Road Trip – Conclusion

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“Happy Anniversary, Shar.”

“Happy Anniversary, Jim.”

We clinked glasses, then sipped our wine. It was the six-month anniversary of the day that my son, Jim, and I went from being mother and son to lovers and a couple in the true sense of the word. This has been six of the happiest months of my life.

For this anniversary, we decided to go on a different vacation. We were in New York City, having dinner at a restaurant at the top of a skyscraper, with the beauty and the power of New York at night all around us. When we stepped out of the elevator and through the doors to the dining area, our hearts skipped more than one beat. The view was simply spectacular!

After we were seated, Jim ordered the wine and the meal for us. Jim, in spite of his young years, has excellent taste. Before the waiter could enquire about Jim’s age, I slipped him $20 and winked. He just smiled and went off to fill our order.

Jim and I were dressed in our evening best, as we were going to the theater after dinner. A musical tonight, followed by a play tomorrow. Jim was dressed in a handsome new suit. I was dressed in my best “little black dress”. It was tight, cut just above the knees, with a halter top and a plunging bust line. I never did have much to fill it out on top, so every once in a while, the top would move enough to let in some cool air in, perking up my nipples. Jim’s eyes would stop and fix every time that happened. I would just giggle and wink. Black hose and heels completed the outfit. I put on a minimum of jewelry and make-up. Slightly smoky eye shadow, a little blush, and the light pink lipstick that Jim likes best on me.

“Shar, this is a true dream. Here I am, in the heavens, with the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“Well, thank you, kind Sir. I would caution you, though, to hold onto your eyes, as they almost fell into your glass the last time. You don’t want that to happen when they bring the soup!”

Jim smiled and reddened a bit. He has learned so much, matured so quickly, yet he’s still somewhat of that shy boy that I fell in love with. I slipped off one shoe and rubbed his foot and leg with my stockinged toes. Jim shuddered when I did that.

“Sharon, my love, if you keep on doing that, I will either take you right here on the table or I will have to change my pants. Remember, I’m in a dark suit.” Then he leaned forward and whispered, “Cum will show!”

The thought of him cumming in his pants, in the middle of this beautiful restaurant, made me shiver with desire. My little thong panties grew moist!

“Later, Tiger. Later!” I blew him a kiss with my lightly painted lips. He returned the gesture.

After our main course, we went over to the window and just looked out to the lights of lower Manhattan and to the harbor beyond. Jim put his arm around my shoulders and I snuggled into his neck. Because of my 4-inch heels, we were about the same height. We looked at each other, then kissed tenderly. Jim licked my lipstick from his lips and smiled. “It’s the taste of heaven.”

We sat down, finished our dessert, paid the bill, and took a last look at the panorama. We collected our coats and left. A short cab ride then brought us to the theater.

The musical was everything I could have hoped for. The acting, singing, dancing, scenery, … everything. THIS was Broadway at its finest. Jim and I held hands through the show. Well, through most of the show. At one point, during a low-light night scene, Jim slipped his hand under my dress, along my legs, and ran his pinky along the crotch of my thong. Oh, my God, I wanted to jump his bones right then and there. It was all I could do not to cum screaming. My panties were soaked. I had to push his hands away before things got too far. I paid a lot of money for those tickets and I did NOT intend to get thrown out for lewd and lascivious behavior!

Another short cab ride brought us back to the hotel on 9th Ave, near Times Square. I wasn’t about to walk all that way in heels! Before going to our room, I suggested that we go to the lounge and have a nightcap. A soft-jazz trio was playing. After we ordered our drinks, Jim took my hand and led me to the dance floor. He put one hand on my back and one in my lead hand. The feel of his hand on my bare back shocked a thrill into me. I can’t explain it. The touch was magic.

Holding each other close, we slowly moved to the music. My breasts smoothed into Jim’s chest as we danced. My head rested next to his. I could feel his breath on my neck. As we danced, Jim kissed my ear, nipping lightly at the earlobe. I started getting pendik escort wet again. I smoothed my cheek against his, and bit his ear! Jim responded be making sure that I was aware of his erection. Believe me, it had not passed my notice.

