Reconnecting Ch. 01

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It could have been minutes, could have been hours, that I savored such a long awaited return of his cock. I had let my hand gently rub across and around his soft member, as I lay between his legs, both of us naked and spent after our first encounter in years. My memory had not let exaggeration magnify the girth or length of his shaft, nor my intense hunger for it. Lying with him now, feeling wrapped in the heat between us, absolutely validated my reasons for seeking him out again after so many years.

I turned on my side, and wiggled in closer under his leg to let my tongue find the tip of his cock and lap gently around the tip. I licked up along his shaft to end with a kiss just under his belly button, then rested my head on his hip to look up at his face. He was still lying back, staring at the ceiling. I let my fingers run ever so softly along his inner thigh, stopping just before they touched his scrotum, then ran them back down slowly.

He let out a sigh as his hips shuttered, just slightly, at the stimulation. Moving his hand, he softly ran his fingers through my hair as we remained silent for a few moments, both drinking in our steamy reunion. Music played, incense burned, and the otherwise dingy motel room remained aglow with the fire we’d reignited.

My reverie was interrupted when he moved to sit up. “Slide up this way,” he said, gesturing to my legs. “I want some access between your legs too.” We both moved so that he could finger whatever he wanted between my legs as could I his. Lying side by side, he said, “Tell me a story to make me hard again so I can get back inside you.”

“Anything in particular?”

“Something hot.”

I smiled, and had a good idea of a hot tale of tail to tell. “Could be convinced with a kiss on my lips down there.”

He immediately turned up on his side and smacked loud kisses on my pussy lips. I felt heat shoot up straight to my tits and felt deeply motivated to tell him a good sexy story. Already, my pussy was yearning to feel him deep within it.

As he lay back down, I scooted over close to him and we both let our hands slowly wander along the inner thighs of the other. Feeling the electricity between our bodies, I began a story for him.

“It had been sixteen years since they’d last seen each other. Sixteen years with only a few brief meetings, yet time and place had never been quite right to really reconnect. After sixteen years, a few letters of correspondence, time, experience, place in life, cosmic tumblers and all that had somehow refueled fires of passion, lust and long replayed really dirty memories.”

Over his soft laughter, I continued.

“She hadn’t made any promises for their first meeting, but the Sakarya Escort claim of meeting at a hotel room because of her business trip was a pretty flimsy cover. His notes had made it clear to her there was lust seething on both sides. It was not a hard decision for her to prepare the room for a night of debauchery. With everything in place, she had stripped naked and sat at the window, peeking out of the curtain, awaiting his arrival.

In her eagerness, she had over an hour to wait, unconsciously sitting at the edge of the seat, her legs spread wide. As she waited and watched, she felt heat and excitement through her entire body, many times tempted to move to the bed to finger her clit and get some release from the intense hunger she felt in anticipation of him.”

“Mmmmm,” he said, wiggling his hips a bit and I knew his cock had begun its recharge. “So did you?” As he asked, he let a finger run down my pussy and slide deep into my wet entrance.

I turned on my side slightly and squeezed his arm between my legs, holding his finger in deep. “I wanted to. As much as I wish that was your cock up in my right now.”

He smiled and wiggled his finger around inside of me. “Finish the story first, I want to know if the guy showed up.”

I lay back down, and my hand moved to grasp his balls, massaging them just slightly, and resumed telling the story.

“She resisted touching herself anywhere near her pussy, as much as her clit ached to be rubbed. Instead, she enjoyed each minute of nakedness while waiting. It was a delicious ache though, feeling so hot and horny, waiting to let go and be plundered. She almost could have gone out and grabbed the nearest guy to quench the ache that throbbed within her. The thought of which made her all the hotter.”

“It making me hotter too,” he said, as his fingers continued to explore between my legs making me squirm my hips towards his fingers. With effort, I continue story time.

“She was very pleased and excited when she saw him arrive a little early. And as hot and eager as she was, had lost any and all nervousness about meeting him at the door completely nude. In fact, it was a little added thrill that there were two other men across the quad shaped atrium area as her man walked up the stairs towards her room. Though the lighting in the room was dim, she knew the lights outside the door would not hide much of her appearance. It was this bit of seedy knowledge that warmed her hardened nipples, and emboldened her to open the door wide the moment he knocked.

