Passions Unleashed Ch. 09

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“We’re all set,” Susan informed her husband who was lying in bed waiting for her. “That was fast,” Ted replied.

“I know,” Susan said. “Thank goodness for e-mail. You know what Greg’s e-mail address is? 8nhard.” Susan laughed but Ted was just a little concerned. Taking off her clothes and getting in bed, Ted asked Susan “Are you sure you wanna go through with this?”

“Of course,” she replied. “Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet!”

“No, no, it’s just that I don’t want you doing anything that -“

“Ted, I want to. Trust me. You saw for yourself. When I’m with Greg and Paul I become a real slut. Having them invite other boys is fine with me. I’ve never been gangbanged before. I’m REALLY looking forward to it.” Stopping to think, Susan said, “You know, one of these days I ought to write all this down as a story and you can submit it to your sex-story site. What is it, Lito -“

“Literotica,” Ted answered.

“Yeah. Maybe it’ll turn on a lot of people,” Susan said “But for now, it’s time for your reward.” Susan leaned over and pulled Ted’s cock out of his pajama bottoms.

“Nice and hard for me, I see. I know what you’re thinking about, you nasty boy,” she said licking and sucking and kissing Ted’s cock. “You’re so hard over what mommy’s gonna do this weekend in that motel room with all your classmates. Mommy’s gonna suck their cocks and let them fuck mommy in her cunt, and then they’re gonna take their huge cocks and shove them deep up mommy’s ass! Does my little weeny-boy wanna see that, hmm?” Ted groaned and then shot his load down mommy’s, er, his wife’s throat.

That Saturday, Susan and Ted had it all arranged. Ted made an excuse to David that he needed his help at work and Susan convinced David to go promising that next Saturday would be super-special. Susan didn’t want to be too sore after David fucked her. She wanted to be one hundred percent whole and horny for that evening. About seven that night, Ted and Susan dressed and when they came out David looked surprised.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“Oh, we’re going out to dinner, sweetie,” his mom replied.

“Yeah, uh, we’ll be back in a few hours,” Ted mumbled.

“A few hours?” David asked almost laughing. “That’s not dinner, that’s a feast!”

“Yeah, I’m gonna feast on your gaziantep minyon escort friends’ big cocks,” Susan thought. As they walked out, David thought he’d call his friends to maybe get together or something.

“Uh, no man, I can’t,” Greg replied, lying over the phone. “I’ve got family here, you know, and I can’t tonight. As a matter of fact, we’re going out in a bit so -“

Over the phone Paul lied too, but with more mischief. “Sorry Dave. Gotta date tonight.”

“You?” David asked. “Since when?’

“Well, since I met this older woman. A friend of my mom’s you could say.” David was shocked. “Are you fucking her?”

“Yeah, man, she’s a fucking whore for it!” Paul replied. “She likes young guys, man.”

“Maybe you can introduce me to her!” David said with excitement.

“Uh, yeah, I guess. Maybe one day. Look I gotta go now, okay?”

“Have fun,” David said.

“With YOUR mom it ALWAYS is,” Paul thought hanging up.

By the time Susan and Ted reached the motel he was quiet and nervous. Susan, too, was nervous but excited. After paying for a room, Ted and Susan entered. While Ted watched for David’s friends, Susan went into the bathroom to change into the outfit the guys wanted her to wear. Even Ted had no idea what she would wear. It was one of many surprises that they all had for each other that evening. About ten minutes later two cars pulled up. When the occupants stepped out, Ted quickly motioned for them to enter the room. He was all but speechless; a nervous, excited wreck as Greg, Paul and three other young men made their way inside the motel room.

“Got any beer?” one guys asked sitting on the bed.

“Uh, no, I uh -“

“Maybe later,” Greg interjected.

“So. Where’s our whore-slut?” Paul asked.

“You really don’t mind this?” another guy asked Ted. He didn’t answer, instead knocking on the bathroom door to let Susan know they’d arrived. “Man, I’d never let my wife fuck around, let alone want to watch!” the guy said.

“Then you better not be home tomorrow afternoon,” joked Greg. “We’ll all be fucking YOUR mom in your own bed!” The guys broke up with laughter, and then Susan stepped into the room.

