Roxxana’s Trip to Germany Ch. 02

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Big Dick

Roxxana was handcuffed to the antique bedpost, Jude hovering above her. Holding his penis in his hand, stroking it teasingly. Her bare body tingled in the cold air, begging to be touched by his loving warmth. “Do you know what I’m going to do to you, my dear?” He asked leaning over her naked body, his breath caressing her soft skin.

“Mmm, no baby. What?” She writhed in anticipation.

“I’m going to make you cum, again and again. And when you don’t thin you can cum anymore…I’ll make you cum again.”

“Oh god Jude, I can’t wait to have your big…hard…cock inside me,” she moaned. She tugged at the handcuffs that held her wrists in place, looking down she saw the silk scarves holding her ankles in place.

“Well, you’re going to have to wait for that,” he smiled, grabbing the dildo off the end table. “Now, open those beautiful legs of yours,” he demanded, climbing onto the bed between Roxxana’s legs. Bending down, his tongue reached out to her dripping wet slit, teasing her just slightly, before licking straight up ending at her clit. She moaned loudly as Jude’s tongue wrapped around her cute little clit, sucking it into his mouth.

Slowly, Jude slipped the dildo into Roxxana’s wet cunt. Stopping as the head disappeared between her swollen lips. Hips bucking, Roxxana begged to be fucked harder. Happy to oblige, Jude began thrusting the purple veined dildo in and out. Slowing to a complete halt, he pulled the wet dildo out of her pulsing pussy. Roxxana’s hips bucked hard, trying to continue the fucking session.

Jude pulled the dildo up to his mouth, licking the head, tasting Roxxana’s sweet nectar. “Oh baby, but I was so close!” She exclaimed in frustration.

“I know, but not yet my sweet. Soon enough,” pulling the black butt plug out of his toy bag Jude grinned slyly, pulling her ass up in the air Jude slid the tip of the plug into Roxxana’s tight asshole. The wetness from her pussy lubricating as it slid in, she screamed in pleasure pushing it the rest of the way in against the bed. Roxxana rocked back and forth on the bed feeling her asshole being pushed open further as the plug went deeper.

“Baby, lick my nipples. Please?” Roxxana looked up at Jude innocently. Lying down beside her, Jude slipped his tongue around her nipple. As it hardened under his wet warm tongue she released a gasp of pleasure, rocking back and forth. Suddenly, Jude pushed the silver replacement vibrator deep into Roxxana’s gaping pussy. She began to convulse in orgasmic fits.

Finally she lay still, gasping for air heaving on the bed…naked. She could feel Jude’s rock hard penis pushing against her through his blue jeans. Fighting against her handcuffs Roxxana reached for her lovers swollen member. “No touching, wench!” Jude yelled, pulling back from his beautiful mate. Unzipping his pants, he dropped the jeans down to his ankles. She could easily see the outline of his pulsing cock under his tight silk boxers.

“What are you going to do with that?” Roxxana asked, lustily, eyeing his penis obviously.

“Mmm, open your mouth and find out,” Jude mounted her, sticking his penis between her perfect firm breasts. Rocking back and forth, his head enlarged as precum dripped from the tiny hole staring Roxxana in the face. Reaching her tongue out for it, she begged to suck on his hard cock. “Oh really? Are you going to bite me?” He warned.

“No baby…why would I do that?” Roxxana giggled evilly, baring her teeth.

His head fitted perfectly into her mouth, resting gently on her pink hot tongue. Her lips closed around his shaft, as she began sucking and licking. Slurping loudly as Jude became thrusting back and forth. Roxxana’s teeth bared down on his head, gently squeezing the soft skin of his head, tasting his precum.

“Oh honey, I want you to blow your load all over me, make me dirty. I want to be so dirty,” she screamed, turned on by his penis and his quiet pants as Jude’s balls bounced lightly on her chest.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Jude smiled, pulling his penis free of Roxxana’s mouth.

“Where are you going?” She asked disappointed. Jude turned around suddenly, stroking his giant member. Inching forward, the first gush happened, as the white milky liquid spurted from the tip of his cock. Landing on Roxxana’s chin, her neck, her perky breasts, as Jude panted and moaned, stroking harder and harder. “Oh god baby, you got me so hot!”

Jude bent over, digging in his toy bag once more. Returning with a key, he turned to Roxxana’s hands, unlocking her handcuffs. “Sit up,” he demanded disgustedly.

“Yes sir,” Roxxana rolled up onto her perfect butt.

