Probing Ginger

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Katie looked out the window of her living room, observing the storm outside. Heavy rain was falling everywhere in sight as the roar of thunder could be heard in the distance.

She was seated on a dark leather love seat next to a coffee table. Her two best friends, Ginger and Olivia, were sitting on a matching leather sofa that was perpendicular to the love seat. The three girls, each 22 years of age, were spending this rainy evening hanging out in Katie’s lavish 12th-story condominium, in the suburbs of San Francisco. They were friends from college who had just recently graduated with matching degrees in sociology. However, neither of them had entered the working world just yet – which meant they had a lot of free time.

There were three empty glasses of wine on the coffee table, along with a finished bottle of Merlot. The three girls were fairly buzzed, although Katie made it a point to not drink as much as the other two.

“We’ve been watching way too many movies lately,” said Katie, fiddling with the remote to a large black LED TV mounted on the wall.

Katie was a gorgeous brunette with sparkling green eyes and a curvy 5’7″ frame. She was wearing a green knit sweater, along with tight blue jeans. Her large, firm breasts noticeably bulged out through the sweater.

She was the only one of the three who came from a very rich family. Her parents, both doctors, had bought her this condo several years ago when she started college.

“Yeah, seriously,” said Ginger, yawning. “Maybe there’s something else we can do tonight.”

Ginger was a beautiful, curvy blonde with bright blue eyes and a vivacious smile. She was slightly shorter than Katie at 5’5″, and was wearing a white button-up blouse to go along with a pair of tight, white-colored jeans.

“Such shitty weather,” remarked Olivia.

Olivia was arguably just as pretty as the other two girls, with brown eyes and smooth dark hair. She was the tallest at 5’8″, and her perfect figure was highlighted by the green, skimpy, one-piece dress that she was wearing.

“So, what’s the plan, Katie?” she asked, looking at a clock that was hanging on the wall. It was currently 10:36 p.m. “Wanna drink some more? Do you have any other alcohol besides wine?”

“Listen, you two,” said Katie suddenly, ignoring Olivia. A nervous expression crossed her face. “I actually needed to talk to you about something. That’s why I called you here.”

Olivia and Ginger glanced at each other with mildly surprised expressions on their faces.

“I thought you said you were bored and wanted to hang out at your place!” exclaimed Ginger.


“Don’t snap at her,” scolded Olivia. “Go ahead, Katie. You can talk to us about anything. Is everything okay?”

“Um, yeah, everything is fine,” said Katie. “It’s just – I don’t really know how to say this, but…I have a confession to make.” She nervously fiddled with the sleeves on her sweater.

“A confession? About what?”

“First promise me that you won’t judge me, okay?” Katie glared at them. “No matter what I’m about to tell you.”

Her friends nodded. “We won’t judge you,” said Ginger. “You’re our best friend!”

Katie smiled sheepishly before speaking. “Okay, well, here goes – I’m a lesbian.”

Katie’s friends both stared at her in shock. “Are you serious?” exclaimed Ginger. “You’re…coming out?”

“Yeah. I wanted to tell you earlier, but…I thought you might not be too accepting of it, since both of you don’t swing that way.”

“Oh, you poor girl,” said Olivia sympathetically. She got up from the couch and walked over to Katie, giving her a hug. “I know this is hard for you. Don’t worry about us; we’re not going to judge you.”

Ginger hesitated at first, but then joined in on the hug. “This is extremely brave of you, Katie,” she said. “It’s perfectly okay. We support you entirely.”

Katie welcomed the tight embrace from her two best friends. After a few moments of hugging and patting her on the back, Olivia and Ginger sat back down on the larger sofa.

“Thanks, you guys,” said Katie, smiling. “You’re the best.”

“You should already know that we’re very open-minded,” said Olivia. “Interestingly, you’re the first openly lesbian friend I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah, same for me,” remarked Ginger. “How long have you been a lesbian for?”

“Well, it’s been a couple of years now. So I, basically, um, became a lesbian after I met the two of you.”

“Wow, interesting,” said Olivia. “All this time and I could never tell! Do you have a girlfriend?”

“I’ve been with a few girls so far, but currently, no.”

“What’s it like?” asked Ginger. “Being with a girl?”

Katie paused. Suddenly, a mischievous smile crept across her face.

“Well,” she said, “since you’re so curious…how about I pay you to find out?”

Ginger frowned and exchanged confused glances with Olivia.

“Katie, what are you talking about?” asked Ginger.

Katie got up from the couch and walked görükle escort over into her bedroom, which was adjacent to the living room. After a few moments, she came out with a large black suitcase.

