Shy Couple Meets For Hotel Sex

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There had been many hot chats over the last month between them, but the timing now seemed right for a meeting. She was a highly sexual, red-haired BBW and he was a clean cut but very sexual slender male. The two didn’t seem like a likely match, but their hot chats brought them together.

They met at a liquor store in the afternoon to make sure that they could really go through it that night. They had agreed to meet at a hotel room and the drinks would provide the lubrication that both of these shy people needed to make their fantasies become reality.

They arrived separately, met in the parking lot, and went to the small room above the hotel office. Drinks were poured and the conversation was light. There was talk about sexual experiences and mutual chat friends, but nothing too wild. As one drink turned to two to four to more, it became apparent that even the alcohol would not make this experience easy for her.

While they were both on the bed, she in her nightgown, and he wearing boxers and a shirt, the sexual chemistry from the chats was not being played out in reality. They were lightly touching each other, lying on the bed, and watching that romantic movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” the only thing remotely interesting on TV at the time.

The drinks were done, the night was growing late, and yet these two had not even kissed, let alone played out their wildest chats in the hotel room. It seemed like her shyness was going to cause the night to end in sexual frustration for both, but then they stood up off the bed, faced each other, and began to kiss. This wasn’t the soft romantic kiss, but the kind of kiss two lovers share on their first night of hot sex. Mouths wide open, tongues in istanbul escort and out of each other’s mouths, and hands exploring.

He finally got her on the bed, but only after he agreed to turn out all of the lights. He took off the few clothes he had on and she slipped out of the nightgown. Her more than ample breasts were beautiful in the dim light. He eagerly began to suck on her large nipples, which started to fulfill the fantasies of all of those hot chats, and end one long night of frustration. She moaned as his hands began to explore her body and while his mouth consumed her.

He found his way down between her legs and despite all of the walls she had put up earlier in the night, she easily accommodated his fingers. As his two fingers easily slid into her moist pussy he could tell that she too wanted this to happen. He continued to suck on her nipples making sure that both were equally given his time. She moaned as he continued to finger fuck her and she was ready to see if he was as good in person as he was in the chat room.

He reached over to the bedside table and slid on his condom. She positioned herself on the bed on all fours and playfully presented her backside to him. He knew he was going to enjoy this after all he had heard about her sexual abilities. They had both talked about how doggy was their favorite position so it was a natural starting point. He eased inside of her, and the two began to moan softly as the pace quickened. He knew it wasn’t going to be long before he came, and his skilled fingers had already aroused her to the point of near orgasm. As he reached over to play with her breasts he could hold out kadıköy escort no longer. He came with a few hard trusts, and the two had finally realized one of their chat fantasies. While it took them the whole night to get going, it seemed like it was worth it in the end. He pulled out of her and they both passed out naked, from the sex and long night of drinking.

The only question remaining was what would happen to the shy lovers the next morning.

The effects of the alcohol and the sex wore off on him more quickly than it did for her. He untangled himself from the naked pile on the bed and began to get dressed. While the evening came to a climactic conclusion, he knew that she was probably going to be too shy for any morning sex. He sat on the bed, fully dressed, waiting for her to wake up so that he could say goodbye. He had a great time and wanted to tell her so before he left to start his day.

Unexpectedly she was very playful when she awoke, and insisted on cuddling with him under the covers. As the two cuddled, she began to unbutton his jeans, trying to get her hands on his cock. While he wasn’t hard when she started, by the time she got the jeans unbuttoned, he was ready to go again. She freed his cock from the boxers and began to stroke him, giving him a wonderful morning hand job. She was eager to show him some of her other skills they had had chatted about, especially her blow job skills.

The cover was thrown off and she pulled off his jeans, followed by his boxers. She spread his legs as he lay on the bed, climbed in between him, and looked him in the eye. Her skills were as advertised, and he began to enjoy one kağıthane escort of the finest blow jobs he remembered as her head bobbed up and down. She took him in as far as he wanted to go, skillfully used her hands to jack him into further ecstasy, and he eventually came deep in her mouth.

He was quick with his recovery and soon went to the bathroom to find another condom. She was laying on her back across the bed when he returned, and she made it known that she wanted his fingers again to pleasure her. While his fingers almost brought her to climax, she wanted the orgasm to come while he pounded her with his cock from behind. She assumed the position on all fours and he obliged her by putting his cock back into her.

Unlike the night before, she was much more energetic and the sex was driving her wild. She quickly came from the combination of the fingering and fucking, and she wanted him to experience more of what they had chatted about. She turned back around to him, watching him fuck her from behind, and suggested that they try it “the other way”. He asked what she meant by that…was it missionary she wanted? No. Did she want to get on top and ride him? Obviously that is what she wanted. No. What she wanted was something they had often chatted about. She wanted him to take her anal virginity.

He was quick to agree, and play out a fantasy he had wanted to do with her from the start. The lubrication was applied to both his penis and her anus, and she fingered herself to get it all worked in. He knew he would not be able to just slide his penis in, and it took some work for even his average sized penis to penetrate her virgin anus. He loved the feel of the lubrication and her tight asshole and once in he began to pound her ass. It wasn’t too long before he couldn’t hold out any longer and exploded in the condom.

The night that ended in sexual pleasure turned into a morning of hot sex where both chat buddies reached orgasm. Their initial shyness overcome, the two played out many of their hot chat fantasies in that small hotel room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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