Private Dance

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I hear the shower going and smile. I know you had long day out biking with a friend and are probably tired but hopefully not too tired. I slip into a long flannel shirt only bothering to do up a few of the buttons spending the time combing my long soft thick hair. Dabbing a little perfume on and putting some music on. As I hear the shower stop I think of you dripping wet and rubbing yourself dry with the towel seeing you glance in the mirror as you comb your hair.

My hands running anxiously over my body as I sit on edge of bed in plain view of the bathroom door. Hearing it finally open your body filling the doorway the towel casually draped over your hips. I resist the urge to run to you and let my hands move up over your chest and attack your lips with my own. I stand moving slowly to the music playing with the shirt tails agonizingly slow.

As I undo the few buttons playfully flashing one side then the other seeing you mesmerized I let shirt slip off my shoulders güvenilir bahis and pull it tighter a shy tease. My simple white bra showing and you wonder if I am wearing any panties. I let the shirt drop lower letting my fingers dance across my neck and exposed breasts. I turn around letting shirt slowly drift to the ground my hair covering my behind. I turn quickly my hair a cloud concealing my skin. I walk towards you as your eyes are locked on mine and when are bodies barely make contact I back away and turn around. You watch my hands slide up my back to undo my bra you manage to whisper, “Let me.” Your hands sliding slowly up my back feeling my body sway as you undo the clasps.

I turn back around cupping my bra to my chest. “Sit down,” I softly command. You are so compelled to obey you almost sit on floor before your mind clears to think of sitting on the bed. The bra drops and you watch as my hair brushes over my soft warm breasts the dark nipples puckering güvenilir bahis siteleri from sudden exposure and caresses.

I see you lick your lips and slowly move towards you, sitting in your lap holding your shoulders. I toss my hair back letting my body speak for itself. Planting a soft sensuous kiss as my body moves against yours with the soft music. Kissing my way down your neck a soft smile forming as I notice your towel has slipped to show your desire. I decide not to move the towel instead taking your hands and guiding them up the sides of my body to cup my breasts silently asking you to participate. As if I suddenly set you free, your lips slide slowly down teasing my nipples one hand going down determined to answer the panty question. The music has stopped, but a soft rain patters on the window the natural rhythm urging us both on the air charged.

I squirm a bit as your questing hand finds that I am indeed bare bottomed, a rare event for me. iddaa siteleri I’m slightly tense with anticipation and it takes your fingers longer than usual to work their magic. A roll of thunder covers my moans, the staccato of the rain a steady driving sound primitive and sensual. My hands somewhat unsteady slide down your chest bringing your eyes to look at mine. You almost by reflex bring your wet fingers up and slowly suck on them as my hands hit the towel.

My fingers shake and I kneel giving room to remove the towel and in one awkward moment pull it away. The motion causing us to tumble back on the bed with you on top. My heart seem to be pounding in time with the rain and I pull your face to mine the slow kiss sweet and making my desire much more obvious to myself. We’ve shared few words but I want to have you now in the most carnal way yet not. My eyes look away wondering how to say it. Your lips are already kissing their way down to have a closer taste. My legs cross making you look suddenly and slightly confused up.

“You can clean up later,” the words are soft and sensuous the next words are almost harsh with lust and longing. “I want you now,” the emphasis on the words making my point.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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