StepDaughter’s Plan Pt. 01

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Stepdaughter had a Plan

When Amy and I decided to get married, she had been married once before and had two daughters from that marriage, Meghan (Meg) and Madison (Maddy)

Both girls and I got along very well right from the start, especially Maddy and myself.

The girls would spend one weekend a month with their biological father. Their biological father was a bit of a dead beat as far as I was concerned. He paid very little attention to his girls, and I am sure it is why both girls liked the stability I brought to their lives.

As much as I enjoyed them, it was nice when they were at their father’s house. It allowed for Amy and me to have the house to ourselves and enjoy some adult fun with other couples.

When Maddy turned 18, she asked if I could take her out to dinner and a movie, just the two of us. I, of course, loved that she wanted that, but I explained that her mother would be very disappointed if she didn’t invite her mom as well to celebrate Maddy’s birthday.

Maddy got very upset with me, as teenage girls tend to do, and she ended up not talking to me for over a week.

Both girls are stunning, beautiful young women. Both being typical California blondes, but with entirely different body types.

Meg is 5’6″, 120 lbs, blue eyes, full D-cup breast, washboard stomach, and firm round butt that she works on every day at the gym, to make it bigger. Someday, someone will have to explain the enormous butt thing young girls are striving for these days. The Kardashians have ruined the female figure, as far as I am concerned. But that’s beside the point.

Maddy is 5’9″, 118 lbs, dark brown eyes, long runner’s legs, firm tight round butt, perky B-cup breast, and the most fantastic thigh gap that, to be honest, I had caught myself staring at all too often, which left me feeling like a total perv.

Maddy always asks me how she looks and if I liked what she was wearing, she is a carbon copy of her mom in every way possible, except her mom has Meg’s D cup breast.

When Maddy was very self-conscious about the size of her breast and one day shortly after her 18th birthday when she had started talking to me again asked me if I thought her boobs were too small.

Smiling at Maddy, I told her that she was lucky to be her size.

She looked at me, baffled.

I went on to explain that not every guy is interested in girls with big breasts. Secondly, she was lucky because she would be able to go braless as often as she liked. Plus, she could wear all the super sexy low-cut dresses and tops that we see the movie stars and models wearing. I also mentioned to her that her older sister would be tucking her big boobs into her socks by the time she is thirty-five.

She got a good laugh out of that last part, which I was hoping she would.

“You’re the best, John; I love you. I am so glad my mom married you.” She said as she got out of the truck.

After that day, I noticed she rarely had a bra on when she was at home with me. Her older sister Meg would continuously tease her about her tiny titties, saying things like, “Maddy, put a bra on, your nipples are sticking out. No one wants to see how small your titties are.”

At times it got very contentious between them, and more than once, Maddy would end up sitting in my office crying to me about how mean her older sister Meghan was.

Around this time, Amy mentioned she noticed Maddy had started flirting with me and to be careful with the level of affection I showed her.

I told Amy she was goofy; Maddy’s just being a silly teenager. Amy was adamant about it and said teenage girls develop crushes on guys that don’t always make sense.

I have to admit, while Meghan is stunning and turns both men’s and women’s heads whereever we go, she knows how hot she is and can be a total stuck-up bitch at times, most of the time actually.

Meg being three years older than Maddy, always had at least one boyfriend, and most often, she had 2 or 3 on the line at once. I think that added to Maddy being self-conscious about her breast size and tall slender figure.

Shortly after Maddy’s 18th birthday Meg and I began not getting along very well. We had occasional moments where I would enjoy being around her, but the majority of the time, I would steer clear of her. I am pretty sure most of her nastiness towards Maddy is her jealousy over how close Maddy and I are and how much time we spend together.

During Maddy’s senior year of high school, she decided she wanted to try and get into the modeling business. She was already eighteen at the time. Maddy saw a flyer at school advertising one of those modeling agencies looking for teenage girls. Amy and I discussed with Maddy about the demands, sacrifices, and rejections in that business. Was she up for all of it? Maddy is pretty enough and has the figure for modeling, but still, it is a business that requires one to be at the right place at the right time.

