Playing with My Mom

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This is a revised version of my previously published story, Playing With My Mom. Please do not read if you are offended by hardcore male bisexuality and/or extreme watersports action.


I woke up in the middle of the night with a hard on. It was a hot summer’s night and I had gone to sleep after masturbating twice, wearing absolutely nothing. My bedroom window was open and I could feel a very soft breeze teasing my hard cock and playing horny tricks with my horny eighteen-year old mind.

Earlier that day I had watched my mom sunbathing topless beside our swimming pool. As she took her bikini top off right in front of my eyes she had explained that from then on we were going to be proud of our bodies and that we had nothing to hide from each other. I figured that this was only one more change in a series of changes that she was going through since my dad left us.

My dad was a very successful realtor and had made sure that mom and I kept living comfortably in our luxurious villa in south of Spain. Only one month after dad had left us mom started spending a lot of money on gym and spa equipment. She hired a personal trainer, a masseur and a Yoga instructor as well.

In my opinion she did not need any of that. She was only thirty-six with a smoking hot body, long golden blonde hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, beautiful full lips and perfect white teeth that could melt hearts when she smiled her perfect smile. I had already masturbated twice thinking about her gorgeous breasts. They were large and firm with pink and stiff nipples, which grew even longer and stiffer as I looked at them shyly.

“Do you like my breasts honey?” she asked me with a smile.

“Yeah mom,” I replied shyly. “They’re absolutely perfect.”

Now I looked at my hard on and felt that I was too sleepy to masturbate again, so I decided to pour some cold water on my cock and go back to sleep. I did not bother to put on my underwear and headed towards the bathroom completely naked.

The bathroom light was on which was normal since my mom always left the door ajar and the light on after she used the bathroom at nights. I entered the bathroom squinting my eyes and trying to get used to the light. I wanted to go directly to the sink, which was on the left, but from the corner of my right eye I noticed that my mom was sitting on the toilet.

My immediate reaction was to turn and face her completely with my hard on exposed to her. She was wearing a black bra but no panties and she was not peeing. Instead she was holding her clit in between two fingers of one hand and with her other hand she was fingering her pussy.

It was as if time stood still for a few seconds. She lifted her head and looked directly into my eyes with her lusty blue eyes. Then her gaze shifted to my hard cock. “Oh!” was all she managed to say before I turned and ran out of the bathroom.

I jumped into my bed and covered myself with a thin bed sheet. My heart was beating fast and my mouth went dry. I was extremely aroused and nervous at the same time. I could feel my heart pounding through my chest and my cock throbbing through the sheet. The images of my mom looking down at her golden bush, her fingers playing with her clit and the wetness of her pussy were burnt into my mind.

I had no idea what was going to happen next. Was she going to lecture me and give me a hard time or were we supposed to forget about what had happened and move on? The answer came much sooner than I expected. The door swung open and my mom walked into my bedroom. She switched on the light and to my amazement she was still wearing no panties. She sat down on my bed right next to my hard cock and put her nice and warm hand on my face.

“Oh Tommy honey…it’s ok baby. It really is,” she said in a very nice and comforting tone.

She was smiling and running her fingers through my hair now. I finally dared to look into her beautiful blue eyes. Her eyes were dreamy and void of anger. All I could see was love…and lust! She looked so amazingly beautiful at that moment that I just wanted to jump on her and make love to her right there and then.

She moved her hand to my chest and started going all the way down to my hard six-pack abs and up to my chest again. Then she put her fingers on one of my stiff nipples and started pinching. I let out a soft moan at her playful touch and started moving my hips gently with my hard cock rubbing against the bed sheet.

“Baby you have such a beautiful cock. It’s so big and thick. I have been wondering for a while about how it looked like.”

“You mean you’re not mad at me mom?”

“Mad at you? Don’t be silly honey. You are such a handsome boy, strong and athletic. I just can’t get enough of looking at your body!”

“Thanks mom. You look like a Goddess. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I mean it! Lately I have seen more of you, and I like it.”

“Yes baby. I have a few new friends and they have opened my eyes to a whole new world of sexuality. Your gaziantep suriyeli escort dad could never understand me. He is way too square.”

I knew which friends she was talking about. A woman named Kari was my mom’s new best friend. They spent a lot of time together lately. Kari had a son and a daughter. I found their behavior a bit strange.

