Sorority Submission: Lez Slave Day

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Summary: Pledge must obey every humiliating task ordered.

A plot summary so far:

In Part 1 Sorority Submission…Anne, a sorority pledge, fulfills her first task to not wear panties or a bra for the day and wear a provocative outfit chosen for her. She is then chosen to be the inspection girl to see if all the other pledges have fulfilled the task as well. Since Anne has very small breasts, the task is made extra humiliating. She also meets a very nice boy, Harvey. (This part is illustrated).

In Part 2 Sorority Submission: A Spanking…task 2 is to take a picture of a guy’s cock. Anne decides to ask Harvey and ends up doing more than just taking a picture. Unfortunately, she e-mails the picture three minutes late and ends up being spanked on her bare ass by each of her fellow pledges.

In Part 3 Sorority Submission: Animal Kingdom…task 3 has the pledges fulfill 3 tasks: being a cow and sucking on a sorority sister’s tits, being a kitten and licking a sister’s pussy and lastly being a puppy and humping themselves to orgasm on a sister’s stocking-clad leg. Anne, of course, eagerly completes all the required tasks.

In Part 4 Sorority Submission: Hook-Up Day… task 4 has the pledges complete a lengthy list of risqué tasks throughout the day. At the regular sorority evening, Annie must go head-to-head with the strong-willed Stephanie in the ‘Climax Games’.

Note: This story is dedicated to the real Anne, who is exactly as the story describes: a powerful domme to her man and a submissive slut to other women.

Note 2: Thanks to Robert, Sophia, goamz86, and Wayne for editing.

TASK 5: Slave Day (Thursday Evening-Friday)

I expected Jamie to make me please her, but instead she lied on her bed and chatted on the phone for the next hour while I sat on all fours on the floor like a loyal puppy eager for attention.

It gave me a long time to replay the past four days and try to figure out how I ended up in this predicament. It also gave me time to assess my feelings and realize that even though I had been used, humiliated and defeated, I would do it over again in a heartbeat. I could feel my mouth water in anticipation of what I assumed was soon to be expected of me…to please Jamie. Something had been drawing me to her all along, like a moth to a flame…impossible to deny.

Suddenly, a pillow was on the floor and a blanket followed and Jamie said, “Good night, my pet.”

I was stunned. She was expecting me to sleep on the floor.

“You are my alarm clock now, Little Annie,” she said, leaning over the side of the bed smiling.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“I get up at exactly 7:30 every morning and always the same way,” she explained, not remotely making it any clearer.

“I don’t understand,” I asked, clearly perplexed.

Her smile getting wider, she explained, “I am awakened gently by having my pussy licked until I reach orgasm.”

“Pardon?” I asked.

“You heard me,” she replied, “Tomorrow at 7:30, not 7:29 or 7:31, you will crawl between my legs and lick my pussy.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, excited about the task that had my mouth watering, but disappointed by the realization that I had to wait and had to sleep on the floor.

“Good girl, Little Annie,” she smiled, reaching down and patting my head. “Good night.”

“Good night, Mistress,” I replied, as Jamie retired to her bed. Accepting my fate, I made my bed on the floor and once I lied down on the floor I realized just how exhausted I was. Even though I was humiliated, my pussy was leaking at the anticipation of finally submitting and tasting Jamie.

I woke up, as if the submission gods were watching over me, five minutes before I was to wake up Jamie.

As reality set in, a sudden anxiety filled me. How had I ended up in this bizarre situation? How much further would I be forced to go? Why did the humiliation and submission turn me on so greatly?

Glancing at the clock, I stretched my body, which was rather tight from sleeping on the floor. Instead of getting up and running out the door like a sane person, I got up, moved onto the bed and crawled under the sheets and between Jamie’s legs.

She made it easy by sleeping nude, but showed no signs of waking up as I positioned myself just inches from her pussy. I took a deep breath to relax myself, but instead got a full smell of her intoxicating scent as it enveloped me.

It was the final push I needed as I leaned forward and began slowly licking her pussy lips. At first Jamie didn’t move, but as I continued to slowly lick up and down on her pussy lips they began to get wet, followed by the softest of moans. Like sucking cock, licking pussy was empowering for me as I knew it was my tongue making her wet.