Maddy said she understood and just wanted to give it a try for escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli fun and see if anything came of it. A few weeks before graduation Amy and Maddy went to one of the agencies she saw advertised at school. The place was a total scam. Pay several thousand dollars upfront for them to take photos of her, and they would then send them out to modeling agencies. Luckily, Maddy saw through the scam as well, but it had wet her appetite for modeling.

Maddy was still interested in pursuing modeling. Her mom and I talked her into taking some photos on her own to send to different modeling agencies and see what kind of feedback she might get. We took some pictures at home, very basic images, some without makeup, and some with makeup.

Maddy turned nineteen just as she graduated from high school. Amy had intentionally enrolled Maddy late for school so she could spend more time with her when she was little.

Amy continued to mention all summer to be careful around Maddy, as it is obvious Maddy has a crush on me.

I told Amy, “Don’t be silly; she is just a happy young woman, and we have a lot of common interests. We both like all the same movies.”

Amy was like, “Ah, she only likes those movies because you like them, John. She has a huge crush on you. She flirts with you nonstop.”

I thought Amy was just being silly and perhaps a bit jealous; no way Maddy had a crush on me. Maddy had started calling me Dad over the past year, pretty sure she wouldn’t have a crush on her dad.

Towards the end of summer, Amy and several of her high school girlfriends went on a girls’ trip to Arizona. They had spa treatments and sightseeing trips all scheduled; the plans were for them to be gone for five days.

I was pretty excited about the trip as it meant I would get the house to myself for five full days. Amy made it clear to both Meghan and Maddy that they had to stay at their dad’s house while she was gone so I could have the house to myself.

I was looking forward to the time alone. I am a nudist when time and circumstances permit, the last few years with the girls living with us full time; times to hang out naked around the house were few and far between. Plus, not having to answer questions or cook dinner for anybody but myself would be a dream.

Amy and her girlfriends left early Friday morning and wouldn’t be back until Wednesday afternoon. I went into work, but by 11am all I could think about was getting home, cracking a cold beer, and hanging out naked by the pool.

I left the office at 1130 and headed to the gym for a quick workout. Figured since I would be drinking all weekend best to get in a workout now because I doubt, I was going to want to work out once I got home.

I did my standard 75-minute workout and headed home. I took a quick shower at the gym and pulled on an extra t-shirt I keep in my locker. I didn’t want to put my work suit pants on, so I just pulled on my gym shorts and went commando for the drive home.

As I pulled up to the house, I was excited to see both girls’ cars were gone. The next five days were all mine.

I pulled into the garage, parked, and went into the house. As I opened the door, the alarm sounded, which assured me that the house was empty.

I said out loud to nobody but myself, “Let MY vacation begin.” I set my laptop bag and gym bag on the table and grabbed a beer from the fridge. I kicked off my shoes and dropped my shorts–hey I was alone finally–and I don’t need clothes. It was a beautiful day, and I was looking forward to a dip in the pool and then a hot tub later.

Pulling my shirt off, I was finally naked in my house. I was already on the road to relaxation. I headed out to the hot tub and checked to make sure the heater was on for later tonight.

Back in the house, I figured I better get my gym bag emptied, so I headed upstairs, grabbing my shorts off the kitchen floor on the way.

I dumped my stuff in our closet and then headed back downstairs. As I passed my office, I noticed there was a sticky note on the computer screen. What the heck could that be? As I entered the office, it smelled rather strongly of Maddy’s perfume. She must have been in there before she left. I love the smell of her perfume; it always brings a smile to my face.

It was a note from Maddy, “John, I took some more photos for the modeling agencies, can you print them off of this flash drive for me, please? Use the laser printer and the high gloss 8×10 paper. Thank you, don’t miss me too much.”

There was a list of photos and corresponding numbers she wanted me to print from the flash drive. So I inserted the drive and saw a list of photos. I started clicking through them, and as usual, they were beautiful. Maddy photographs exceptionally well. She has an amazing smile.

I found the first one on the list and clicked the print button. I printed the remaining photos she wanted and was about to turn off the computer escort gaziantep yeni bayan and head out to the pool when I clicked on one of the untitled images, my eyes bugged out.

It was Maddy in the tiniest of bikini. She looked terrific, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. She was facing the camera and had the most seductive look on her face I had ever seen.

