Seconds: A Just Dessert Story

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At the airport Sharon laid a kiss on Matt that about took his breath away and left him weak in the knees. On the drive home she kept reaching over and rubbing his cock. Twice he had to tell her to stop as he was on the verge of cumming. She raced him into the house removing clothing as she went.

Matt caught her in the living room and wrestled her to the couch. He draped her over the armrest and pushed her skirt up and pulled her panties down. Her aroma was uncharacteristically strong (I guess 13 hours in an airplane will do that); it so enflamed Matt’s lust that he playfully bite her on the ass.

“Over and down…DOWN! God I’ve missed you.” Matt was licking and sucking on her skin everywhere but where she wanted. “Matt…please – stop torturing me.”

He licked her right through the center of her cunt. Her body spasmed and shivered as if she’s been stuck with a cattle prod. Matt sucked on her clit like a man on a mission. He was unremorsefully relentless. Matt bulldozed over her cries of ‘too much’, so that when her orgasm hit she about had a fit. Sharon’s body flailed about as her orgasm racked through her.

Midway through her cum Matt rammed his cock into her and proceeded to fuck her as hard and as fast as he ever had. He seemed determined to leave her too fucked to walk. He was surprised at how easily he entered her. The slurping sounds of sex soon filled the room. Sharon seemed more aroused and orgasmic then he’d ever seen her. He wasn’t sure if each of her cries of joy was an orgasm or not, but she had rarely been this vocal.

Matt’s own orgasm arrived on scene and he did not hesitate to fill her hungry cunt. He was somewhat shocked at the volumn of cum as almost immediately excess ejaculate was being pushed out of her with every stroke. Her cunt was a mess of smeared semen.

He had nearly succeeded in fucking her into incapacitation. Sharon struggled to get up but was having trouble making her body respond.

“Well? Are you going to tell me about London?”

Sharon looked searchingly into his eyes. She was looking for something and not really sure what it would look like.

“Everything. Tell me everything.” Matt’s voice was a thick croak of lust addled arousal.

Sharon rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Her cum drenched cunt drew him closer. Cream pie’s were not a regular part of their sex life, and personally he didn’t care much for them (especially regarding Sharon’s own attitude toward oral sex; read Just Dessert) however it was the acknowledged signal for ‘anything goes – I won’t say no’ within the relationship.

“Seconds? You want me to get you ready for a little sloppy seconds do you?” Matt smiled as he licked up a tongueful of cum.

Sharon shuddered under his lingual assault, her eyes ablaze with lust. She rocked her hips against his face smearing him thoroughly. She was panting heavily.

“Seconds?” The was a dreamy quality to Sharon’s voice as if she were actually far away. Matt wondered if she was thinking of her time in London.

“Well…actually…Matt…you…just…had…sloppy seconds…”



“We’ve landed Ma’am.”

As Sharon entered the baggage carousel area she saw Matt. He sprinted towards her and kissed her passionately. Sharon felt her body respond. She wanted nothing more then to be in his arms.


Sharon was nervous as she knocked on Gina’s door.

“Sharon, when did you get back? You look great! Come on in; glass acıbadem escort of wine? How was London? Tell me everything.”

They had just finished the first bottle when Sharon suggested that Gina open another, telling her that she had something very serious to talk to her about.

“Oh God this is hard.” Sharon took a deep breath. “OK. I’ve told you just about everything, I think I need to tell you the rest. I told you about Fiona, the girl who was my assistant while I was there – well she…it seemed…at first I didn’t think…”

“Sharon – you’re driving me crazy. What happened did she hit on you or something?”

“Yes. She did.”

“NO! I was just joking and…oh my god, you too hooked up – didn’t you?”

“Yes. We did get together…but there’s more to it.”

“More? What happened did you use strap-ons on one another or something?” Gina grinned lewdly at the thought of Sharon being reamed out by a huge dildo.

