Out from the Stacks

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This is a continuation of my stories The Stacks and Back to the Stacks

When I got to the little study niche by the glass room, I looked around and made sure that I was alone. Opening up the envelope, I pulled out Natalie’s panties. They were damp; holding them to my nose, I inhaled her scent, the smell of her cum. I was dripping between my legs from the sheer eroticism of the evening and reaching under my skirt, I wiped myself with her undies, mingling my scent with Natalie’s. Then kicking off my shoes, I stepped into the panties and pulled them up, snug against my crotch. I wanted to cum in them. Leaning back against a book case, my fingers started masturbating my pussy through the cotton. I pushed the cloth up between my swollen lips, stroking myself, my thumb pressing against my hard clit, two fingers grinding the cloth deeper into me. Imagining Natalie watching me, listening to me, smelling me, observing my orgasm and having her own was too much and I quickly came, exploded really, soaking Natalie’s panties; mixing my cum with hers.

As I slowly came back to earth and the roaring in my ears subsided, I thought I heard the rustling of cloth. My eyes flew open and I looked around, but saw no one. Glancing at my watch, I saw that it was nearly 9:00pm, almost time to close the library and lock up. I adjusted my clothes and walked back to the desk. My face felt warm, still flushed from my orgasm. Sarah Casey, my graduate student assistant, looked at me quizzically and asked if I was alright. I told her I was fine, just a little out of breath. I told her to sign out and that I would lock up. As she left, I saw her look back over her shoulder at me, wondering. I didn’t have time for Sarah; my mind was still on Natalie and the warm wetness between my legs. As I turned out the lights and locked up I fought the urge to take off my clothes, lay down on one of the sofas in the reading room and really let myself go. Instead, I decided to wait until I got home and into a nice warm tub.

My mind replayed all that had happened as I drove home. Natalie was clearly in control of the situation, and if I wanted to keep experiencing the excitement I had felt these two nights, I had to follow her lead. They had been intoxicating, but I wondered where she was leading. Where does one go from semi-public mutual masturbation? The potential both aroused and alarmed me. By the time I pulled into my driveway, I had explored a hundred ideas, but still hadn’t a clue where Natalie was taking me.

Opening our kitchen door, I was hit with the odor of pizza and the sounds of bare feet scurrying around in the family room. Julia’s new friend, Kate, was spending the night. I’d met her a couple of times and spoken twice with her mother; they both seemed very nice. Then, almost as if conjured up by my thoughts, the two girls appeared in the kitchen doorway, dressed almost identically – men’s white cotton tees and baggy athletic shorts. The resemblance, however, stopped right there. Julia was fourteen and Kate a year older. Not quite five feet tall, and petite, Julia’s breasts was barely visible through the thin cotton tee and her legs still had some of their young girl spindliness. There wasn’t much of the little girl about Kate, though. She was a little taller and a lot more developed than Julie. A whole lot more. In fact, the way she was filling out her tee shirt, I wasn’t sure the material could long stand the strain, especially where her nipples threatened to pop through the cloth! Julia and Kate were both pretty and the boys were already starting to come around, though neither of the girls seemed to be interested in them, at least just yet.

Julia was surprised that I was home so early, until I reminded her that the university was on break and the library on shortened hours. She asked me if I wanted some pizza, but I passed – to her immense and apparent relief – and told her I was going take a glass of wine upstairs and soak in the tub. Walking between the girls, I kissed each on the cheek and told them not to stay up too late. They both looked a little guilty and I had the distinct impression that they had been up to something when I got home. But nothing seemed too amiss and I didn’t have any desire to do detective work. All I wanted was to get into the tub, sip my wine and let things proceed at their own pace from there.

In my room, I slipped out of my clothes. Unhooking my bra, I stepped out of Natalie’s panties and then brought them up to up to my nose. They were still warmly damp, and I inhaled the intoxicating mixture of our odors. Feeling that old, familiar stirring down there, I stepped into the bathroom to turn on the tub. After adding some oils to the water, I went back to the bedroom and opened my “special” drawer to get my favorite vibrator. As soon as I opened it, I knew someone had gone through my drawer. (Just call me an anal old librarian, but I know when my things have been disturbed.) And since we don’t have a maid, that someone had to have been Julia. While my favorite vibe was there, albeit in the wrong spot, two other bursa escort bayan toys and a couple of VHS cassettes weren’t. I had a feeling that the missing items had something to do with the guilty looks I’d seen on Julia’s and Kate’s faces. But, I had the toy I wanted and, anyhow, it was probably time for Julia to have one of her own. I decided to leave the “respect my property” talk for later in the weekend and took my vibe and glass of wine into the bathroom.

