Selling Houses – Ch. 03

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Now that she had completed the sale of the apartments for David and despite having made a lot of money, she couldn’t just sit around and wait for him to come up with another project Cindy thought. What to do now? She was in the unenviable position of a real estate agent with no stock to sell. She needed a plan. Two ideas sprung to mind. The first was to canvas the owners of the building she was familiar with. The apartments were relatively easy to sell, especially if they were done out to top spec and she was happy to keep using her cunt as a sales tool. If she could get an owner to sell for a fixed price through her, there may be a healthy profit in it. The second idea was to find a tired house in a desirable suburb, renovate and flip it. The first idea wouldn’t cost anything more than her time and some flyers. The second would need money. Not wanting to put all her eggs in one basket, fuck it she thought and decided to do both. With that decision made, she could crack on.

The flyers were done and put in all the apartment letter boxes in a matter of days. All she had to do was wait. The house however took her nearly two weeks to come up with. Armed with a wad of cash, she had managed to secure a run down house in a very good tree lined street. It needed paint inside and out, a new kitchen and bathrooms and floor coverings throughout. A renovator’s dream some would call it. Now she needed a contractor. Here’s where she hoped her cunt would come into play. Anything she could get off the price of the renovations for favours rendered would be pure profit. Scouring the trade ads, Cindy soon had a long list of contractors that were happy to quote on her improvements. It took further days showing them all what was to be done, dressed as provocatively as she dared and at the end of it, only one candidate for her charms stood out.

His name was Bill and as she showed him around, she could feel his eyes constantly on her, staring at her pert tits in her tight fitting top and imagining what was under the short skirt she was wearing. At one stage, she made a show of bending over to pick up some trash off the floor, giving him just the slightest peek of her panties and she could almost hear him starting to breathe heavily. Yes, he was her man. He was a bit rough around the edges but not all that bad when you boiled it down. Bill took down all the details and her phone number and promised to get back to her with a quote. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she got the call and it wasn’t.

“Hi, it’s Bill.” the voice said on the other end of the line. “I have your quote.”

“That was fast Bill. Go on, hit me with it.” she replied.

“It comes to Sixty thousand dollars.” he told her.

“That was a little more than I was expecting.” she said. “Is there any chance we could negotiate the price? I’m staying at the local holiday Inn. It has a bar. Maybe we could discuss it over a drink or two.” she said in what she hoped was a suggestive tone. The hook was in. A bar and motel room. Now let’s see if he took the bait.

“Sure.” said the voice on the other end with poorly disguised enthusiasm.

“shall we say around eight o’clock?”

“I’ll be there,” he said. She could tell by his tone he was eager to see her again. Lets see what sort of a discount a few drinks and a good fuck got her, she thought to herself.

Cindy made sure she was just a little late getting to the bar. She wanted Bill in place when she made her entrance. Give him a good opportunity to oggle the goods. Her plan worked. He was seated in a booth when she walked in and she could feel his eyes appraising her from head to toe. She knew she looked good in her short hugging skirt with matching top, all of which accentuated her shapely legs, round ass and pert full breasts. She had even picked out a bra that showed off her nipples through her top. She slid into the booth beside him, not opposite as he was expecting. The closer the better. He had a drink waiting for her and she took a sip of it.

“Like I said on the phone Bill. Your quote was more than I was expecting and I’m on a budget, I was hoping we might be able to work something out.” she said turning to face him, her legs opening slightly and her skirt riding up a little. It didn’t go unnoticed. She saw his eyes dart down to her legs for just a second.

“I’m open to a bit of negotiation,” he told her. “What did you have in mind?” Smiling, she took another sip of her drink and looked him in the eyes


“What about part payment in kind. Half now and half after the job is done. What would I get off for that?” she asked sweetly but with a hint of sensuality. He stared at her and she could see the cogs going around in his head as he calculated how much he was willing to forgo to fuck her twice.

“I can’t go a penny under Fifty thousand.” he told her. Cindy was surprised, it was better than she had hoped for.