Kari’s son Nick once offered to give me a blow job which I had politely refused. Nick’s sister Linda also offered to give me a blow job on one of their visits to our house, which I gladly accepted. She mentioned that my cock was bigger and nicer than her brother’s. At the time I thought that she was only saying that to test my reaction. Now I knew that there was more to Kari and her family than I had suspected.

Mom leaned over me and brought her pretty face right above mine. Her warm breath against my skin felt amazing. She put her lips on mine and kissed me very softly.

“Open your mouth honey. I am going to put my tongue inside your mouth,” she said very softly and darted her tongue gently into my mouth.

Her tongue went over my teeth and found my tongue. As her tongue started playing with mine I grabbed my cock though the thin sheet and started stroking it slowly.

“Get up baby. Let’s go to my room and play. My bed is bigger than yours,” she said as she removed the sheet from me.

We sat on her queen size bed facing each other. She told me to unhook her bra for her and I obeyed her gladly. She got as close to me as possible and put her legs behind my back. Her wet pussy was resting right on top of my balls and my hard cock pushed against her flat stomach. Her big breasts were resting upon my upper chest and the feeling of her stiff nipples against my skin was driving me insane with lust.

“Mom, my balls are soaking wet with your pussy juice! It feels so fucking nice!”

“Oh I know honey. I get really wet when I’m horny, and I squirt when I cum! Just wait and see how wet we’re both going to get!”

I held her body tightly against mine and took one of her erect nipples into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around it and then started sucking on its tip gently. Then I sucked harder and noisily on the entire nipple.

“Fuck, that feels so good. Suck mommy’s nipple baby,” she said moaning and started rubbing her swollen clit against my shaft.

I took breaks from sucking her nipples to kiss her hot mouth. Her tongue and saliva tasted better than any treat. Her hot breath against my face made me move my balls up and down her pussy. Her both hands were behind my neck as she started rubbing her pussy harder and faster up and down my shaft and balls. She was moaning louder and louder and getting wetter by the second.

“Ah God damn it baby…I’m gonna fucking cum!” she exclaimed loudly and I felt a hot splash of fluid hit my cock, balls and abs.

She grabbed my shoulders with both hands as her body tensed one more time. I felt another stream of juice hitting me as she started kissing and tonguing my mouth forcefully. There were a few more short squirts and mom started to relax.

“Fuck mom…that was intense. Do you always cum like this?”

“Oh honey…more or less. Depending on how much I’m enjoying the fuck. It’s your turn to cum baby. Lie down with this pillow under your ass.”

I lay on the bed, my ass elevated by the pillow underneath me and mom lay on her stomach with her beautiful face right in front of my cock and balls.

“Start jerking your big cock in front of my face baby. I want to watch,” she said as she put two fingers on my balls and pulled on my ball sack.

“Mom my mouth is dry. Can you spit on my cock?” I asked her and held my cock close to her mouth.

She smiled and spat on my cock three or four times. A film of saliva now connected the tip of my cock to her pretty mouth. I started stroking my shaft slowly and put my other hand on mom’s soft and silky golden hair.

“I am going to fuck your asshole with my middle finger baby. Tell me if you like it.”

“Isn’t that gay mom? I mean gay men like their assholes fucked…”

“Ssh baby…first off, no it’s not gay. Second, I love watching men fuck each other. I can’t wait to see you and your buddy Nick fuck each other’s brains out. You’ll do that for mommy…won’t you honey?”

I was not sure if I would go that far to please her, but I told her that I would. She thanked me and kissed my balls. Then she slid her warm tongue into my asshole and started licking and twirling. The feeling was so intensely wonderful that I almost came right away. I stopped stroking my cock for a few minutes to avoid cumming. She then spat into my asshole a few times before she slid her middle finger into it.

“This way you’ll cum much harder baby!” she said and started finger fucking my tight asshole hard and fast.

She was absolutely right. The feeling was incredible and I begged her to put one more finger inside me.

“I told you you’ll gaziantep türbanlı escort love it. I am sliding one more finger up your asshole baby, three fucking fingers…that’s it honey. Just imagine having Nick’s big cock in your asshole. Oh I ‘m getting all wet again.”

“Have you seen Nick’s cock mom?”

“Yes, he has a beautiful cock. He has fucked me more than a dozen times already. I have fucked Kari too!”