“You wanna see something cool?” she asked.

“What’s in that case?” questioned Olivia.

The case seemed pretty heavy. Katie lugged it over to the coffee table and set it down in front of the girls.

“You both know I’m pretty rich. My parents have a lot of money. And that means I have a lot of money to burn.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” asked Ginger. “Katie, you’re being kind of weird right now. What’s going on?”

Katie smiled naughtily and opened the suitcase to reveal huge stacks of $100 bills. There were tens of thousands of neatly packed dollars inside.

“Look, I know this will sound kind of weird, but – this is my fetish money case,” said Katie. “I use this money to pay my friends to do naughty things for me.”

Suddenly Ginger and Olivia seemed to understand. They glanced at each other nervously.

“Katie,” said Olivia, “do you mean to say – you want to pay us to do naughty things to…you? Are you attracted to us?”

“Oh, no, that’s not exactly what I meant. I mean – I want you to do naughty things to each other. And I will handsomely reward you both!”

Ginger gulped. This was quite possibly the most peculiar situation she had encountered in recent memory. Suddenly she regretted visiting Katie’s house on this rainy day. How do I refuse my best friend nicely? she thought.

“Wow, Katie,” said Olivia, laughing sheepishly. “I didn’t know you had such a naughty side! How many people have you paid to do these…things?”

“Well, just a handful of people, so far. It’s actually quite nice…I’ve convinced several of my past girlfriends to explore lesbianism, and honestly, they enjoyed it so much that they’re pretty much full-on lesbians now!”

“Gee, that’s amazing,” remarked Ginger. “But, I don’t know…”

Katie cut her off mid-sentence. “Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable playing this little game and getting paid potentially thousands of dollars to entertain me tonight, then it’s perfectly all right. I’m just encouraging you to explore a new side of your sexuality which I think you both would enjoy very much.”

Olivia smiled nervously. “It’s nice of you to offer us this money, but this all just seems so…weird. I mean, I’ve never really been attracted to other girls.”

“Are you sure? I mean, take a look at Ginger, will you? She’s so hot. And so are you. You were curious about what it’s like to be with a girl, right? Here’s your opportunity to find out. With each other.”

Both girls glanced at each other nervously, not knowing what to say.

Katie sighed and closed the suitcase. “But if you’re not as open-minded as I thought you were, then it’s perfectly okay. I don’t want to force you to do anything that you’re not comfortable with. We can just drink some wine and relax and hang out if you like!”

“Wait,” said Ginger. “What exactly do you want us to do? I mean, just make out or something?”

“Well, you can start by making out. I’d pay you each $500 just to do that.”

Olivia looked stunned. “How long do we have to make out for? To get $500?”

“As long as I want you to. I’d say, at least a few minutes. And then I’ll pay you even more if you want to go further than that. Much more.”

Wow, thought Olivia. Kissing another girl isn’t so bad. I might as well try it out and pocket some change…

“Don’t worry,” said Katie. “If you don’t enjoy making out, then you can always stop after a few minutes. I’ll still pay you the $500 for that. Come on! This is a nifty way for you to try out a new experience! See if you get turned on by each other.”

Katie opened the suitcase again, and pulled out a wad of $100 bills.

Olivia looked at Ginger intently. “Ginger, do you want to try this?”

“I, um…” stammered Ginger, before Olivia gently grasped her shoulders.

“Come on,” said Olivia, with an inviting smile. She pulled herself close to Ginger until their noses touched. In a moment, their lips were locked and the make out session officially began.

Olivia was clearly more enthusiastic in the beginning, but slowly Ginger got into it as well. Their breasts pressed firmly up against one another as the kissing intensified. Their tongues started wrapping around each other and exchanging saliva. Katie could tell from the increasing sound of their kisses that they were really getting into it.

After a couple minutes, the kissing stopped. Ginger and Olivia separated their sloppy, saliva-covered lips and looked into each other’s eyes longingly.

“Well, that was kinda nice,” said Ginger, smiling. She gently used her thumb to wipe some of the spit from Olivia’s chin.

“Yeah,” agreed Olivia. “I’m not gonna lie…I have been curious in the past about what it’s like to kiss a girl.”

Katie looked on delightfully. eskort bayan “Looks like you girls enjoyed that very much! Ready for some more?”

The two girls glanced at Katie a little hesitatingly.

“Well,” said Olivia, “I – I don’t really know how to go any further with a woman. I mean, can you guide us?”

“Olivia,” said Ginger, “do you really even want to go any further than this? I mean, that was probably enough for one day, you know?”

