Second Chances

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It had been quite awhile since Evie and I had spent any length of time together. Because our daughter was having an operation, both of us decided to be at the hospital for her until she was out of recovery.

Evie arrived first since she brought Jessica to the hospital. I made it just before she was taken into the operating room.

After Amy was wheeled away, Evie and I went to the waiting room. We began doing some reading we had brought with us, but soon began to talk. Talking about general things and trivial things at first, we then reminisced about our past. Talking quite a bit about the good times we had together with our parents, kids, and friends brought some laughs, even the beginnings of tears. Soon, our talk turned to our past relationship and resulting divorce. We talked about where our marriage went wrong. We both admitted to selfishness. We both agreed that another thing that drove us apart was a lack of intimacy.

“I know now that I never made you feel really loved. I never made you my first priority. I had to be in so much control that I wouldn’t, couldn’t, let myself go, even when it came to sex,” Evie said.

I thought for a moment then said, “I understand that now. But I still cared for you and, in the best way I could, I loved you. And I still love you, Evie. There’s a part of my heart that is still filled with you. You’ve never left my heart.”

With tears watering her eyes, she said, “And I loved you the best I could. And I still love you too.”

We were silent for a moment, then I said, “And do you know what’s even better? You and I have changed so much through the years that I feel like we actually like each other now. I’m sure there were times you didn’t like me very much.”

“Yes, there were. But you’ve changed. You’re now the man I always hoped you would be.”

She paused, and with tear sliding down her cheek said, “I’m so sorry. I wish we knew then what we know now.”

“Me too.” I said. “But our marriage wasn’t all bad. Even the sex was good. Except,” I added with a smile, “when you were angry with me.”

“That was just part of my control thing.”

She paused and said, “I’ve often thought …”

Just then, the doctor came into the waiting room and told us that the operation was a success and that we could see her in the recovery room. We were able to visit our daughter for a few moments. We talked with the doctor for awhile. He told us that she would be alert by evening.

Relieved that the operation was a success, we walked to the parking garage together.

Along the way, our conversation turned to our relationship again.

I began talking as we neared her car, “You know, Evie, you really didn’t know what you were missing. You only touched the surface of the intense emotional and physical feelings you could have felt,” I told her. “I wanted you to feel them so badly.”

“I know you did. And I’m sorry again for denying you, for denying me, what we could have had.”

I looked at her for a moment then took her into my arms. She tilted her head back and gave me a kiss so warm that it touched my heart.

She broke away and said, “Well, I’m coming back tonight. I’d better get going.”

“And I’ll be here tomorrow,” I said.

She looked at me for a lingering moment, and then said, “I’ll see you later.”


A few days later, I heard a knock on the door.

Opening the door, I was surprised to see Evie standing there.

“Well, Hi there stranger,” I said.

“Hi back,” she responded.

“What are you doing here?”

“It’s a long story. May I come in?”

“Be my guest,” I said as I opened the door and bostancı escort bayan stepped aside.

Closing the door behind us, I asked, “So, what’s the story?”

“Well, seeing you at the hospital … it just brought back so many memories.”

“I know, it brought back memories for me too.”

“It got me thinking about what life with you, what our life used to be like.”

“Now wait, Evie, we’ve already talked about this just a few days ago. We tried the best we knew how. And we did all right. Both of our kids are successful and happy. What more could we want? And, anyway, I wasn’t the best husband.”

“But there is something that has bothered me ever since our talk at the hospital.”

“Which is?”

“I can’t help but think that if we had a better sex life, the divorce may not have happened.”

“There’s more to life, more to a marriage, than sex, Evie.”

“I know that. But we never seemed to be of the same mind. It was like we were just roommates. living in the same house, raising the kids. But there was no real intimacy between us, no respect, no unconditional love,” she said.

“I know, Evie. We seemed to try, but there was something that held us back. I, we, never really gave ourselves totally to each other.”

She looked away as a tear dropped down her cheek.

Taking her in my arms, I said, “It’s OK, Evie. It’s OK.”

