Satisfaction Pt. 01: Ch. 01 to 07

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This first part contains the first seven chapters of a twenty-one chapter plus epilog full length novel. The remainder will be served up in four more submissions. The rest of the story that follows over the next couple of weeks.

For those of you who have followed my work you may recognize six edited versions of stories I have previously submitted some time ago. They are all integral to the much larger erotic structure of the story. For those new to my work, I hope you enjoy the diversions these discrete shorter stories bring to the whole.

I have anchored the five parts of this story on the Erotic Couplings banner. I include many erotic couplings, but you will also find I have written in incest, multi-couplings, voyeurism and lesbianism. Look elsewhere if these subjects are not to your liking.

This is entirely a work from my imagination. Any resemblance to real people, alive or dead, actual events and identifiable locations is purely coincidental.

My thanks for Chas and John for their editing skills and sage advice. Those remaining mistakes and inconsistencies are my bad.

Now, jump on Glen’s shoulder and enjoy the ride.

* * * * *

Chapter 1

School’s Out

Do I submit yet?

Glen Garrison thought for a moment that he would go over the form one more time. He glanced up at the clock and saw he had another thirty minutes before the deadline of five o’clock. His eyes returned the screen and then glanced down to the invitation propped up just below.

Principal’s Reception. 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Staff room.

He had to leave.

Glen moved the cursor over the Submit button and hit enter. The next academic year’s budget, the first he had prepared at this new school, was sent off. He felt a wave of relief. He slipped on his sports jacket, turned off the computer, collected his briefcase and turned off the lights as he exited his small piece of school real estate. His mind was elsewhere as he stepped into the corridor.

He nearly collided with one his fellow teachers.

“Wahoo, big boy. Almost ran me down.”

In fact, it was quite the reverse. Jan nearly ran into him as her mind was also focused on getting out of the school. Every year on this last day of school she had a ritual glass of wine, to be followed by more, waiting for her at home.

Glen tried to remember her name. He had only spoken to her twice over the whole year. “Janet. You OK?”

“My name is Janice Remington, Mr. Glen Garrison.”

She paused to let him know she didn’t appreciate that he did not remember her name. As if to emphasize the point she took some delight by showing she knew his name. Relaxing a bit, she continued, “Call me Jan. What do your friends call you?”

“Glen. Just Glen.”

“Glen it is. Well Glen, finished the fucking budget?”

Surprised at Jan’s casual profanity, Glen cleared his throat, “Yep. That’s some form we have to fill in.” He remembered Jan was the head of the language department.

“I hate it. I hate it. I fucking HATE it. And, as a reward we get twenty minutes of bullshit purgatory when we’ll be told what a great job we all did this year. I hate this even more!”

Glen was taken back by Jan’s attitude, but before he could form a response, they had reached the staffroom.

“Here we go.” Jan’s face broke into a beautiful artificial smile.

He looked at her face more carefully. Her sharp jawline and prominent cheekbones contrasted with her soft eyes, delicate nose and full lips. An attractive woman with character written into every feature.

The staffroom was sparsely populated. From the number of used paper plates, half-eaten cake remnants and used cups scattered around, it was clear most of the staff had come and gone. Glen circled the room shaking hands with the other remaining staff before coming to the principal and his henchmen. As Jan had predicted the principal and the two vice-principals told Glen what a great job he had done, and how pleased the whole school was that he had joined the staff.

Having done his duty and been noticed, Glen decided to leave. Before he reached the door, Jan intercepted him with a questioning look on her face.

“My place?”

Glen was a little shocked and very surprised. “Your place?”

“A celebratory glass, or two, of wine at my place. I may have some beer. I need a libation and I suspect you do too. That is, if you don’t have anywhere else to be.”

Now Glen was on the horns of a dilemma; he had nothing else he would be doing apart from going home to relax and make something for supper. Yet he was wary of this sudden unsolicited invitation. Making friends was not his strong suit.

Jan detected his reluctance. “Look, we have been working in the same school for the last academic year. We are colleagues. We have only spoken a dozen words to each other. What better chance than now to get to know each other a bit better?”

Glen shrugged as he decided why not, “OK then. Let’s do it. Where do you live?”

Jan Uşak Escort gave Glen her address. “Follow me. If you can keep up.”