“Of course I want to go through with this,” responded Olivia. She was clearly very tipsy now as more of the alcohol started to hit her. “Don’t you? I mean, we both just had a really hot make out session. You actually turned me on!”

“You turned me on too,” said Ginger, glancing downwards sheepishly. “But I’m just – a little nervous to do anything more, I guess.”

“Don’t be afraid to express your sexuality,” chimed in Katie. “It seems like you two would make perfect lesbians! Life is all about trying new experiences. I’ll give you each a thousand dollars to keep going.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Ginger. “That’s a lot of money. Are you sure?”

“We must really turn you on, Katie, if you’re willing to spend this much on us!” said Olivia. “Why not just get a lesbian hooker?”

“Oh, don’t be silly.” Katie grabbed a few more bills from the case and set them down on the coffee table. “Here. I’m giving you advance payment. Now, Olivia – since you seem to be the more aggressive one – take off Ginger’s clothes, and then kiss and lick Ginger’s breasts. Okay?”

“Yes, Katie,” said Olivia, nodding obediently.

“Katie, nobody better find out about this!” exclaimed Ginger.

“I promise I won’t tell anyone,” reassured Katie.

Ginger looked at Olivia nervously as she began undressing her. Olivia slowly unbuttoned Ginger’s white top and pulled it down past her shoulders, just enough to reveal her voluptuous breasts cradled in a red lace bra. Olivia pulled off the bra to reveal Ginger’s gorgeous, plump tits, and began sucking on her right nipple eagerly.

“Ohhh,” moaned Ginger as Olivia’s tongue circled around her nipple. Olivia moved on to Ginger’s left breast, lathering it with saliva as her friend continued to moan.

“Very good,” said Katie, comfortably seated on the other sofa. She slipped her own hand into her jeans and started to masturbate, enjoying the hot lesbian action that was taking place in front of her.

Olivia gently pushed Ginger backwards into the right corner of the sofa, so that her back was resting against the cool, black leather. Ginger allowed Olivia to untie her bra from behind and toss it aside. Then, Olivia started planting kisses down Ginger’s bare abdomen.

“Oooh,” giggled Olivia. “Your skin is so cool and soft.”

Ginger gasped as Olivia unzipped her jeans and slipped a hand inside, sliding it into Ginger’s panties. Olivia started masturbating her friend, feeling the moisture of a sticky residue envelope her fingers. She bent forward and continued licking Ginger’s breasts, while her hand rubbed against Ginger’s wet mound.

“Ohhhh, God,” groaned Ginger as she felt Olivia’s tender fingers rub against her pussy. “That feels so good…”

“It’s a lot of money…” murmured Olivia as she continued sucking on Ginger’s tits.

Ginger could feel the tension rising in her body as blood rushed into her genitalia. She neared orgasm as her panties got soaked in her juices. Olivia could feel Ginger’s hard, exposed clitoris, and she began rubbing it until finally, Ginger started coming. Ginger let out a huge groan and heaved her breasts into the air.

“Ohhh….ahhhhhh,” sighed Ginger as the orgasm quickly rushed through her body. Her hips bucked under the pressure, and she pushed her buttocks down against the leather sofa underneath. Waves of pleasure coursed through her shuddering body as she exclaimed, “My goodness, where did you learn to do that from?”

“I’ve seen some videos,” answered Olivia, gazing deeply into Ginger’s warm eyes. She locked lips with Ginger again and kissed her new lover deeply as the orgasm came to a close. Olivia removed her hand from Ginger’s panties, her fingers covered in vaginal fluids.

“Let her taste it,” said Katie, continuing to finger herself on the love seat. “Let Ginger taste her own juices.”

Olivia brought her hand up to Ginger’s face, and they both starting licking the juices off her fingers.

“Mmmm, tastes kind of salty – but good,” said Ginger.

“I agree,” remarked Olivia. “You got so wet down there! How adorable. Let me take these off for you now.”

Ginger slipped her arms out of the white top and tossed it aside. Soon Olivia removed Ginger’s jeans, revealing a soaked red thong underneath. Finally, Olivia slid the panties off as well, revealing a nice, hairy mound of pubic hair that sat just above Ginger’s vulva. Ginger held her thighs together tightly, embarrassed to show her wet, bare pussy to her close friend.

Gosh, this is really enjoyable, altıparmak escort thought Ginger. But I’m a little nervous about going further…

Katie stopped masturbating for a moment and leaned forward to grab a few more bills from the open suitcase. “I can see you’re a little nervous to proceed, Ginger,” she said. “In my sessions – where I pay lovely girls such as yourself to do naughty things – I usually consider this the point of no return.”

