Rainy Night at the Drive-In Ch. 05

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All participants in the sex in the sex are over 18. This is my fantasy and in my world there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. Do not try this at home.

This is actually one of my best memories of my sister and I. I had no real intention of sharing it but I felt it would be a better tribute to her. Unlike Chapter 4, this story is all happy memories and fun.

I hope you enjoy the story. Comments and votes are always welcome.

I continued with my caresses of my sister’s butt. I don’t really know how long it had been going on when Carol pushed my arm off her, jumped to her feet, and stormed off towards the stairway.

Just before leaving the room, she turned back to us and said, “Laura, it’s a good thing you have a job now. You need to get a place of your own. You can’t live here anymore.”

Ahhh, fuck!

Laura being forced to move out of the house turned out to be great for my sister and I as well as building our relationship. I helped Laura find a room in a rooming house. Carol went with her to check it out, gave her seal of approval, and they moved my sister in. Having just thrown my sister out of our house, I am really not sure why Carol, my wife, became so involved in Laura’s move. Proves I just don’t understand women.

At dinner, the day of the move, Carol was so excited telling me all the details of the house. How much she liked it. I found myself crossing my fingers, hoping Carol had no intentions of being a regular visitor at my sister’s new place since I planned on being there as often as I could. Carol being there would throw the proverbial monkey wrench in my fucking plans. Fucking plans, get it?

My job allowed me a fair amount of flexibility in my schedule. But, for the next couple days, although we talked daily on the phone, there was no opportunity for me to visit my sister. It was a disappointment to both of us. Worse for me, I think, as I was exceptionally horny as well, having difficulty controlling the images of my sister’s big boobs floating in my head.

I took a chance on calling Laura’s house phone from my place on the second night.

“Hi, Sweetheart, everything okay with you?”

“Riiiickeee,” she exclaimed. “Everything is fine here but I’m missing my big brother big time.”

“I miss you and I want to fix that. I can come by the house tomorrow about eleven. You going to be home?”

“I’ll make sure I’m home waiting for you.”

“That’s great, Baby. See you tomorrow.”

Unfortunately, it was a long night. I spent most of it hiding the chubby I couldn’t control from my wife. Gawd knows, I didn’t want her to think it was for her! And, I sure didn’t want to waste any sperm on Carol. This load was for my sister.

Finally it was the time. I drove over, having some difficulty finding the house. Due to the layout of the street and the heavy traffic flow, it was very difficult for first time visitors to find the house and driveway. After circling the block a dozen times or more, I saw Laura standing in the front doorway, waving to me.

One last time around the block and I was in. The driveway led to a parking lot behind the house. Fortunately, this would make my car invisible to casual passers by. My wife would actually have to drive behind the house in order to know I was visiting and likely shtupping my sister. Fate would need to be pissing heavily on me in order for us to be caught.

Laura was waiting for me at the back door wearing my favorite house coat. It was furry, quite large on her, being able to wrap around my sister’s body almost twice, and on her, long enough to reach the floor. Once inside the door, in the kitchen actually, I took my sister in my arms and pulled her to me. It was not the typical brother and sister kiss we shared. This kiss was long, hard, and passionate. Much like my cock at the time.

My sister took me by the hand and led me around the house. Laura showed me all the public rooms in the house. It was an old two story home, a century house. There were five bedrooms on the second floor, all occupied, the only bathroom in the house, and a sitting room. The main floor had the kitchen, the living room, and Laura’s room in what may have been the den or library originally.

Her room was very attractively appointed as well. Lots of original woodwork, built-in shelves, and my sister waiting to be ravished. Oh yeah, still wrapped in my housecoat.

“What’s with my housecoat, Baby?”

“I stole it.”

“I get that but why?” I asked her.

“It reminded me of you,” she said. “When I’m wearing it, I can smell you. It makes me feel good.”

“Baby, I love my little sister. I want to be with you so much you won’t need my housecoat to be reminded of me.”

Beaming, my sister threw myself in my arms and we started a new series of kisses. The kind of kisses lovers share. Step by step, I moved Laura back until we were at the side of her bed able to sit down. Our make out session continued.

My sister gaziantep vip escort was one of the best kissers I had ever been with up to that time. She would forever be the second best kisser when my step daughter replaced her in the future. But, that’s another story. LOL.

