Ron Ch. 09: Aunt Ruth gets Ron

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Ruth’s Obsession

Ruth Whipple had become obsessed with her nephew, Ron. She knew it wasn’t right but ever since she saw his big cock …

Ruth and her husband, Dave, had agreed to let Ron stay with them while he attended the local community college. They had set up a one room apartment of sorts for him in their basement. She had seen his cock when a group of girls from Hooters had come by to help him clean out the basement and turn it into his bedroom. One of the girls had asked if they could use the hot tub naked and Ruth had agreed.

Her sister, Ron’s mother, had told her Ron would be sexually active but she hadn’t realized how active. He had a procession of girls he kept taking down to the basement.What was amazing was that Ron, despite being almost 20, looked like he was only 14 or 15 yet every one of the girls seemed to be amazingly beautiful. She didn’t think many guys who looked 14 or 15 would be able to get that no matter how big their penis was.

After much trepidation, she had approached Ron about having sex but he had refused, saying it was a bad idea. She knew it was but couldn’t help thinking about it. At her suggestion Dave had approached another couple, Marlene and Jerry, to have sex with them. She had heard that Jerry had a big cock and hoped it would satisfy her desire for Ron. She had enjoyed herself immensely but that didn’t stop her from thinking about Ron, “How does he get all those gorgeous girls? The hell with looking 14 or 15, any guy would be hard pressed to have that many gorgeous sex partners.”

She had several ideas about how to approach Ron on the subject again but was unable to get up the nerve to act on any of them. Then an opportunity presented itself and she couldn’t resist. Her 12 year old daughter, Kimberly, was at a birthday sleepover and her 15 year old son, Matthew, was at an overnight school field trip. She was sitting at the kitchen table with Dave, intensely aware that they were alone, one of the prerequisites for most of her fantasies about Ron.

Then Ron came in with one of his more beautiful consorts, Jennifer, one who Ruth knew at least well enough to know her name. Jennifer was a striking brunette with a tendency to wear cut off tops that showed her slender waist and flat belly. They also fell from her breasts in a way that clearly demonstrated their size. Her cut-off shorts displayed her long, youthful legs to advantage.

“Hello Jennifer! Ron.” Ruth greeted them.

They waved. Jennifer smiled and replied, “Hi, Mr and Mrs Whipple.”

Before they could continue downstairs Ruth seized the moment, “Jennifer? Could I talk to you for a moment?”

Confused, Jennifer replied, “Sure, Mrs. Whipple.”

Ruth led Jennifer into the living room, leaving the men behind in the kitchen. She was pleased to see her husband watching the attractive, slim waisted figure walk away. His interest was part of the plan.

Jennifer was shocked when Ruth quietly asked her, “Do you think you would be interested in having sex with my husband?”

“Mrs …,” Jennifer exclaimed loudly, only to have Ruth stop her with a finger to the lips.

“Shhh,” Ruth shushed her, “I don’t want them to hear.”

Jennifer successfully managed to keep her voice under control, “What are you talking about, Mrs. Whipple? Why would you ask?”

“Have you ever had sex with an older man? I understand they are better at it. Experience, you know.”

“Mrs. Whipple, that’s none of your business and I’m not having sex with Mr. Whipple.”

Jennifer started to walk away but Ruth stopped her, “I’m sorry if I offended you, Jennifer, but hear me out.”

Ruth confessed her obsession with Ron and what was almost a need to find out what all the attractive young women liked about him. “I thought that maybe if one of you could, well, be with Dave, I mean Mr. Whipple, then Ron and I could, well, I could see for myself.”

“That is so twisted!” Jennifer wasn’t sure whether it was disgusting, or humorous, or tantalizing. But “twisted” always fascinated her. The seed was planted and quickly blossomed in her fertile mind.

“If you could, well, seduce him. I know he’s interested. I see the way he watches you.”

Jennifer was quickly warming to the humorous and tantalizing aspect but retained the presence of mind to say, “I don’t think this is a good idea.”

Ruth laughed slightly, “That’s exactly what Ron said.”

“You’ve discussed this with Ron?” Even more twisted, adding water to her growing desire.

“Oh no, not the you having sex with Mr. Whipple part. The me having sex with him part.”

“So if he doesn’t want to do it. Why …?”

“Don’t know that he doesn’t want to, just that he says it’s a bad idea. Can’t get it out of my mind. I was just thinking that if you would be with Dave, that is Mr. Whipple, then …”

“‘Dave’ is fine, Mrs. Whipple, if we’re going to talk about me having sex with him, might as well be ‘Dave’.”

“Call me Ruth, Jennifer. Anyway, if you were to have sex with Dave maybe Ron would have sex with me.”