A challenge.

With difficulty Glen followed Jan’s sporty Tesla. He thought about this new best friend. When he arrived in the area a year earlier Glen knew no one. He had made a few acquaintances over the school year and here was the chance of a new friendship. If that is what she was open to.

Apart from registering her attractive face, Glen realized that she must work at not giving any reason to attract attention to her figure. Her clothes were smart but generous and gave no clue as to what lay below them.

Glen pulled in behind Jan in her driveway. The well-maintained, detached house stood in a neatly groomed and planned garden dotted with summer blooms.

Jan gestured at the garden, “What do you think? I love gardening.”

“Lovely. You must work hard at it.”

“Mainly weekends. I hate the grading, parent meetings, and such which seem to consume most of the evenings. I have a pool around the back. Maybe later.” Jan led Glen through the tidy house to the kitchen.

On the island stood an open bottle of Pinot Noir and a glass. “I give it plenty of time to breath.” She brought a second glass from a cupboard, filled both of them and offered a toast, “To the long summer holidays.”

After gulping down half her glass, she then went to another cupboard, produced a second bottle and opened it “to breath.” By way of explanation she muttered, “I usually manage one on my own.”

At that moment Glen noticed that Jan wore an engagement ring. “You’re engaged?

“Yes. To a lovely old fart, twenty-five years my senior, rich widower, great sense of humor, and a prude. Love him dearly when I am with him.” She left her statement hanging.

“Really. An old fart?”

“He calls himself that.”

“Wedding plans?”

“Open-ended. When he retires. Probably three to five years. Suits us both.”


“No. An American in Europe. He visits when he can. We chat on Skype almost every day.”

“Stays here when in town?”

“No. He stays at the Hilton near the highway. We’re not that intimate. As I said, a prude. A loveable one though.” Jan stopped for a moment before continuing, “Hey, what’s with the third degree? I’m beginning to think you might have considered hitting on me by your line of questions.” She grinned and paused once more for effect. “Don’t let my status stop you.”

Glen thought, What, a green light?

Jan looked at Glen in the eyes, “You do know that you are considered a savior around the school, don’t you?”

“What?” Glen almost choked.

“For the seven years I’ve been at the school the local press has made us the laughing-stock based on the beyond-miserable performance of the football team. We’d become Mercy Central. It was considered a victory if we lost by less than thirty points. One team reached triple digits and the scoreboard couldn’t register it. The highest-ranking was last, constantly. Getting us to the middle of the league is thought of as a miracle. Hence appellation of The Savior.”

Glen puffed up a bit, “Hey. I’ve only just started. Give me two or three more years and the others will be eating our dust. I’ve a couple of ninth graders who will be killers. I need the time to develop the talent from the lower grades. It’s coming. When did you become interested in football?”

“When you arrived. And we started winning.”

“A fair-weather fan?”

“You batcha. Let’s take this outside on the patio. It’s shaded by this time of day.”

They sat overlooking a pristine blue swimming pool.

“Made any friends at school?”

“Jim Alsop and Pedro Gonzalez are buds.”

Jan frowned. “Right. Any female staff, or are you just a jock kind of guy?”

“Emily, the secretary has been generous with her time for me as I settle into this new school. And Daphne the art teacher has also reached out a fair amount.”

“That’s it?”

“No. Everyone I have met has been very friendly.”

Jan sat silently for a full minute looking at the pool while she finished off her third fast glass. She poured the remainder from the bottle into her glass.

“Glen, you really are clueless, aren’t you?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Answer me one question.”

Glen’s expression turned from puzzlement to a challenge that said try me. He nonchalantly brought his wine glass to his lips and took a swig.

Jan straightened her back and looked Glen in the eyes, “Are you gay?”

“What?” Wine exploded out of his mouth onto his shirt and pants. “Where did that come from? Gay? You must be joking. Seriously?” He shook his head from side to side.

“Jim and Pedro are the LGBT standard bearers in the school along with three women. Emily has a huge crush on you and would drop her panties in an instant if you asked her. Daphne probably not: she may have reasons. You can see why I asked the question. They’ve all been courting you. Uşak Escort Bayan You had no idea, did you? As I said, clueless.”

“I may not have noticed those signals, but I am definitely not clueless, as you put it.”

“Yes. You are.”

