Snow Bunny

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I can barely see you out in front of me as you tear down the snowy mountain, digging edges with your birthday present; a new snowboard. The shredded, virginal powder delicately sprinkles into my face, across my sunglasses. If it were anyone else in front of me, I’d tell you to slow down. But it’s that perfect, heart-shaped ass that keeps my mouth shut. What man would really speak up when he has the opportunity to stare at such a great body? As your gorgeous backside moves left and right with your snowboard, I can’t help to think to myself: “I gotta get my hands on that.”

We reach a plateau on the mountain and you wait for me to catch up. As I pull up next to you, I’m panting heavily, but it has nothing to do with being tired. My heart is racing. My brow is sweating. All I can think about is peeling those tight, black ski pants down to your ankles, and licking every inch of you.

“I’m ready to head back to the cabin for a drink with the crew. What do you think?” It’s an innocent enough question to me, but my mental capacity is focused on trying to get you naked, not hanging out with the rest of the friends we’re traveling with.

I answer with minimal enthusiasm. “Yeah, I guess. That sounds cool.” Skiing down the mountain, my thoughts were completely lost in formulating a plan to get close to you. I completely forgot about the others. We have been friends since grade school, but I never had the opportunity to make any moves on you. As far as you knew it, we’ve always been friends – and that’s it. Nothing romantic, Hot, or sexual ever happened between the two of us. To you, grabbing a drink was simply that, and nothing more. To me, it was an opportunity to wrap my hands around that sexy body, but I knew my options were limited with so many other people around 24 hours a day. For now, I would have to be content just fantasizing.

Before my thoughts are finished, you race down the hill yelling, “Last one down buys the drinks!” I laugh to myself, and mumble, “I’ll be last as long as I can keep the view I like…”

Halfway down, you find a snow bank that looks inviting. You tear off to the side, building speed, trying to line up for a daredevil-type of jump. Your board hits the ramp perfectly, and launches you much higher than you expected. The landing isn’t strong as your board edge catches an icy patch of snow, and launches you forward. All I see is a rolling, tumbling ball of snow, hair, and lusciously tight ski pants. I release my board bindings as quickly, and race over to you. I’m worried you’re hurt, but I run up to the distinct sound of laughter. Snow covers one entire side of your face, and has matted itself throughout your hair.

“I’m guessing you’re OK?” I asked anxiously.

Through the giggling, I can hear you spitting out snow. “Yeah, I’m alright. I’m more embarrassed than hurt, but I think I pulled my right hamstring.”

I delicately help you to your feet, as you immediately transfer your weight off that pulled muscle. You drape your right arm around my neck and shoulder, looking for a little support. I put my arm around your waist, trying to help you, but my mind isn’t on your injury. I feel terrible about it, but I can’t ignore the fact I want this body draped all over me, naked. As you tell me about the severity of your injury, I’m not even listening. All I can focus on is the faint vanilla scent that you’re wearing. It’s intoxicating. You lean your head forward as I gently wipe the snow from your hair. I stare at the nape of your neck, just imaging what it would be like to kiss, and nibble that soft, tantalizing skin. We take the next twenty minutes slowly getting you down the mountain. Our group’s cabin is perfectly located at the base of the ski resort, so we don’t have far to go.

“Let’s get you inside, put a warm drink in your hand, and sit you next to the fireplace. That ought to help soothe you bit.” You grimace lightly at the pain, but smile at the thought of getting off your feet, and comfortably relaxing. My gloved fingers fumble at the cabin lock, as the key falls to the ground. I steady you a bit, and then bend down to pick the key up. I can’t pick the key up from the concrete with my gloves on, so I take a few seconds to get them off. As I’m pulling at the wet gloves, I can’t help but realize my face is inches away from your tight, inviting ass. It takes everything within me not to run my hands across the smooth, ski pants material. It takes even greater strength not to take a big, greedy bite!

As the cabin door swings open, we’re met with emptiness, and a note pinned to the entryway: “Everyone is hungry from skiing all day. We headed out for dinner at 5pm. Meet up with us. Get ready to get your drink on!” I stare at the note, reading it over and over. I’m not getting the same message they intended. To me, it says, “We’re out of your way for several hours.”