Jennifer giggled. This seemed such a bursa escort delicious little plot. Her mischievous streak was strongly tempered by a sense of propriety. “I don’t know Mrs., I mean Ruth. I’m not sure.”

Ruth sensed that Jennifer was almost there. “I tell you what. You make a play for my husband with me and Ron watching. If Dave falls for it and Ron agrees then you go with Dave and I’ll work on Ron.”

Jennifer didn’t need to think about it. So delicious, she licked her lips, “Okay, but only if Ron agrees.”

“Keep it a secret between us. That way you can be sure Ron isn’t improperly influenced.”

“How do I do this, it shouldn’t be too obvious.”

“You and Ron use the hot tub. Dave and I will come out. You can make your intentions clear under the water, if you get my meaning.”

“Under the water? You mean?” her heart beat faster.

“Yes, under the water, your hand, his … his penis. That will make it clear. If I know Dave, and I do, he’ll respond with a well placed hand. Give him a minute or two.”

“And Ron?”

“At some point it will be obvious what is going on. I’ll say something and give permission for Dave to fuck you. Then you can ask Ron if it’s okay.”

Jennifer never minded playing with guys’ privates and getting her own massaged in turn. She was pretty sure it would be a turn on for Ron even if Ruth’s plan didn’t play out. The two of them returned to the kitchen, Ruth smiling broadly, Jennifer had a slight frown as she contemplated her moves.

As Ron and Jennifer started to leave, Ruth said, “Oh Ron.” When Ron turned to look at her, she said, “Matthew and Kimberley are gone all night. Feel free to use the hot tub. Remember when you cleaned the basement?”

Jennifer Enlists

On the way down to the basement Ron asked, “What was that about? you seem bothered.”

“Oh, nothing much. But what was that about the hot tub? We use it all the time.”

“I don’t know.” Then he realized, “OH! ‘Matthew and Kimberley gone’, ‘cleaning the basement’.”

“What does that mean?”

“She wants us to use the hot tub naked.”

“Oh? Naked?” Jennifer sensed there was more planning behind Ruth’s plot than she realized.

“Sure. She wanted us to know that Matthew and Kimberley are away so we don’t need to worry about them seeing us.”

“And ‘cleaning the basement’?”

“I had some girls help us clean up down here as part of the deal for moving in. We got in the hot tub and one of the girls asked if we could go in naked and we did.” Then he realized something else and laughed, “OH!”


“When we did that my aunt and uncle also got in naked.” He laughed again, “Aunt Ruth wants to get in with us.” He smiled and laughed some more.

“Really?” Jennifer played dumb.

Continuing to laugh he told her, “Yeah, she has this fascination with my cock. Even told me once she wanted me to fuck her. She’s looking to see me naked. Maybe to feel me up.”

Jennifer decided to open up a bit about what Ruth had told her, “I guess that’s why she wanted to ask me about what it was like to fuck you?”

“I guess so. Is that why she pulled you into the living room.”

“Yes. I told her it was none of her business.”

“No wonder you seemed bothered.”

Jennifer continued to pretend she didn’t care, “So should we use the hot tub? Naked, I mean?”

“Sure, unless it seems too weird.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. She was happy to have this alternative to getting in the tub presented to her. She replied as calmly as she could manage, “Weird but interesting. What’s your uncle like?” She was realizing that this secret plot could be fun.

“He’s a nice enough guy. Quiet.”

“I mean … ” she poked at Ron’s crotch. She was getting a real kick out of this and thinking of fucking Dave was growing on her.

“Oh God, Jennifer, You thinking about him? You’ve got me.”

“Well, if he’s going to be naked in the pool and your aunt wants to feel you up, maybe I should get in some feels of my own,” she smiled at him, suppressing a giggle. “What do you think?”

“Sure, go for it if you want. I know Uncle Dave lusts after most of the girls I have. It’s almost hilarious watching him ogling you. I’d be interested in his reaction. Based at what happened when we cleaned the basement, I bet he returns your feel.”

“Did he fuck any of those girls?”

“Naw, he and Aunt Ruth went upstairs for their own fun.”

Jennifer decided this was the appropriate opportunity to see what he thought about Ruth’s plan,”Maybe I can get a fuck from your uncle.”

“Jennifer! Really!”

She almost laughed at his reaction. “I’ll still fuck you too. This whole thing has me fascinated, and a little wet.”

“Let me check that out,” he smiled and reached for her waist.

“Check it out in the hot tub. I wanna see where that goes.” She quickly stripped naked. She was enjoying toying with Ron and it had her anxious to play the plot out. She suppressed a smile at thinking of fucking Ron’s uncle.

