Nobody Becomes Somebody Ch. 3

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The sun had set but it was still blue in the western sky, stars shone in the east as Ralph and Rose approached their cabin on Blue Lake. The humming of their little Evinrude made them both feel a little drowsy. They were also worn out from running errands and shopping all day, but a bit elevated by the beer they’d had with their supper. The light on the front porch had been turned on to guide them to the dock.

“Well it looks as if at least ONE of the kids must have survived to turn the light on. How do you think they managed today?” said Ralph as he cut the engine back to the lowest speed.

“Oh… they’re good kids, I think Lucy just resents having Kevin here, I think she’s still mad that he bullied her 10 years ago when they were just children.” Rose said, “He won’t be here that long anyway. I wish they could get along better.”

At that very moment, the two kids in question were pulling on their clothes then sharing a deep, if hasty kiss before they rushed to the screen porch. They paused one more time before opening the front door for a quick embrace and a greedy last kiss.

“Mmmm… tastes like chicken.” Lucy said tasting the flavor of the meal they had just shared. Kevin laughed, but stopped before his aunt and uncle could hear him.

As they approached the dock his tone changed to one of annoyance. He said loudly, “Lucy! I’m telling you! I can handle the groceries!”

“Sure you can, but then who’s gonna help Dad with the oars and the gas can. You let Mom and me handle the groceries, we know where they go!” Lucy said as they moved onto the dock just as the boat pulled alongside.

“So you’re BOTH alive, thank heavens. Have you two been going at it all day?” Aunt Rose said, not noticing the kids quickly stifling laughter to the point where it hurt.

She might have phrased her comment a little differently if she’d known that the two had spent most of the day naked in the cabin “exploring nature” one might say. Kevin picked up the oars, gas can, and the life preservers as Ralph made the boat fast to the dock. Rose handed a bag of groceries to Lucy. Taking the other, everyone headed back to the cabin.

“Lucy, we brought you two some turtle sundaes from ‘The Tavern’. You best get to them before they start to melt. So how was the day really? Did you fight the whole time?” Rose asked.

“Well… it wasn’t too bad. He was pretty helpful with the chores, he got the fridge and the dishes, I did the living room and the kitchen floor. We had the chicken for supper…” the two women headed to the kitchen. The two men to the boathouse, which was attached to Ralph’s little office, where he did most of his work in the summer.

Both parents prattled on about things of little consequence, the alcohol fueling their increased chattiness. The weren’t drunk by any means, just feelin’ good. As Kevin and Ralph entered the kitchen by the back door, Rose began to rave about Kevin’s work in the kitchen. She praised him for not cleaning “like a MAN” which was a terrible sin to her. She spoke of one of her great fears, which was that she would be laid up in the hospital, then to have to come home to a kitchen that looked “like a GARAGE”.

Kevin and Lucy set to consuming a glorious concoction of chocolate, caramel, candied pecans and ice cream. Lucy picked out her pecans and fed them to Kevin who was feeding her his caramel. Nobody seemed to notice that they were eating from each other’s silverware. It wasn’t long before the parents, complaining of exhaustion, retired for the night, much to the kids’ relief.

Less than a minute after the folks had gone the two were lip-locked again and groping beneath each other’s clothes. After a little while they pulled back from each other, panting. They sat down to finish their melted ice cream.

“God! I love that! You have the most perfect mouth, LucyLips.”

“I always thought my lips were too fat and… flubbery.” she said, putting her finger between them and wiggling it to make a ridiculous noise.

“Ahh… but you’ve never kissed you. I’ve kissed a few girls before, and you are something special.”

Eager to change the subject, embarrassed to BE the subject, she asked, “So how in the world has someone as attractive as you stayed a virgin for all these years?”

“Who said I was a virgin!” he demanded with artificial anger, “I’ll deck the bastard! I’ll… okay you caught me. What gave me away?”

“Wasn’t it you who told me just last night that you’d NEVER kissed a girl, wasn’t that why you STOLE a kiss from me this morning? I ain’t complaining, mind you, but I figured that if you’d never been kissed that you’d probably never been laid either. Am I right?”

