makes me shiver as you whisper into my ear, “You really are a gem for putting up with all that.” We begin to sway slowly on the spot, our hips moving side to side, my soft tight ass rubbing against your groin. “Yeah, well you owe me now mister, and don’t you go forgetting it.”

Your hand slides up my body, cupping my right breast in your big strong hand, giving it a gently squeeze. The tip of your tongue laps its way up and down the edge of my ear before stopping to suckle on the lobe making my knees go weak. “Don’t worry sweetie” I hear your husky voice say into my ear, “I won’t forget it any time soon.” Turning in your arms, I pull your face close to mine and start to kiss you deeply, my tongue licking your lips till they part, allowing me to slip in and explore your mouth. Your hands rub up and down my back, each time going down a bit lower till you are squeezing maltepe escort and kneading my soft ass. Grabbing your hips, I yank you against me and start to grind against you and the growing bulge of your hardness.

Your fingers find the hem of my shirt, pulling it up and off of me while my hands frantically try to unbutton yours, finally giving up and ripping it open, causing buttons to fly in every direction. I slide my hands up and down your naked chest, searching for your nipples till I find them with my finger tips and begin pulling and rolling them. Leaning your head down, your mouth begins to suck at my fabric covered nipples, making a damp circle with your tongue. Unhooking my bra, I let it slide down my arms to the floor, the chill of the air against my saliva dampened nipples make them hard instantly. Reaching behind me, I grab the jar of cherries off the table. Plucking one out, I balance it on my nipple, the juice dripping all over, inviting you to nibble it off. Not needing asking twice, your mouth wraps around the cherry and my tit, taking your sweet time nibbling and lapping at it, making me quiver in delight.

I feel the button and zipper of my jeans being slowly undone, your hands pushing down while your mouth feasts. Using my feet, I kick the wadded jeans away and stand before you naked. Wrapping your hands around my waist, you lift me up and sit me on the edge of the table, spreading my thighs so you can see my soft wetness. Dipping your fingers into a puddle of melted strawberry ice cream, you make lines and circles all over my body, quickly licking them up with your tongue, giving me goose bumps.

Leaning past me you grab a can of whipped cream and give it to me to shake up while you remove your pants. I shake the can hard, making my tits jiggle in the process, handing it back to you once the remainder of your cloths have joined pile. You start at the top of my wet softness, making a smile pile pendik escort of whipped cream, licking it off with your tongue, making sure you flick the tip of my clit. Teasingly you make a long line, going down the length of my sweet slit, making sure you completely cover all my soft wetness with the sticky cream.

Discarding the can you quickly bury your face between my thighs, you lips sucking and nibbling on my puffy lips, dipping the tip of your tongue into my sopping hole. My body starts to shake as your fingers start to twiddle my swollen clit, your tongue becoming hard to poke in and out of my wetness. Eagerly you lap the mixture of my juice and the cream, moaning against my pussy as you drink every drop of my essence. You move your lips back to my clit, wrapping your mouth around it, sucking on it hard, sliding your fingers into my slick wetness, thrusting them in and out. I start to buck my hips against your face, pressing the back of your head against me as my climax builds. With one final flick of your tongue and thrust of your fingers, my body quivers and I cum hard against your mouth, I feel you sucking at my wetness, making sure not to miss a drop of my sweet cream.

You bring our mouth to mine and I kiss you deeply, my tongue lapping at the corners and your chin, tasting my sweet juice and cream mixed together. With a quick thrust of your hips, you drive your throbbing cock deep into my quivering wetness, I wrap my legs around your waist, pulling you close. My lips suck on the skin of your neck, tasting a mix of sweet ice cream and your salty sweat. Your moans become deep as you let your cock pull out of my dripping wetness till only the tip is left, then drive it back in as hard as you can, making me cry out. I want more, pushing you away, sliding off the table I drop to my knees and take you into my mouth. Your hard cock throbs against my tongue, the taste of my sweet pussy juice and cream make me moan in kaynarca escort delight. I lick and lap at the hardness of your shaft, feeling the veins pulse against it, letting it slide deeper till the head touches the back of my throat. You thrust your hips, making me gag a little, but I don’t let go, only suck harder. Your fingers in my hair patting and stroking my head encourage me suck harder, trying to pull every drop of cum from your balls.

With a deep moan you pull me up from between your legs, I’m reluctant to let your cock go, sucking and squeezing hard with my lips. You turn me around and have my bend over, holding myself up against the table. Grabbing the bottle of chocolate syrup you start to drizzle it all over my soft tight ass, sending a shiver up my spine. When you think you’ve covered my ass enough you start to tease the bud of my ass hole with the tip of your cock. Rubbing it up and down the crack of my ass, covering it with the stick syrup till your satisfied its coated and that you’ve worked me up into a frenzy of need. Holding my hips, steadying my wiggle ass, you plunge deep into my soft tightness, feeling the muscles squeeze hard around you. With quick sure thrusts you start to fuck my tight ass hard and fast, making me scream every time you slide in. I start bucking against you, slamming back, driving you deeper into me. Your breathing becomes fast and hard, your hips ramming over and over into my chocolate covered ass, my hand slipping between my thighs to rub my throbbing clit.

Our bodies shake and quiver together, as with one final hard thrust, you start to shoot your thick ropes of cum deep into my tight ass. The feeling of you filling me sends me over the edge, making my body tremble uncontrollably in your arms. Our wobbly legs will no longer support us so we sink to the floor, you cock still in my ass, the muscles milking your cock, making sure every last bit of your cum is in me. You softly kiss and nuzzle the nape of my neck as our bodies slowly calm down. With a soft plop you fall out of me, shifting, I turn and rest my head on your shoulder, you cock landing on my sticky thigh. We kiss each other softly, and decided that clean up can wait till the morning as we drift off to sleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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