“You have a deal.” she told him, placing a hand on his thigh. “Now let’s get another drink, the bursa eskort night is young.” Eager as he was to go to her room, she was in no hurry and a little anticipation goes a long way. Besides, she wanted to make sure he got his money’s worth. As they sat drinking and making small talk, her legs parted a little wider and her hand on his thigh slipped further up until it was nudging the bulge in the front of his pants. She could feel he was aroused and casually with no one noticing, she slowly began to massage it through his pants under the table. He gave a soft groan and slipped a hand down between her legs. She opened her legs wider for him and within seconds she felt fingertips touching the strip of material between them.

“I think you are ready for your first payment.” she whispered in his ear,

“Fuck yes.” he said, his cock rock hard under her touch and his fingers eagerly exploring the vertical cleft in her panties. He wasn’t the only one excited. The whole scenario as it was playing out was making her wet. Finishing their drinks, they got up, left the bar and made the short walk to her room.

“Why don’t you make us a drink and get out of those clothes while I go pee.” she suggested, pointing out the bottle on the mini bar. As he walked to the mini bar, she slipped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Sitting on the toilet with her panties pulled down, Cindy heard the clink of ice into empty glasses. The night was turning out better than she expected, she thought as she peed into the bowl. Bill was naked and lying on the bed with a glass in his hand when she emerged from the bathroom naked herself. Padding across the room, Cindy sat on the edge of the bed and picked up her glass from the bedside table. The drink was icy cold and refreshing. as it slid down her throat. Looking down at Bill, she was pleasantly surprised. Not in any way a good dresser, his ill fitting clothes disguised what was a muscular and obviously fit body. His cock matched the rest of him, long and thick in its half erect state.

“Nice body,” she told him, reaching out and gently scraping her fingernails over his hairy chest. “I bet all that construction work keeps you fit.” she continued, her nails trailing down over his flat stomach and onto his cock. Slowly she gently scraped her nails up and down the expanding shaft.

“Tell me Bill, what’s your biggest fantasy?” she asked, the light touch of her fingers keeping him hard and aroused.

“That depends,” he told her.

“Depends on what?” she asked, interested.

“Whether or not your cunt squirts.” he said, a little more animated at the suggestion of it.

“Yes it does, like a fountain.” she told him.

“My fantasy is to be squirted on, all over.” he told her. Cindy smiled down at him.

“I think we can arrange that,” she said, her fingers curling sound his cock and starting to pull him slowly. Aroused and excited at the prospect, Bill reached for her crotch. Cindy opened her legs so he could feel her cunt and how wet it had become. If being squirted on was his fantasy, the thought of doing it to him turned her on too. Even as they fondled each other, she was formulating a plan to make it happen. Releasing his cock and standing up, she told him to lay on the floor next to the bed. Bill eagerly did as he was told as she walked around the bed and retrieved a dildo she had brought from home out of the bedside drawer.

Sitting back in her original position on the side of the bed above him, Cindy opened her legs wide and began to rub her cunt. Bill looked up between her open legs. Just the sight of her fingers rubbing between her parted lips was enough to make anyone cum and he dared not touch his cock in case he did. With her clit throbbing and her cunt craving something inside it, she picked the dildo up off the bed and quickly pushed it inside her, ramming it in and out, faster and faster. She came, pulled it out and rubbed frantically across her open parted lips. Fuck, she was close. Tossing the dildo, she rammed two curled fingers inside herself and thrust them in and out, so fast her hand was almost a blur. Bill could see small drops of squirt starting to spray onto the insides of her thighs and drip off her fingers. His heart beating faster and his chest heaving, he grabbed his cock knowing the main event was about to happen.

Quivering, Cindy flung herself up off the bed and straddling him; yanked her fingers out of her cunt and started to rub at her cunt frantically. With her hips jerking hard and her legs shaking, Cindy cried out as her cunt started to spray squirt all over his face and chest. Bent double in orgasm a hard jet of cunt juice squirted behind her, all over his cock and stomach. Bill lay under her, groaning with pleasure, his hand on his rigid cock as Cindy stood above him, her cunt dripping and her legs quivering uncontrollably. Fuck! that was good, Bill was in raptures. He had never told anyone about his fantasy let alone it ever happening bursa escort bayan to him. Now here was this lovely stranger, fulfilling his dreams. Fuck, it was worth the ten grand already. Still standing above him, Cindy slowly stroked her cunt as her orgasm subsided. That was so fucking exciting squirting all over Bill, especially watching it splashing off his face and seeing how much he loved it. They both decided to have a drink and relish the moment, Bill with his fantasy fulfilled and Cindy with the absolute excitement of doing it for him.

