Our Bed and Breakfast Guest Ch. 03

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This is a series whose characters might be better understood, having read the previous chapters. However, this story is of exploration, so it does have its own flavor.

Over the next week, our boarder, Herman, and Ann continued their nightly encounters while I worked, and the three of us would not play together until the weekend.

I had become more comfortable with Herman’s bisexuality, understanding that some would suggest by my own actions, I might be considered bisexual as well. Seeing him suck my cock and having him rim my ass were both exhilarating acts. I just wasn’t into doing that to another man, and Herman seemed fine with that.

Recognizing it as a spectrum, I am not ‘as’ bisexual as Herman, because I have never had an urge to engage with another guy on my own. I clearly enjoy the female body, but apparently I am okay with the taste of semen – either mine, or that of another. My hang up lies with the fact that I think whatever a guy and girl do in bed together is just an act of pleasuring the other. Whereas, two men seem to have an alpha and beta role – one dominates and the other submits. The ‘top’ puts his dick in a hole of the ‘bottom’, and uses him. Tonight I would learn that this is not always the case.

Moreover, I am used to kissing and caressing the soft, smooth body of a female with its sensuous curves and inviting teats; not a bristly beard or mustache, nor a raging hard phallus designed to dominate some other. This would take a lot more to get used to.

Ann began the evening fellating Herman while the three of us were watching a movie. She was between us, on the sofa, and out of the blue just leaned over to unbuckle Herman’s pants.

As she did, I unzipped her jeans as well, and began fingering Ann’s already lubricated pussy. The young boarder just sat back and enjoyed the attention. After a few minutes, Ann crawled off the sofa to take her place between Herman’s legs.

She took hold of the waistband of his pants and tugged them down, while Herman raised his hips high enough to lose them. He was without underwear, and his heavy cock stood proudly while my wife kissed her way up his furry thigh to it.

It was then that Ann invited me next to her, between the younger man’s wide spread knees. Herman had slid down the cushion so that his hips were at the edge of it. I would be lying to say that I didn’t want to join her to service him. I think I had been waiting for this to happen, but it was not to have been at my insistence.

I gazed at how Ann’s hand glided up the lower half of Herman’s formidable shaft, in unison with her oral manipulations of the top half. I marveled at how easily she made it look. I’ve always loved the power of looking down at a woman when she takes me in her mouth. Suddenly it was Ann and I, looking up at Herman’s pleasured face. His fingers delved through Ann’s curly hair, while her tongue made circles around the anteater-like bulb of his uncut knob.

“He is a girthy one, isn’t he?” she asked, not waiting for my answer before devouring the purplish head, her tongue slipping beneath the foreskin to taste his mucky musk.

Ann’s lips made a popping sound when they released their suction from Herman, and she offered, “Just wrap your hand around him,” removing her tiny hand from its base, so I could do as told.

My fingers wrapped around the brawny shaft, but there was a gap between my fingertips and the base of my thumb, unlike when I pleasure my cock. That inch and a half gap is the difference in our circumferences. No wonder Herman is so able to give my wife the sensation of being overfilled. I love the lewd sounds Ann makes when she is stretched so wonderfully to her limits by his turgid thickness.

My hand moved up and down slowly, as I would do for myself, yet it felt more like I was handling a spongy baseball bat, than a real, human dick. I noticed the dollop of precum that made a puddle at the opening on top, grow larger each time my hand squeezed his shaft on the upstroke. Being circumcised, it felt weird to extract his cockhead from the rolled up foreskin as I stretched his manhood on each down stroke. Herman looked on and nodded encouragement while I handled him for the first time.

I used my thumb to spread his slick emission over the bulbous knob, and then Ann leaned in and lapped at the mucous-slathered pool, her tongue delving into the bahis şirketleri slit as if to mine for more of his nectar. She took my thumb in her mouth and sucked his syrup from it, her chestnut brown eyes looking into mine as she did.

