Sleepover with Gf and Her Sister

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Big Dick

This is a kinky story about my girlfriend and her naught sister coming true.

Backstory: I met these two blonde girls at a party one night. Candice and Cammie, both in their young 20’s. Cammie was dating someone at that time. She mentioned she would’ve been interested if single….however, Candice and I ended up hooking up that night and began dating.

Candice was somewhat conservative with sex but over time I’ve opened the freak she was hiding. Her favorite position was having me on top. She loved her ass licked. She would often sleep naked in hopes of waking up with my cock buried insider her. I swear she would wake up screaming and shaking uncontrollably. Probably the hottest thing I’ve experienced with a girl. At 5’3″ and 115 lbs, blonde, skinny waist, tight ass. Candice had the perfect frame to man handle. Cammie, blonde too, stands 5’6″ at about 130. Athletic frame and curvy. I never saw her tits, but id imagine they are C cups like Candice’s.

Many moons, parties, sleepovers later we land in their driveway talking about personal things as we surrounded a firepit. The drinks were flowing. We all began loosening up. Cammie disclosed that her boyfriend of 3 years had broken up with her. Of course, she was devastated. Her sister Candice was sympathetic. They’ve had a very close relationship for some time after their parents split up. When things get tough its usually them both taking things on together. They even bought this 2 story house.

At one point we got on the subject what turns them on. Candice mentioned how much she liked the feeling of neck bites and kisses. She thought it would be great for me to show Cammie since bahis siteleri she was heart-broken, giving her a little play so to speak. Let’s just say I played it cool, but I took complete advantage of this opportunity. I landed a few deep kisses followed by a deep bit into her trap. I felt her hips thrusted on accident, and I could tell her pussy was feeling it. I know my dick was… The thought of fucking Cammie or even having both together had plagued my dirty mind for a while… Boy would I be in for a treat…

Later that night most everyone either left or slept in the downstairs living room. Just upstairs Candice’s room was to the left, Cammie’s to the right. The rooms were adjacent just perfect enough that if you left the doors open you could see window to window. I climbed the stairs and opened Candice’s door. She laid on her right side, naked. The cover pulled between her legs so the curve of her ass was exposed. This night was different. With liquid courage I decided to go voyeur. I left the tv on for some light and left the door half open to her room in hopes Cammie would peek in.

With everything set I undressed and hopped in bed. I started kissing and caressing my girlfriend’s skin. Her body knew what was going on. I gently lifted her ass cheek up to reveal her lips. I started with fingers to moisten her clit. Her body would flinch some. Her asshole would tighten, then relax. I took my time caressing her tight ass. My tongue was soaked by the time I reached her clit. I was in the zone. I couldn’t get enough.

Everything is out in the open. I’m in heaven grabbing her hips and eating as her limp sleeping body straddling my face. canlı bahis siteleri At this point my legs are spread with balls hanging and my erection just throbbing. The thought of Cammie coming in was making me even more horny.

After some time I began to feel a light sensation of hair run along my inner thighs. I felt breath on my balls. I felt a long stream of spit and warm tongue run up my chode. My balls went tight. My dick raged. I took a breath and slowly looked down Cammie’s blue eyes. She looked back to see Candice’s spread ass above me. She smiled as my cock disappeared between her lips. Cammie coordinated her suck and stroke together. She would occasionally take a break to lick drops of precum off the tip.

“mmm…this tastes good” whispered Cammie.

This fantasy is coming true as I hold back from blowing….

Candice started moving and waking up. I felt her thighs begin to shake as pussy juice soaked the sheets below. She began letting out ‘uhnnnns’ and ‘ahhhhs’ until she finished. Her body rested from seizing. Candice was shocked at the site of Cammie holding my cock! Paralyzed, she looked around to make sense of the situation. She quickly realized what was happening.

“Omg were you sucking his cock??!” Candice stated shocked.

Cammie looked puzzled on what to say next. Candice looked to me.


Cammie pleaded “Candice im sorry. We have been drinking. Chad broke up with me, I’ve been a mess. I saw you guys in here and I couldn’t help it, I mean…look at his dick! I’m jealous!”

Everyone got quite for what seemed to be awhile. Candice staired at us both.

“This is kind of kinky…” canlı bahis she said with a seductive grin. “Do you want to fuck him?”

Cammie looked to me, bit her lip & nodded in submission.

“I love you Cammie. I want my sis to feel good.” Candice just gave the green light.

After a few intense moments Candice kissed me and we watched Cammie undress. She slowly transferred her weight onto me. We watched in awe as my cock threaded her lips. Her pussy became aroused and swollen. Juice quickly lubed us both. Once she was ready, she reached back to guide my shaft directly into her. As my dick filled her walls, she let out a moan ill never forget.

“that..that…ahh…fuuuuuckkkkk…” moaned Cammie.

“mmm I think Cammie likes that. You better not cum in her MR!” Candice commanded as she straddled my face. I love when she calls me MR.

My mind is going wild at this point. Cammie is riding my dick & grabbing my stomach. My girlfriend is loving it. The rush of lust and love is pouring through me. Every thought, fetish, perverted moments for the past year are running thru my mind. Everything coming together as I’m fighting off the urge to cum. With every up and down motion my eyes roll deeper and deeper into ecstasy………its time….

“I’m about to come Cammie!” My balls are boiling ready to release.

Candice immediately hops up and orders Cammie to get up saying “that’s mine!!”

Candice quickly sits down on me taking every inch inside her. I feel her insides squeeze hard. With every slow up, her pussy grip pulls more cum to the tip. With every down my dick throbs unloading what seemed to be fountains of seed.

Candice rolled off to my right, Cammie laid to my left. We start smiling and laughing. Now the ice was broke. Could this have lead to a new taboo relationship? One this was apparent. We ALL wanted this, and glad it happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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