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I was inspired to write this after hurricane Sandy. This is 100% fiction, except for the hurricane. Hope you like it.


I was trying to crank out a nightmarish 15 page paper for my English class. It was a Sunday night and I was in my college dorm, working furiously, cursing my natural procrastinating skills. Classes had already been called off for the next 2 days because of the storm we were supposed to get. So most of the kids, my roommate Cade included, had taken the opportunity to go home for the long weekend. But not me. Or my girlfriend of 2 years, Liv. I didn’t have a car on campus, being a freshman, so I didn’t really have a choice. And Liv, who was a sophomore with a car, didn’t want to risk driving in case the storm hit. Or at least that’s what we told ourselves. I think we both knew it was a good excuse to stay on campus while everyone was gone and spend the weekend screwing like wild animals.

So anyway, I was laboring furiously over my laptop, iTunes blasting through my speakers, with only 4 pages to go, when the power blew. Just like that, it went pitch black. Thank god I saved my work! Exasperated, I leaned back in my chair and put my hands over my face. “Shit!” I hissed. I knew exactly how to finish the essay, now I had to wait for god only knows how long. I sighed and stood up carefully. It was so dark, I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face! And it was deathly quiet, except for the falling rain outside. I pulled out my phone, an iPhone 4, and found my flashlight app. Turning it on, I surveyed my room and walked carefully over to my bed, stepping over my guitar case and a pile of clothes. I lay down and was about to go to sleep when my phone rang, making me jump. It was Liv. I answered “Hey gorgeous. What’s up?”

“Hey baby. Did you just lose power?”

“Liv, I think the whole fucking state just did. I can’t see a thing here!”

“I know. And I’m a little spooked here. Could you come over and keep me company? You know I’m scared of the dark.” (Imagine that. A girlfriend scared of the dark. Jackpot!) There was no way I was refusing. “Anything for you, sweetheart. I’ll be right over.” This was basically a guaranteed lay for me.

“I look forward to it. Bye, boyfriend.” She hung up.

The challenge was getting to her room in one piece, across the parking lot. I grabbed a sweatshirt and a flashlight and set off. Just getting out of the building was bad enough! I walked into walls and took multiple wrong turns before I found the exit. Losing power around here was a clusterfuck! Then I had to walk through howling winds and a hail of rain that felt like machine gun bullets. I was soaked by the time I found the entrance to her dorm building. Walking inside, the building was pitch black. I finally found her room using my flashlight. She shared a “suite” with 4 other girls but they each had their own room. All the other girls were gone. Perfect. I could hear something escort ataşehir coming from her room but wasn’t sure what it was. “Liv?” I called, taking a step towards her room. The sound got louder. I froze as I realized what it was. Moaning. If she’s doing what I think she’s doing…I thought as I reached for the doorknob.

I opened it to loud moaning and a greeting. “Oh baby, you get me so horny. Just the thought of you makes me wet. Hearing your voice down the phone was too much. I can’t wait to-” she stopped and sat up, the bed springs creaking. “Matt? That is you, isn’t it? I’m not creeping out one of my professors right now?”

I laughed. “Relax babe. It’s me. You probably can’t see me. Or anything for that matter.”

She sighed. “Thank god. It just occurred to me it might not be you. Anyway, where was I?” she lay back down, still completely invisible, and continued. I could see her outline and her hand moving vigorously. “Oh, I’m so horny. This feels so good. I want your massive cock buried balls deep in my dripping wet pussy. Does that sound good baby? It sure does to me. Ohhhh, the juices are running down my hand now. Here it comes baby! Ahhh!” she screamed and relaxed.

“Wow. That was quite a show.” I clapped.

“Thank you. I work on it.” She stood up, panting. “Let’s get some light in here.” Her sexy outline walked over to her dresser and lit several candles. The room was bathed in flickering light. I finally saw Liv for the first time. She was completely topless and had on only a thong. The candlelight gave her sexy bellybutton ring a glow.

She smirked and ran her hands up and down her soccer-toned body. “Like what you see? Baby, this is only a preview!” Then she noticed I was dripping wet from the storm. Her jaw dropped. “Shit. You shoulda said something! I thought I was the only one dripping wet. Here, give me that. Let’s get you warmed up. And not just temperature speaking.” She smiled and came over. I quickly stripped down to my boxers and gave my soaking wet clothes to her. She tossed them on the floor and pulled me into a bone-crushing hug. We just stood there for a minute until she said, “How’s this? You feeling warmed up yet?” She was a good 6 inches shorter than me but her body heat felt really nice nonetheless, especially with her C cup boobs crushed against me.

I smiled in the darkness. “It feels great. Thanks.” I buried my face in her hair, taking in her scent.