I felt my cock twitch and swell a bit, and I immediately felt like a total pervert; this was my sweet baby girl, Maddy, for goodness sakes.

As I stared at the photo, I thought, “WOW, that is no little girl anymore, she is a full-grown, drop-dead gorgeous woman. What a body.”

Without realizing it, I rubbed my cock a few times. Immediately, I felt terrible, but hey, no one was home but me.

I clicked on the next image, and it was another photo of Maddy wearing the same tiny white bikini. The bikini just barely covered her perfect perky B-cup breast, and her nipples looked to be rock hard.

I felt my cock growing, and I had to make a conscious effort not to stroke it as I examined every inch of Maddy’s body in the photo.

The way she was standing in his second photo, the tiny white bikini bottoms accentuated her incredible thigh gap.

With the bikini bottoms pulled tightly against her body, I could just make out the outline of her young little pussy.

I was in trouble now as my cock was quickly swelling up to its full thick seven inch length. I was having a tough time keeping my hand off my cock. I kept finding myself stroking it now and then as I examined the current photo.

I clicked on the next photo, and Maddy was looking directly into the camera in this photo. Her big brown eyes seemed to be on fire as she stared into the camera. She was bent over and leaning into the camera in this photo. Intent on looking at her big beautiful brown eyes that at first, I overlooked that her bikini top had shifted. Her left breast had fallen out of the bikini top and was entirely on display.

I took a deep breath as I stared at the photo. I had a full view of Maddy’s perfect perky breast with her small dark pink areola and rock-hard nipple. My hand immediately went to my cock and started stroking.

Holy fuck, she was so seductive in this photo. It looked like she had hiked up her bikini bottoms even more in this photo, and I could visibly see the outline of her young little pussy and what imagined to be tight pink lips.

No pretending now, I was jerking off to my little Maddy. I was already dripping precum on my desk as I stood there completely naked stroking to her, wanting to see more.

I clicked on the next photo, and I let out a “HOLY FUCK.”

In this photo, she had her back to the camera and was standing with her legs locked straight. She was looking back over her shoulder at the camera with those same big brown sultry eyes.

Maddy had half-turned to the camera as she held her arms across her chest, covering herself. I realized she had taken her bikini top off and was posing as so many famous models have done over the years, holding their bare breast and hiding them from the camear. My cock was throbbing now, and I was making a little pool of precum on my desk as I stroked and dripped.

My eyes ran down the rest of the photo, and over the bikini bottom’s. The bottom she had on was nothing more than a string on the backside: her firm little round ass was completely bare.

I was stroking my cock with long full strokes as I clicked on the next photo and just about blew my load when it came up.

Maddy still had her back to the camera with her legs locked straight, but she had parted them and was now bending over and grabbing her left ankle as she looked back at the camera.

I let out a very loud, “FUCK.”

Wearing that tiny bikini bottom and the way she bent over with her legs parted, her young little pussy was on display. The bikini bottoms left very little to the imagination. As I stared at the photo and stroked my now raging hard-on, I swear her bikini bottoms were wet. I immediately put this photo up on the 32″ monitor and maximized it as I stared at her long legs and bikini-covered pussy. I took my eyes off her pussy and saw that she still had her top off, and her left breast was in full view as well.

I was stroking like mad now, and I could feel a massive load of cum building in my balls.

I mumbled to no one but myself as I stroked, “OH Maddy, I want you, you sweet thing.”

That’s when I heard from behind me, “Really? You like my photos?”

Her voice shocked me back to reality, and I turned around to see Maddy standing there looking at me and smiling from ear to ear.

Maddy’s eyes immediately went to my cock; she giggled a bit and said, “Wow, John, is that because of me?”

I was so embarrassed, I tried to cover up, but I had nothing but my hands. I looked around to see if I could grab something to use as a cover, but no luck.

As escort gaziantep zayıf bayan I attempted to cover my raging hard-on with my hands, Maddy walked over to me and looked at the computer screen.

On one screen, I had the photo of her looking into the camera with her breast exposed, and on the big monitor, I had the picture of her bent over and showing her scarcely covered pussy.