“Yes… I can find no flaw in your logic. It must be true. The truth is that the girls I liked, or thought I would like, I was sorta scared of. Rejection is something I don’t want to experience. “The girls who liked ME I’ve never had anything in common with. They mostly wanted to show me off at parties anyway and I topkapı escort hate that! “You’re different though, you don’t WANT anything from me, you don’t expect me to play a part for others to see, you have yourself together so you don’t hafta cling to me, or remake me. You’re just right. I haven’t even THOUGHT about heading out to the swamp since I got here.”

Lucy chuckled and blushed, then got a deliciously wicked idea. “Hey! It’s been a hot and sweaty day, I feel like I’ve been SOAKING in a swamp. I wanta take a bath! See those buckets over there? Go out in the back, just on the other side of the hill there’s a pump, you know the kind with a handle? Fill’em up and bring’em back okay?”

Tempted by the thought of Lucy bathing, Kevin grabbed the pails and ran to the pump. It was pretty dark by now so he had to watch his footing. When he got to the tub room in the house Lucy was already there. She had clean towels, soap and shampoo ready.

“Dump them in the tub, then we’ll need one more to heat up on the stove.” Lucy said. Kevin poured the two buckets into the old-fashioned tub, then headed back to the kitchen.

When Lucy came out to the living room, Kevin was standing there in silence. She came up beside him and gave him a quizzical look.

“Listen” he said.

Lucy heard some bumping and moaning coming through the floor from the bedroom above. “Is that my parents?… f-fucking?” she asked.

Kevin shrugged and grinned, then headed for the pump. When he brought the water back to the kitchen Lucy turned on the burner and he set the bucket on the stove.

“So that’s why they always sleep so good after shopping day. Well that’s just perfect, ’cause we might make a little noise.” she said wiggling her eyebrows.

“Oh, good.” Kevin said. As the water heated, Lucy crawled up on his lap and put her arms around him.

“You gotta shave,” she said rubbing her cheek against his, “or my folks’ll think I’m getting a rash. Show me how you do that thing with your tongue again.” They had both learned a lot about kissing since that morning. All too soon the water started to hiss and steam. Breaking away from each other, Lucy grabbed the pail with oven mitts, Kevin went into his room to use his electric razor.

When he got to the tub room he saw that Lucy had turned off the electric light and lit three candles. He turned off the lights in the living room and stepped into the intimate darkness. Lucy was there wearing a floor length robe… dark, with a small pattern printed on it. He felt inelegant in his T-shirt and shorts, until she came around the tub and, like a geisha, undressed him. She pulled his shorts all the way to the floor so that her face was almost level with his penis. She stared at it, smiling, as she rose to a standing position again, then looked into his eyes.

“Mmm… Old Spice.” she smiled as he pulled her into his arms. She closed her eyes and leaned back her head making a gift of herself to him. He gladly and gratefully accepted. After a lingering, sweet kiss Kevin reached down and undid the belt of her robe. Pulling it off her shoulders, he let it drop to the bathmat, stood back for a moment to see her body, then crushed her to his chest. Lucy stood on tip-toe so that they were nipple to nipple, pubic hair brushing pubic hair. Again they kissed, Kevin gently probing her mouth with his tongue, feeling the moist smoothness of the inside of her lips and cheeks.

Lucy now opened her mouth to him, a technique they had invented just three hours ago, her tongue eager to share some of the sensations which were offered. After a feast of glorious feelings she stepped away from Kevin and into the tub, holding his hand and pulling him with her.

She guided him to a kneeling position in front of the tall backrest of the old tub. She had thoughtfully placed a couple of large washcloths on the bottom of the tub to cushion their knees. The water was warm and almost up to their hips as they embraced again, the flicker of candlelight making them seem to glow from within.

Slowly they picked up water in their hands and poured it on each other. The opportunity to touch and feel every part of the other feeding powerful emotions neither had experienced before. Lucy reached down beside the tub and brought up a large china coffee mug. She filled the cup, then tipped Kevin’s head back pouring the water over his hair. Passing the cup to him she squeezed some shampoo into her hand and lathered his hair, kneading her fingers into his scalp.

Kevin taking the cup, then the shampoo did exactly the same to Lucy, they gazed into each other’s eyes as they indulged in the sensations. Kevin’s cock slowly became rigid as they shared the moment.