I lay down in the tub, my back against my foam rest, and let the warm water close over me. While my fevered brain tried to divine what Natalie might have in mind, my body slowly relaxed, letting the wine and the warm, oiled water work they silent magic. At some point, I put the tip of the vibe on the swollen lips of my pussy, just below, but not touching my clit. I let it buzz away gently. Soon my button was getting hot and starting to throb. Feeling supremely lazy, I let the vibe do most of the work. Moving it up and down my lips, I avoided my clit until it cried out for my full attention. Then, pressing the tip of the toy right alongside it, I let the marvelous machine vibrate me to three or four orgasms of decreasing intensity. I lay in the tub until I was completely spent and ready for bed. Climbing out of the water, I toweled myself dry, brushed my teeth and got into the bed, falling asleep almost immediately.

Just like previous night, though, it wasn’t a peaceful sleep. My dreams were strange and erotic. Red painted fingernails dipping between swollen red lips; creamy moistness oozing out of open, welcoming folds of pink flesh. Except this time they were my fingers dipping in and out of Natalie’s pink folds. Again, I woke after I came, and felt the wetness between my legs, the stickiness on my fingers. My mind was still on Natalie, wondering what she had in mind. As I lay there in the dark, gently stroking my pussy, letting the fires start to grow again I heard what sounded like moaning. At first, I thought it was my imagination, but as I listened more intently, I realized the moans were real and feminine sounding. My first thought was that the girls were watching one of my tapes, but looking at the clock, I saw it was about 3:00am. Maybe they’d just left the television on. I got out of bed and opened my door, about to go down stairs and check when I heard the noise again, louder. It was definitely female moaning; it definitely wasn’t pain and it definitely wasn’t coming from down stairs. I listened longer and realized there were two voices making the sounds and, I thought I could also detect a low buzzing noise. All of it coming from the general vicinity of Julia’s room.

I closed my door and got back into my bed. Opening the drawer in my bed side table, I found my little foam ear plugs and pushed them into my ears. I didn’t need the sounds of teenage sexual exploration to keep me awake, Natalie was doing a good enough job of that all by herself. Still, I made a mental note to talk to Julie about being a little more discrete in the future. Then I thought about the library and glass room and almost laughed out loud, unsure that I should be talking to anyone about discretion. Closing my eyes, I soon fell asleep again, this time dreaming about red fingernails, soft pink flesh, young breasts ready to burst out of thin tee shirts and spindly legs.

I slept in, and so did the girls. In fact, they were still in bed when I left about ten o’clock to do my Saturday errands. I wondered how late they’d stayed up. When I returned home about three they were gone. I found a note from Julia reminding me that she was spending the night at Kate’s. I hoped for the girls’s sake that Kate’s parents were heavy sleepers.

After I put away my purchases and the cleaning, I went upstairs to check my email to see if Natalie had sent anything. I stopped in my room first, and opened my “special” drawer. Not wanting Julia to know that “I KNEW” until I was ready to talk with her, I’d made sure to put my vibe back, just in case the girls returned the toys and films. They had, though when I picked up the larger vibrator, the pungent (but not unpleasant) odor accompanying it told me that Julia and Kate hadn’t finished their chores after they’d finished playing. I took both toys into the bathroom and washed them off. I put the smaller one back in my drawer and took the other to Julie’s room. I put it under her pillow with a note saying I was giving it to her to keep, but that I wanted to discuss a couple of things about it with her before too long passed. I figured I had until Monday or Tuesday night to decide how to handle that discussion

Natalie’s email was sitting in my inbox as soon as I logged into the university’s computer system. Waiting for the message to open, I idly wondered how she’d gotten my email address to begin with. Natalie’s note was brief, saying that I should wear a sweater dress like she had worn the previous evening, and only a thong for underwear, no bra. She said that I’d find a package at my desk when I got to the library and that I bursa anal yapan escort should take it into the ladies room with me and follow the instructions I’d find inside of it.