Ann kissed me gently, before she lowered her mouth onto his cock once more, until it trapped my fist between her lips and his root. She took hold of my wrist to guide it out of her way. The last few inches of Herman’s meaty dick disappeared into my wife’s welcoming mouth. Ann had found a way to accept Herman fully into her throat in barely a week, and looked very proud doing it.

Herman moaned softly, his eyes closed. Her hand, still holding my wrist, pushed my hand further down until it contacted Herman’s hairy sack. Her eyes met mine when I opened my hand to cup the wrinkly bag of pills at the base of his cock. “Mmmm,” he murmured. I weighed them, fingered the stretchy skin that held his nuts firmly within, knowing how sensitive my own are to the touch of another.

Ann released his formidable cock and held it at its base. Herman’s hand cupped the back of my head, and said, “It will taste as yours does.” My eyes met Ann as she nodded her encouragement.

I tugged the foreskin away once more and opened my mouth wide enough to allow just the tip of the mushroomed knob to pass between my lips. I inhaled his sweaty pheromones, and gazed at the mat of pubic hair surrounding his tree-like root – like a black, curly moss. I licked at the newly formed pool of precum, ensuring that it was the salty flavor I had already experienced second hand.

Ann kissed the base and moved up one side of Herman’s veiny process, her lips pecking their way to the tip. Herman didn’t force me downward, allowing me to open wider on my own. Already, I felt the corners of my mouth stretching to accommodate the broadest expanse of his purplish helmet.

When Ann’s mouth met mine, she kissed my cheek, nudging me away, and showed me how easy it was becoming for her. In one swoop, Ann engorged herself on Herman’s phallus, rolling her head side to side to wrestle Herman’s cock against her throat.

I saw how her throat bulged with his tumescence. Gurgling sounds came from my wife when she could take no more, his hairy pubes tickling her lips; Herman’s firm hand cupping the top of Ann’s head. Ann came up for air, and with that, tendrils strung from her lips to his proud saliva-slathered shaft. “Your turn,” she offered.

Here I was, once more, feeling like nothing but the cuckolded husband, servicing my wanton wife’s lover at her command. Ann sat against Herman’s thigh, allowing me to explore this on my own.

With my right hand wrapped firmly at the base, I opened wide and took Herman’s wet cock in my mouth, until the tip barely touched my uvula. His rigid form gagged me and I retreated to where my lips trapped his swollen helmet, and suctioned it.

My tongue found the vee where the frenulum meets the speared head. I licked along the underside and watched Herman’s face grimace at the pleasured pain that another man was providing.

Ann reached under Herman’s shirt and teased his tiny nipple, adding to his excitement. Her other hand opened wide between my shoulder blades, moving in a slow, comforting caress. My tongue flicked in circles all around his velvety knob, and then I tried once more to suction my way as far down as I was able.

Herman’s hand glided through my hair, implicitly suggesting more. I felt his spear force the narrow chamber of my gullet to accept him, but I retreated quickly so as not to choke. When Herman’s fingers gently wrapped around the back of my neck, they guided me up and down in a controlled motion, to meet his needs.

My wife unzipped my pants and was jacking my rock hard cock during the next minute or so of me sucking on her lover’s cock. Herman released his grip so that I could suck and nibble and kiss him at my own pace. His hand reached out and took Ann’s.

“Get those clothes off, Annie. I want to eat your pussy,”

Ann stood up and shucked her jeans to the floor, followed by her baby blue silk panties, which had a darkened stain at the gusset. Ann sprung upon Herman’s torso, unbuttoning her blouse as she went. He welcomed her to his face, his large hands cupping her waifish ass cheeks.

I slowly stroked up and down on Herman’s penis, while entranced at the bahis firmaları sight of Herman smothering on Ann’s sodden pussy. I tugged at my own cock while Ann gyrated over his hungry mouth. In less than a minute, Ann let out a mewling sound from Herman’s tongue-lashing. She dismounted his face, and he suggested, “Let’s take this upstairs.”