“Let’s get up to the room, lover!” We left out drinks untouched. They would be charged to the room. We hurried across the lobby, into the elevator, and up to the 11th floor. We were not 3 feet into the room when Jim placed the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and locked it. It was my moment to attack. I pushed him against the door and crushed my lips to his with a powerful, deep kiss. As I had him against the door, I moved one stockinged leg between his legs and massaged that beautiful hunk of hard cock with my knee.

Jim growled into my mouth and pulled me around, pressing me against the wall of the foyer. He was in charge now! As he ground his mouth and tongue into mine, he untied the halter of my dress, letting it fall away, exposing me to God and Creation. His hands massaged my tits and nipples, which stood up like bullets. At the same time, he was grinding his hard-on into my crotch. He was an animal!

I pushed him far enough away to allow me to pull his suit jacket off. His tie and shirt followed quickly. Oh, how I loved the feel of his smooth chest against my body. As he continued to kiss me, now on my neck and shoulder, I slowly raked my nails along his chest, not scratching him, but definitely with meaning! With every stroke of my nails, Jim ground his crotch into me harder. Finally, with all of my strength, I pushed him off of me, stiff-armed him against wall, looked him straight in his eyes and said, “Wait! Wait!”

When I had his attention, still staring straight into his eyes, I unbuckled and unzipped his pants. Lowering them down, I ran my nails up and down his brief-covered cock. He was shivering now with passion, glistening with sweat. Still holding him back, I leaned in and ran my tongue over his lips, occasionally pulling at his lips with my lips and teeth. I dropped to my knees, and pulled down his briefs. His cock wasn’t free for a microsecond when I plunged my mouth over it, enveloping it and sucking it deep. I had never done that before, plunged right in, but I was on the pussy-haired edge of out-of-control. I had to have my son’s cock. I had to have his cum.

As I sucked him in, Jim grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth. He didn’t care if I raked him with my teeth or cushioned him with my lips. He was going to take me for all I was worth. Pistoning in and out for what seemed like an eternity, Jim start to shake and growl and cry a strangled cry as he let g, pumping rope after rope of his glorious cum deep down my throat. Or so he thought.

When he finally stopped cumming, panting heavily, barely able to stand, I stood up, running my tits all up his body, fixed him with a stare, then moved in to kiss him deep. When my lips touched his and he opened his mouth to move his tongue in, I held my mouth firmly against his, held his head, then let the cum that I let remain in my mouth push into his.

At first, he stiffened in shock, eyes open wide, and then swallowed, eagerly sucking down every drop of his own cum, running his tongue around my cheeks. He cleaned me out.

The full animal in my son took hold of him. Jim lifted my up, carried me to the bed, and threw me down like a rag doll. I pulled my legs up and out, still stockinged, still in my fuck-me-now heels. “Fuck me, you cum-sucking bastard. Fuck me now. Drive your cock into me and don’t you dare stop! Fuck me NOW!!”

And he did, God Bless, did he fuck me. His eyes blazed with lust. He power-drove his cock into my cunt with everything that he had in him, faster and harder than he ever had before. He was a total wildman now. I was just as feral, humping back into him, relentlessly gripping his cock with my cunt. I clawed at Jim’s back. I bit into his shoulder. I screamed cum after cum after cum. I dug my spiked heels into his butt. He kept pounding into me, a slamming into the depths of my cunt. My poor clit was being hammered like a nail with the root of Jim’s cock, shooting bolts of lightning through my body. And then he stiffened, arched back, and with a stifled cry, shot wave after wave of beautiful come into my body. All I could do anymore was grunt and shudder with each pulse my man shot into my ever-grateful pussy.

We couldn’t move. We could barely breathe. Thinking wasn’t even possible. We just panted and held each other tight, and wrapped ourselves in our arm till we were a cocoon of flesh, still connected, cock in escort pendik pussy. Exhaustion took us and we fell into a deep, deep sleep.