“Hurry up, slowpoke,” she admonished him and pulled bursa escort bayan his pants to the floor, exposing his half erect cock. “That will never do, gotta get it ready for Aunt Ruth.” She grabbed his balls and sucked the cock into her mouth. Then she anxiously led him upstairs.

Dave Whipple was pleasantly surprised as the young, tall, slim and completely naked beauty came to the kitchen door. “We’re going to the hot tub,” she told them. He was sure she was looking directly at him and it seemed like an invitation. His cock surged as he saw her shaved genitals with the neatly trimmed triangle, its lower corner right at the beginning of her slit. He looked over at Ruth to see her reaction.

Ruth replied, “That’s nice, dear. Enjoy yourself” She watched as the pair walked out, Ron’s stiff cock bouncing with each step.

Dave watched the receding tight butt and perfect feminine figure. He was even more surprised when Ruth said, “I feel like using the hot tub too. How about we join them.”

Dave was speechless as he watched his wife disrobe, “Yes. Naked. Come on. It can be fun.”

As he began pulling off his shoes it dawned on him that this had to do with her obsession with Ron’s cock. Of course she would want to get into the tub with him naked. Of course she would want to be naked too.

Dave’s Seduction

It was a cold evening as Dave and Ruth went out. Ruth walked confidently into the tub and nudged herself between Ron and Jennifer. Dave hung back a bit, his hands over his crotch. The young woman’s breasts bobbed in the water. She smiled and cheerfully invited him in, “Hey get in, Mr Whipple! There’s room right next to me.” She gestured to the space opposite Ruth and, in doing so, exposed a hard nipple.

As he stepped in, she admonished him. “Hey, let’s see what you have here,” and moved his hand away from his crotch. She was enjoying his reaction more than Ron’s. This was a real kick.

Dave looked sheepishly over at his wife who smiled and nodded at him. He began to realize what was going on.

As his uncle moved his hands away from his genitals and Jennifer exclaimed, “Oh nice, Mr Whipple. No reason to be embarrassed about that.” Ron suspected what was going on. His suspicions were confirmed as Jennifer took his Uncle’s partly inflated cock into her mouth after saying, “But I think it needs a little attention.” At the same time his Aunt’s hand went around his own penis. He looked over at her, not sure whether to say anything. She smiled and squeezed.

Dave didn’t know what to do. He just stood still while the young woman sucked and licked him to a full erection. She took the seven inches of flesh from her mouth, saying, “Oh! that’s perfect. Mrs. Whipple, you are one lucky woman.”

Ruth was happy to see how well Jennifer was playing her part, “yes I am.” Then to her own surprise, she added, “Would you like to try it out?”

“OH? Really? Of course!” Jennifer gushed. She turned to Dave, “Would you Mr. Whipple? Can I maybe sit on it?”

Dave was petrified by astonishment. He glanced at Ruth who smiled, nodded and said, “Go ahead.”

Still unsure, Dave allowed Jennifer to guide him to the seat. As the fabulous, slim body rose from the water he could only gulp and nod.

Jennifer asked Ron, “Okay with you?”

Ron knew exactly what was going on. His aunt had earlier suggested the idea that he fuck her if some other woman would fuck her husband and now she was trying to force his hand. He had as much as told Jennifer that it would be okay. “Sure,” he gulped, knowing where this was going, next it would be him and his aunt. As proof of that, Ruth took his hand and placed it firmly between her legs.

Jennifer turned her back to the seated Dave and lowered herself, guiding his cock to her vaginal entrance. “Oh dear,” she feigned. I’m afraid the water has made me too dry. Mr Whipple could you help me get moist?” He remained speechless as she took his hand, “A finger at my clit, maybe a couple up my vaj’ should do the job.”

He moved his fingers over the bikini waxed bush and found his fingers slid easily past her soft labia into an obviously wet enough vagina. He knew she was just looking for the hand job and found her hard clit and massaged it gently.

“Oh! that’s perfect. Oh yes!” Jennifer wiggled her crotch against his fingers enjoying the way Ron and Ruth looked at her across the pool. Ron with a perfect expression of astonishment. Ruth with a big smile and nodding in encouragement.

Dave was no longer concerned about Ruth and concentrated at the job at hand, so to speak. He began working his fingers in and out, enjoying the feel of her soft vagina and the hard ball of her dimpled cervix at its end. She was unbelievable tight. Ruth’s cervix was directly at the end of her straight vaginal canal and he expected the same with Jennifer. But hers was on the front side of a vaginal channel that curved gently toward her back.