“Well, it looks like we can relax without all of those hooligans around!” You say this with a smile, and a quick Yozgat Escort wink. “Or, I can hobble along if you’re willing to act as my crutch all night.” I quickly dismissed the idea of venturing out because I wasn’t willing to lose the one-on-one time I had been luckily given.

“Nope, we can go out with those jokers any time. You’re hurt. Let’s keep you from moving around too much. I’ll grab a couple of warm drinks. You relax.” I carefully lower you to the assortment of pillows that I built up in front of the fireplace, as I slip into the kitchen.

“Ahhhh, you’re right. But, I’m not hurt that badly. I could go out if you really wanted to, but this quiet time is certainly worth taking advantage of with everyone out.” You snuggle yourself deeply into the pillows, as a smile brightens your beautiful face.

After a few minutes, I reappear next to you with two drinks in hand. “Care for a Baileys Mint Kiss?” You stare at me intensely, and I can tell the word “kiss” is bouncing around your head like a pinball machine. You aren’t sure if I’m offering you a drink, or preparing to lock lips with you. I end your brief confusion by putting a warm mug into your hands. “Nothing will warm you up like a little Irish Cream, Peppermint Schnapps, and coffee.” I expect a look of thanks in your eyes for the drink, but what I see is disappointment. It seems an actual kiss may have been more of what you were after. I purposely lean across your face, reaching toward your drink, allowing my cologne to fill your senses. From behind my back, I produce a can of whip cream, fancifully topping your drink off with a jet of white, sweet cream.

I innocently ask, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” Without speaking, you sway your head back and forth, as if to say you’re all set, but your hesitancy suggests otherwise. Your uncertainty tells me there is a great deal more that I can do for you, but you aren’t willing to verbalize anything… yet.

We reminisce together through an hour of drinking, laughing, and light flirtation. After three more “Mint Kisses” together, I make an offer that you can’t refuse.

“How’s that hamstring treating you? A little stretching and massaging can sometimes give you a little more relief if you’re interested. I’m certainly willing to help out. I’m a great masseuse.” Without hesitation, you lay forward onto your stomach, facing the warmth of the fire, as an invitation for me to get to work. I move toward you, and settle in at your side. Leaning forward to your ear, I whisper, “I think you’re going to like this.” You don’t answer, but you hum lightly almost as if you’re purring.

My hands are warm and my grip is firm. I give you a couple of light squeezes across the back of your neck and upper shoulders, just to loosen you up a bit. I use my thumbs to slowly knead the muscles around your spinal column, slowly moving downward, taking my own sweet time. With each strong stroke, I can feel your body relaxing, giving in to me, relinquishing control. My hands, now at the bottom of your back, securely make their way around the hourglass curve of your waist and ass. I’m looking for signs – any sign – that I’m either welcomed, or turned away for my eager exploration. You pull one of the larger pillows closer into your grip, nestling your face deep within its fire-enhanced warmth. That’s a good enough sign for me.

I move down and settle myself between your parted legs. “OK, let’s see if I can put some quality work into that hamstring, but not right away. As you can tell, I’m a bit of a tease.” You giggle lightly, and nod in agreement. With one hand on each calf muscle, I begin to work deliberately, digging deeply with my thumbs. With each stroke, you relax even more, barely noticing that I’m inching closer and closer, unhurriedly spreading your legs further apart. Within moments, I’m sitting atop my knees just a few inches removed from your wide open upper thighs. My hands move from your calves to your hamstrings, gently caressing each under my secure grasp. Your pulled muscle is barely noticeable at this point. The pain has faded beneath my seductive touch.

“Is this working for you?” I teasingly ask.

“I think that depends on what you’re working toward,” you respond.

Without a word, I show you what I’m looking for as my massaging moves steadily from the back of your legs to your ass. I slowly work your upper hamstrings, squeezing, rubbing. With each clutch of my hands, my fingers move closer and closer to your pussy. Inch by inch, I’m moving slowly just to tease you a bit. You know where my hands are going to end up, but I’m going to make you wait. I’m killing you with anticipation. My thumbs nonchalantly hit your pussy’s mound, and slide all the way up to your ass. Each hand has a hold of skin-tight ski pants and the marvelous, firm flesh underneath it. You respond with an extended, pleasurable moan. No words are exchanged, but your body language screams for me to Yozgat Escort Bayan touch you more. I slide my right hand underneath your body, skillfully and eagerly cupping at your pussy. My touch dances across your warmth as you raise your hips off the floor, reaching at my hand, asking for more without speaking. I oblige. My fingers stroke tenderly at your swollen clit, pressing it directly against your pubic bone. The pressure is more than you can take as your head arches backward. With my free hand, I grab a handful of your brunette hair, wrap it around my hand, and pull it back even further. I increase the speed that I’m rubbing your clit. With each passing moment, I can feel your damp pussy getting wetter and wetter through your ski pants. All I can think about is burying my tongue as deep into you as I possibly can.

