Sarah’s Mistake Ch. 04

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Note: Thank you, Ari, for your help and input for this story. Perhaps our paths will cross again sometime, even if only online.

This is a work of fiction. No characters or situations were based on real events or persons just an erotic fantasy. If stories of incest, reluctance / non-consent humiliation, and or blackmail are not for you, then this story will no be for you. If you are or have been in any similar situation, especially Blackmail, then please seek the proper authorities for guidance and help.

See Chapter 1 for the introduction to this story. This picks up after where Chapter 3 left off.


It had been three weeks since Sarah had first been used by her uncle David. She now worked for him at his realtor’s office. She really collected and deposited the rent checks for his many residential rentals. She coordinated any repair work as well.

She also worked on getting accommodations arranged for out of town families coming in for the reunion which was this coming weekend. Many had preferred the local hotels, which she booked for them, but a few bickered about which cabin or house she offered to them. Those were who her uncle and sometimes her father talked to.

One cabin on Little Bear Lake was marked as booked, but no name was given. When Sarah asked, David shrugged it off and promised to show her very soon.

She had lost a few pounds too. They both would go out and clean the cabins and houses that would be soon used. Her lunches were usually skipped as they worked like that. Even Stan had noticed.

The one thing that didn’t happen much was sex which both relieved Sarah and strangely puzzled her. She felt sick about the fact that she was sexually attracted to her own uncle. But he seemed preoccupied with getting his business properties taken care of, as well as getting things ready for the reunion.

Still, there were a few times where she went down on him as he spoke on the phone to cousins and once to her own father. His hand held her head as he slowly slid his big, fat cock in and out. He was careful not to gag her, but still did a few times. David never acknowledged it except with a small chuckle and a “yes, wonderful” which made her wonder even more about him and his plans for her.

Today was such a day. David had been very hands on that morning. Sarah had protested, but she was actually craving his attention. She had worn a white blouse and a black tennis skirt. About half way through the morning, when she thought he might make a move, Sarah had taken off her spanks and panties under her skirt.

Now Sarah was topless, on her knees, and her hands were cuffed behind her as uncle Dave fed her his cock. She was almost over the disgust of the act with him, except for the fear of being found out. Lust for sex really seemed to be her real motive now.

The wet sounds of his cock sliding in and out of her mouth filled his office. Her chin was wet and dripping onto her bare breast. David held her by the hair as he fed her.

“You love cock, don’t you?” he teased. Sarah could only nod. She hated to admit that she found herself horny most of the time, wanting this sick treatment from him.

When his cell rang, David smiled and barely slowed. Normally he did and Sarah knew to remain quiet. This time to her amazement, he held her head and continued. He answered on speaker. “Dan, how is retirement going?” David said Maltepe Escort with a slight laugh. Sarah’s face went red and she tried to stop David and pull away.

A laugh came through the phone and then a deep, southern voice said, “Treating us well. So glad to be done with the daily grind.”

A female voice then said, “We can’t wait to see everyone.”

David grinned. “Amanda, I know I am looking forward to seeing you, my sexy cuz.” Sarah felt her uncle thrust a little harder as they heard Amanda’s voice.

A tinge of jealousy ran through Sarah’s mind. Here her pervy uncle was abusing her and she was jealous of some woman she couldn’t remember ever meeting. Sarah realized it was the same feeling she had now for her aunt Amy.

The thought and reality of her situation humiliated her as she is fed the big cock she craved. The manhood of her own pervy uncle. The wet slurping sounds they made could not help but be heard.

Dan asked, “Having some fun for lunch?”

Amanda chimed in, “Is that Amy?”

Sarah looked up to see David looking down and smiling. “No, she is a sexy woman I recently came to really know.” Sarah felt some relief that he hadn’t told them who she was. Then a chill ran down her spine. “You guys remember Brad’s girl?”

David held Sarah’s hair tight, as he pumped into her throat. It was Amanda who said, “Little Sarah? Don’t tell me.” She paused, the sloppy sounds of the blowjob filled the silence. “Are you serious?”

David pulled his wet cock from Sarah’s willing mouth. “Say hello Sarah.”

Her face was burning from the humiliation of her perverted uncle telling his cousin and her hubby about them. She looked up with pleading eyes. She shook her head, but David jerked her head the other way. Sarah got the message. ‘Hi, how…how are you?”

Amanda spoke, “We are doing fine Hon. We are really looking forward to meeting you and really getting to know you.”

Dan spoke up by adding, “Yes very much so. We didn’t mean to interrupt you two.” David smiled down at his niece. She looked up; she too understood the meaning.

She knew, again, she should have said no. She should have gotten away and lived with the shame of her recent activities. But, like knowing her neighbor had taped her that first night, something made her feel so slutty but turned on. Sarah opened her mouth and took her uncle’s cock again. She was very aware that the line was still open as she slid down his thick shaft.

Sarah felt a rush of excitement as she again pleasured her uncle. Something about knowing she had an audience was turning her on. She wished she could rub her pussy as she felt David’s hands on her head.

Suddenly he was fucking her mouth hard. Sarah could hear voices from the phone, but she couldn’t understand them as she was used. The sound of the rough treatment rang in her ears as David slid obscenely in and out of her mouth over and over before announcing he was going to cum and ordering Sarah to swallow it.

Sarah could hear cheers as David came in her mouth. Her eyes watered and drool along with cum dripped from her chin. She could barely see that David was taking a picture of her with his cock in her mouth. She knew he would. He almost always made sure he had evidence of what she had done.

David then pulled out and he took the cell off speaker. He left Sarah sitting there, catching her Anadolu Yakası Escort breath. He returned a few minutes later, a big grin on his face. “You are going to be popular.”