A few minutes into the wake-up call, Jamie finally spoke, “Hmmmm, that’s it, my pet, you like your new sorority aydınlı escort sister duty, don’t you?”

I wondered if she was implying this would be an everyday expectation of me which was both exciting and terrifying. I answered as expected and how I was feeling at the moment, “Yes, Mistress Jamie.”

“Good, Little Annie,” she purred, surprising me by grabbing my head and pulling me deeper into her wetness.

The intensity increased as I shifted from slow pleasing and teasing to quick hungry lapping and sucking. My face buried in her pussy, the scent intoxicating, strong, and my own pussy tingled at the thought that she was wet because of me.

Her moans increased, and a minute later she screamed and my face was suddenly coated with Jamie’s cum. I hungrily licked her cum – it tasted even sweeter than I could have imagined.

Finally, she let go of my head and I took a breath of air, having been kept in such close quarters for so long.

“Good girl,” she said, her breathing still erratic as I remained between her legs. “You are a very fast learner.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I replied, enjoying the rare compliment from her.

“You may go back to your room to shower and change. Be back here by 8:30,” Jamie instructed.

“Yes, Mistress,” I obeyed, crawling from underneath the sheets.

“Don’t be late, I have a very full day planned my slave,” Jamie added, the smile on her face seemingly devious.

“Understood, Mistress,” I replied, leaving.

The next half hour my head spun with my new reality and the nervous anxiety of what Jamie had in mind for me.

I arrived back five minutes early to find Jamie dressed in an adorable sundress and tan pantyhose. She said, upon seeing me back, “We are an eager little slave, aren’t we?”

“I didn’t want to be late,” I answered, recalling the crazy punishment of my being just a couple of minute’s late texting the picture earlier in the week.

“Seemed you really enjoyed being late last time,” Jamie quipped back.

I had no comment to that, so I remained silent.

She continued, “Don’t pretend you didn’t love it. You’re one of the most submissive little lesbians I have ever met.”

I again had no answer, but she was clearly looking for a response. So I answered, “I am willing to do whatever it takes to join this sorority.”

“That commitment will be tested today, my slave,” Jamie promised, her tone ominous.

Trying to look strong, I replied confidently, “I can handle whatever is expected of me.”

“Hmmmmm,” was all she said in response, before instructing, “Get naked, Little Annie.”

I obeyed, no longer overly shy about my body, Jamie having already seen my tiny breasts.

“On the bed is your outfit for today. Put it on,” she instructed.

I walked to the bed and gasped.

“Is there a problem?” Jamie asked, her tone implying there better not be.

“N-n-no, Mistress,” I stammered as I stared at the t-shirt that read ‘Your wish is my command’, Daisy Duke short shorts and the mocha thigh high stockings that went with it.

“Good, now get dressed,” Jamie ordered, leaving me alone.

I obeyed the order, knowing just how slutty I would look, although hopefully people would know it was part of a sorority initiation task.

Once dressed, I left her room and went downstairs. A couple other pledges were dressed in ridiculously trampy outfits as well, which somehow made me feel better.

A leash and collar in her hand, Jamie walked over to me and put the collar around my neck, my face instantly going ruby red.

“Let’s go,” Jamie said, tugging on the chain.

I had no choice but to follow, the humiliation now going public, which was in some way worse than the onslaught of situations I had endured at the hands of my sorority sisters in the seclusion of the sorority house.

I could feel every set of eyes following me disapprovingly as I was led by Jamie.

I wanted to ask what about my classes, but was scared to ask the obvious question. We arrived at her first class and she sat in the middle of the lecture hall at an end seat and ordered, “On all fours, my pet.”

Again, a new level of humiliation cascaded through me. The only saving grace was a fellow pledge was already on all fours a few rows in front of me. Reluctantly, I obeyed the order, wondering how I would possibly make it through this day. The erotic feelings of stimulation at obeying an order while at the sorority house was gone and had been replaced by a compounding sense of shame.

Slipping out of her heels, she shocked me once again by putting her feet on my back. I refused to look up as people walked by me and the classroom filled.

The professor opened with a warning. “I know today is some silly sorority initiation, but if it causes even a remote distraction, both the pledge and the senior will be asked to leave.”