She suddenly stood, “I think that’s wet enough now,” and sat, impaling herself on his cock. “Oh yes, just as good as I had hoped.” She began smoothly escort bursa moving up and down.Then she looked over at Ruth. “Don’t be left out! Ron told me you like his cock. Ron, I think you should let your aunt try you on for size. After all she let me try her husband.”

Ron was taken aback. He didn’t expect Jennifer to be the one to suggest it. He had been steeling himself for something from his aunt.

“What do you think, Dave?” Jennifer asked Ron’s uncle.

Dave was distracted by his cock enclosed by the soft, warm, tight pussy, by the feel of her pliable breast and hard nipple in his left hand and by his, mostly successful attempts to keep a finger on the hard nub buried in her slit despite her movements. “Yeah sure,” he mumbled with no real knowledge of what he was agreeing to.

“Go for it, Ruth! And Ron you better get her nice and wet before you try to get that big tool inside.”

Ron felt forced, but obliged, using his fingers and thumb on his aunt’s hairy pussy. She was soon gasping in delight and Ron guided her to a sitting position over his cock.

As she watched Ruth lowering herself onto Ron’s lap, Jennifer asked, “How does that feel? Good as you expected?”

“Oh yes,” Ruth smiled.

Jennifer pulled her leg over so she was sitting sideways on Dave’s lap, his cock still embedded inside her. “Hey don’t stop,” she replaced the hand that had slipped from her breast and kissed him with plenty of tongue. “I think we might be more comfortable on a soft bed, don’t you?” she asked when she released the kiss.

Dave was still oblivious of everything except her soft body. “Sure,” he said with all the awareness of a zombie.

Jenifer jumped off him and led him out of the tub. “You two coming?” she tossed the query over her shoulder.

Dave was enjoying himself. It had been very pleasurable to have his cock inside the young woman. He had lusted after most of Ron’s girls as he watched them going in and out. He jumped out of the spa and followed her gladly into the house. He looked forward to what Jennifer might have in mind and his cock saluted the attractive butt that preceded him.

Jennifer distributed condoms from the drawer where Ron kept them and took charge. After nixing the idea that one couple go upstairs she had Dave open up the sofa bed and took that over, sending Ron and Ruth to the regular bed. Except for Ron, they all seemed ready and willing to go. She understood that Ron might be reluctant to fuck his aunt. She considered how it might be to fuck her uncles. “Ick,” she thought, except for Roy, her dad’s buff, youngest brother, currently between marriages, and not that old. Every family get-together he seemed to have a different girl but he clearly had an eye on Jennifer. She told Ruth, “You know the girls like Ron for more than his cock.”

In response to Ruth’s inquisitive look, she added, “He has this knack for, well, applying his body parts to the girl’s body parts in a way that is, to put it simply, is orgasmic, if you know what I mean. Ron, you should demonstrate.”

Then she jumped onto the sofa bed turned to Dave and provocatively whispered, “Lay down.” She knelt next to him and began sucking and licking his cock while fondling his balls. “Don’t you wanna feel?” she asked, taking one of his hands and putting the palm to her breast. He began massaging the soft, but firm tissue with its rock hard nipple. He liked that Jennifer had taken control. He wouldn’t have known what to do if it had been left to him.

“Don’t forget this.” she said, laughing, as she swung her crotch over his face while taking his other palm and placing it squarely over her intimate parts. His finger slid easily into the wet slit between her soft labia. He felt her delicate flaps and she twitched as he touched the hard nub at the end of the slit.

“That’s the spot Uncle Dave.” She said “Uncle Dave” in a soft, sweet and provocative voice, like an expression of endearment, pleasure and invitation rolled into one. She was getting wetter and wetter, a droplet of her juices splashed onto Dave’s lips, he licked at it and realized, she was not just figuratively but was literally delicious. He had to have more and pulled his mouth to her genitals and began lapping it up. It was sour and salty, but not excessively so. It lacked the strong the fishy flavor of Ruth. In some way it reminded him of an Italian dressing with a hint of anchovy.

Ron Overcomes His Reluctance

Ruth and Ron watched as her husband, his uncle, took full advantage of the young woman’s body. On her part it excited Ruth, she wanted Ron’s big cock to take advantage of her cunt in the same way.

Ruth wasn’t sure what to do. Standing next to her was the cock she wanted, not quite hard. She waited for Ron to make the move and show her what Jennifer meant by “orgasmic.” She hoped it was meant literally.

She was holding a condom, looking at his huge balls. She and Dave never used a condom. She had managed to get one onto Jerry Malone’s cock a couple of weeks ago. She vaguely remembered having had a high school class session about using condoms. All she remembered about the brief practice in unrolling them was that it was a lot of giggling and discussion about whether boys had cocks the size and hardness of the wooden pegs they used for practice. That was so many years ago.

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