– – – – –

The next morning, we woke up around 10 AM. It was a beautiful winter’s day. Jim and I looked at each other, still gob-smacked from last night. My full bush was stiff with the remnants of Jim’s cum. I reached down and confirmed that his pubes were the same.

“Today, my son, we need to be outdoors! I need regeneration like you cannot believe.”

“Mom, that is so good to hear because I have NOTHING left to give! You have tapped me out!”

We smiled, then laughed, then got up to take showers, individually. We were taking no chances. We needed a rest!

New York was beautiful that Sunday. Cold, but not windy. Clear blue sky. A picture postcard day. We walked around the city, window shopping, going into bookstores, visiting a museum. We held hands wherever we went. We ate lunch at a little vegan place, just for variety, and were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. Just before our play, we stopped at a tea shop. We sat there for a bit, sipping some delicious herbal mixture, warming ourselves. We were being totally at peace with the world.

“Sharon, I wish this weekend wouldn’t end. I have never been more in love with you than I am right now.”

“I know and I feel the same way. This has been a magical weekend. After the play, though, we will have to get to the airport. We will have time for dinner, but I have to be back at work tomorrow. And … I have a surprise waiting for you at home.”

Jim narrowed his eyes, suspiciously. “What surprise?”

“Well, what kind of surprise would it be if I told you now?”

“You are a bad, bad girl!”

“Then you can punish me later, … Tiger!”

– – –

It was now Monday. Back at home. Back to work. Back to reality. The day seemed to drag on endlessly. All I could think about was Jim and the surprise I was going to give him.

Jim was waiting for me when I got home. My chivalrous soulmate had made my favorite meal of steak, au gratin potatoes, Brussel sprouts, and bread pudding for dessert.

When we finished the meal, we just sat there quietly, totally content with everything.

I looked at Jim and said, “Yes.”

Jim looked at me and said, “Yes? Yes, … what?”



“Remember when we first went on that road trip? You gave me this ring?” I held up my manicured hand, showing him the ring that I treasured beyond anything else I owned. “You said that you wanted us to be more than lovers. You wanted us to be husband and wife? I told you that it was too soon, that we had to grow as a committed couple and would have to see what time brought. Well, we have and time has passed, and, simply, yes. Yes, I want to be your wife. I’m your mother, your lover, your soulmate, and now I am ready be your wife. For now and forever. Do you still want to be my husband?”

“Ohhhhh, Mom! I love you so! Yes, YES!! This is the happiest day of my life! “

Jim got up, took my hand, stood me up, and kissed me with all of the love that one man could hold for the woman that he loves. I melted into his arms.

“Let’s go up to our room, sweetheart. Let’s christen our marital bed.”

In our bedroom, Jim lit some candles, turned off the lights, and stood there. I looked at him in the candlelight, walked up to him, and ran my fingers over his cheek and chin. I looked up at him, then kissed him once, twice, three times, then settled into his soft, full lips. We stood there kissing for a while. I broke the kiss. Standing back, I took off my blouse. Then I slowly took off my bra. Jim held my hands, kneeled down, and took off my skirt and shoes. He looked up, smiled that beautifully bright smile, and settled me onto the edge of the bed.

Lifting my legs over his shoulders, Jim kissed and licked the insides of my thighs. My nipples grew hard and my pussy grew moist. He nuzzled into that junction between my thigh and my pussy lips, rubbing his cheek against my bush. He loved the feel and the scent of my bush.

Jim moved the hair on my vulva, exposing my moist valley. With his nose, he parted my pussy and ran his nose up and down my crack, spending extra time massaging my clit.

“Oh, my God, sweets, that is beautiful. No one has ever taken such good care of me as you.” Jim replaced his nose with his lips and tongue. He pulled at my lips with his lips, nipping them lightly with his teeth, and ran his tongue up and down my slit. He, then, ran his tongue into my cunt hole, licking all around, fully pendik escort bayan and firmly, sapping up my juices that were now flowing freely.