“Ok. Prove it. Give me one occasion when I missed something.”

“Remember when we played the Brobern High School?”

“Oh, only too well. They used a trick quarterback play in the dying seconds. We lost by two points. I chewed the team out in way they won’t forget in a hurry. What’s that prove?”

“I meant the girls volleyball game. Hannah’s team.”

“Oh, that game. Yes. I remember that now you come to mention it, Coach Hannah was at her citizenship ceremony. I stood in for her.”

“Remember anything special about the game?”

“Not much. I pulled the let’s-do-this-for-Hannah’s citizenship to get the girls pumped up. We won, as I recall.”

“That’s all?”

Glen was now puzzled but could not think of anything else about the game. “Yes. Where’s this going?”

“One of the fathers attended the game. He’s a horn dog and keeps making pitches to get into my panties. He’ll raise anything that has the slightest sexual connotation in an attempt to groom me. I digress. He told me that was the best game ever.”

“Because I was coaching?”

“Dream on. He noticed that his daughter and about two-thirds of the team did not wear their bras. When he got home, he asked his wife to find out why they went braless. After much persuasion the daughter fessed up to her mom. All the girls on the team wanted to make an impression on you and hoped you would challenge them about it so they could all show you their tits. You did not mention their wardrobe choices. In fact, you didn’t even notice. I rest my case. Clueless.”

“Ouch. Really. You’re right I didn’t notice all those bouncing young titties. Guess that makes you almost right. I have to up my game a bit. I guess the cliché is true, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

“Looks as though I better help. When I look at you, I see one helluva hunk of manhood, Glen. Everyone does. The girl’s gym class has never been so full. I bet more than half the married female staff think of you as their husbands take them, and the unmarried gals jill-off to fantasies of you. And you do not have any idea what impression you present. I find that amazing. You’re a Humble Hunk.”

Glen tried to make light to cover his embarrassement, “I guess I should pay more attention. Call me HH.”

“OK, HH. Fancy a swim? I’ll go in and get the other bottle of wine and some towels. Give me your shirt and pants, I’ll soak them before the wine stains set completely.”

Glen looked down at the ground, “No trunks.” He was still processing the news he was clueless, and his thoughts went back to his marriage and its ending.

“Trunks. Skunks. Do you go commando?” Glen looked up and shook his head.

Jan smirked before continuing, “Then you have something to cover you. Don’t be a chicken, football coach. I’ll go and get the towels. Wait by the pool. Now give me your shirt and trousers.”

Glen removed his shirt and handed it over.

Jan held out her hand, “Pants please. They’ll be ruined otherwise. See the red wine splash.”

Glen complied as he stripped down to his modest striped boxers. The pants were his best khakis.

Jan was not subtle, “Wowee, nice bod.”

Glen stood six foot three and kept himself in shape with a defined six-pack and well developed, chest, arms, and thighs all contained within mahogany-colored skin.

“Thank you. I try to stay in shape.”

“Oh, my dear, you do.”

Ten minutes later Jan came down the stairs wrapped in a lime green towel tucked together above her breasts carrying three more towels. “I think the stains will come out completely.”

In her absence Glen had decided to go with the flow. “Jan you are a revelation. I now know I am a Savior and Sex God. Anything else I should know?”

Jan unwrapped the towel around her. She was naked underneath. Glen could not believe his eyes. Jan’s slim frame mirrored the clearly defined bone structure of her face, but she had not been denied fullness in her feminine parts with well-rounded hips and butt, tight waist, flat tummy and perfectly proportioned breasts that sat high over defined ribs.

Reflecting her comment back to her, “Wowee. Nice bod.”

Jan approached the pool side ready to dive when she turned to Glen, “Thank you for the compliment kind sir. And there is one more thing you should know — perhaps its two — one is that I am one of the gals who jill to fantasies about you and the second is that I am going to fuck you after we have had a swim.” She did a graceful dive before Glen had a chance to answer.

The competitive side of Glen took over. “Game on.”

He followed Jan into the pool with a flat dive. After a couple of kicks, he found that his boxers had been dragged down his legs by the dive. He stopped to kick them off. He started the Escort Uşak chase. Jan was fast, but Glen was just a bit faster. He could have intercepted her as they crossed going in opposite directions, but he played fair. He caught her at the end of the sixth lap in the shallow end.