Your hips begin to rhythmically meet my fingers each time I furiously stroke your clitoris. Your legs shake in anticipation of release. I keep my weight on to of you, not letting you up until I get what I want. You beg instructions to me. “Faster.” “Harder.” “Oh God! I’m cumming!” Your body greatly spasms under the immense weight of a gratifying and intense orgasm. Your breathing is labored. Your heartbeat races. You can barely speak through the haze that fills your head.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.” It’s all you can say, as your hand reaches underneath and meets mine. After a few moments of recovery, you finally speak. “That was fucking mind-blowing!” My hand is completely wet from rubbing all over your pussy as I bring one finger to my mouth and give it a long, deep lick. “That’s not a bad idea,” you giggle as your face disappears from my vision, and slips below my waist, kissing slowly down my chest and stomach as I stand idly by. You pull at my ski pants, as I quickly reach down and remove them. Your hand reaches through the flap of my boxers, and deftly grasps the head of my firm cock. Its width fills your hand as you slowly begin to stroke me. I look down to see you kneeling in front of my cock, pointing directly at your face. Your French tipped manicured nails run up and down my length. I can tell what you’re doing. You’re sizing me up, gauging just how well I’ll fit inside your wet and hungry pussy when you mount me. A big grin grows across your face.

“Why the smile? You like what you see?” I know the answer, but I just want to hear it come from you. I want to hear that pretty little voice of yours tell me just how much you want that cock to be yours.

“Oh yeah, I like this a lot. I just can’t wait to see it pumping in and out of me.” Almost before your last word slips out, the tip of my cock is surrounded by your mouth. Your lips slide down the length of my shaft, stopping just short of the base, leaving a ring of bright-red lipstick. All I can do is let out a long sigh. It’s as if I’ve waited for this mouth to be around my cock all day. Your body rocks back and forth as my hips steadily meet each thrust from your mouth. Those manicured nails look gorgeous as my cock spasms with each careful stroke. My hand meets the back of your head as I begin to fuck your mouth, pulling you cautiously further and further down my shaft.

“Are you trying to be gentle with me?” You look up at me with that coy look in your eyes and my knees weaken. “No need to be tender. This girl likes a good deep throat session!” My cock is completely moist from your saliva and your hand pumps away at me using that slickness.

After a simple giggle and a shrug of your shoulders, you place both hands behind your back as if to suggest you’re all mine to do as I please. Your tongue licks enthusiastically up and down my throbbing cock. Then you decide to really make my head spin. Your mouth opens wide as you slide down my cock. I can feel the back of your throat, and your gag reflex trying to fight my length. But this isn’t a battle you plan to lose. A mild gag, coupled with a lurch from your body, and my cock is completely down your throat. Your lips press hard against my pubic bone, like you’re trying to prove to me that I’m completely engulfed. No need to prove anything to me. I can feel the depths of that velvet throat wrapped tightly around me. With my cock passed your gag reflex, your eyes look up to mine. I return my hand to the back of your head and begin pumping your throat. Your abundant tits are swaying back and forth with each pump against your mouth. I can feel your hard nipples rubbing against my thighs. It takes everything within me not to cum at this point. I’m staring into your eyes, and they’re watering from the deep throat fucking. I’m more than impressed with your “skills”.

I drop down to the blanketed floor because I’m looking for better access to your amazing body. Your mouth never loses contact with my cock. You’re locked on, and you love it. As you hungrily devour me, I work your ski pants off. I’m excited by the stark contrast of black pants against your bright Escort Yozgat white boy shorts that are clinging to your ass. My hand runs inside your panties, down the length of your bare skinned ass. It feels perfect, but it’s not what I’m after. I reach further back to get my hands on that moist, bare pussy begging to be touched. As soon as I make contact, my fingers slip inside easily because of the rampant moisture. The touch of my fingers separates your mouth from my cock as you say, “Oh God that feels sooooo good.” Your mouth immediately returns to sucking. I’m excited that you like the contact, but I’ve got a bigger plan in action.