“We shared her lover.” Sharon watched as Gina’s mouth simply fell open and stayed that way. “I was in a threesome, pretty much for the entire last week I was there. Right up until the trip to the airport to fly home, I was fucking Fiona and/or Hugh, that’s her lover’s name, every chance I got.”

Gina’s facial expression did not change as she struggled to comprehend what her friend was telling her. Sharon had cheated on Matt? It simply wasn’t possible – was it?

“Fiona is this gorgeous Irish girl – the palest skin, red hair, freckles (everywhere), incredible body. She was just so helpful from the moment I arrived. The first couple of days she kept insisting that I needed neck and back rubs – she had very strong hands. The first week we were working together she was always touching me and casually rubbing against me. I guess because she had given me the neck rubs and stuff I was comfortable with her being so close. I found myself starting to check her out when she’d bend over.

“Anyway, she invited me to a weekend at a thatched cottage in the New Forest area. It sounded great, so I decided to go. We went out for a walk right after we got there and got absolutely drenched in a rainstorm. We made it back to the cottage; thank God she had started a fire before we left, and she told me about this local tradition. She said that first-timer’s had to strip naked in front of a roaring fire, drink wine or brandy, and dry off that way…so I did, well we did.”

Gina closed her mouth and shook her head, “If a guy had tried that line on you he wouldn’t have lasted five seconds. Were you that horny?”

“Oh yeah. She said that I owed her a full body massage and I didn’t disagree – I wanted to touch her. Everything was fine while she was on her stomach – I did her neck, shoulders and back, her legs and feet. I told her I was done and she said I wasn’t. She said that the ‘gluts’ were the largest muscles and it was important to do them properly. She instructed me in how to massage her butt – and I did.

“Then she turned over and said I was only half-finished. Seeing her lying there in the firelight was amazing. Her breasts were just right for her size with soft pink nipples. She was definitely a natural red head. I was reticent about continuing until she started to talk me through it.

“She had me start at her left hand and rub all the way up her arm to the shoulder, then I did the right hand and arm. She had me palm her breasts by placing my hand akbatı escort over her nipples, they were really hard, and pressing gently as I made circles in each direction. I slowly massaged her down to her hipbones. Then she had me go to her left foot and massage up to the top of her left thigh. Then I did the right one.

“I thought I was finished until she drew her knees up and spread them wide. I’d never seen a woman like that and I couldn’t help but gasp when I saw her cunt. Her clitoral hood was pierced with a golden ring. She said it really help when someone was going down on her. I didn’t know what to say. She said I had to do her inner thighs right up to her quim, that’s what she called her cunt.

“As I rubbed her inner thighs her cunt just opened up and her fragrance filled the room. I really wanted to touch her and taste her, but I was so scared I was practically shaking. So I said I was finished.

“Then she said it was my turn. So I laid down on my stomach and she gave me a very nice massage, thorough, but no funny business. I was actually a little disappointed. I rolled over and she continued with a very professional effort. Now I was frustrated and a little bit embarrassed because I thought that I had completely misread the situation. She didn’t even do my inner thighs.

“I asked her why she didn’t do that and she said I had to ask her to. So I did of course, I lifted my knees and spread my legs. She rubbed deeply into my inner thigh and groin. When I had rubbed her I stopped just before that little hollow area next to your cunt lips but she pushed hard into that and then softly across my labia. It didn’t take long for me to get soaking wet down there. My clit got up and she was rubbing right alongside it. I was praying that she wouldn’t stop – she didn’t.

“She asked me if I wanted to cum – I could only nod my head. She went down on me. I mean she simply bent forward and fixed her mouth on my cunt and went down on me. I started cumming. I just came and came and came, until I was wrung out like a dishrag. When she was through she kissed me and said it was my turn again. We spent the rest of the weekend making love to each other, making love together.”

Gina’s world was swirling around her. How could Sharon have done what she just told her? The visual image of Sharon and this Fiona going down on each other had produced a state of arousal in Gina that was un-nerving. She actually felt a slight degree of jealousy. Sharon continued with her tale.

