Parking Lot D

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Damn. When you offered to pick me up from the airport, I was excited, not going to lie.

The two weeks without the sweetest of your kisses, without your hands on my waist and pressing me up against something had me longing. Luckily you tuned right in.

You must have been missing me, too. While I was away there was such a sadness in your tone, and it made my heart tender.

“I miss you,” you’d say in between our joking or talking about how the trip was going, like the feeling surprised you.

“I miss you my love.” It was only two weeks.

But I’m so glad you were there to coach me through. I wouldn’t have been successful if I didn’t know I could talk to you after a presentation, whether it went good or bad. Your smile when you picked up the video call and the chuckling laughter when I told you about someone I observed in the hotel bar, I even loved the moments when we would just sit in silence. I was either watching TV or eating carry out in my suite, and you were preparing a meal sometimes, sometimes just writing in bed.

You showed me you missed me. The day before I was to return you offered to pick me up.

I texted, “You awake?”

“I’m here baby,” you didn’t waste any time. Just the short ping made me feel so connected to you.

Ringing and then there you were; laying in your bed with one leg up, bright red and white striped boxer shorts. And the full bulge on display. Well, clearly visible to me , at least.

You know me so well. The longer I was gone the less you wore on camera. I could see a well of arousal in your eyes.

“I’m coming home tomorrow,” saying what we both knew, not saying how badly I wanted you inside me that moment. My pussy tightened.

“What time is your flight again?” You asked with such impatience. You knew the answer and it was nothing for me to reassure you.

“Perfect, I’ll be off work early.”

I drifted into fantasy just looking at you. Strong shoulders, long thick legs, that I never could get enough of.

Then you moved to lay on your tummy.

‘Yess, get comfortable,baby’. I only thought about the way your back curved into plump ass, the way the briefs curved around your booty, and framed the tops of your thighs; all day the next day, and up until boarding.

I fell asleep on the short flight recalling the last time you were on top, and your hips met mine.

The immediate relief feeling you enter was always unbelievable. You know you have a way with the stroke. I love to grab your ass while you’re inside. You never seem too eager, escort bayan but the rhythm is how I can tell what’s on your mind.

I think I was moaning in my sleep. I don’t care though.

And I’m so glad that I pack light and never bag check. It made deplaning go by faster. Besides, what all do I really need to travel just a few states anyway? Waiting to exit the plane I couldn’t help but remember how you slipped a travel size vibrator into my bag, somehow without me noticing.

“I landed.” I wonder if you were there already.


Back on solid ground, at last. I couldn’t get to the exit fast enough. I only stopped to go to the restroom, and damn near ran over everyone in my way.

I the last stall I pulled out the small vibrator and it hummed to life silently. If you had a mind anything like mine, I wanted to be ready. I traced my lips with the bullet toy, imagining your lips there. In the end though I didn’t give in, only edged, your arms awaited.

This airport is pretty small, only a few places where you could be.

I called when I realized I had to find you.

You answered the phone hurried, “Parking level D,” sounding so impatient.

“I’m coming now, baby,” I wanted to tell you how wet my inner lake was, the lips were rubbing together. God the rush I felt.

“I’m here,” your voice always sounds so smooth and deep, like you just finished recording a slow jam, “Stay on the phone.”

I was making my way up the slowest escalator in the airport,

“Oh my go-od, moo-ooove,” I was talking to you, under my breath. I wouldn’t actually be that rude.

“All of the elderly, huh?”

“Yessss,” and you chuckled with a tease.

“Almost here? I’m parked at the back, you’ll see me”

“Okay, I’m in the lot finally”

“Okay – bye.” You hung up on me, and I pretended to be okay with it.

Then my phone buzzed again. Text from you?

‘Please don’t be so frustrating today’.

It was a picture so the message didn’t preview. I stopped see what the hell was so important, and then to try and calm myself.

Your new dick, was apparently so important.

Now I can’t stop staring down at my phone. And I’m a little confused, not going to lie, but I finally move out of the way to let some dolt drive out of the garage.

Lot D is on the top floor of one of the airport buildings. Lots A, B, C are all in and out traffic, and also much closer to the terminal exits. I’m searching the back wall still 100 feet away, and imagining what we’ll do when we bursa vip escort get home by the time I’m at the top level.

Fifty feet. Your truck is down a long row with a couple of scattered cars. There are no cars on either side but you backed up on the wall.