“Baby, your pussy tastes so lovely and smells so wonderful. I can never get enough of it.” He took my clit in his lips and ran his tongue over it, getting ever millimeter of it, over my clit and in the fold of its hood. I was moaning now with each pass over my engorged clit. With two fingers, Jim entered my pussy, running them around all of the nooks and crannies of my cave, while sucking harder on my clit.

I felt my cum was rising. My thighs were now holding Jim’s head like a vise and I was starting to shake. “Oh fuck, boy, fuck, that is so fucking good. Suck me, baby. Suck Momma’s pussy. Bring me off. I’m almost there. I’m almost there. I’m … Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” I saw stars as my body stiffened, my back arched, my thighs and hands gripped his head, and I gasped out a beautiful cum. Jim lapped up all of my juices. “Oh, God, Jim, that was wonderful”, I panted out, still shuddering and shaking as my cum subsided.

Jim smiled at me, face all wet with my cum, my legs still on his shoulders. Wordlessly, he rose up on his legs and pushed his cock deep, deep into my cunt.

“Fuck me, Jim. Fuck me. Fuck your Mom. Fuck your wife. Keep fucking me forever!”

And he did. It wasn’t the animal fucking of the other night. This was gentle, slow, steady, loving. This was a fuck to last a while. With my legs over his shoulders, Jim was going as deep as he could. It was wonderful. As he was thrusting into me, I squeezed his cock with my pussy, tightening on it like a velvet fist. I knew my boy, my man, loved it.

“I love you, sweetheart,” he said to me. “I love you so much. I am yours forever.”

“I know, baby, I know. I love you, too. Don’t ever stop loving me.”

“Never. Never in a million years.”

And with that, he started thrusting faster and faster, his mouth enveloping mine. I could tell he was ready to cum. So was I.

“Cum with me, baby. Cum with Mom.” And he did. We both cried out as our bodies came in a flood of man and woman juices. Shaking, shuddering, gripping each other, his fingers into my arms, my nails into his back. It was glorious. Glorious.

– – – –

Later that night, as we lay in our marital bed, I ran my fingers through my husband’s hair.

“I wanted our trip to New York to be our marriage and honeymoon. You are everything that I can ask for in a man. There is no one like you and I never, ever want to be with anyone else. You complete my life.”

“And you complete mine, Mom. Sharon!”

“Jim”. I beamed happily.

“Jim, there are a few other things that I have to surprise you with. First, we have to move. If we are going to live as husband and wife, we can’t do that here. So, for the last few months, I’ve been looking for another job, one that I can do from home. I don’t want to have to interact with coworkers and deal with any questions about us. It’ll be enough for them to think that I am married. Living in another state will fit the bill nicely.”

“And …?”

“And I found another job that starts next month. I can work from home without any problem. Which brings us to the second surprise. Home. I’ve already sold house. In the last few months, I found a nice piece of property in the Northwest that is affordable, secluded, and wifi-enabled! I signed the papers before we left for New York.”

“And where was I during all of this? I noticed nothing.”

“You, my dear husband, had your head in your books, finishing your on-line degree! Well, when you didn’t have your head buried in my pussy!”

We both laughed.

“When we get to our new home, you have your choice. You can get a job in town, get a job in a work-from-home situation like me, or …”

“Or …?”

“Or, you can be a stay at home Dad.”

“A … what? What? What, are … are you …”?

“Pregnant! Yep, you are going to be a Daddy. A month ago, I stopped taking the Pill. I found out I was pregnant before we left for New York. New York was the celebration for our new life. I was so nervous trying to keep these surprises from you. Why do you think I only had half a glass of wine on Saturday? Why do you think that I stopped smoking two months ago? I wanted to do everything right. I wanted us to live a long and happy life together with our child or children. I love you, Jim, and I want to be with you forever.”

“You will be, Shar. You will be. “

With that, Jim kissed me. I kissed him back, tenderly, then passionately, I really, really loved this man. More than I ever loved anyone.

“Come on, Tiger, let’s go to sleep now. With our own child growing inside me, I’ll need the rest.”

“Jim, my husband, to have and to hold, now and forever. Amen.”

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