Patty Visits from College Pt. 02

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What’s the best way to start a story about what it’s like to have sex with your younger “almost twin” sister? I thought about “It’s like making love to yourself except you don’t know in advance when the finger is going in.” Or simply “When you have sex with your little sister, there’s never a concern about where the relationship will go.”

I think that would be click-bait writing though. It would just create the wrong tone.

What was important to know is that we were sisters that had grown up together in some pretty fucked up circumstances and that the ordeal had made us close. We weren’t a one night stand. There was more to the relationship than just lust. We would never get married, buy a Suburu and get a Labrador like might happen after your standard lesbian hook-up, but there was a love there that was deep and had a history. No one would know her like I did ever. We cared for each other and we did our best to keep each other happy.

It might begin in the middle of the night, first feeling her spoon me, her young breasts pushing tight against my back and her body below conforming to the curve of my ass, then her reaching around with her hand and sliding in between my legs. Her kisses on the back of my neck soft and wet as she would find my button and touch it with a tenderness Daddy had no time for. I would reach back and find my way to her sex with my own hand, returning the pleasure and together we might spend minutes or hours exploring each other and providing the something more than just sex.

Other times the sex we had was more about horseplay or something like it. We spent a lot of time together and we were both pretty sexual beings. Sometimes we’d simply nip off into the woods and play with each other just for something to do or because one of us was stressed or just horny.

And because part of being such “close” sisters was providing the intimate grooming in intimate areas. There was always the opportunity to kick off some sex just doing our standard morning toilette. During those times we might further explore with our fingers and tongues, often laughing as we seemingly removed years of age from our nether regions as we scissored off the pubic hair that announced our womanhood.

And speaking of scissoring, we did this sometimes while whispering naughty, naughty nothings to each other as we spoke of the boys we knew at school, and our after school escapades in their cars and basements.

I’ll never forget the night I shaved her pussy before the senior prom. Those are the memories that not everyone has about a sibling.

We had grown up together and we loved each other. We shared common experiences – good and bad – that spanned decades. We hadn’t seen kartal escort bayan each other in a long while and yes, some things had changed, but that didn’t change who we were – it just added a level of re-discovery and excitement to it all.

So after not seeing her for a long time, we spent the evening getting up to date on each others lives, but I don’t think there had ever been a doubt how the evening would end.

I took her hand long enough to get up off the couch and follow her to my bedroom, I had a combination of joy of re-igniting our sexual relationship, the safety of knowing where we stood, and the anticipation of seeing what, exactly, my dear sister had gotten herself into over the last few years.

Patty had never had patience so once we hit the bedroom door, she was ready to go at it hot and heavy, but I wanted to take a closer look and just drink her in. I hadn’t had sex with a woman in a long, long time, and our past playtimes together were before she had developed as a college athlete. My kid sister had really emerged as a physically fit, sultry seductress and I wanted the chance to appreciate what kind of woman had become.

Her blonde hair was shorter than she’d worn in high school. A stylish shag with a few spikes of longer hair left to flow across her neck as she moved. The mane gave her a wild look that was alluring and so full of life.

Her breasts – smaller than mine but as large as lemons with puppy nose prominence, stood pert on her chest and high above her flat belly with the pronounced muscles of a dedicated athlete. Her shoulders were wider than I remembered.

Her hips were lean, framing a shapely mound that featured a thin well manicured “landing strip” and legs below that were sturdy and powerful. I was amused to find that she had a very small hawks tattoo that sat to the lower right of her vagina where it might partially be seen were she wearing the smallest of bikini underwear.

(She told me later the landing strip and tattoo were a team thing and that every softball team member had one. Some lucky tattoo artist must have had a hell of a night doing that handiwork. I wondered later what kind of situations she must be getting into where sharing common pubic hair style would create an environment of teamwork.)

And oh goodness, those legs and that ass! Years of exercise had paid off. I really couldn’t wait to bury myself in her -and I intended to get at that ass if she’d let me.

I wanted to kiss her so I did, sliding into her arms finding her lips with mine. Our tongues danced together and she shut her eyes to enjoy the experience as she always had.

Her hands traveled down my back and slid to my hips and escort maltepe then one hand down to my sex.