“On your KNEES!” He shouted, blindfolding her with the silk scarf that once held her to the bed. Blind to the world, she hung in the air waiting for her next order. Feeling Jude climb under her she was confused and curious, feeling Trabzon Escort her wetness drip down her thigh. “Baby, I’m going to fuck you. And YOU are going to fuck me, HARD!” Suddenly, a huge thick cock entered Roxxana from under her. Collapsing onto her chest, Roxxana’s body gave out to the massive pleasure she was being delivered.

Her body became a horny beast, craving only sexual pleasure. Suddenly, she felt a warm tongue wrap around her clitoris, sucking it into a warm wet mouth. Roxxana began to rock back and forth, pressing the cock further into her pussy, grinding against this tongue. Her dark world became lights, as she felt the freight train of orgasmic bliss bearing down on her. Roxxana braced herself against the bed as she felt her pussy being mutilated by this giant penis.

Crying out from her perch, Roxxana felt her cum dribble down between her legs, pooling under her. She reached her hands up, untying her blindfold. She stared down, finding Jude between her legs, a dildo on his chin. “Mmm, mmm good,” Jude smiled, licking Roxxana’s cum from his lips. As she sat down beside him, Roxxana passed out.

Waking in the mid-afternoon, Roxxana turned, finding Jude dressed and clean-shaven. “Good morning Princess,” Jude bowed. “I thought we would do some shopping, some sight seeing. Then, I found out a really fun club to go to. I think you’ll really like it.”

“Mmm, if you say so,” Roxxana stretched smiling. “What should I wear?”

“Something sexy and sweet, I want you to look like an innocent school girl,” Jude began to undress her. “So perfect, so beautiful…” he teased her nipples between his fingers, kissing her breasts softly. “You’re in for a wonderful night my love.”

“Baby, can you come look and tell me if you like it?” Roxxana called out to Jude, the noise of the other women changing turned her on.

“Yes sweetie,” Jude poked his head in smiling. His smile widened when he saw Roxxana standing bare-naked amongst clothes barely touched. “Oh really?” He said closing the door behind him. Roxxana began undressing Jude, first his fancy Italian button-up shirt, then his pants. Getting down to her knees, Roxxana took Jude’s hardening cock into her mouth, sucking on it like a warm straw. He grabbed her head and started pushing her down onto himself harder and faster. Finally pulling her up by her hair. “Bend over, now!” He demanded.

Bending over the bench, Roxxana looked over her cute ass at Jude’s hard wet cock. He pounced on her, sticking his penis quickly as deep as it would go taking Roxxana to the point of screaming. As he reamed her pussy, his index finger probed her tight asshole, pulling back on her hair with his other hand. The entire changing booth began to rock as he fucked her hard against it.

Before long, Roxxana could no longer hold in her moans, letting loose “FUCK ME!” she screamed. Jude let go of her hair, wrapping his hand around her skinny waist, finding her hard protruding clit begging to be rubbed as hard and fast as he could. As she began to scream louder and louder, Jude fucked her harder and faster.

With clothes falling, doors slamming, and dressing room shaking Roxxana came harder than she knew she could. Feeling Jude pull his penis out of her pussy, he exploded all over her plump ass, rubbing it in after.

As they left the changing room, they were followed by evil stares. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Roxxana called to the cashier.

“Hey, don’t be jealous just because you can’t get laid like that,” Jude joked shouting loudly at the prudish women as he passed.

“What now baby?” Roxxana asked as they got to the car.

“It’s a surprise,” Jude inspected her schoolgirl outfit. Passing inspection, he got into the car and started the ignition.

After driving for an hour, the red sports car pulled up to a well lit mall, the sun having disappeared long ago. “You’re not hungry are you?” Jude asked politely.

“No thank you,” Roxxana shut the car door. “So what’s here?”

“You’ll just have to find out.”

Jude held the door open for the beautiful schoolgirl, grabbing her ass as she passed. As he led her deeper into the mall a loud beat began to grow louder, and louder. There were many different sounds, and smells as Roxxana studied her surroundings. Suddenly, a storefront came into view. Two young people sat fucking in the display window. Clearly taking it the ass, the girl moaned and clasped the handle on the inside attached to the window.

Another window showed a woman; red hair, fully shaved, and little perky breasts fucking a dong that was attached to the display window. Roxxana stopped in front of this display, inspecting this strange pussy. Watching as this woman rocked her way to ecstasy. Jude, passing Roxxana put his lips up to the window, licking where her asshole was. The woman acknowledging Trabzon Escort Bayan him pushed back further, sticking her asshole to the window. They sat in front of the window, for ten to fifteen minutes when suddenly the woman pitched forward pulling the dong out of her gaping pussy. Just in time her vagina exploded as she squirted on the window at Roxxana and Jude.