“When we went back to London, I basically moved into her flat and we kept at it for the whole next week. Friday we went on a pub-crawl and got back to her place too late and too drunk to fuck. Saturday she took me shopping. By the time Saturday night rolled around I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. So we stayed in and just got down to it. We were doing a 69 with me on top when Hugh arrived on the scene.

“Hugh was this big Welshman, and he simply came in, said hi to Fiona, whose mouth was full of my cunt, and stripped naked and knelt between Fiona’s legs. He bodily pulled her to the edge of the bed and sank his cock into her. My face was inches away from all this. He just started fucking her. With her cunt full her clit was even more exposed so I just kept licking away at it. I don’t why but it didn’t bother me at all that a man who I had never met until just five minutes before was fucking my lover while aksaray escort I ate her out and watched his cock fill her.

“He told us that he was about to come. When he did cum he pushed his cock deep into her. He pulled it out as he went soft and a long string of cum came with it. Fiona begged me to finish her as she was really close. I went back to licking her and before I knew it I was licking up some of Hugh’s cum. I don’t know if it was because it was in Fiona or what but I didn’t mind it and just kept licking away until she finally came.

“Fiona was really horny now and started to suck Hugh to get him hard. He asked if I wanted a suck and I said no. Then he asked if I would kiss Fiona and he could slide his cock between our mouths. For some reason that seemed OK with me so we did that. Fiona started getting kind of greedy with trying to get his cock into just her mouth and I was playing at pushing back at her. It was more like something between Fiona and I and not really having much to do with Hugh other then he was supplying the cock that we were playing with. So at one point I pushed Fiona aside just as Hugh pushed forward and his cock was in my mouth. I was kind of stunned and he just kept on thrusting into my mouth…and I was OK. I even started to get into it a little. Meanwhile Fiona was sucking my tits and fingering me and I was getting real close to cumming.

“Next thing I know I’m lying on my back on the bed and Hugh is between my legs and he just pushes inside me. He fucked me. He fucked me and I let him fuck me, I wanted him to fuck me and I fucked him right back. It was like that for the rest of my stay – right up to just before my fight home.”

Gina was stunned, absolutely stunned. “Does Matt…?”

“That’s where you have to help.” Sharon reached out and gently squeezed Gina’s hand. “I need you to do a oral sex threesome with Matt and I.”

“What? Are you…Sharon? Do you realize what you’re asking?”

“Please Gina. I know I’m asking a lot…please. I have never cheated on Matt. If it had just been something with Fiona I might be able to live with this, but I must have done Hugh a dozen times. Gina I swallowed too. I want to do that with Matt, I need to do that with Matt. But after all those years of not giving him blowjobs if I start sucking Matt’s cock all the time and swallowing; he’s gonna be suspicious.

“That’s where you came in Gina. You have to help me. I have to do something to get him in a position for me to start blowing him and not be suspicious about why. He needs to think that I’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty to please him I can’t ask anyone else. Please.”

Gina’s head spun dizzyingly. This was crazy. She couldn’t believe what Sharon was asking her to do, but she was more then willing to help.

“Alright Sharon, because I’m your friend and I love you both so much, I’ll help you out.” Gina leaned close and hugged Sharon reassuringly. “There is just one thing I’d like in return from you.”

“Oh thank you Gina, thank you. What would you like? What can I do for you?”

Gina felt a surge of heat within her. She swallowed the last of her wine and looked directly at Sharon. “Do me like you did Fiona. Right here, right now.”

Sharon’s mouth fell open. “You’re not serious are you? I mean, Gina, we’re neighbors and we’ll see each other after this. What if you…?”

Gina was already unbuttoning her blouse. “Sharon, Sharon, Sharon, this isn’t going to be a one-time fling. Certainly you realize that. I mean, really Sharon, after what you’ve just told me I’d think that you would want to keep me happy and on your side.”

“Ohmigod.” Sharon gasped as Gina laid back and beckoned her between her legs.

“Just like you did Fiona Sharon. Think of this as seconds.”

**Coming soon – Just Dessert: Another Helping?**

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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