Sexual Awakening of Jackal

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One hundred and fifty years ago Jackal lived at 328 Limpopo — that’s three hundred and twenty eight miles upstream of the Mozambique port town of Xai-xai on the mighty Limpopo River. He was a virtual outcast in his community because of the belief he was unable to raise an erection, which made him impotent as a spear-thrower. He was supposedly shunned by the woman folk as a result of that belief, emphasis being on ‘supposedly’.

The reality was Jackal had it made which is why this story is being retold to ensure it survives. His small tribe of eighty-eight souls comprised the survivors of a much larger tribe that fled from their homeland hundreds of miles away and were pursued by the bloodthirsty invaders.

Only that small number made it to settle on the banks of the river marked on at least one map as Loiter. The tribe survived by stealing off other tribes when they were in stupor after raiding, pillaging, and doing ungentlemanly things to the women with the captured men tied up and made to watch.

It was uncouth sport really but the missionaries had never had influence on Jackal’s tribe so the men were able to enjoy themselves without being made to feel guilty.

Jackal who was just nineteen was considered a moron by the men but was useful because his job was to empty ataşehir escort the night pots next day and renew the rolls of toilet paper purchased from the trading post. For performing that duty he was fed and allowed freedom of the village, even when the men were away, because what mischief could a young guy do who was unable to carry an erection?

However Jackal and the women of the tribe had a secret. At one stage an influential woman called Mihi found Jackal crying in despair at not being able to raise an erection. She worked it in her mouth and rubbed it through her impressive bush without success so took him to her friend Birdi, the chief’s seventh wife.

Birdi had a reputation of being able to get one more shot out of any guy when he claimed he was done, over-done in fact. But no luck — all Birdi managed was to over-excited herself and had to get off by hand. Birdi found the tribe still had one virgin and left her with Jackal all afternoon but nothing. Jackal remained flat and psychologically unstable although no one worked that out.

Finally Birdi’s grandmother Jizzi took an interest and asked to be allowed to try. She was an enormous woman, twice the size of Birdi with a vagina the size of a man’s head… er a small man’s head. She soaked avcılar escort Jackal’s very long and flaccid penis in banana oil for two hours while tickling his ass with a vulture’s wing tip feather. She thought she saw a little movement and after ramming and oiled finger up Jackal’s ass he reacted in surprise and developed a suggestion of a boner.

She sucked and produced a tiny improvement. Elated, Jizzi threw him on to the ground and dropped on to the poor guy. He was flattened. She pulled his cock, still halfway between flaccid and remotely erect and stuffed it up her applying suction, so she also took in half of his groin. The poor guy was groaning and Jizzi dropped on to him completely and began humping him, taking care to remain suction so he didn’t fall out of her.

The huge weight of Jizzi panicked Jackal who thought he was about to die. His cock felt so too and rose to defend itself. Jackal bucked and bucked and suddenly a great warmth superheated him and he ejaculated, although not know what that was.

Puffing like a locomotive, although never having seen one to identify with it, Jizzi yelled in glee when feeling the extra moisture and rolled off and was treated to the sight of a still spurting and very impressive erection. Her daughter avrupa yakası escort rushed in, thinking Jackal was murdering her grandmother, only to find it was possibly the only way any woman would care to come close to being murdered.

She jumped on and had her fill and two of the other wives lined up for their bit.

The wives and grandmother of Jubilee the chief held an urgent meeting of all the women and it was decided to keep the secret of Jackal to themselves. That would mean any of the women in the tribe desiring to have sex while the men were away could be serviced.

Jackal loved being the center of attention but resented seeing any of the women of his harem being fucked by their tribal partners but knew it kept the pressure off him so endured it. He became a little nervous, as did the women, when half of the new crop of babies looked remarkably liked Jackal but once again Jizzi came to the rescue. She convinced everyone that Jackal must be confined to ass fucking. But that was bad news in a way for Jackal. The women loved it so much that way he was kept twice as busy.

Eventually a dissatisfied woman revealed the secret about Jackal to Jubilee and he attended to Jackal by placing a spear through his heart.

As was the custom, the slain 39-year-old veteran seducer was placed on a rock beside the river for two days of mourning. Jubilee was furious but decided to do nothing about it because the women were so deeply in grief. For those two days when weeping women went to look upon Jackal they gazed in awe at his unflagging 8-inch erection.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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