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It all began a few years, wait, more than half a decade ago, when mom left us for good. Us, that were my 43 year old father, my 19 year old brother and 21 year old me. The reason for mom leaving was a surprising one to us: She, 42 years old, fell in love with some 21 year old girl. When she told us about that, the three of us were devastated. When she moved out and over to her new place, a world broke down for us. Mom was the center point of our family. The person that kept it all together. The person that kept the place up and running. Without her, things would be different. Very different.

Our place began to turn into a shit hole. No one was cleaning anymore. The fridge was constantly empty. No one was there to go grocery shopping anymore. Clean clothes became a very rare thing to have. The place just got nastier and dirtier with every day. It went that way for a few months, until my brother had enough of it. He began to clean. He threw on the washing machine. He brought some food home. He even cooked it for us. Yes, he charged us money for his doing, but well, nothing comes for free. Dad and I just were glad that we had him. He probably saved our lives.

My brother loved his new position. It was his thing to do. He loved to care for us. He more or less turned into a new mom. But that change wasn’t the only one: Bro began to dress different. To behave in a different way. He always has been slightly on the feminine side. And this side slowly bud steadily got the upper hand. He began to wear makeup on a daily base. He got rid of his male clothing and mostly ran around in hot female outfits: Tight skirts, stockings, high heels, I think you get the deal. Yes, he was a good looking one. Men on the street began to look after him. The men at home did the same. The men at home — dad and I talked about basically everything back then — began to fantasize about him. They wanted to fuck him. He just made us hard. Rock hard. So it was time for talk. A talk about what was going on with him.

One Friday evening we all three got together in the living room. It was me who began the conversation. I just asked him, what was going on with him. He immediately began to talk. About his dream to become the perfect sissy. A toy to be used and to serve men. A perfect toy, only there to please men. Dad and I just looked at each other. We both just shrugged our shoulders. We told him that yalova escort we were okay with it. That we are supporting him no matter what. We hugged each other afterwards.

From that day on, my brother worked even harder to become more feminine. He went to the fitness studio every day to rebuild his body. He daily shaved himself from tip to toe. He began to look even more adorable, gorgeous and hot. It was around that time when dad and I just couldn’t keep our eyes off him anymore. And he provoked it. He bent over. He wore even shorter skirts. He loved it to give us some boners. My sissy brother really enjoyed it making all the men in his surrounding rock hard. And he latter told me, that back then, he was dreaming of sucking mine and my father’s dick.

It was around that time when my brother’s open door policy was installed. He never closed any door behind him anymore. At least at home. So it just was a matter of time for me to run into him doing something. Or just catching him getting out of the shower. Totally accidentally.

The last one mentioned was the first one to happen. I caught him naked in the bathroom He just was beautiful and hot to look at. His ass was to die for. The rest of his body, smooth and curvy. His clitty was locked away in a tiny cage. My dick was rock solid withing a few seconds. He realized that I was there. He just smiled at me. I smiled back. Then I went to my room. To cure my boner. I wasn’t ready back then to use my sissy brother.

A week went by when I ran into him the next time. It was in the middle of the night. I walked by his room on the way to the toilet. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He was in his room, all lights on, curtains and blinds open, while he fucked himself. He was elsewhere while he was riding a huge dildo and shoving another one down his throat. His clitty was leaking, his body was trembling and I was rock hard. My boner defeated my boxer shorts and pointed straight towards him. In about that moment my brother opened his eyes, looked towards me, pulled the dildo out of his mouth and just smiled at me. I have never seen him smiling like that before and after. It was a deeply satisfied yet encouraging smile.

Seconds later he was sucking my dick. He took him balls deep. He gagged on him. While he kept on riding his dildo. While his clitty kept on leaking. It took less than a minute until I emptied my balls deep yalova escort bayan down his throat. He swallowed everything. He smiled at me. Thanked me for it. Giving me a blow job made him happy that night. And me even happier. We did it again in the following nights. It was exactly back then when I stopped jerking off, I only used my sissy brother to relieve my urges for a long time.