He stroked her cheek as she looked up at him. She had a strange feeling in her gut because of his words. She knew this was sick and she should be repulsed by it, but for some reason, this was turning her on. Meekly she asked, “Fuck me.” She stared at his cock. “Please fuck my married pussy, uncle David.”

David loved it. He knew Sarah well. He knew that phone call would make her even more horny, as the fact he hadn’t in a while. He helped her up as she again asked, “Please, fuck me or at least let me get off.” David then guided his niece to the empty spare desk.

“Is MY whore in need of a fucking?” he teased as he pushed her chest down on the cool desktop.

Sarah let out a moan and pleaded, “Fuck yes, I need it. You were right about me.” She then felt his hand raise her skirt over her exposed ass. He kicked her legs a little wider.

“Mmm, no panties. Such a whore,” David said as he rubbed her large butt cheeks before he gave each a smack. Not a hard smack, but a playful one.

Sarah let out a soft moan. They both knew now that she loved it. David began to spank her; each smack rang out. “My little whore, no longer a little cock tease, are you?”

“No, I’m not a cock tease,” Sarah grunted out as she took the blows. Her breasts rubbing on the desktop. Her hard nipples seemed very sensitive today.

David grinned down at his sexual toy, his own brother’s daughter. Her ass was turning red already and she jumped slightly with each blow. “I agree, Sarah. You are no longer a cock tease, are you?”

Sarah answered in a voice full of lust, “No, no.” As sick as this was, she was turned on by it and the way he was treating her. “I’m your whore, like you said I would be.”

David felt his cock hardening at her words as he rubbed her warm ass. He guessed she was wet and when he allowed his hand to tease her, found she was. He continued to fondle her ass, listening to her heavy breathing as he did and gave her a few more smacks. “Tell me, my dear whore. Has anyone ever fucked this sweet ass of yours?”

“Oh my God. You can’t be serious?!” Sarah exclaimed. “You’re too fucking big, David.”

She now squirmed, remembering the only other time she had taken it in her ass. It was early in her marriage, when she began to run around on Stan with Tim. They had been drinking again and at that time they had only kissed. Then that kiss turned into making out. She had refused to let him touch her womanhood, but the situation had her horny and she agreed to let him have her ass.

A very hard smack brought her mind back. “…a question,” David hissed.

“Only once. It hurt like hell. Please, please don’t,” Sarah replied as her uncle began to trace her puckered rosebud with fingers wet from her own pussy. Her ass again was smacked. “Please, not there. Fuck my pussy uncle

David. Damn you!”

David watched as Sarah balled her hands into fists as he inserted a finger into her tight ass. “So fucking tight, I love it.”

“You bastard,” Sarah replied as she felt his finger first invade and then wiggle in her ass. Then he quickly added a second finger and he began to finger fuck her asshole. His other hand now held her fists, holding her in İstanbul Escort place.

David pulled his fingers out, then began to slide his hard cock along Sarah’s wet cunt lips as she moaned, “Please fuck my pussy. Please fuck that.” But she knew by now that her uncle would take from her what he wanted. And that simple fact turned her on like nothing ever had.

She tried not to tense up as he again fingered her ass, lubing her up with her own juices before she felt his mushroom head beginning to push.

“Relax my dear and you will enjoy the experience much better.” David told her. Sarah bit her lip and nodded as her anal ring was pierced. A shriek left her mouth before she even thought of any words.

Her mind was lost in pain as his fat cock had just entered her tight asshole. She opened and closed her fists behind her, still locked in the handcuffs. She realized she was holding her breath.

David again told her to relax as he held his place for a moment or two. Then he slowly added a little more cock before pulling out a moment and starting over, each time going a little deeper into his sobbing lover’s ass.

David loved anal sex. He found the act to be a big turn on especially when the woman went from hating it to loving it. He was very sure Sarah would be one who loved it. She loved sex and so far, had loved doing anything he asked. Soon he saw the signs. Sobbing turned to slight moaning and her hands relaxed. Then more moaning and finally she was fucking back.

David began to slam his cock in and out of Sarah’s tight ass, seeing her thrash her head. Soon he pulled her up by the elbows, so her breasts rubbed the desktop as he simply fucked her ass. He went on and on, thanks to her blowjob just before.

He turned her away from the desk at one point, keeping her bent over as he delivered his meat over and over. They both felt her legs begin to wobble as he turned her back and then pushed her onto the desk. He then climbed on himself and resumed destroying her ass.

Sarah’s mind regaled from the fucking. David had only fucked her once this hard and not this long. She felt like she was going to orgasm from it and wished her hands were free. Then he pushed her on the desk and really pounded her. Her pierced clit rubbing the desk with each thrust of her uncle’s cock. She was so close now.

Then he stopped. His manhood buried deep in her. He moaned and she knew he was cumming deep in her bowels. He moved her hair and kissed her neck. “That was fun, my whore.”

Sarah only moaned, trying to grind herself on the flat desktop. “Uncuff me please, I need to cum you bastard.” His softening cock was still in her ass.

He chuckled a minute before he released her. Then he videoed her rubbing her pussy to a big orgasm, loud, right on top of the desk.

David turned off the camera on his phone and stepped over to Sarah. Leaning down he kissed her, their tongues soon dancing as he first played with her breasts before sliding his hand to her vulva.

After rubbing her pussy a few minutes, getting her hot again, he stopped and offered her his fingers.

Sarah cleaned his fingers. She had cleaned her own before as well as his. She really didn’t even think about it. Then she saw the evil grin on his face. She stopped, “What?”

“You’re working very late this Thursday.” Then he rose up. “You can take the rest of the day off, my dear.”


(Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. If not, I hope you find an author you do enjoy.

Ok, I might have more in store and no I didn’t forget the cabin on bear lake. This one took many throw aways before I was happy. Thus the jump in the timeline.)

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