An hour on all fours being used as a stool made my knees and hands numb. Eventually, after bağdat caddesi escort the acceptance came that I would be like this for a while, I just let my mind relax and go to a different place. I wondered what else she had planned for me today.

Surprisingly, the time went by fast as I actually listened and enjoyed the lecture, curious if all fourth year lectures were so riveting.

Jamie looked down at me and said, “Stand up, my pet.”

I obeyed and was led out, my face still burning with humiliation as everyone watched me being led out.

She then led me slowly, as I walked like a dog, to a bench where she sat down and I knelt beside her.

“Horny, my pet?” Jamie asked, after a couple of minutes of silence.

“Not really,” I admitted, the shame of everyone seeing me like this overriding any sexual excitement I might have at being with Jamie.

“We need to change that,” Jamie said, going to her purse and pulling out a vibrating egg. “Put this in that cunt of yours.”

I looked for a washroom, my pussy getting instantly damp at the thought of having a toy inside me.

“Do it right here, right now,” Jamie ordered, her tone firm.

“Here?” I asked, shocked by her assumed expectations.

“I already made that clear,” Jamie glared at me, clearly annoyed by my lack of immediate obedience.

I took the egg and looked around. People were reading on the grass nearby, others were walking past a few yards away and a few guys were tossing a football. All were far enough away to not see clearly what I was about to do, but if they looked my way they would be curious, I imagined.

“Hurry up or I’ll make you do it in my next class,” Jamie said, her patience non-existent.

I took a deep breath, took one more quick glance, before I leaned up onto my knees, unbuttoned the tight daisy dukes, unzipped them and with more work than I anticipated, that felt like an eternity, but was probably five seconds, slipped the toy inside my thankfully wet vagina. I quickly buttoned my daisy dukes back up and returned onto all fours.

I refused to look around to see if anyone had seen my humiliating act.

Jamie patted my head, “Good girl, and only a few people actually noticed you touching your cunt in public.”

My face was already ruby red, but if a darker shade existed, I became it at that moment.

She let me sit on all fours for a couple more minutes as she texted on her phone, before she ordered me to stand up and I was led to her next class. I was getting accustomed to the looks, as I wasn’t the only slave that day, but it still was rather awkward.

Once in her tutorial Shakespeare class, containing only twelve students, I was again made to sit on the floor. All twelve students sat around a big table as the professor, with a heavy British accent, talked about The Tempest. I loved Shakespeare and greatly enjoyed her discussion as well as the discussion when she went around the table and each fourth year student gave their opinion on the play. I loved The Tempest and wanted to add my opinion, but instead I felt a buzzing start in my pussy. I looked up and Jamie was looking down at me with a big smile on her face. She mouthed, ‘Don’t you dare come.’

I nodded and tried to continue to listen to the professor even as the buzzing vibrated in my pussy. It’s crazy how quickly one can shift from focused and in control, to easily distracted and out of control. The toy inside distracted me immensely and my hunger to cum overrode my desire to listen to the professor and discussion.

Yet, I knew I wasn’t allowed to come.

Nor did I want to come in front of a group of senior students or a professor.

So I tried to listen. I was amazed the professor didn’t say anything about me kneeling on the floor as she walked around me a few times during the thoughtful conversation. I also wondered if she could hear the buzzing, as I could.

When the bell rang, Jamie ordered, “Stay.”

I did.

Once all the girls left, Jamie asked, “Do you want to come?”

My mouth dropped. The professor was still in the room.

“Answer me, pledge,” Jamie ordered.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“Did you hear that answer, Professor?” Jamie asked.

“No, I didn’t,” the professor answered, walking to me.

“Answer the question clearly, Little Annie,” Jamie demanded.

“Yes,” I said louder, the professor now standing beside me.

“Yes, what?” Jamie asked, pushing the humiliation further.

“Yes, I want to come,” I admitted with a moan as the vibrations inside of me sped up.

“Yes, I want to come, what?” She questioned, her tone showing her annoyance.

“Yes, I want to come, Mistress,” I finally correctly answered.

“In front of the professor?” Jamie asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” I nodded, as I watched the professor move directly in front of me and hop onto the table.

“First things first,” Jamie surprised me again, as I watched the Professor bahçelievler escort hike up her skirt to reveal thigh highs and a wet, hairy pussy. “Get the professor off.”