‘Okay, how the hell am I going to get my bag in the back’?

Super frustrating.

The doors unlocked so I hop inside to your grinning face, and eager hands – with both my bags.

I lean into the huge hug as the bags drop to my feet. You’re so warm and wearing just a tee shirt. Our breasts smush together through my button up. I feel my body heat start to rise.

“Baby,” we’re making out, and my hands start towards your lap, “We really missed you.”

I know what you mean. My hands moves overtop yours , on the crotch of your black jeans. We rub on it together and your tongue is deep in my mouth.

Now you’re moving to my neck. That is my spot. I’m reliving our video calls from the last week, when I would watch you stroke yourself, and ache for you with my fingers deep inside my own pussy.

We’re facing the garage, but no one seems to be near. The cars in the row in front of us provide a shield.

“You want to take this off?” I’m working on the buttons, and coming out of the sleeves. You stroke my arms, and pull me to you again by the back of my neck.

That velvety touch ignites, is making me forget any reservations I had. I start unzipping you.

“You’ve been so good baby, while I was away,” I find the shaft pressed against your mound as I’m looking for, “I have to reward you. I know you missed me.”

“Ooo-hhh,” the gasp barely escaped you, before I pulled it out and had my mouth and tongue around it.

A, new to me, thick black dildo. I smell the arousal rising out of your jeans. You’re so excited already.

I lick while I watch you and swirl my tongue. I’m near the base now. Your hips are moving in time with my neck. I love to watch you, but you never were one for slow motion.

“Get in the back,” you’re always whispering, but demanding?

Whatever. I don’t have an objection but if it was anybody else it would definitely be played out.

I hadn’t realized second row was down, hadn’t looked away from you since I got in the car.

I wiggled my slacks and my briefs down to my ankles. You were right behind me, climbing into the back, jeans still in place, an alert and lusty look in your dark eyes.

You took me in, slutty and yearning then you were right overtop bursa elit escort of me, dick in hand and at the ready. I wanted to suck you some more. I hadn’t really thought it through I just wanted everything, including to feel you open me.

I dropped on my belly with my ass propped up.

“You must have missed me,” you say toying with my wet and sensitive lips.

“I thought about you all day,” I answer, and close my eyes preparing for what’s next.

We shared another deep kiss and I know what’s coming. I grab the back of your thigh when the tip enters me smoothly.

“We’re so good together,” you tell me in my ear.

I can feel the strength in your strong hips, pressuring me to open wider as you pressed against me. It’s making me pant with longing, to know you’re holding back.

My hips are winding, begging. I wish you would stop teasing me but I’m also in love with it.

“Ooo-ohh,” I deal with the conflict in moans.

That’s all you want to hear, “I need you baby.”

I’m excited and you will have exactly that. You’re getting into it the more I arch my back.

“Mmm come oo-oonn, baby,” I’m asking and telling you, kind of pleading with you. Maybe if I tell you it’s okay. I’m fully here, I want this.

More of it enters me and I’m immediately struck with our connection. This pleasure, and your moans only add to it.

You plant kisses on my neck and shoulders as you sink all the way in. The more your lips dance along my spine, the louder I get.

I hear you let out a deep groan as the dick fills me up, and your pussy gets hit. It’s so intense, you’re shaking a little.

“Mm-mmnn. Take this pussy,” we’re working as one, and my naked hips move up against yours.

You were ready for me, its so filthy.

“I-iii’m g-gonna cum. Uuuh-hh baby.”

My fists balled tight against the seat, as the first orgasm tears through me. You dig out and thrust back in driving the pleasure in deeper.

And you release your own feelings, “Mm-mm this pussy, ss-sso good baby.”

“Ohhh Ii-ii nn-nneed you, b-aaaby!” I cant scream, all I can do is bite my lower lip, smack my hips back into yours and shake my head. My pussy is spasming and wet, but you don’t stop.

“I – missed – you – so – much,” you punctuate now, the car shaking with your stroke.

I can tell by how you hammer into me that you are almost there. I grab your ass with one hand, holding you close as burst inside my pussy, “Come on baby.”

“Aahhhh-hhhhh,” you land on top of me, as the ripples of orgasm send you into bliss.

“Mmm-mmm hunny” I squeeze my walls, hands on the back of your head, and you gasp.

Your orgasm is so sweet and raw. I’m looking for your lips now. Needing to feel your tongue, a promise that we’ll always have this language. The last of our moment, for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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