My heart started to beat rapidly as I read the note. I seldom dressed in so revealing a manner and never for work. The thought of wearing only a thong under a light dress was both frightening and terribly exciting. I’d have to make sure the air conditioning wasn’t set too low, my nipples were very sensitive to the cold. And they were going to be hard enough just from the excitement of wearing so little, let alone not knowing what Natalie had in store for me.

The time was already 3:30pm and I had to be at the library by 6:00. I showered and again shaved every part of me, wanting my body to be as smooth as possible for tonight. I rubbed myself with lotion, feeling my skin soften and warm to my touch. Rubbing my hand over my now bare puss, I felt that old urge start grow between my legs. Sitting down on the stool cover, I leaned back and began to stroke myself, one hand on my swollen pussy lips – perpetually swollen pussy lips, or so it seemed these days. My other hand tending to my breasts, first one then the other. My nipples were hard and rigid, begging to be sucked and I squeezed and pulled at them relentlessly, wishing not for the first time, that I could get them into my own mouth. All sorts of pictures swam through my mind: I imagined Natalie staring at my nipples, as they tried to poke through the light material of my sweater dress. Then Natalie smiling at me as she watched my fingers delving into my wet vagina. I imagined the male patrons who would be there tonight stealing looks at the outline of my breasts and nipples trying not to let me – or their wives – see them watching. I was getting hotter by the minute. Liquid was leaking from me onto the stool. I looked down and saw my clit, red and swollen, unsheathed and protruding from the top of my cleft, begging for attention. My fingers stopped their sliding, probing movements as my thumb sought out my button and flicked it. Electricity shot through my loins and I almost came right there. Dropping my thumb down, I started rubbing the base of my clit with it, letting the pressure continue to build, as my fingers dipped down and then pushed up, inside me. Returning, they brought my fluid back to try and contain the fires in my hard little button. As those fires continued to rise, my hand moved faster and faster, while the other pulled at my breasts so hard the nipples ached. I pressed my eyes closed, arching my back and my neck, tensing myself, locking my jaws, all of my muscles against the desire to let go and explode. My thumb and fingers were blurs, moving back and forth, time and again, over the same two inches of heated, throbbing flesh. Suddenly, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I let go. I felt the explosion start deep inside me, deep inside my puss and then move out. Waves of the most intense pleasure washed over me, taking control of my whole being as I felt my juices pumping out all over the stool. My legs involuntarily closed, trapping my hand inside my throbbing, pulsing pussy as I slowly rocked back and forth, clutching my knees to my chest and letting the swirling, dizzy pleasure make its way through me.

I don’t know how long it took my head to clear, but when I finally was able to look at the time, it was already 5:15pm. Rushing, I blew my hair dry (thank god for short cuts), did my makeup, found a thong and threw on my dress. I grabbed my clogs and bag and got into my car still barefoot. I almost knocked down my mailbox as I backed out of the driveway. Driving just a little faster and crazier than normal, I made it to the university in record time and walked through the library door at the stroke of six.

Walking to my desk, I saw a small package with my name in block letters laying on the blotter. Sarah was already there, dressed in her usual sloppy tee shirt and baggy jeans and messy hair. I thought to myself again that she could be an awfully attractive woman if she just took some time and care with herself. My thoughts were interrupted as she walked over to say hi. Her eyes got a little bigger and her eyebrows a lot higher when she took in my outfit. Answering her unspoken question, I told Sarah that I had been out shopping, lost track of the time and hadn’t been able to get home in time to change into something less……casual. She just smiled and walked away saying that she knew who was going to get all the male business that night.

I, however, had other things on my mind. Picking up the package, I walked to the ladies room and sat down inside one of the stalls. Opening up the envelope, I shook out a small plastic contraption with a number of straps and long, finger-like protrusion, the size of a pinkie. A folded sheet of paper fell out, too. Picking it up, I found a note from Natalie saying that the device was a strap-on vibrator which she thought I would find quite pleasant. I would fit up tight against bursa rus escort my slit, with the top at the base of my clit and the finger- -like piece inside me. The straps and my thong should be sufficient to keep it in the right spot. Natalie would “manage” the intensity of the vibrations by radio from somewhere in the library. My heart skipped a little beat; she wanted me to wear a vibrator that she would control. The note said that if I didn’t want to wear the unit, she understood and she would never bother me again. But if I left the ladies room wearing it, I shouldn’t even think about taking it off until she gave me permission. She would send me an email at 8:30pm telling me what came next.