She was smiling and looked at me as she said, “Oh, do you like those two the best, John? I took them, hoping you would like them. I took them just for you, John.”

That’s when I finally noticed what she was wearing; she had on one of my old white t-shirts. It was threadbare and did nothing to hide her dark pink nipples as they poked at the shirt.

Maddy said, “It wasn’t easy taking that last photo for you, John, I had to stretch all morning to be able to grab my angle like that and then look back at the camera. Here, let me show you.”

I was still holding my hard-on, trying to cover up when Maddy turned around and bent over into the same pose.

When she bent over, the t-shirt rode up her bottom, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“OH, MY GOD MADDY.” I stammered out.

Giggling, she said, “Oops, I forgot to put panties on this morning. Hope you don’t mind?”

I stopped trying to cover up and gave in to my desire. My hand was sliding up and down my shaft as I stared at Maddy’s young bare pink pussy. Oh my God, it was so pretty.

Maddy was still bent over and looking back at me, “Is this better than the photo, John?”

I was speechless as I stared at her perfect little pink pussy. Maddy was swollen and soaking wet, causing my cock to start throbbing as I continued stroking.

“MMM John, you look so good right now. Am I making you happy?” Maddy said, while at the same time, I watched her slide a hand between her thighs and start rubbing her pussy.

“OH FUCK MADDY, we shouldn’t be…….” But before I could finish my sentence, I watched her slide two fingers deep inside her tight little pink hole.

She grunted as she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy, the whole time she had her eyes locked on me. She was watching me stroking to her perfect young body.

She started moaning, and she spread her legs even more and bent her knees slightly, and dipped her hips, which only exposed her pussy more. She continued to work her fingers in and out of her pretty little pink slit.

She wasn’t more than three feet in front of me now. I swear I could smell the sweetness of her young pussy.

She was working her fingers in and out faster and faster now, and then she pulled them out and rubbed them directly over her clit, and she moaned out, “FUCK YEAH, JOHN.”

That was it for me, there was no holding back, and I let go. My first stream of cum landed right on Maddy’s fingers; I had been aiming my cock directly at her pussy. The second stream landed on her ass, with the rest of my load landing on the floor.

When she felt the first stream of cum hit her fingers, she froze.

I immediately thought, “Oh shit, I went too far.”

Maddy stood up straight just as my second massive stream of cum landed on her ass.

She turned around to face me and pulled the shirt off. I gasped again.

“OH MY GOD, Maddy, you are beautiful.” I stammered out.

She was smiling at me with those dark brown eyes, and they now had that same seductive look in them that she had in her photos.

“Thank you, John, you look amazing too. You are so much bigger in real life,” she said.

I had no idea what the hell that meant, but I went with it.

I didn’t know what she wanted or how far she wanted things to go, did she want to just masturbate with me?

She kept smiling at me as she moved over to the day bed in my office. She lay down on the bed, spread her legs, and started fingering herself again while looking at me.

My cock never went limp, and I just started stroking again as I watched.

With a deep husky voice, she said, “John, why are you way over there? Why don’t you come over here closer to me?”

I hesitantly moved over to her. She was lying lengthwise on the bed and had one leg bent and up against the wall. Her other leg was hanging off the side of the bed with her foot on the floor. Her pretty little 19-year-old pussy was wide open. She had two fingers buried deep inside her swollen pink slit.

My cock was throbbing; I wanted to dive face-first into her pink slit and eat her out. Is that what she wanted? I wasn’t sure how far she wanted this to go, so I just moved over to the bed with my legs against the edge of the bed and stroked my cock over her.

She looked up at me with her big brown seductive eyes as she continued to work her fingers in and out of her pussy. She had started moaning and bucking her hips into her hand, but she never took her eyes off of me.

I said, “Maddy baby, you look so hot. Is it OK I am this close?”

She smiled at me, and in between thrusting her fingers into her pussy, she slowly reached up with her free hand and pushed my hand off my cock.

I thought, oh crap, she doesn’t want me to cum on her again. I was just about to apologize for cumming on her earlier when she wrapped her hand around my shaft and slowly started stroking me.

Letting out a moan, I said, “Oh my sweet baby, your hand is so soft. You are so beautiful.”

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