“Oh mom, fuck my asshole harder. Ah you mean you fuck girls too?”

“Yes and I love it. I am so fucking bisexual. You can cum on my face whenever you’re ready honey!”

I was ready and when I heard my mom say that, I exploded all over her pretty face. I shot four heavy loads of cum all over her face and hair. When I was done she climbed up the bed and lay down next to me. She kissed me with her cum covered lips and played with my hair.

“Oh honey, you and I are going to have so much fun together. This is just the beginning!” she said smiling and kissed me again.

“Good morning sleepy head,” I heard my mom’s sexy voice say and slowly opened my eyes.

It was an absolutely beautiful morning. The bedroom window was open and I could hear the morning birds singing joyfully. A gentle summer breeze was caressing my naked skin. I looked at my beautiful mother’s face and smiled at her. She smiled back at me and ran her lovely fingers through my hair.

I turned and lay on my side to face her directly and started caressing her golden hair. She moved her body closer to mine and embraced me tightly. Our bodies were completely aligned now. She pulled my face upon hers and started kissing my lips softly. Her sight and her smell were driving me crazy with lust.

She pushed her firm breasts tighter into my chest, wrapped her leg around my back and started grinding her wet pussy against the length of my hard shaft. She moaned as she bit my lower lip and sucked it gently into her mouth.

“Mom, oh mom. You are so fucking beautiful. I love you mom!”

“Mmm baby. Oh your cock feels so good rubbing on my pussy. I love you too honey.”

“Mom…I mean it. I think that I really love you. Not just because you’re my mother. It’s different. I love everything about you. Everything you do. Your voice, your smell, your hair, absolutely everything!”

“Oh, you’re making me cum so hard by telling me all these nice things. I love it honey. Don’t stop loving me. Shit…I’m cumming all over your cock!”

I felt her warm juices flow all over my cock, balls and thighs. She kissed me deeply as her body tensed and relaxed a few more times. Then she wrapped her well-manicured fingers around my cock and started stroking it firmly. I loved the feeling of her firm grip and started moving my hips.

She made me lay on my back and sat on my legs, facing me. She was pumping my big cock like a woman on a mission.

“Cum for me baby. Shoot your hot cum for your mom,” she said as she looked at me with her lusty blue eyes.

I came really hard and shot my cum all over her big breasts. She started rubbing my creamy cum with two fingers into her skin, then put her fingers into her mouth and licked them. She smiled at me with satisfaction and announced that she was going to take a shower. I got up and went to the kitchen to grab something to eat.

Later that evening mom asked me to go and buy some groceries. On my way back from the supermarket I stopped by at a flower shop to get my mom some flowers. The lady working there was very nice and helpful. She was a very sexy Latina, probably my mom’s age with straight black hair, black eyes and a very hot body. I noticed that I was looking at women in a more sexual way. I was also much more self confident in my approach.

This was a new me, and I liked it. I felt that the flower lady was checking me out, and doing it not so very secretly. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt that revealed my lean and muscular shape. I also had a hard on that showed through my shorts. So it was only natural that this very hot woman was checking me out. By the time I was ready to check out she was staring directly at my bulge and licking her pretty lips.

“A dozen red roses…very nice. Are these for a special occasion?”

“No…they are just to say I love you!”

“Your girlfriend is very lucky. Getting flowers from such a handsome and sexy young man. I wish that my husband would do this just once.”

“They are not for my girlfriend. They are for my mother. I am hoping to fuck her for the first time tonight!”

I had no idea why I said that to her. She looked at me strangely at first, but then smiled and said, “You are a very strange young man. What kind of a pick up line is that? Was that supposed to turn me on?”

I felt courageous and confident again and replied, “Well…you can take it anyway you want. But that was the honest truth!”

“I don’t know what it is about you, but I believe you! I have no idea why the fuck what gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort you said has made my pussy dripping wet either. Would you fuck me if I closed the store for a few minutes?”

I told her that I would and she immediately went and locked the door. She came back and lifted up her summery dress and sat upon the cashier’s counter. She moved her panties to the side and revealed her nice pussy which was covered with thick black hair. I pulled my shorts down, took my cock out and put it on her pussy.

“Before you fuck me…my name is Angela. What’s yours?” she asked.

“I’m Tom. Nice to meet you Angela,” I said as I slid my cock into her hot pussy.