Lucy took the cup again and thoroughly rinsed his hair. As Kevin did the same for her he asked. “Are we gonna follow the instructions? On the label, doesn’t it say: Lather, Rinse, Repeat? I could gladly do this forever.”

Lucy smiled but never said tuzla escort a word, rather she picked up the bar of soap from the little rack on the side of the tub. She pulled him close and rubbed it over every inch of him, except his pubic area. She handed Kevin the soap and while he soaped her up with great delight, she rinsed him off.

As he rinsed her his erection became even more engorged; Lucy now devoted all her attention to it. He began to see how carefully she had timed this erotic ballet, he was very impressed, but he didn’t have time to think about that now.

She pushed him against the backrest and he straightened out his legs. She let some water out of the tub so it just covered his scrotum, then starting there began to gently work him into a lather. She washed then rinsed the hair around his cock, then at long last, she began what she had been longing to do all day.

The bath had been a necessity, but now it was time to mix some pleasure with the business. With a generous handful of soapy foam she grasped his shaft and slowly slid her fist up and down it. With her left hand she returned to his balls, all loose and velvety soft, she cradled them in her hands.

With her thumb she explored the tip of his prick, then making a ring of her thumb and forefinger she began to pump it again, slowly. She could feel his heart beating in the pulsing veins which wrinkled the surface of her new favorite toy.

Without realizing it she began to mumble, crazy little thoughts that were going through her head. ” Ooh what a dirty little prick you are…C’mere let mama make you all clean c’mon pretty baby rub a dub dub that’s better now…”

Kevin couldn’t understand what she was muttering, but somehow the rhythm of her voice was thrilling. His cock, which had known only his own hand up until now was transmitting waves of exquisite joy through his whole body. The soap, the unfamiliar beat of her strokes, the sound of water splashing all transported him to a place he’d never been.

Lucy found a rhythm close to his heartbeat and heard a change in his breathing. He started to pant a little and moan a bit. She kept on that track, his dick like a piston enclosed in her soapy hand.

She sped up a little and he began to twitch back and forth, really starting to make some noise now. “C’mon little darlin’ come for mama c’mon let’s see you do that thing again, do it, c’mon do it for me” she rambled, unaware that she was speaking aloud. She felt like a cheerleader, rooting for her favorite team.

A little faster now, she tightened her grip on what seemed a carved shaft of living rock. As Kevin let out a whoop of pleasure and exertion, his cum jetted out with amazing force, hitting her right between her breasts. She threw her hands up in the air like an Olympic athlete who’d just taken the gold.

Kevin felt as if he’d been thrown off a cliff, suddenly cut off from the sensation which had brought him to orgasm. Another gout of cum burst from his forsaken dick and he reached down to complete the process.

Lucy now realizing that she was missing something grabbed again at the still spasming cock and their hands met, each of them covering half of its surface and together they stroked it until it had calmed down.

Speaking right to his penis, Lucy said with all sincerity “I’m sorry Fido, I didn’t know you weren’t finished.” Kevin shook his head, not believing his ears.


“Yeah, you said you were gonna get a leash for him before, and I guess I started thinking of him as my little puppy. I’m sorry I stopped before, I just didn’t know it would last that long. I was so proud that I made it happen… but, well… I just didn’t know.”

“Fido, huh. Hey, don’t worry about it, you were GREAT! I loved it! Fido loved it! Besides, maybe if you practice a little more you’ll get even better.” he said slyly.

“Okay, I think I could work that into my schedule.” Lucy said giving him a pixie grin twisted his heart around. Using the washcloths they sponged off the sperm and then dried each other with big soft towels. A task they had barely started when they locked together into a kiss that seemed like it might last forever.

They cuddled naked for a while out on the screen porch, talking quietly but after an hour or so they started yawning and decided to call it a night. Neither of them said it, but they both were wishing that they could sleep in each other’s arms as they had on the swing that afternoon.

After a long good night kiss that involved every part of both bodies, they parted for the night. It had been quite a day.

The next day they got up fairly bright and early, but they couldn’t explain why they seemed so “fidgety” and nervous. Mom said she was very impressed with the job they’d done cleaning the cabin. She commented that the carpet in the living room was going to need replacing soon, which brought a wry chuckle from Lucy, who’d vacuumed it within an inch of it’s life yesterday.

