Public Incest Ch. 06

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Sitting in the doctor’s office, looking around. I’m not a big fan of going to the doctor. My sister Gina made me this appointment with a doctor she’s working for because I’ve been having chest pains here and there. Nothing big. But, she wanted me to get checked out. She blew me twice in a row to convince me to go. She’s very good at convincing. (Sexually pleased smirk)

Weird music here. A mix of pop and old school elevator music. Not for me. Tapping the chair arm. Looking at the clock. Do do do do… waiting… hmmmmmm hmmmmmm hmmmmmm. Still waiting.

Nice black chick about three chairs down on my right. Looks about 18. Big tits. Nice ass.

“Hey… I’m James.”

I give her a nice smile. She smiles back.

“Hey… I’m married.”

The Price Is Right losers music is playing in my head. DE–NIED!

I though about telling her so… I dig married chicks… and pushing forth, but my sister comes to the door and calls for me before I can.


She shoots me a sly smirk, knowing she interrupted me. I smile back. I wave at the black chick who waves back surprisingly and walk over to Gina.

“This way, please.”

She pretends we aren’t brother and sister. Gina smirks back at me over her shoulder as she walks me back to the exam room. She wiggles her wide ass for me so I pounce. I grave her and push her into a ln empty room before anyone can see us. I roughly yank down her dark gray scrub pants and shove my already rock hard dick up her wide, cock devouring butt. No warm up. No words. Just pure, fuck crazed lust for my super sexy sister. I fuck her fast, slamming up her butt. Pushing her and her big tits up against the white wall. She moans, turning her head to the side and licking out her tongue.

“DO IT, gaziantep ucuz escort BITCH! FUCK MY ASS! Like you want to do to that black bitch!”

Gina blows me kiss, a devious smirk on her sexually intense face.

I ram harder up her tight clenching butt, then lean in and kiss her even harder. She bites and sucks my tongue ravenously, right as someone heads to the room we’re in. FUCK! I feverishly pull out and put my dick away. Gina quickly pulls up her pants. The door opens and we walk out as another nurse walks in.

“Oh… Wrong room, sorry.”

Gina tells the other nurse who smiles. We walk to the right room. Gina looks over her shoulder at me and whispers to me.

“Naughty boy. Always so horny.” She winks at me with a naughty smirk and blows me another quick kiss.

We head into my room and Gina closed the door behind us. I grab her and kiss her as she turns towards me. I kiss my sister with such lust fueled passion. Our bodies writhe lovingly against one another’s.

“Mmmmmmm. My sexy brother always gets me so fucking hot. Mmmm… mmmmm… mmmmmmmmmmm!”

She playfully bites my bottom lip, tugging on it. God… My cock is so hard. I grab her big tits so fucking hard. I shake ’em in her dark gray scrub top and gray sports bra. I shake ’em as hard as I can, squeezing just as hard as I go. She closes her eyes, slowly kicking all around her pink glossy lips. I kiss her again, shoving my tongue down her fucking throat. That bitch has me so fucking horny.

“Now now… it’s time to sit on the table and let me check your blood pressure.”

Gina pats the exam table, smirking as she turns her sexy head away from me. Her light brown hair in a braided ponytail.

Gina gaziantep ukraynalı escort puts the wrap on my arm, pumping it tight, checking my blood pressure. I sneak in a quick 36D titty squeeze on her.

“So handsy.”

Gina leans in and gives me a quick, soft kiss, putting the blood pressure cup away. She rubs my chest, then runs her hands to my crotch, rubbing my raging boner through my black sweatpants and she looks right into my eyes. She doesn’t say a word. She just blows me a kiss, smirks, then pulls my cock out and bends down to it, licking the tip. I lean back against the cold wall and watch, enjoying every second of the public incest blowjob fun at the doctor’s office.

Gina softly chews on the mushroom head, licking the super sensitive underside as she nibbles my spongy cock. God… best doctor visit ever! Gina knows how good I’m feeling. She smiles deviously as she devours my cock, her saliva slowly rolls down the sides of my throbbing shaft as sucks me in tight. Her glossy lips purse around my hard shaft as they ripple downwards, taking me further in. We hear bustling noises in the hallway outside of the door. Gina speeds up, not wanting to get caught. I grab her head and mouth fuck her senseless, pounding down her throat. She bites me though.


I blurt out. Gina winks up at me, not wanting me to go to fast. She’s enjoying the possibility of us getting caught. I grin back, knowing exactly what she wants. I let her take full control. I just sit back and enjoy the bumpy… but very pleasurable… oral ride. She kisses all over my pounding cock, softly chewing on the sides, sucking me in… faster when she hears someone close to our door. Then gaziantep üniversiteli escort she slows down and slobbers all over my ready to burst cock when the noise dies down.

I close my eyes, riding out all of the intensely satisfying sensations racing throughout my body. My cock throbs continuously as Gina expertly sucks it, dragging her slick lips back up it slowly after she deep sucks it all the way down. She brings me to the brink… then cools me off… driving me totally wild.

Gina speeds up again, knowing I wanna pump her throat with my cum so fucking bad. As soon as she senses me ready to jizz… she wags her finger back and forth and bites down on my cock softly to keep me from cumming. She does that three times in a row.

My cock is so hard and so ready to cum! Fuck! I NEED TO CUM!

My sexy sister rubs my thighs and sucks me hard, bobbing her head on my cock, constantly licking under the shaft as she drinks my copious precum. We hear the doctor talking to a nurse as he heads to our door. Gina looks at the door, then stops as the doctor talks to a nurse. I FUCKING NEED TO CUM!

Gina looks up at me and smiles as I groan and frown. She’s pushing it to the very last second. I’m so disappointed at not cumming yet. She winks at me and starts sucking, deep and fast, bobbing her head wildly as she lovingly rubs my thighs.

“Cum, baby.”

Gina mumbles around my insanely throbbing dick. I cum… HARD. My creamy jizz explodes out of my cock, racing down my sister’s quick gulping throat as the doctor slowly turns the door knob. He’s still talking to the nurse in the hall as he slowly starts to open the door. I rush to finish cumming. Gina hurriedly sucks me dry right before he opens the door. She quickly jumps to her feet as I put my spent cock away… and the doctor enters the room. Gina and I grin at each other like nothing happened as the doctor reaches out to shake my hand.

Gina walks out of the room, smiling at the doctor… and me… licking her lips to make sure she got all of my cum down. She waves at me and heads off. What a fucking day. What a fucking doctor’s appointment… What a fucking sister.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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