“Fuck!” said one guy. “Yeah,” Greg chimed in, and there was a nizip escort whistle or two. For the young studs their whore had arrived. Susan wore a super-tight tee shirt, faded tiny cut-offs accentuating her fine creamy-white legs, cut all the way up to her asscheeks, and a pair of red pumps that made her sexy calves even more so. Her ruby-red lipstick and blond hair coming down to her shoulders gave a look that said “Come fuck me, boys!” As Susan looked over the crowd she was stunned. She didn’t even know these three other guys.

“This is Steve, Pete, and Jerry,” Greg said.

“Uh, hi,” Susan managed to say, staring into their eager yet handsome faces. “And this is David’s mom. Our slut,” Greg told them. “She loves huge young cocks and she’s gonna get plenty of it!”

Susan was expecting different guys and as Greg came up to give her a wet kiss, she whispered, “Who are these guys?” Where are -“

“Oh, I chose these three for a reason,” he said. “Relax.” With that he kissed her and plunged his tongue into her mouth. Then Paul got up to kiss her, too. Then Greg said “Why doesn’t our whore greet the new guys with a proper kiss!” A little unsure, Susan looked at Ted, but Greg nudged her and she made her way to Steve and kissed him, tentatively but he grabbed her and thrust his tongue inside. Susan then walked over to Pete and kissed him, too. Finally she smiled nervously at Jerry and kissed him, as well. All the while, Ted just sat in the chair stunned to see his wife kissing with these young guys, three of them total strangers!

Then Greg pulled out a mini boom box and turned a tape on. It was a sexy dance number. “Why don’t you strip for us? Put on a real good show, too!” Susan looked at Ted who just sat there like a little kid, saying nothing, but certainly not about to stop anything, either. Susan took in a deep breath and began to dance around to the beat, swaying her hips, using her hands to accentuate her body. Noticing how eager her audience was boosted Susan’s confidence. She then reached for her shirt and seductively pulled it off revealing her fine-looking breasts, and, by now very erect nipples. Then Susan undid the button on her cut-offs, and slowly brought the zipper down, letting the shorts fall to the floor.

“Damn,” one guy nurdağı escort said. “Fucking great ass,” another chimed in. “Why don’t you show the boys that fucking great ass, slut!” Greg said. Susan knew just what he was referring, too. Something that all sluts do for their studs. Stepping out of the cut-offs, Susan turned around, flashing and wiggling her bottom, and then looking in Ted’s direction seated just a few feet to her side, Susan placed her hands on her creamy-white asscheeks and slowly pried them open, revealing her puckered asshole to the guys. “Fuck yeah,” one of them said. Looking Ted in the eye, with a surge of confidence, Susan said “Mommy’s gonna fuck all your friends now. Mommy’s gonna like it, too.”

With that Susan turned around and fell on the bed. “Your turn,” she said to her teen-studs. Surrounding her, the guys all began to undress. When they dropped their pants, Susan could see the huge bulges in their boxers and briefs. She licked her lips, breathing hard. And then off came the boxers and briefs. Susan was face to face with five truly well-hung young men.

“This is why I chose Steve, Pete, and Jerry,” Greg informed her. “In the gym lockers and showers you can learn who is who. Who’s got it and who don’t.” Then adding a humiliating twist, Greg said “And we all know that David ain’t got it.” causing the boys to laugh. “Just in case mom was wondering.”

“I know he ain’t got it,’ she thought sadly. “Like father like son.”

“Is this what you want Susan-slut?” Greg said stroking his massive member. All five began fisting their huge cocks as Susan began playing with herself. “Well, is it?”

“Yes,” she replied. “What do you want?” Greg asked. “Tell us. Say the magic words, Susan-slut. What are the magic words you mommy-whore!”

“Wow, this kid is good!” Ted thought.

“I want it,” Susan moaned, legs spread, rubbing her wet pussy, eyes darting from one huge cock to another and another. “What do you want?” Greg asked.

“Your cocks,” she replied. “I want your big, fat, huge fucking cocks! I need your big fucking cocks in my cunt! Up my ass! I want to eat your cum! I need it! Please fuck me!”

“Who do you want to fuck you?” Greg asked her. Watching them furiously fisting their huge pricks, glistening with pre-cum, Susan cried. “You guys! My teen studs! I want your big teenage cocks to fuck me! I’m your older woman-slut! Your mommy-whore!”

“And who do you want us to fuck?” Paul asked. “Fuck ME!” Susan cried. “Fuck David’s mom! Please, fuck your friend’s whorish mom! Fuck David’s mom!”

“Atta girl! Come on guys,” Greg said. Let’s fuck the slut!”

To Be Continued…

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