Laura just knew how to kiss a guy. Her lips softened against mine. Her lips traced mine. My sister sucked my bottom lip into her mouth. When her tongue entered my mouth to find mine, the two tongues started a warm and loving dance, an oral tango as it were.

And, the kisses were making me hot. My chubby was back, very proudly announcing its presence. I tried to snake my hand under my sister’s robe only to be prevented by her.

“Don’t, Rick,” she said. “Let me.”

Flicking on her bedside radio to an EZ listening station we both liked, my sister climbed to her feet. Standing in front of me, about three feet away, my sister began to sway her hips in time to the tunes. No doubt about it, Laura had my full attention as I couldn’t but imagine my sister was about to strip for me.

Grabbing the robe, hips continuing to sway, Laura began to tug the robe slightly higher and higher. Before I could even see her feet, she changed her grip, allowing her to unwrap the top end of the robe. In a moment or three, she was showing off her nude shoulders. My dick liked where this was going.

My eyes were glued on my sister as the robe slipped lower and lower. Laura brought the tops of her beautiful D cup boobs into my view. She leaned over, teasing me even further, but not allowing the robe to slip any lower. Instead she shrugged her shoulders and yanked the robe up.

Gradually, seemingly caressing her body, my sister’s hands returned to pulling the bottom of the robe up. This time, she lifted it higher until I could see her feet, apparently encased in nylons, wearing 4 inch, red stilettos. I had never seen my sister in stilettos before. Never even knew she owned any and said so.

“Yesterday was my first payday,” said Laura. “And, I received my signing bonus. So, of course I went shopping. For you.”

I groaned out, “Ohhh, Babysister, you’re making me so hard. I want to see more.”

“You will, Baby, you will,” she promised.

The hem of my robe slithered further and further up Laura’s leg. If I haven’t mentioned it before, my sister had great legs. Very tall, slender legs, well muscled and defined. And, she was wearing red stockings to match her shoes. This was sexy, so frigging sexy.

Laura kept lifting the hem of our robe higher and higher until I could see the red, lace covered tops of what were obviously thigh high, stay-ups. I just don’t have the words to convey exactly how much my sister’s dance was turning me. No lap dance from a stripper ever turned me on so much. Stripper? Was I going to get a lap dance too? Maybe, a dance like in the private rooms. My cock was so hard and stiff at this point, I was worried, it would break. I reached for it through my pants and gave it a squeeze. Yup, turned on but no breakage. Oh, I guess I found the words.

Letting the hem fall again, Laura turned her attention back to the top of our robe. I say our robe because, after this, there was no way I was going to reclaim it.

Slowly the robe opened enough that I was again seeing the tops of my sister’s tits. Large, heavy boobs. The robe opened more showing me her nipples. Laura had smallish areolae for the size of her boobs. Her nipples, though, were stupendous. Maybe the size around of two pencil erasers, long — a good inch and a half- and hard. Also, pretty amazing in itself, there was virtually no sag to my sister’s tits.

Not that I could tell about sag right now. Her boobs were being supported by a shelf bra, red, of course, under her breasts allowing her nipples to be displayed as well as the entirety of her breasts.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed to feel my sister’s body in my hands. Leaping to my feet only to be shoved back down, my sister continued to shed the robe. Now, I was able to see her panties. Red satin, high cut panties that framed Laura’s pussy. Framed but fully covered with no stray hair sticking out.

Laura had been trimming her bush in a landing strip pattern, almost like the silhouette of an old fashioned key lock, for as long as I had been privileged enough to be allowed to see her pussy. Taste it, even. Anyway, I enjoyed many up close and personal views of her pussy and landing strip. Could she have shaved it all off? Was I going to see my sister’s cunt with no hair at all.

I grabbed my dick yet again and squeezed it even harder concentrating on the base. I had been without relief so long now, I was concerned I would ejaculate prematurely. If I had known this was the sort of reception I would receive from my sister today, I might have considered masturbation.

Rather than closer, Laura danced further away from me.

“Big brother, take your clothes off.” She instructed gaziantep yabancı escort me in a drill sargeant’s tone of voice. Not as sexy as cooing at me but who was I to complain anyway. Lunging to my feet, shirt, pants, shoes and socks were soon in a bundle I kicked away from the bed.