He only smiled knowingly upon seeing her naked. Still standing just outside the room, he opened his arms wide inviting her to come out to him. Taking Sakarya Escort Bayan just one step outside, she hugged him tightly. His hands ran up and down her body, his cock pressed roughly against her naked pussy. Fully aware of eyes upon them, he led them into turning around a few times as they embraced, the lights fully displaying her nakedness to the hungry eyes of the men across the way.

The few turns in the open air were a rush, but she wanted him inside the room and inside her far too much to play games outside. Wrapping her arms up around his neck, she led him back into the room, and he closed the door behind them. In the dim light, he bent his head down to kiss her deeply on the lips and let his tongue be the first part of him to enter her. With much passion, she returned his kiss and welcomed his tongue for many invigorating moments.

Despite feeling so much heat between them, she broke the embrace to take just one step back and give him a smile and hold one finger up, gesturing for him to stay still. As he watched, she began undressing him, removing his coat, then going straight for his belt buckle. She deftly unbuckled his belt, then quickly unsnapped the buttons of his jeans. Tugging his pants down just a bit, her hands dived down into his boxers to shove them down below his scrotum and let his hard cock emerge. Brushing it with her hand ever so slightly, she took a step back again just to look at it for a moment. She saw it jerky jump under her watchful eye and smiled.

Quickly, she removed his shirt and somehow managed to get his boxers, pants and shoes off before they moved over to the bed and fell upon it naked together once again.”

“I can make it jerky jump again right now if you want,” he said, interrupting her story.

I smiled and let my hand move from his scrotum to his fully erect cock. My hand held it, but did not move, “Your turn to wait and anticipate, let me finish the story.”

“But I think I know how it ends,” he protested.

“You are the one who wanted a story.”

“Okay, let me put my dick in you while you finish, I won’t move a bit, I promise,” he challenged.

“You’d never make it.”

“Try me.”

“Okay, I’d never make it,” I replied.

“Well, yeah, probably not if you are half the slut as the chick in the story,” he joked.

I moved my hand so that my fingernails were ready to dig into his shaft, “You going to let me continue?”

He moved his hand to mine to place my fingers back around his shaft, “I will let you do anything you want, whenever you want. Please resume.”

Obliging, I began again,”Naked on the bed, he quickly pulled her to him, their bodies pressed together Escort Sakarya tightly, both lost in the presence, feel and smell of one another again. As much as she hungered to feel his cock inside her, she could not move from their tight embrace, as her senses felt overloaded. She relished his hands moving along her backside and she let her own rub his back and shoulders. Her lips found his neck and began kissing and nuzzling awash with both passion and friendship. Memories of their past feelings and experiences came back to her and buzzed with an excitement she’d felt from no other man.

His movement brought her back to the present moment. Spreading her legs a bit, he began rubbing the tip of his cock against her pussy ever so slowly. The touch of his cock head down there shot bolts of hot energy through her and she immediately clamped down and rode a first wave of orgasm as she called out in pleasure. When she opened her eyes again, she saw him watching her and smiling. Wasting no time, she rolled back, spread her legs and pulled him toward her.

As many fantasies, dreams, wishes, and plans as she had let herself speculate about before their meeting, all she wanted now was a deep hard fuck. They obviously shared the same urgency, as he pushed his cock in fast and deep on the first stroke. Without even a second to recover, he pumped in again, long, fast and deep. She wrapped her legs up around him, closed her eyes and lost herself to the pounding. They quickly found a rhythm together, each feeling a deep need, trying to fill it with every thrust. Her hands grasped his shoulders, her head shook back and forth, as the feelings engulfed her, each forward thrust made her shiver, each withdraw made her ache. Wanting to tell him to fuck her harder and faster, she opened her mouth but could only utter deep groans.

It seemed to relay the message nonetheless, as he took it up a level, pumping faster, staying deeper in her. As he drilled into her, she finally began to feel some relief from the ache for him, feeling as if they were one again, both riding such sheer intense joy. His body continued to ride on hers, his cock sliding in and out of her. Every pump sent waves of electricity up her pussy and through her whole body. Every moment felt warmer and warmer, closer and closer.

He knew when her hand reached down to rub her clit that she was about to climax. As her finger quickly rubbed against her clit, he let himself go and pumped with a new passion for a few last blissful moments before burying himself deeply within her so they could cum together. He’d so missed feeling her squirm against and squeeze his buried cock as they came together.”

“That’s true,” he said when I’d finished my story. “I can’t tell you how much I missed those particular moments with you.” Turning on his side, and pulling my pussy towards him, he added, “I’ve got a long list to work through, if you are willing.”

The first touch of his tongue on my clit and he knew I was willing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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