She shoved me onto the bed then with both hands. It was an aggressive move to the point of almost violence, and the volume went up from there when she grabbed my legs and pulled them apart quickly. Her mouth was in my cunt before my body stopped bouncing on the bed. Her kisses there were meant to tease and make me want her more than anything and at one point she reached over and nipped at a tender point of my inner thigh with her teeth, which I am sure left a mark.

I laughed and wrapped my legs around her neck. This was going to be a good ride.

Strong neck muscles allowed her to press her face into me in such a way that I felt pressure from her nose on my mons, which felt surprisingly good, especially with her tongue searching to part my labia and get at my clit. The attack was unrelenting and amazingly pleasurable. I had no choice but to reach down and grab her by the hair.

She had me in her control and drove hard into me with her mouth. It was a total “take no prisoners” assault and I found myself losing control very quickly. This was something she had learned at college.

It was less than three minutes until my first big orgasm of the night and it was a wet one. I felt her drink me in for just a few brief moments then she rose from me and her face glowed with my juices and her perspiration. What a fucking animal she had become!

She laughed and crawled up to give me a kiss, providing me with a taste of myself to match the near perfect experience I was having of having sex with someone who was a younger and perhaps better imagined version of myself. I told her I felt raped she had been on me so fast, and she told me I had done good just to lay back and enjoy it.

I was done laying back though and so I let her know it was her turn and went south, taking a few moments just to kiss and lick that magnificent stomach of hers on my way to her sex. I took some time to inspect that little runway of hers closely running my tongue over either side just to see how closely she kept it up and found it to be baby skin smooth.

Finally I approached vagina and I went in face down. (Sort of like I would on a 69 but I was really kneeling over her.) But just before kissing the lips between her legs, I instead rolled her over and dug my tongue into that sculpted and muscular ass.

Everyone enjoys teasing their younger sibling, but most of us don’t get to do it by alternating long flat licks that start as her asshole, move to engulf the labia followed by feather light touches in the most tender part of the clit. Add in the occasional deep tongue dive seemingly pendik escort at random, and I quickly had Patty gyrating like a pole dancer.

Patty was enjoying herself I could tell, and I played with her for at least 10 minutes. After the first five her hand found its way to my vag via the back way and she started playing me just as much as I was playing her. Finally I rolled her back over and just moved myself in position on top of her so we could eat each other. That seemed to work well for both of us.

She came in little shivers that left me feeling pretty proud of myself. I hadn’t quite gotten there a second time but it didn’t matter – it was about being close to her and that was enough. We got into a more conventional position – heads on pillow, feet under the covers and she spooned me before we fell asleep.

It was a great family reunion.

We slept late the next day, and finally got up in time for a late lunch at a little pizza joint downtown. She didn’t turn 21 until the next day (Friday) so it was funny that we couldn’t have a beer because she got carded, but that wouldn’t matter tonight. I planned to take her to a little watering hole I spent time at where legal drinking age didn’t have a lot of meaning if you were a pretty girl.

We had hours to wait until the evenings party so I again broached the subject of whether Patty might want to accompany me on a very high paying service call with a very wealthy client. 90 minutes tops and it could be worth well north of $700 each if we played our cards right. I had a high roller client of mine who had fantasied often about the possibility of a sister act.

“I am open – but we’re kind of special. Think he’d go $1000 each?

All I could do was ask, and when I gave the client a call, he whined and complained and finally asked if we could meet him at the Sheraton at 5PM. This meant we had work to do.

I knew this client well – and even on this project I figured he could be good for a few hundred in tips if we did this right. First stop would be a funky little antique clothing store, then my dealer, and finally the hair dresser. My client had a hang-up for classic 50’s style clothing and lingerie and I knew I looked good in it – I thought Patty would too.

We hit that lingerie store with all the muscle my credit card could muster – picking up old fashioned “Control top” silk panties and matching bras, stockings and garter belts, and added gray pin striped pencil skirts, white silk blouses and 50’s era high heels to get just the right look. We were going to blow his mind.

My dealer had some good stuff that day – so we doubled up on the buy – and made it out of the hair dressers just in time to get to the hotel right now time. When we clicked our heels through the reception area, every man in the place checked out our asses and I think even a few women. We were hot and we were going to make some bank – I was going to have fun with this one.

End of part 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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