“Thank you for that.” Bill said as they both lay side by side propped up against the headboard. “I’ve been too embarrassed to ask any woman in case it turned them off.”

“I love that kind of thing.” Cindy told him, and went on to explain how she had seen her cunt from behind and how it had led to sleeping with Fiona. “Here, judge for yourself.” she said, placing her glass on the bedside table and crawling out onto the bed to give him a look. “What do you think?” she asked as she spread her legs on all fours in front of him.

“Fucking glorious.” he told her, reaching out and sliding a finger into the dark hole between her parted lips and slipping it out again.

“You know.” he said as she regained her position on the bed next to him, “I’m so content, you dont have to fuck me to fulfill our bargain.”

“What, and miss out on the lovely cock I’ve been wanting inside me all night?” she asked. “In fact.” she said, bending forward into his lap and taking his cock into her mouth. Bkill stretched out on the bed as the warm wet mouth started to suck him.

“Oh fuck, dont stop.” he groaned, feeling himself harden in her mouth with each downward thrust of it along his thickening shaft. Cindy fucked him harder, taking every inch into her throat. She wanted this cock and she didn’t care if he came in her mouth. There would be more cum for her cunt later on. Suddenly, overcome by the excitement of her squirting on him, Bill was holding her head and thrusting his hips up hard, driving his aching cock into her throat. With a loud roar of release, he froze, his cock pumping cum down it into her stomach. Eyes closed. Cindy felt every jerk of his ejaculating cock in her mouth. Determined not to be deprived of the taste of his cum, she sucked up the last drops oozing from his cock as he fell back on the bed. She watched him lying there, his chest heaving as his cock softened in her grasp.

Cindy was glad she had embarked on this night, she thought as she watched Bill recover from his orgasm. She liked him, but unlike David who was savvy in all things financial and had a sharp mind, Bill was more of a simple person. Maybe it was his opening up to her about the squirting that drew her to him. Sharing his darkest secret. Anyway, it didn’t matter. She wasn’t going to be romantic with either of them. It just made fucking them a pleasure and not something she had to do.

Lying back on the bed beside him, she was suddenly aware of some unfinished business between her legs. Her wet cunt was still throbbing and demanding attention. Reaching down, she slowly started to stroke a fingertip between her silky wet lips. She wanted to fuck and the thought of a nice hard cock inside her had her finger rubbing hard at her clit. She could almost feel that cock being rammed hard and deep inside her. Fuck, yes, thrust that fucking hard thing inside me. Just then, she opened her eyes and realised Bill was sitting up watching her masturbating. Thrilled by the sight like all men are, he had his fingers curled around his cock and was frantically pulling it to make it hard so he could fuck her with it.

“Lick me first.” Cindy pleaded, her aching cunt desperate to feel his tongue on it. As he rolled around between her legs, Cindy gripped them under her knees, pulling them back. Presented with the sight of her open parted cunt, Bill hungrilly lapped at her wet aroused slit. Cindy groaned with pleasure as his tongue scraped over her swollen clit again and again.

“Oh fuck! Put your mouth on me.” she cried out. Bill covered her cunt with his open mouth and shaking, Cindy squirted hard into it. Aroused beyond belief, he gulped down her wetness and sucked every drop from her contracting cunt. Under him, his cock was rock hard again and desperate for some cunt. Rising to his knees between her legs, he gripped his cock, ready to fuck her. Looking down, Cindy could see the hard cock in his hand and her cunt contracted and gushed just with the thought of it inside her. Leaning forward, Bill pressed the swollen head of his cock into her saturated opening and pushed inside.

“Oh yes, fuck me!” Cindy cried out, her cunt aching for this moment. Spurred on by her cries, Bill rammed every inch of himself deep inside her, fucking her hard and fast, willing her to cum. Cindy screamed and thrust her cunt up hard onto his cock, squirting all over it as she came. Caught up in her excitement and buried görükle escort deep in her contracting cunt, Bill groaned loudly and came hard inside her.