I tilted her head and asked, “So … why are we having this conversation?”

“Because I was always afraid to let myself go. Because I always had to be in control. Because I was afraid to give myself to you completely. Seeing you at the hospital and our talk there got me to thinking about the last ten years. It made me wonder if we could really give ourselves sexually to each other. Not holding anything back, just giving each other everything we ever wanted from each other physically and emotionally.”

“We did satisfy each other, though. We gave each other orgasms,” I said.

“I know, and they felt great. But there was this feeling that there just had to be something more. And I know you felt that way too.”

I looked at her for a moment and asked, “Are you here because you want to have sex, then?”

“Yes. Honestly, yes. I want to finally try to give myself to you. I want to try giving up control to you. I want to find out if there is more that we can give each other, a more intense feeling than we ever shared in the past.”

“I had that dream all the years we were married, Evie. And I still do.”

I took her in my arms again and gave her a tender kiss. She broke the kiss and rested her head on my shoulder. Raising her chin, I kissed her again. When she tried to pull away, I held her head with my hands and kept my lips firmly pressed against hers.

I leaned back and said, “If you want to experience what we’ve been missing, are you willing to relax and follow my lead?”

“I’ll try.”

I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom.

“I’d like for us to get undressed if you think you can do that.”

She took a deep breath and began taking her clothes off.

When she finished, I looked at her and said, “I always liked to see you naked, Evie. You were always such a sexy woman to me. And you still are,” I added.

She smiled nervously, “Now it’s your turn. I don’t want to be the only naked person in the room.”

I removed my clothes and brought her into my arms. Leaning down, I gently kissed her. I held the kiss for a long time, and then we hugged each other tightly. We kissed again. She parted her lips and I began exploring her mouth with my tongue. She rolled her tongue around mine, then began ümraniye escort sucking on it.

“I always liked sucking tongues,” I mumbled, “among other things.”

I felt my penis harden. When she felt it against her abdomen, she parted her legs and let it slide between them She pulled her arms more tightly around my neck and pushed her breasts against my chest. I put my hands on her buttocks and pressed her firmly against me.

“You’re making me leak, Evie,” I said. “And you’re leaking too.”

“I know,” she responded, “I can feel the wetness between my legs.”

“Can we get more comfortable?” I asked.

“I’d like that.”

I walked her to the bed. She looked at me for a moment, sighed, and made herself lie on her back on the bed.

“Just close your eyes, relax, and really enjoy what we’re going to share.”

I sat next to her and caressed her cheeks with my fingers.

“Close your eyes and focus on the feelings,” I said

Then I began to make circles on her abdomen with my fingers. With my other hand I began caressing her chest and breasts. When she felt my fingers near a nipple, she crossed her arms over her chest.

“No, Evie, don’t do that. Open your mind and your body to me.”

She uncrossed her arms and put them at her sides.

I took a nipple and slowly twirled it around with my fingers. She tensed.

“Relax,” I whispered.

I moved my hand from breast to breast, gently stimulating each nipple. With my other hand I made the circles on her abdomen larger, every so often brushing against her pubic hair. While continuing my circles on her abdomen, I moistened a finger and ran it over the ends of her nipples. Her body trembled slightly and her nipples became erect. She started to cross her arms again, then stopped, and put them back to her sides.

I leaned over and gave each nipple a lick and then a gentle suck. She moaned. I alternated making love to her nipples with my mouth and tongue and whispering loving words in her ears.

I sat up, turned my back to her, and began running both hands up and down her inner thighs. I worked the pads of my fingers upward and downward, occasionally touching the lips of her opening.

She moved her body uncomfortably.

“Relax,” I whispered again.

I took her outer lips between my fingers, pressed them together, then gently pulled them apart, and stroked her inner lips with my thumbs.

She caught her breath.

I turned around to position her legs. Placing the soles of her feet on the bed, I moved her knees apart. She looked at me. I bent down.

She squeezed her knees together and said, “I don’t know if I can do this. I know you always liked kissing me between my legs, but I never really enjoyed it. I always thought it was disgusting. I only did it because you wanted to.”