“What do you mean?” asked Ginger worriedly.

“What I mean is, so far you two have been doing some pretty softcore stuff. You know, just some kissing, fingering, really light stuff. However, beyond this it gets pretty serious in terms of what I’m going to ask you to do.”

“How bad could it possibly be?” questioned Olivia. “I mean, it’s just oral sex. I think I’m comfortable eating out Ginger for the right price – assuming she’s comfortable with it too, of course.”

“Oh, no – you’re mistaken. That’s not really what I had in mind. Oral sex, cunnilingus – that can always wait. Olivia, I want you to do something a little kinkier with Ginger. Since she’s a lesbian virgin – just like you – start with something that will give her the most memorable first time lesbian experience. Something that she will never forget. And Ginger, I will pay you an equal amount to oblige – if you’re comfortable.”

“Umm, Katie, I don’t know where you’re going with this,” said Ginger. “I just had a really good orgasm. I got a little taste of what it’s like to be with a girl. I’m not sure if I feel comfortable going any further–”

“Two-thousand dollars,” interjected Katie. “I’ll give you each two-thousand dollars for this next activity. Ginger, I want you to turn upside down on the couch, doggy style, with your ass in the air. And then, Olivia, I want you to eat out her ass.”

“Eat out her ass?!” exclaimed Olivia.

“What the hell?” gasped Ginger in unison.

“Yes,” said Katie. “Analingus. I’m sure neither of you has done it before. The anus is home to so many nerve endings, making analingus in some ways even more pleasurable than cunnilingus!”

“That actually sounds…exciting!” exclaimed Olivia. “I’m not going to lie – I think this might actually be fun. I’ve seen some videos where girls do this to each other, and they have a great time. Are you down, Ginger?”

Ginger hesitated, but then she thought about the money being offered. She reluctantly turned herself around, getting on all fours and burying her head against the sofa’s cool leather. She lifted her ass in the air, mere inches from Olivia’s face, with her legs spread apart to reveal her luscious pussy. Her outer labia were beautiful, perfectly formed folds of skin, guarding the entry to her pink vagina. They gleamed from all the cum she had expelled earlier.

Olivia loved the sight of her friend’s pussy, but her ass may have been the more exquisite spectacle. Ginger’s plump buttocks curved around her dark, tight brown asshole. A few small strands of hair dotted the skin around it.

Olivia placed her hands on Ginger’s buttocks and began kneading them gently. She playfully spanked Ginger’s butt cheeks a few times.

“But…wait,” pleaded Ginger. “I, um, actually…I don’t really know if this is hygienic. I mean, analingus? Really? That’s kind of gross. I mean…that’s where shit comes out from!”

Olivia, keeping her hands on Ginger’s buttocks, hesitated and looked up at Katie as if to receive further instructions.

“Oh, come on, I’m sure you cleaned up down there,” said Katie. “Olivia, inspect Ginger’s asshole and make sure it’s clean.”

Olivia looked at Ginger’s asshole closely. “Looks clean to me,” she said. She leaned forward a bit to smell. There was a slight musky odor, but it didn’t seem too bad. “Has a little smell to it though.”

“Well, I did take a shower,” said Ginger. “But…I mean…it’s still my ass! And you’re going to put your mouth on it. Ewwww! What if I fart?”

“Oh, quit being so paranoid, Ginger,” snapped Katie. “Don’t be a germophobe. Lesbians do this all the time. It’s a staple of highly pleasurable lesbian sex. You’ll be fine.”

Katie took out a few extra bills from her suitcase and placed them on the table. “Here. I’ll up the ante to four-thousand each.”

“Holy shit,” exclaimed Ginger. This girl really means business…

“Whatever I can do to persuade you, my friend,” replied Katie. “You’re very good at bargaining with your feisty and rebellious attitude! Olivia certainly seems more carefree and eager today. Olivia, you should really give Ginger an awesome butt-licking. She just made you an extra two-thousand dollars. She deserves it!”

Olivia’s face lit up with glee and she didn’t even wait for Ginger’s approval before starting. Without hesitating, she bent forward and buried her tongue into Olivia’s tight asshole, licking it with great enthusiasm and technique for a first timer.

“Ohhh, God,” moaned Ginger, surprised. She clasped her hands tightly onto the sofa’s armrest in front of her as Olivia’s tongue probed her ass.

Olivia relished the feel of Ginger’s tight bumhole, moistening it with her saliva and slowly trying to crack it open. Her spit slowly streamed down from Ginger’s asshole, past her perineum and onto her pussy.

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