Two, maybe three weeks later I ran into my brother and my dad for the first time. Yes, they two were fucking too. Or in other words, dad used his sissy son to relief his urges. It was on a Sunday afternoon when I came back home from spending time with some friends. I came in, said hello, no one reacted. But I heard some moaning. Some very feminine moaning from the living room. Naturally I got curious. So I went in. And caught them in the act. Dad was fucking our family cum dump up the ass. They both enjoyed themselves.

Watching them just made me hard. It was my brother who realized that I was there. He smiled at me. He told me to come over. Not even 30 seconds later I was naked and fucking him down his throat. It felt beyond awesome. My brothers body was trembling all the time. He really enjoyed himself. He told us that after dad and I more or less came together. We filled up both of my brothers fuck holes with our sticky sperm. My sissy brother finally got the attention he wanted, at least two dicks were fucking him nearly every day.

Besides the fact that my brother was happy to get fucked daily, he still wasn’t fully pleased with himself. He wanted to be more feminine. He struggled a lot with his body hair, he had to shave every damn fucking day and that just annoyed the shit out of him. So dad and I gifted him permanent hair removal for his 21 birthday. A very painful process, but he loved it. He he got smother with every week.

Dad and I loved it too. He became our smooth little cum dump. We pounded him even harder. And more often. We even began taking pictures of him getting pounded, for our family photo album. And to sent them to all of his friends, to humiliate him. But no worries, he asked us to do that. Some of his friends even liked it that much, that they showed up to fuck him. Dad and I watched from time to time. We always dumped our loads onto him when we were watching. My brother was in dick slut heaven.

He made a lot of progress in the past two years. From escort yalova male to feminine, but still, he wasn’t quite were he wanted to be. He told us that. He told us where he wanted to go: His dream was to be the perfect bimbo sissy cum dump. And his breasts, well they were just too flat. So he asked for some enhancement. Dad and I said yes. Because he deserved it for serving us and keep our household up and running. Yes, he still did that.

And last but not least, it was a huge fucking turn on for us. After we came up with the decision to buy him some bigger tits, my brother was really happy and grateful. He just turned around, pulled out his but plug — he used to wear one nearly all the time — and offered us his boipussy. Dad and I didn’t say no and we took terms on plowing his fuck hole. I dumped in the first load, dad the second one.

More than a half year later my brother’s new boobs were finished. They were huge. And perfect. Two hot melons to play with. He loved them. We loved them. He showed them off as often as he could. The men in the neighborhood went nuts around him. We went nuts around him at home. To celebrate the occasion, dad and I dumped our loads onto his new tits. I chose the left one, dad took the right one. Needless to say, we took a picture of them being creamed for the first time.

But my brother wasn’t finished yet. There still were some things that he didn’t like about himself. They were bothering no one else, because he just looked gorgeous. He just was the most attractive girl around. There was a line of men in front of our home, waiting to fuck him, but he wasn’t happy with his face. He wanted some bigger lips, a smaller nose and some other minor adjustments.

This time he was paying for it with his own money, because he came up with the great idea to open up an Onlyfans account after he got his new boobs. A very successful undertaking. Dad and I helped him with it. We gladly donated our dicks and our cum to him.

He went to one of the best plastic surgeries out there to change his face in the ways he wanted it to change. He left us for a few months. No, the place wasn’t falling apart again, he hired someone to take care of us. When he came back, he just looked awesome. Perfect. His face was beautiful. And hot. His lips felt great on our rock hard dicks. With a little bit more than 23 years my brother has reached his goal: He now was the perfect sissy cum dump. And yes, we still see each other. We still fuck each other. We still love each other.

In the end, a disclaimer and some shameless self promotion: It is a made up story. Nothing but fiction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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