He momentarily pushed Jan’s head under the water as he stood and grabbed her from behind. He pulled her up coughing and spluttering, turned her around and bore into her body with his. Her back pushed against the pool wall. Glen’s arms circled Jan as her as he pulled close. He felt her firm breasts nestle against his lower chest.

Craning his neck down, Glen’s mouth sought hers. She looked up and with open lips met him. Reflexively his tongue engaged hers and passion took over for a few moments before Jan broke away, gasping for breath.

“Let’s take this inside. I need to catch my breath.”

Glen nodded his agreement. He too was breathing heavily from both the chase and the sudden and unfamiliar wave of arrousal that had hit him.

He followed Jan up the stairs to a large bathroom, leaving a trail of wet footprints behind them.

“Let’s shower off the pool water. I hate those chemicals.”

The large open shower would accommodate six. The overhead light reflected on the iridescent mosaic tiling to create a grotto effect.


Jan turned on the shower. They embraced under the gentle droplets from the rain head. They kissed again. This time Glen explored the full soft lips willingly presented to him. After a minute of exploration, Jan pushed Glen away, reached for the soap and started to lather her shower companion.

“Turn around.” She spent time working up from his feet to his crotch. His scrotum contracted and his cock grew. “Goldilocks. Or maybe Goldicock.”


“Not too small. Not too large. Just right. Although at first glance it does look a bit small against your large frame. Relatively speaking.”


“Not for a moment. As I said, just right for me. Now do me.” She passed Glen the soap.

He started with her shoulders and he moved down to take a long time over Jan’s magnificent breasts. Jan threw her head back as he worked her nipples with pinches and twists. The nubs hardened and the slippery buttons escaped the pinches with a pop. His hands roved further down and lathered what remained of the neatly trimmed pubic hair before running his middle finger down the warm confluence of the labia.

“I want Goldie inside me. I have a special request. Can we fuck standing up? I’ve never been with a man who is strong enough to do it properly. You look as though you not only have the balls but also the muscle.”

She knelt before him and immediately took Goldie in her mouth. He hardened quickly. At which point Jan leaped up and jumped at Glen with her legs around his waist trapping Goldie between their bellies. As Glen pulled her up by her buttocks, she assisted by pulling herself higher with her arms. She felt his cock slip down her stomach to between her legs. She could feel it positioned. Glen reached under and parted the soft folds to open the way to her desire. She relaxed a little and slipped down easily having a brief orgasmic wave flow over her as she felt the penetration.

Glen moved forward to push Jan’s back against the mosaic. Using his strength, he lifted her as he rammed forward and upwards. She helped by pushing down on his shoulders. They set up a rhythm as the seconds and then minutes passed, gradually building to a mutual orgasm. Glen shot his seed deep inside her willing, pulsing pussy. They held their position for a full minute after the fuck had concluded.

Glen set Jan down gently on her wobbly legs. She reached up and kissed him gently on lips.

“Thank you.” She then grinned and added, “Another item off my bucket — or is that fuck-it — list. Let’s clean up and go to the bedroom. I have work to do.”

Surprised, “Work?”

“Oh, Glen, sometimes your naivete is adorable.”

She demonstrated the substance of her statement and worked Glen first with a cowgirl, followed soon by going doggy, then using oral recuperation tactics and some lube from a bedside table she finished up with an anal penetration. Both orgasmed heartily every time.

Jan fetched some soap and a flannel to clean of Glen’s dick. She worked it with her hand and then brought her mouth and tongue to bear to give one final attempt to get some new rigidity out of the flaccid Goldie. It was a failure. She was disappointed. She had plans for a titty fuck to complete another wish off her fuck-it list. She rationalized that she had a solid reason to attempt this all again and smiled to herself.

They both fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 2

Looking Back

Glen awoke to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee. Jan placed a large tray on the bed beside Glen. “Coffee, cream, sugar if you need it, toast, butter, marmalade, and cheese. Sorry no croissants today.”

“Black.” After a frown and a pause, “Cheese?”

Jan poured the coffee. “I learned the pleasure of eating Emmental cheese with marmalade when I lived in Switzerland. You need the protein. Try it.”

Glen was hungry. He scoffed down everything that Jan did not eat.

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