“I want to do that!” Roxxana gasped sticking her hand up to the window. Licking where the cum was dripping down the other side.

Jude led her away, walking through a curtain Roxxana found herself in another sex toyshop. Surrounded by middle aged Germans, Roxxana looked around at older ladies riding sex swings, men sitting on butt plugs. Torture happening in this corner, masturbation in the other, Roxxana was in heaven.

“You let me know if you want to see something else, ok?” Jude asked. “I’m going to be over here, you just enjoy yourself,” he walked away disappearing into the crowd. Roxxana wandered around aimlessly watching one sex act after another, once stopping before a transvestite with a HUGE penis wacking off for the crowd. She opened her mouth as the young thing shot it’s load into the audience, “Mmm, that was nice and sweet,” Roxxana said to herself. Turning to find a little old lady standing a little too close for comfort.

“I’m sorry my dear, I just couldn’t help notice how wonderful you smell,” she said smiling politely.

“Oh thank you very much, I do love to wear the smell of sex,” Roxxana giggled shyly. Walking away, on to the next exhibition.

Suddenly, huge hands covered her eyes from behind, smelling Jude, feeling his rock hard cock as it pushed into her ass, Roxxana smiled. “Hi baby,” turning she kissed him on the cheek.

“Hi, darling,” he grabbed her boobs then pulled her into his arms. “I have something for you,” he smiled.

“Oh yeah, what? If it’s another one of those face-fucking masks…hopefully it vibrates this time! Or maybe a sybian, I’ve never gotten to use one of those before, I am kind of curious.”

“Nope, here,” Jude turned Roxxana around, tying a blindfold around her eyes nice and tight. He led her through the crowd of people, steadily the sound of the crowd died out.

“Where are we going baby?” She called to him in darkness.

“You’ll find out when we get there babe,” they came to a complete stop. “You won’t be needing these anymore,” Jude pulled Roxxana’s panties down around her ankles. “You ready?” He asked beginning to untie the blindfold.

As the blindfold fell, Roxxana found herself alone with Jude on a lit stage. Looking out into the audience Roxxana could see hundreds of people, all their eyes on her. “What are we doing here?” she whispered as quietly as she could.

“Come now baby,” Jude led her to the middle of the stage. Kissing her neck from behind, Jude pulled her shirt up, exposing her perky nipples and perfect breasts to the audience. Roxxana blushed furiously, afraid to move. “That’s no way to act,” Jude giggled into her ear, nibbling just slightly on the top bringing Roxxana to her knees. His hand dipped between her legs finding her wet snatch, slipping his finger in Roxxana began to loosen up.

Suddenly, Roxxana felt another set of hands on her shoulders, massaging softly. She smelled Vanilla, then realized someone was rubbing lotion on her. She was pulled down onto the rug on the stage as this person came around to face her. Looking up from the ground, pussy bare and open, the redhead from the display stared down at Roxxana. Licking her lips, she bent down between Roxxana’s thighs.

The woman slid up Roxxana’s body, stopping when their breasts rubbed together, nipples teasing each other, the redhead kissing and sucking on Roxxana’s neck and collarbone. Roxxana moaned as she felt a finger dip into her wet pussy, another finger pressing into her asshole.

She looked up, seeing a strange man behind the redhead, Roxxana forgot all about the audience watching her beautiful union. Jude pulled Roxxana back, onto his hard cock. As it slid into her dripping slit the redhead crawled on top. The pressure down on Roxxana made Jude’s cock push even deeper inside her, she cried out with pleasure. Suddenly the strange middle aged man mounted the redhead. She grabbed onto Roxxana as she was entered, clearly the man knew exactly what he was doing. The redhead stuck her tongue into Roxxana’s mouth, playing with her tongue and feeling her soft lips.

The slow rhythmic thrusting from both sides was hypnotic, Roxxana being stuck in the middle. The redhead’s pussy was rubbing Roxxana’s clit, Jude was thrusting inside her, having her nipples played with and having her neck kissed Roxxana was in heaven. “Shall we continue this in a private lounge?” The woman asked, smiling at Roxxana. “You look like you know how to have a fun time.”