I kissed her full lips as I thrust my cock forcefully into her. Angela moaned loudly and kissed me back.

“Shit…your cock is so fucking nice and big. Fuck me. Fuck me harder with that beauty of a cock!”

“Fuck Angela. Your fucking pussy is so wet and hot. It’s so much nicer than girls my age. I’m gonna cum soon!”

“Oh shit…I’m cumming too. Oooh fuckin’ cum inside me baby. Fuck yeah!”

I felt her warm pussy clench my cock three or four times and I came with a grunt. I looked into her fiery black eyes and kissed her softly. She gave me her business card and told me to call her soon.

As I was leaving through the door she said, “Have fun with your mom tonight!” and winked at me.

“Thank you. I definitely will,” I said to her and left her store.

As soon as I entered our villa I heard loud moans coming from the living room. I put the groceries in the kitchen and hurried to the living room with the roses in my hand. There in the living room my fucking sexy mother was wearing nothing but a strap-on dildo and fucking her best friend from behind while pulling on her beautiful brown hair.

Kari was wearing a light summery dress that was pulled up to her waist and moaning loudly. Her bare ass and shaved pussy looked wonderful with my mom’s dildo sliding back and forth into it. She was leaning over a table and balancing herself on her elbows as my mom pounded her from behind. Kari turned her face and saw me standing there.

“Hey Tom…shit. Tell your fucking mother to fuck me harder!” she said almost shouting. Mom looked at me as she started fucking her friend even harder.

“Hi baby. What took you so long? Are those beautiful flowers for me? Come over here honey and give me a kiss,” she said almost out of breath.

“Yes mom they’re for you. You look fucking amazing. Fuck her hard mom. It looks so fucking good!”

“Oh baby…if I fuck this sexy bitch’s pussy any harder it’ll catch on fire! Take your clothes off and come and take over for me while I go and put those flowers in water.”

I undressed quickly and went and stood next to my mom with my hard on ready to pound Kari’s hot pussy. I gave my mom the flowers and as soon as she pulled out of her friend’s pussy, I replaced her with my big cock. My mom went around the table and pulled on Kari’s hair while facing her.

“Look bitch…my fucking son got me these. Aren’t they pretty?”

“Fuck yeah honey. He is such a good son. He is a good fucker too. He is fucking me so good with that big cock of his!”

“Open your fucking mouth Kari. I want to spit into your mouth and I want you to swallow my spit. I know that you love this shit bitch.”

“Ooh Maria…you’re so fucking nasty. Yes honey. Let me drink your spit!”

As I watched my mom spitting into her hot friend’s mouth my cock got even harder and I pounded Kari’s wet pussy even faster. My mom disappeared into the kitchen for a few moments but quickly returned and stood by my side. She put her mouth on one of my nipples and gently bit on it. Then she spat on two of her fingers and forcefully inserted them into my tight asshole.

I started pulling on Kari’s lustrous hair as she screamed and announced that she was going to cum. My balls were hitting against Kari’s thighs noisily each time my cock went all the way inside her. My mom now ordered me to open my mouth so that she could spit into it. I just loved the kinkiness of my mother’s actions and gladly opened my mouth for her. I swallowed her spit and asked her for more.

Then my mom’s fingers started fucking my asshole harder and she urged me to cum inside her friend’s pussy. I grunted and came intensely inside the beautiful brunette’s hot pussy.

“Good boy Tommy. Now it’s my turn to cum. Let’s go upstairs to my bedroom,” said my mom before she kissed me on my eager lips.

Mom lay on her bed and spread her legs wide open. Kari and I lay on the bed right between her legs, facing her blonde-bushed pussy. Kari smiled at me and put her thumb on my mom’s clit. She then slid two fingers into her pussy and started fucking them back and forth as her thumb played with her clit.

“Watch me carefully Tom. This is how she likes her pussy played with. Now you finger her pussy while I lick her clit,” she said to me and waited for me to replace her fingers with my own.

Then she put her mouth on mom’s clit and started licking and sucking noisily. I was fingering my mom’s pussy with three fingers of one hand and placed my other hand on top of her bush and pushed down gently.

“Oh shit Tom! I love the way you’re pressing down on my stomach. Finger my wet pussy for me. Kari you fucking bitch…suck my clit harder!” my mom exclaimed loudly.

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