I wanted to question how this was actually happening.

I wanted to question why the professor was spreading her legs in front of me.

But I didn’t ask either question.

I didn’t say anything at all, other than the subservient words, “Yes, Mistress,” as I moved onto just my knees to be able to reach the professor’s pussy, leaned forward and licked.

“Good girl,” the professor moaned.

“She is a natural submissive,” Jamie said.

“So she is,” the professor agreed, as I licked and suddenly there was a vibrating in my cunt… which instantly sent quivers through my entire body.

Her pussy was tangier than the others I had tasted and had a stronger scent, maybe based on the extensive pubic hair. I struggled at first to find a clear path to her pussy, her pubes tickling my nose. Once I did, I lapped quickly, having no idea how long I had before students may arrive for the next class. Although I assumed the door was locked, the professor’s career in the balance.

I lapped hungrily, still in awe of how each pussy tasted similar and yet had its own unique flavour. At the same time, I desperately wanted to cum, to frantically rub myself as the vibrating egg inside me created its own intense pleasures.

I also was in awe of how casual lesbian sex seemed to be. Many women were apparently willing to just spread their legs and get off on a stranger’s tongue… that’s what I thought guys were like (allowing anyone to suck their cock).

This actually made me feel better knowing I wasn’t the exception to the rule of sexual stimulation, but the norm.

“Oh yes, pledge, suck on my clit,” the professor moaned, as she grabbed the back of my head and began grinding on my face.

I obeyed the best I could, given the roughness of the professor who had seemed so demure and feminine just ten minutes ago.

I was learning more and more that appearances were very deceiving.

A few seconds later, she came all over my face. Her cum splattered my face as if she was peeing in me, I learned that each woman also came differently.

Some had juice flood out in one gush, some sprayed like a sprinkler, some leaked out slowly, and some, I was now learning, squirted with never ending intensity.

It was impossible to catch it all in my mouth as I was showered with her cum.

When she was done and let go, I felt her cum dripping off me and was praying it was now time for me to be allowed to come.

Jamie explained, “The professor is famous for her strong scent and squirting orgasms.”

“So I learned,” I nodded, my face dripping wet.

“You are not to wash your face until you meet me again after lunch,” Jamie instructed.

“Really?” I asked, mortified by the thought of walking around, my face coated with pussy juice. At least when I was with Jamie it looked less obvious and just part of the hazing.

“Yep, and when you meet me in room 132 Arts you will also have a load of semen on your face,” she added.

Although part of me was turned on by her twisted humiliation, public humiliation didn’t turn me on, instead it brought instant waves of anxiety. I also wanted to point out I had not yet been allowed to come as she implied she would allow me to.

Yet, I knew she was serious and knew that protesting would fall on deaf ears.

Instead, I asked, “What time?”

“One,” she said, before saying, “Professor come and get me off.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the professor obeyed, instantly getting off the table and moving to a seated Jamie.

I was again shocked, even though based on the surreal past few days I should have come to learn that anything is possible.

“Now go,” Jamie waved, as the professor moved between her legs just as the vibrations inside me suddenly stopped.

Oddly, I was jealous. I wanted to be between her legs and I was frustrated. I wanted to come.

I left, and texted Harvey:

Can you meet me in your room now?

He texted back:

In about ten minutes.

I texted back:

Make it five. I’m horny.

He texted back:

Leaving the lecture now!!

I smiled… boys!

I walked to meet him, only getting inappropriate comments three times because of my shirt and wasn’t surprised when he was already in his dorm room.

He gave me a brief odd look before saying, “That’s quite the outfit.”

I wondered if the shocked look on his face was from the shirt, the outfit or my face which I still hadn’t seen.

“It’s slave day,” I explained.

“I know,” he nodded. “But this seems a bit much.”

“No, my next task is a bit much,” I said.

“Which is?” He asked.

“The easy part is giving you a blow job,” I said, dropping to my knees and fishing out his cock.

“You were told to give me a blow job?” He asked, even though he didn’t stop me from getting his cock out.

“Is that a problem?” I asked, before I began to stoke it.

“No,” he laughed. “If you want to give me a blow job, I’ll always give you the opportunity.”

“I could give you a blow job every day,” I replied, taking his cock in my mouth.

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