She said suddenly, “Oh, the things I want to do to you! Come here!” she grabbed me and started kissing me violently, sticking her tongue in my mouth. I reached down and picked her up, still kissing madly, and carried her over to the bed. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me down on top of her, fumbling for my cock through my boxers. She finally pulled them off and started pumping my cock vigorously. I groaned and slid her thong off and stuck a finger in her. To my surprise, she kadıköy escort bayan was already gushing down there. I began fingerfucking her and squeezed and kneaded one of her tits with my other hand. She groaned and stopped jacking me, pushing me off her. She crawled between my knees and slowly ran her tongue up and down my cock before plunging it into her moist, warm mouth. I groaned loudly and grabbed the bed sheets, trying to restrain myself from shoving my cock down her throat. Instead, I grabbed her hair and gently held it away from her pretty face as she savagely attacked my manhood, humming softly and sending major pleasure through me. It was too much for me when she swirled her tongue around the tip. Shockwaves of pleasure pulsed through me as I unloaded what seemed like buckets down her throat.

I collapsed on the bed, groaning. She crawled up to eye level, licking her lips and swirling some of my semen around her mouth before swallowing and resting her head on my chest. We just lay there for about 10 minutes, waiting for me to recover. Liv smiled as she felt my now hard cock poking her stomach.

“Oh dear. Someone’s excited again. We’ll fix that!” She sat up and got on her hands and knees, motioning to me, “I’m all yours, babe.”

I got on my knees and slowly penetrated her pussy. It’s hard to say if her mouth or her snatch felt better. I grabbed her waist and started slowly plowing, resisting the urge to just rail her and be done. I wanted this to last. She moaned softly and inched closer, trying to get it in deeper.

“Please baby…harder….” she pleaded. I complied, increasing my pace.

“Ohhhhhh yyeeaahhhhh, that’s it. Oh god…” she said. I gently took one hand off her waist and gently pulled her hair. “Yes, baby. Pull my hair. Fuck me like I’m your bitch.”

I went even harder, now reaching around and grabbing her boobs. She turned her head and exclaimed, “Oh yes! You’re driving me fucking crazy. Don’t stop!” she screamed and threw her head back, coming violently. I gritted my teeth and held back, her pussy walls contracting and squeezing my cock.

Her orgasm subsided, and she went limp. I pulled out and said, “Woah! Woahwoahwoahwoah, stop! Stop! I’m not done with you yet! It’s your turn to do the work!”

She turned her head and grinned, covered in sweat. “Excellent. Now you’re my bitch. Get your ass on the bed and lay down!”

I was only too happy to oblige. Liv squatted over my cock and slowly impaled herself, facing me. She then proceeded to lean over me, putting her boobs right in my face, and start riding me. Holy shit, this was a real challenge to contain my orgasm! I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked vigorously, raping the other with my hand. She moaned and picked up speed. I stopped sucking and pulled her down to eye level, kissing and groping her perfect ass intensely. She pulled away and gasped, “Here it comes! Oh my god! Maaattttt! escort bostancı Yeeesssss!”

This was finally too much for me. I groaned twice and blasted. Liv rolled off me, breathing hard and sweating. I collapsed on the bed, eyes closed, and wiped the sweat off my face. Liv rolled over to face me with a smile, her face flickering in the candle light. She leaned in and planted a kiss on my lips, before leaning her head on my shoulder and wrapping her arms around me. There was silence, except for the rain and wind outside.

I finally sighed and stood up. Liv asked, “Where are you going?”

“Back to my room. I don’t want someone seeing us.”

“Everyone’s gone for the weekend. And even if there was someone still around, do you really think they’d be walking around in a hurricane, with no power? Exactly.” She paused and added quickly, “And don’t forget, I’m terrified of the dark.”

I turned around and walked over to the bed. I said in a scary voice, “Don’t be afraid of the dark. Fear what lurks within it.” I playfully tackled her with a laugh, careful not to knock over the candles.

She laughed and said, “Ok Stephen King, cool it.” We locked eyes and, a split second later, lips. It must’ve lasted for a solid minute before we broke apart.

I stared into her hazel eyes and said seriously, “Liv, I love you so much.”

“I love you too. I’m not scared of the dark with you here.”

I smiled. “Shit. I’m cold. Where are my clothes? I’m getting dressed.” I stood up and reached for my shirt.

Liv snorted. “Why? I’m just gonna fuck your brains out again soon enough. It’s not worth it. If you’re cold, come under here.” She motioned to the blankets and pulled them over herself.

I smiled again. “I guess you’re right.” I walked over and pulled the sheets back and lay down. I grabbed Liv and spooned her, one hand rubbing her toned stomach and the other caressing her boobs. We were soon asleep, despite what she said about another round.

Waking up to your naked girlfriend grinding her ass into your cock is a pretty good way to start the day. Even better is when she starts making breakfast completely naked. Or when she pours syrup all over her tits and stomach and makes you lick it off. Liv did all of the above the next morning. After breakfast, and still without power, we spent literally 2 hours in the shower washing each other and fucking against the shower walls.

That night was spent in my room, but we were both spent from all that sex, so we only did it once before I serenaded her to sleep with my guitar. She did wake me up with a blowjob though. Then before everyone returned, we had a quickie on her dining room table. Needless to say, we were both pretty sore down there by this point. She walked me back to my room and gave me a long, tongue filled kiss goodbye. I spent the next hour filling in my roommate, Cade, on what went down while he was gone. Power was finally restored that night. The next morning, Wednesday, classes resumed and life went back to normal. I did get a text from Liv saying, “same thing next time we lose power? ;)” Needless to say, I was sold to that idea from the start. I can’t wait for the next power outage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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