“Yes, Escort Trabzon yes, yes!” Roxxana came loudly pulling the redhead closer to her. Gathering themselves on the stage Roxxana, Jude, the redhead, and the stranger walked off stage, much to the disappointment of the audience. As she walked off, Roxxana could hear several people masturbating in the crowd. She smiled walking behind a naked Jude, tapping his cute plump butt as she passed.

“I’m Destiny,” the redhead said just off stage. “And I’m sorry, but I NEEDED to fuck you,” she licked Roxxana’s nipple. “Mhm so fucking good!”

“I’m Darren,” the stranger said in a scratchy deep voice. Something about him made Roxxana uneasy, but at the same time that made her hot.

“I’m Jude, and this is my Roxxana,” Jude announced taking Darren’s hand.

“Your Roxxana,” Destiny asked smiling. “What do I have to do to make her MINE?” She licked her lips, grinning.

Destiny led them to a small sauna room, just enough for them and a couple curious watchers. As they sat down, Darren scooted closer to Roxxana, feeling her tender breasts in his hands. She moaned, turned on from being played with. Destiny mounted Jude, watching Roxxana and Darren play around.

Roxxana stood up, sliding Darren’s cock into her wet pussy she sat down hard. Feeling him push into her, she moaned pressing into him she felt his warm body against her as she began to grind his cock deeper into her pussy. Watching Jude and Destiny got Roxxana even more turned on, and she began rubbing her clit hard as Darren sucked on the back of her neck giving her chills down her spine.

Sweat dripping together, one turning to another, Roxxana and Destiny switched Roxxana shoving Jude deep into her ass as he pulled her hips down onto him. “Baby, I’m not going to last long,” he warned her whispering in her ear.

“Me either baby, I’m going to cum really, really soon,” Roxxana felt her breasts watching Destiny blow Darren. Her ass was really perfect. Two simple dimples on her lower back drew all your attention to her soft little ass crack as she bounced on Darren nob. Jude let loose in Roxxana’s ass, as he ejaculated Roxxana felt his warm liquid pulse inside her. Feeling that, she squirted onto the floor pushing back into Jude she smelled his cologne and felt his safe arms wrap around her as she convulsed squirting again and again.

Roxxana sat shaking for a few minutes watching Destiny suck Darren off, soon he exploded all over her face. Roxxana getting down onto her knees began to kiss and lick the cum off her face. “Mmm, so good,” Roxxana licked her lips smiling at Jude over her shoulder.

As she started to get up, Jude held her down, calling over two Germans who had clearly been watching the whole thing, masturbating to the girls. Barely speaking English the two old men stammered until Roxxana and Destiny pulled their cocks out and began sucking them off, Roxxana watching Jude all the while.

“I vant to fack you!” One of the German guys said politely to Roxxana as she blew him. “Please bent over?” Roxxana leaned over the bench as the old guy mounted her, his hard cock surprisingly huge. He shoved his cock in quickly, gasping at the tightness of her perfect pussy. His cock flew out of her releasing his cum all over her back, just in time for the other German to pull her back onto his lap. Roxxana fought against him until she felt his hard soft cock pressing into her asshole. Moaning, she reached down to her clit, finding the German finger flying across her clit fast and hard.

Squirming, Roxxana gripped the old man fucking her pulling him deeper into her crying out in pleasure. Looking over Destiny was laying on top of Jude while Darren fucked her asshole. From her angle Roxxana could watch Jude and Darren fuck Destiny in both holes as she cried out cumming hard. Roxxana’s breath became shallow as she started to pant and cry and moan. The old man shot his load into her ass, tickling her inside as she squirted all over the man with his finger on her clit.

Only wanting Jude now, Roxxana stood up walking to him. “Where are you going?” Jude demanded. “We don’t leave our friends like that!” He shouted pointing at the German’s wet penises. Roxxana bent over sucking one cock, then the other deep throating both tasting their cum and hers mixed into one sweet concoction.

As the two Germans stood up Jude came over and picked Roxxana up into his arms, carrying her to a quiet dark room. Kissing Jude, it was the perfect conclusion to their wonderful sex driven vacation. Her hand tightly wrapped around his penis, Roxxana began stroking slowly. Someone kissed her on the forehead, “I’m right here baby,” Jude said feeling Roxxana’s wet cummy pussy. Only then did Roxxana realize she had no clue who’s penis she was jacking off, but he certainly didn’t mind as he blew his load all over her hand moaning and crying for her.

A blanket covered Roxxana as Jude sat behind her, pulling her onto his lap. He held her for hours, before either of them considered getting up and leaving. Roxxana fell asleep in the arms of her lover, bare, draped in a red silk sheet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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