I let go of his cock and started to rise up. With Ann already naked, Herman added, “Get your clothes off, Jamie. You wont need them in my bed.” He and I both stripped naked before he took my nude wife over his shoulder. Herman slapped Ann’s ass playfully as the three of us made out way upstairs, past our bedroom, and on to that of our boarder.

“Lay down on my bed,” Herman said. As I complied, I wondered, was he going to fuck Ann over top of me?

I got my answer when Ann climbed up my body and said, “I’m ready to cum again. You want to eat me, baby?” She spread her pussy open and rested her wet labia right on top of my face; her soupy lips still drooling orgasmic fluids. I lost sight of Herman and decided that maybe he would let me have some fun with my wife for a while, before resuming their session.

While Ann enjoyed my oral ministrations, I felt a mouth envelop my cock, which wasn’t quite at full mast, but soon would be. Herman sucked on my burgeoning helmet, while his fingers expertly manipulated my fuzzy ball sack. My moans reverberated against Ann’s erect clitoris, bringing her closer to her second climax of the evening.

Herman knew all the tricks that Ann uses when she has me in her mouth – tonguing my frenulum, teasing my balls, sucking hard on my sensitive knob, and taking my entire cock right to the root. He added one more, sliding his middle finger beneath my balls to glide past my taint and tease my puckered sphincter.

Ann noticed that I was no longer able to concentrate on giving her clit its needed attention. She looked over her shoulder at Herman as his mouth fully engulfed my cock. I groaned when his digit entered my anus, and Ann rolled off of me to watch her lover expertly fellate me.

But for Herman’s bristly facial hairs, I could have sworn it was my wife sucking me off. Ann uttered, “Oh, he’s going to make you cum,” when she noticed my hips unconsciously humping into his oral ministrations. I gazed into Herman’s hungry eyes as his middle finger probed my rear. A few flicks of my prostate would take me past the point of no return.

Ann pulled hard on my left nipple and asked, “You’re going to cum, aren’t you?” I could only nod while my hands reached down to delve through the man’s thick, curly hair, drawing him to my pubes.

Herman nodded his consent, knowing that my orgasm was imminent. Ann began toying with her clit while her other hand twisted my nipple. That did it. I felt the first jet spew from my cock and strike the back of Herman’s throat.

Immediately, my shaft was washed in my warm semen, as spurt after spurt filled the void between Herman’s cheeks and my rigid cock, until I heard him gulp away the excess. Ann quivered beside me from her own fingering, while I shook in the delirium of both oral and anal sensations.

Once emptied, I let go of Herman’s head, and gazed as the younger man willfully slathered his tongue along my gooey phallus, enjoying each salty dribble. His fingered slipped from inside me, and I laid back in shear exhaustion.

Ann moved down to join him at my groin, French kissing his mouth and feeding on my silvery remnants. My sated dick waned, the lifeblood leaving the area, and Ann made kisses back up my body until our lips met. “That was so fucking hot!” she whispered.

“It was,” I agreed, Herman cracking a smile of pride.

Herman left the room to wash up, before returning to our bed, his cock at half-mast. “Do you want some of this, Annie?” Ann looked at me and smiled.

“You don’t mind if Herman puts his big cock in your wife, do you, baby?”

“Go for it! I’m fucking done,” I replied. I got up and washed up as well, enjoying the relief of a post-orgasmic pee. When I returned, Herman was lying on his back, and Ann was fully impaled on his dick.

She was sucking on his left nipple while her hips ground in delicious circles. Herman looked to me and asked, “Can you get some lube?”

I reached into the drawer beside the bed and retrieved a tube of K-Y jelly. I reached out to give it kaçak bahis siteleri to Herman, but he held his hand up to stop me. “Ann wants you inside.”