Starting to sit down again, “Your boxers, too. I want to see your hard cock, big brother,” said Laura.

Without any hesitation, my boxers were off me and I was sitting back on the bed in all my naked glory. Laura continued her dance, moving forward in time to the tunes playing in the background. With each step towards me, my sister would spin on her stilettoes giving me a view of her ass. Like the rest of her, Laura’s ass was large but not fat, and firm as well as toned and well defined. One last step forward and the next spin allowed me one big kiss on each cheek.

Laura, facing forward, was standing in front of me caressing her entire body from knees to shoulders. Still reacting to the innate sexiness of the situation, her nipples, highlighted by the red, satin shelf bra, were hard enough, seemingly, to break diamonds.

My sister placed her hands on my shoulders in order to hold me back. Then, after reaching behind herself in order to free the latches restraining her breasts, Laura pushed her fantastic tits close to my face and waggled them at me. Close but not close enough to use my mouth on them. I could have used my hands, I guess, but I liked their placement. Yup, I did. My hands had a firm grip on my sister’s ass, one cheek per hand. Squeezing, cupping, and caressing Laura’s cheeks, those hands were good exactly where they were placed.

“Laura, your ass is like no one else’s I’ve been with. Your ass cheeks are so big but so firm. I love ’em.”

“Ricky, you just keep those hands of yours on my backside,” my sister warned.

“They ain’t moving. I guarantee you,” I said pushing Laura’s cheeks together enough to cover the crack of her ass. I wished I was still seeing them but I knew I would be getting up close and personal with them too, sometime soon.

In the meantime, my sister was still teasing me with her jugs. Occasionally, she would swipe a nipple past my nose or my mouth pulling back before I could catch them with my lips or teeth.

“Laura,” I said, “you’re being an awful tease.”

“I am, am I?” she laughed at me. “Scoot back a little more on the bed, big brother. I’ll show you teasing!”

I ended up moving back on the bed just enough that my feet were still on the floor but just barely. Laura didn’t hesitate, climbing onto my lap, and spreading her legs allowing herself to straddle my legs. I considered moving my hands from their perch on my sister’s ass but decided to leave them there. Laura wanted to control this show. So, let her.

Not that my hands were motionless on her ass. With Laura now so close to me, my hands had more ass to play with. Taking turns, one hand at a time, my fingers drifted from her cheek to the crack of her ass. I fingered her crack with one hand while squeezing a cheek with the other. Pushing and pulling alternate cheeks, the opposing fingers would have the widest expanse of crack to explore before being buried in a tunnel of ass.

Of course, my probing fingers managed to find my sister’s asshole. As a matter of fact, this was the first opportunity in our lovemaking relationship that my sister surrendered her ass and rectum to me so fully. In the past, she would always move or pull my hands away if they were wandering to far afar. I didn’t want to scare her off, so I just fingered and teased the edges. No good big brother would want to scare off his baby sister over a piece of ass. Sheesh, I’m a funny guy.

Laura had changed her teasing tactics with her boobs. Now my nose was buried in her cleavage. I tried motorboating her but she wasn’t giving up that much control. With her hands wrapped around my head, my sister directed me where she wanted me. She would force breast meat into my mouth or a nipple, give me square inches of tit to lick, suck, or kiss, always moving me to different parts of those big and bold boobs of hers.

I have to say I was surprised when my sister leveraged her body up enough to allow her to grab my rock hard dick. That rod of mine was just throbbing with excitement. Laura pulled it in front of her and sat back down on my lap. My prong was even more excited at this point just from being handled by my sister. When Laura started to rub it against her pussy, still covered by the red silk panties, gyrating her hips to attack from differing directions, it began to leak pre-cum.

“Laura, this teasing has to stop!” I exclaimed. “I need to fuck you. I need to cum!”

She cooed her answer back to me, “Is my big brother getting all anxious to sink his big, fat cock into his little sister’s warm, wet pussy?”

By this time, my face was crushed into Laura’s tits so speaking was impossible. I did my very best to nod gaziantep yaşlı escort my head up and down while sucking on the nipple that had just found its way between my lips. Of course, Laura enjoyed that, the sucking lips pulling her nipple up and down. Laura switched up nipples on me giving me the other to play with.