The pendik escort rest of the day dragged by, Kevin did a little fishing with Uncle Ralph, Lucy read a book that Kevin had brought. Then finally the sun set and Ralph and Rose went to bed.

As soon as they could, they got together in the front porch. Lucy had brought a candle, a towel and a washcloth. She lit the candle and they began to slowly strip each other. Ritualistically they kissed each part of each other’s bodies as if greeting old friends after a long absence.

Kevin shivered as Lucy kissed “Fido” and his balls long and lovingly. After they ran out of clothes, they lay down on the swing, held each other very close, their hands running over each other like spiders. Touching, squeezing, probing, always in motion so as not to let any part feel neglected.

Eventually Lucy’s hand settled on Kevin’s cock. She pulled on it gently until it decided to come out and play. As it grew and stiffened in her hand she slid off the swing, grabbed the towel to put under her knees then set to work. Her object was to make him come again.

Once again she found a rhythm that seemed to get a response. She pumped and stroked. With her other hand she touched and teased at what she thought of as his little “bag of eggs”. Before long, unknowing, she began to talk again.

“C’mon little Fido, do that trick again, do it for mama, sweet little puppy, good pretty baby, Oh you’re growing big and strong…”

So softly she whispered that Kevin never caught a word of her nonsensical baby talk, but he caught the spirit evoked by the sounds. He felt himself drifting away, hypnotized by the stream of sound and the torrent of sensation.

Soon, altogether too soon the energy began to rise within him and he knew that his climax was on it’s way. Lucy looked far away, between his legs performing her heathen and magickal rite, causing this tide of pleasure to rise around and inside him.

He heard a sound like singing, a low droning imperative chant, then realized it was his own voice moaning. He felt pulled into a coil of energy at the base, the bottom of his penis, then felt Lucy, as if by design reach up and touch that very spot with her thumb and press. The energy exploded up and up like a bullet from a rifle. He opened his eyes just in time to see his seed leap like an attacking cobra and hit Lucy right in the throat.

This time she followed through and kept up her rhythm, crooning happily as the cum flowed down her neck onto her beautiful breasts. Slowly the energy dissipated leaving him quivering and drained. He focused again on Lucy who with a satisfied smile was rubbing his cum into her skin as if it were lotion.

She picked up the washrag, which was wet and quite cool and cleaned his sticky cock. As soon as he could move again he knelt down beside her, gathered her in his arms and kissed her with all the feelings he could not speak.

He kissed her as a god, he kissed her as a worshipper, he kissed her as his slave and possession, and as her humble and devoted servant. He kissed her pure and chaste as an angel, and lasciviously and debased as a whore. He must have kissed her over a hundred times, each one a separate and unique expression of the feelings he could never describe. She accepted and returned every one with her seal of joyous approval. She knew she deserved it.

For the next several days they played variations of that first day, it was as if they were leading two lives. After sundown they shed their mortal guises and became superheroes of love. Their belief in the taboos of society kept them from actually engaging in real sex, and their ignorance kept Lucy from enjoying their situation even more than she did.

She was having a wonderful time, but she didn’t know that females could have orgasms too. In 1970 it was not well known, even most of the medical profession back then considered it a myth. She’d never had girlfriends close enough to tell her how to masturbate, and unfortunately Kevin only knew about the sexual habits of insects and small amphibians.

She was content to work on her techniques for stimulating Kevin. It gave her a feeling of control that she had never known. Her habit of rubbing his semen into her chest not only drove Kevin crazy, it gave off a musky smell that she grew to love.

One evening at the dinner table, while her parents were distracted, she and Kevin made eye contact. She pulled up the collar of her shirt over her nose, inhaled deeply then popped back up smiling dreamily. Kevin got an erection that made it impossible for him to stand up until the folks had left the room.

When shopping day came again they were up early, practically hustling the folks out the door. They knew what they had in store this time. As soon as the boat pulled away they ran into the cabin, exploded out of their clothes and practically slammed together on Lucy’s bed. It was a rare treat for them to stretch out on a solid surface. The swing was nice, but it swung. One could fall out if the other hadn’t held her such a tight grip.

After they had kissed and hugged for a while, Lucy turned around so she could “wake up the puppy”. As she settled into her new position Kevin lay down to find Lucy’s pubic hair right in his face.

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