At first, one look at how stretched my wife’s vaginal aperture was, made me think it would be impossible to get anything else in with it. When he added, “Use a finger or two first,” I realized he was referring to Ann’s tightly puckered butt hole.

I crept up on the bed, between Herman’s legs, and gazed at Ann resting gently into Herman’s furry chest, awaiting my preparations. The trunk of his dick was all that remained outside of my wife.

I squeezed a copious amount of jelly into the crevice between Ann’s cheeks, and used my middle finger to apply the lubricant to the wrinkled opening, before slipping it slowly into her anus.

At the same time, Ann let out a controlled breath, and Herman grasped her thighs to draw her knees further up his torso, making for better access. I withdrew and slathered more onto two fingers and eased them into Ann’s opening.

Her discomfort increased, and Herman began to softly scratch up and down each side of Ann’s muscular back, to help her relax. “Push out like you’re relieving yourself. It will make this easier,” he suggested.

All of this had already revived my cock, so I used my other hand to drizzle more jelly over its purple tip. My fingers explored Ann’s depth in all directions, up to the second knuckle. It felt as if I had pushed my fingers into a cake of soft butter.

Upon a downward turn, I felt Herman’s tumescence through the sinewy lining that separates the two portals. My fingertip followed the large tube along his length that would soon deliver his load of ropey spunk inside my wife. I saw Herman’s eyes close at my light caress of his heavy shaft.

I removed my fingers and pressed my cock head against my wife’s tight orifice for the very first time. Herman noticed my eyes grow wide when my knob slipped past Ann’s pucker and into the velvety vestibule within. Ann moaned into his chest, while I applied even more lubricant to my unpenetrated length. I took hold of her delicate hips and eased the rest if me into Ann’s bowels, much to her cooing delight.

“Now, don’t move just yet,” he told me. “This won’t take long.” Herman withdrew his cock back to the point where the thick knob was still inside Ann. I felt each inch of him course down my shaft, as though there was nothing between us; sending a shiver up my spine.

When Herman slowly returned to his full depth, Ann let out a guttural moan. He repeated his stroke once more, which took Ann to another level of bliss. On the third stroke, she uttered, “Ohhhhhhh,” and I wondered if we might both orgasm at the same time, due to Herman’s frottage of my very sensitive cock.

It was the sixth or seventh seesaw that caused my wife to begin to shake uncontrollably, and instantly I felt my thighs washed with her hot watery fluid. She wailed and Herman took the opportunity to increase speed and force so as to empty her G-spot of its contents. Ann slipped her hand under her to fervently rub her clit, so as to complete her orgasmic throes.

“Now you can move, Jamie.”

Our cocks worked in opposition, him entering while I withdrew, and then the other. I knew I would not last one minute, what with Ann’s constricted ring squeezing my cock, as well as the friction of Herman’s cock upon mine. Ann was like a rag doll, absorbing and moving with our double penetration.

I was first to let free, spilling my second load deep into Ann’s recesses. My spurts took Herman past the point of no return, and he blasted his jets of semen into Ann’s worn out pussy.

I was first to fall out, my cock shrinking quickly after my second cumming. I sat back on my haunches, gazing as burps of semen spilled from Ann’s anus, flowing down the widened lips of her labia and onto Herman’s wrinkled ball bag.

Herman pulled free soon after and Ann fell off to one side of him. More semen spilled from her, creating a huge wet spot between them. I looked down at her gaping pussy, unconsciously licking my lips.

Ann saw the look on my face. “No! Don’t even think of it! I’m too sore.” Herman and I laughed out loud, and he caressed Ann’s face for a time.

“You two go shower up,” he said. “I’ll go later.” I took Ann’s hand and helped her up, almost laughing as she walked toward the bathroom in an obvious limp.

We showered and returned to our room to crash for the night, holding each other in a tight snuggle. The last thing I heard was the sound of Herman entering the shower, before Ann and I fell into a deep sleep.

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