“Believe me, Evie, it was never disgusting. I can still remember your aroma, your taste, the feel of your smoothness on my tongue.”

“But I never had an orgasm that way. I don’t think I can.”

“Yes you can, Evie. And, you’ll love it. Just close your eyes and give yourself away.”

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and allowed me to spread her legs farther apart. Hesitating a moment to take in her aroma, I opened her outer lips with my tongue and pressed my mouth against her warm opening.

She twitched.

I looked up and said, “Just go with the feelings, Evie.”

With the first lick of my tongue, a shiver went through her body.

I looked up again and said, “Close your eyes and focus all your attention on the sensations you’re experiencing. Don’t think about anything else.”

I continued licking escort kartal her opening. I could feel more wetness begin to flow. I ran my tongue up and down the slit of her opening. Her juices began to flow even more freely. I found her clitoris and gave it a flick with my tongue.

“Oh!” she exclaimed.

Her body shuddered and she moved her hands and started to push my head away.

“Please,” I said and held her hands to her side.

I pulled her legs over my shoulders and ran my tongue around her outer lips. I found her clitoris again and took it between my lips. As I slowly sucked it into my mouth, she arched her back and pressed her mound against my face.

I heard a moan, almost a growl.

She gasped, “Why did I not want you to do this before?”

Not wanting her to come too quickly, I returned to licking, this time her inner lips.

“Ohhhh,” she cried out, “I never knew I could feel like this.”

I felt her inner lips part and inserted my tongue as deep into her vagina as it could reach. She grasped my head and pushed it hard against her swollen lips.

I pulled my tongue out and traced it toward her anus. When I touched it, her body jumped and she let go of my head.

“Not that. Please,” she begged. “I’m afraid. I don’t want …”

“Go with the feelings, Evie,” I whispered.

I licked across her anus, then gently pressed the tip of my tongue against her opening. She moaned with delight.

“Oh … Oh … I never … I never knew …”

She was responding to every touch of my tongue. Her body began to writhe. She pressed her hands firmly against the bed.

After lingering at her anus a few moments, I worked my way back to her clitoris and began liking around it, across it. Taking it between my lips again, I began sucking and flicking it with my tongue. I inserted two fingers of one hand between her sex lips and began stroking in and out of her opening. With her juices, I moistened a finger on the other and gently pushed against her anus.

She tried to clamp her legs together and said, “Don’t. I don’t want that. I don’t want to do that.”

“I’m sorry, Evie. I’ll never hurt you.”

I removed my fingers and began squeezing her buttocks. She relaxed her legs and I continued licking her clitoris and sucking on her outer and inner lips.

She was becoming agitated. She squirmed. She began breathing rapidly. She was having difficulty controlling her body.

I moved my finger back to her anus and made circles around it while licking the length of her pussy. She offered no complaint this time, so I gently pressed it against her anus. It opened slightly. I pressed my finger slowly against it, but not inside, then backed off. I felt a tremor coursing through her body as it strained toward orgasm. I reached for a nipple and twirled it between my fingers. Suddenly she screamed, pulled my mouth against her clitoris with one hand, clamped her anus tightly against my finger, and exploded with and orgasm. Keeping my lips on her clitoris and pressing two fingers into her vagina, I brought her to another orgasm, more shattering than the first. She grabbed my head with both hands and pushed it against her with so much force I could hardly breathe. She came a third time and then collapsed her body on the bed. I rested my head on her sbdomen.

Finally, barely able to talk, she said, “No more. No more. I can’t take any more.”

After a while, I sat up.

She gave me a weak smile and said, “I never ever thought I could feel like that. I’m so sorry I never let myself go before. And I never thought touching my bottom would feel like that either. And to think, all I’d ever let you do was get on top of me with your penis inside me or just make each other come with our hands. “

“I told you that you would love it,” I responded.

“I’ve got to rest a minute.”

She lay there, breathing deeply until she fell into a peaceful sleep.

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