“Jesus, fuck!” he gasped, with his cock still buried in her cunt and his heart pounding in his chest. No woman had ever excited him so much or made him cum so fast as she had just done. He could still taste her squirt in his mouth. Fuck, she was thrilling. Cindy just laid there smiling up at him, enjoying her receding orgasm and the feel of his cock softening inside her.

“Worth the discount?” she asked with a devilish smile.

“Every fucking cent.” he replied grinning as his cock slipped from her cum filled cunt.

“We’re not done yet. This little thing is still hungry.” she said, patting her cunt.

“I’m not sure I can afford you.” he laughed and got off the bed to pour them another drink. SWhile he was doing that, Cindy slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom. When she came out, Bill was sitting on the side of the bed, drink in hand.

“I just had any idea while I was having a pee and getting rid of your little deposit.” she said, walking towards him.

“What was that?” he asked, handing her a drink.

“Well,” she said sitting down next to him. “If this reno works out and I make a profit, how would you like to team up and do it full time?”

“Go on.” he said, interested.

“You find the houses and if the sums add up, you do the work for cost and we split the profits.” she suggested.

“Do I still get the other night when this place is done.” he asked jokingly.

“Well, for one, you presume it was a night when all you were promised was a fuck and two, if we were partners, I’m sure there would be many more nights.” she said, smiling at him.

“Put it there, partner.” he said, holding out his hand. Cindy took his hand and they shook on it


“I wonder if this place has in-house porno’s.” she said, reaching for the TV remote.

“Why; do you want to sit on my cock while we watch one?” he asked, feeling horny again.

“Yes please.” she replied, liking the thought of that immensely.

The next morning Bill had left early but not having to check-out until 10am and with nothing planned for the day, Cindy decided to have a lay in. Naked and alone, her thoughts turned to the events of the night before and getting aroused by the memories of them, she couldn’t help but reach down between her legs. Slipping a finger between her already wet lips, she recalled how they had done just as he said. They had put a porno on the TV, lame as it was and she had sat on his cock, her legs apart resting on his and her warm wet cunt keeping him hard inside her. Right at a climactic part, she had rubbed her cunt and orgasmed. Behind her he had groaned, his cock pulsating as it filled her with cum.

“Oh fuck.” Cindy cried out, frantically rubbing at her clit with the images still fresh in her mind. Cumming, she thrust her cunt up hard against her fingers as her legs scissored and her feet scraped at the sheet beneath them.

“Jesus H Christ.” she thought as she lay panting with her stomach in spasms from the wild contractions inside her. Despite having orgasmed hard, she wasn’t done yet and her hand searched the bed for her discarded dildo from the night before. Finding it, she opened her legs wide and plunged it into her aching hole. Both feet in the air, she fucked herself hard and fast until, with a loud cry, she came again, bucking hard on the silicon cock buried deep inside her saturated cunt.

“Did you have a nice stay?” the clerk asked as she checked out.

“Very nice thank you.” Cindy replied, smiling to herself. In her car and about to leave, Cindy checked her phone messages, one in particular caught her attention.

“Hi Cindy, this is Irene Chambers. I found your flyer in my mailbox and I’m interested in selling my apartment. Can you call me back on….” Cindy took down the details and sat in her car doing sums in her head. Picking up her phone again, she dialled David.

“hello my favourite real estate girl.” he said. “What can I do for you?”

“I want to borrow a million dollars.” she said.

“Just a million. You sure you don’t want two?” he joked. Cindy went on to explain that she had an opportunity to buy an apartment in his building and she would repay the million and split the profits when it sold.

“No, this is how it’s going to play out.” he told her. “I will have a cashier’s check for a million dollars waiting for you today along with a loan agreement to repay me 1.1 million within three months. If you can’t, I repossess the unit and you still owe me any balance owing after I have liquidated it. Does that sound fair?”

“Get the check.” she told him. “I owe you big time.”

“Yes you do.” he said. She couldn’t see him smiling on the other end of the phone. He was teaching her well and she was proving herself to be a good student.

Irene Chambers was an elderly woman that had owned her apartment since its construction and had no real idea of its worth. Getting on in years, she had seen Cindy’s flyer as an opportunity to move to be closer to her son and her grandchildren. Her apartment was one floor down from the one purchased by Frank and still had stunning views of the city.

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