My heart was really thumping; the idea of wearing that contraption both thrilled and scared me to death. I couldn’t stand the thought losing Natalie now, so slipping off my thong, I stepped into the straps and pulled the device snug against me. The small dildo slid easily into my cunt, and I could feel the vibrator, which was still off, nestle itself between my lips, the top of it against the base of my clit. I adjusted the straps one more time and then stepped back into my thong, pulling it up tight against the vibe. Looking at myself in the full length mirror I saw no hint of what was under my dress and I left the ladies room wondering what to expect.

I was about three quarters of the way to the front desk when I felt the vibrator come gently to life. I could feel a light vibration against my clit and my lips, while inside of me, the finger-like piece seemed to be moving in small circles. It was a lovely sensation, not intense enough to make me cum, but just right for keeping me at a pleasant sexual high. I was beginning to look forward to the evening. I sat down at my desk – a little gingerly, not quite certain how the device would move with me, and found that sitting, with my legs closed made the feeling even better. I was really, really looking forward to the next couple of hours.

I worked away for some time, keeping an eye out for Natalie, but not seeing her. There were very few patrons in the library and I began to realize that my fears about my outfit were probably overblown. Though the male customers who did walk by (and a few of the women, too) seemed to slow down just a little as they passed, trying not to let me see them looking my way. I rather liked it.

As for my plastic, fantastic lover, I found that it would buzz and undulate inside me for fifteen or twenty minutes – just long enough for me to start getting a little worked up – then shut down for another ten minutes or so, letting me cool down. At first, the cycle was very pleasant, but by about 7:30pm, I was ready for some relief and got up to head to the ladies. Just then, however, a couple approached the desk for help. Looking around, I saw that Sarah wasn’t anywhere nearby, so I got up to wait on them. I couldn’t miss the frown on the woman’s face as she stared at my breasts and erect nipples which were clearly visible through my dress. Determined to work past the awkwardness, I smiled and started to ask what I could do for them.

Then it happened. The vibrator between my legs suddenly went from barely buzzing up to maximum intensity. The change hit me like a blow, and my knees almost buckled. I could feel my nipples get even harder and before I knew it my eyes had closed and a low moan escaped my lips. Reaching out, I steadied myself against the counter and forced myself to ignore the wild sensation between my legs. The woman looked at me as if I had gone crazy, grabbed her man’s arm and pulled him away from the desk towards the door. He just stared and let her lead him away. I turned and managed to make it back to my desk as the intensity of the vibrations began to diminish. I felt perspiration on my face and wetness between my legs. I knew I was flushed and hoped that the thong had kept my dress from getting too wet. I couldn’t believe how close I’d been to cumming right in front of those two customers. I wondered if anyone else had noticed, but looking around I saw no one. Suddenly, though, Sarah, was standing at my shoulder. She asked if I was OK, I looked all flushed and perspiring. With a little laugh I told her it was just a hot flash, and would pass, though I wanted to go to the ladies and wash my face. She wondered if that was such a good idea, but I ignored her and got up.

I starting walking towards the ladies, intending to take off the unit, Natalie or no Natalie. But I found with each step I took away from my desk the vibrations grew in intensity. By the time I had taken ten steps I knew I’d never make it, I’d end up cumming en route, so I turned around and went back to my desk. The vibrations, however, didn’t diminish as I returned. I felt the little finger rolling round and round, stroking the inside of my vagina, building the sexual flames in my crotch. Meanwhile, the vibrator against my lips and my clit was driving me crazy, and I knew it was too late. As I sat down I felt myself go over the edge, my pussy contracting as a very pleasant orgasm washed over me. Holding on to the desk so I wouldn’t fall off my chair, I trembled as the sweet sensation rolled out from my pussy through every part of my body. It was all I could do not to moan aloud, as I clenched my legs together savoring the feeling, letting it take me on its short ride.

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