I reposition myself underneath you, and slip my head between your legs into a perfect 69 with you on top. My hands caress across your ass, while I slowly begin to lick and nibble at the inside of your thighs. My tongue ventures down the line between your pussy and thigh, stopping to suck heartily for a brief moment, leaving a circular hickey – you’ve been branded by me now! I reach my fingers past your ass in order to get a small hold on your pussy, spreading it wide open. The moisture begs for me to greedily slurp away at you. It takes everything within me not to devour you. I want the anticipation to drive you crazy. You can feel my breath against your skin. You know the intimate places my mouth will soon find, but I just keep kissing around, teasing you into a wild frenzy. Each time I get closer, you suck me harder. It’s a message I definitely understand – reward you, and you’ll reward me. But that’s your plan, not mine. This is my show, and I want to pleasurably torture you for a little while. My face moves closer and closer. My senses drink you in, enjoying every minute of your beauty. You don’t know how long I’ve waited to get this close to you. I’m not going to rush it now.

“Eat my pussy!” You plead aloud to me.

Finally, I give in to your carnal craving and sink my tongue deep inside of you. Your mouth breaks contact with my cock, and an audible gasp escapes from you. You’re so focused on my oral skills, your hand absent mindedly strokes at my cock as an aside. I swirl my tongue in wide, deep circles, tasting every last bit of you. You want more, and I know what you want. Your clit begs to me. It’s fully aroused and waiting for my contact. I tease around it, licking every square inch of your pussy – except for your clit. With great pressure, I suck your labia into my mouth, and nibble lightly. You’re panting, and squeezing at your own breasts. My cock is no longer your focus at this point. All you can think about is the amazing pussy licking you’re getting.

I lean further down to get a good angle, and my tongue dives down onto your clit. I suck at it eagerly, in and out of my mouth. Your hips begin to grind against my chin, as I hold both thighs in my arms, not letting you squirm away. Your pussy rubs up and down my mouth. My view is straight up your round backside and I can resist. I slip one delicate finger in and out of your ass over and over as you grind down even harder. The circular rhythm of your hips tells me you’re about to cum for the second time this evening. I can hear you sucking at your own nipples between gasps of “Oh my God” and “I’m going to cum all over”. You thighs begin to quiver in my arms. Your circular motions stop, and you hold in one place without moving, all muscles tensed up. Your whole body is incredibly rigid, as a shudder trembles through you like a massive earthquake. You collapse down upon me. Panting like mad, you try to speak, but nothing comes out. I can feel the heat of your breath beating against my hips. My cock still sits absent mindedly in your grip, as your head swims with pleasure. I tenderly kiss at your swollen pussy, as your wetness flows down my chin.

“That was fucking crazy.” You mumble aloud. “You stole all of my energy! I could just collapse and fall asleep right here on your chest.”

After a few minutes of quiet, I figure you’ve had your rest. A few playful slaps on the ass stir you soothingly. I whisper, “No, no, I need you awake a little longer.” It feels incredible to have your bare skin against mine, but I didn’t wait this long to miss out on such a golden occasion.

Without a word, you know exactly what I’m after. Rather than dismount from your 69 position, you simply inch your way slowly down the frame of my body until my erect cock is pointing between your legs. You slide your pussy over my hips. Your wetness covers your inner thighs, and allows you to slide down to the top of my shaft. You teasingly hold in that position, as the head of my cock yearns to reach another inch or so just to be inside of you.

“How about we start with a little ‘reverse cowgirl’ action?” You ask, as you seductively look back at me over your shoulder. Your eyes glow with the control at your hips. I can’t even answer. A silly schoolboy nod of my head is all I can muster.

It happens quickly, but the anticipation makes it feel like forever. Your silky, wet pussy wraps tightly around the tip of my cock, as it disappears completely inside of you. You pause, as if to fully take in my size. Your hips swivel against mine, slowly churning my hard cock against your G-Spot. A light moan escapes you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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