Still cooing her erotic baby talk at me, Laura said,” Isn’t my big brother happy to play with his little sister’s titties? Does he want more?”

This girl was no dummy. She made sure to end each question with a required yes or no answer. Since she was moving my mouth from nipple to nipple in time with her questions, the nodding or shaking of my head caused me to play tug of war with her boobs.

Laura reached between us and used her hand to hold my cock firmly against her pussy mound. At least I was getting some direct stimulation to my cock, nodding my head enthusiastically in appreciation. My sister was enjoying this game as much as me. Still with a hold on my rod, she would tug it away from her panty causing me to shake my head vigorously. Then pull it tight against her with me responding with vigorous head nodding.

Although I was enjoying this, I wanted more! More, I say!

Still letting my baby sister call the shots, she slowly but surely slid off my lap. Although she was pulling her tits away from me, my cock was soon at breast level. We didn’t stop there for long, just long enough for Laura to slap my cock against her tits and rub the tip against her nipples.

Both of us knew what the next step in this little erotic game of ours was going to be. Both of us wanted to get there. Me no more than her, I think. Nope, I lie. I really wanted to feed my cock, her big brother’s cock, into my baby sister’s mouth! And, I didn’t, couldn’t, wait much longer.

I had no choice but to wait. Gritting my teeth, I put up no resistance when Laura began this new round of teasing and playing with me and my little buddy. She gently blew on the tip of my dick, heating it up even more rather than having a cooling effect. With it firmly in hand, Laura continued to hold it near her mouth as her lips came closer and closer.

With pursed lips, my little sister gave the head of my cock a kiss right on the slit smearing my pre-cum on her lips. Then, she pulled my head down to me and gave me a hard kiss on my lips. I didn’t really care as I just wanted to enjoy kissing my sister. Laura backed her head away, returning my attention, her attention as well, to my cock.

Laura squeezed the base of my dick tightly causing me to moan at the exquisite uncomfortableness she was causing me. In mid moan, Laura began doing the ice cream cone dance on my cock. She would lick up one side and down the other repeatedly, still squeezing my discomforted cock, and occasionally stopping to lick the pre-cum from the head.

As soon as her mouth descended on my little head, she pushed down to shaft level before stopping with just the head of my dick in her mouth. Now Laura had one hand holding my shaft towards her mouth while her other hand was toying with the hair on my balls. I worried that if she got to intensive in her playing with my balls, she would hurt them. But, I need not have worried.

My sister very gently cupped my balls and squeezed them equally as gently. She simply pleasured me with her handling of my balls. In the meantime, she had freed the head of my cock from her mouth and was rubbing her lips up and down the shaft. She did this several times before she went even lower in order to suck my testicles, one at a time, into her mouth. Again, my sister seemed to know my pain threshold, as she sucked just hard enough to almost reach that threshold, but backed away before crossing it.

In one move, my sister released the ball of choice, lifted her head and deepthroated me. Now that was an exquisite feeling! Feeling my dick nudging her throat was such an unbelievable turn on. Slowly, ever so fucking slowly, she pulled her head up my cock stopping just before it slipped out. Expecting Laura to repeat her previous move deepthroating me, I was surprised when she used her teeth to gently push down and then up, repeating that move, my cock tingling and jerking between her teeth.

I’d like to say I was being a conscientious lover trying to feel, caress, and rub my sister’s body anywhere or any how I could. But, I’d be fibbing again if I did. I was leaning as far back on the bed as possible using my elbows as support. Yup, I was being a lazy lover laying back and letting my sister do all the work.

I was gracious enough to keep moaning and groaning out things like, “Yeah, baby” and “You go girl” and even the occasional “Yeah, suck that cock, little sister”. Laura must have thought this was sufficient as she never once slacked off on her efforts.

Soon enough I was sitting up again with my hands buried in her long blonde hair. I would be spurting in her mouth soon. My balls were tightening up, my cock was getting thicker at the base.

“I’m going to cum, baby.”

“Keep on baby, I’m going to cum soon.”


I shot rope after rope of cum down my little sister’s throat. I kept my grip on her hair and head so she had no choice but to swallow every drop that came out of my dick. I could even see Laura’s cheek and throat muscles working on taking in the huge deposit I was giving her.

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