New Year’s in the Catskills Pt. 02

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Hey all, here’s part two of the story. I’m pleased that since I was able to get most of the exposition done in the first part, I can get right into it. As usual, any comments or constructive criticism is welcome and most appreciated.



The next morning, I woke up naked and alone in my hotel bed. I was on my stomach, with the blanket down by my waist and my blonde hair a tangled mess on my head. I yawned groggily, and I turned over and sat up, rubbing my eyes. I wondered where Tabitha was; we spent most of the night cuddling together, though we woke up once or twice in the middle of the night to caress and kiss each other. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be awkward in the morning, but I hoped it wouldn’t. I actually had an amazing time with her last night, and even though my boyfriend Rylan might be cool with my lesbian flings, I couldn’t speak for Jessica, Tabitha’s girlfriend.

Still a bit sweaty and messy from last night, I crawled out of bed and hopped into the shower. The shower-head was pretty powerful, and not long after I got under the nozzle the bathroom was thick with steam. I soaped up every inch of my body, and let the water run through my hair. I stepped out of the stream and put a copious amount of shampoo on my hands and closing my eyes, I started to work up a lather.

As I bent over to stick my head under the water to start rinsing, I thought I heard the bathroom door creak open. I felt a little rush of excitement, anticipating a little more fun with Tabitha, and sure enough the shower door opened and I felt a soft hand on my hip. My eyes were still closed under the stream of water, and I smiled as I felt a distinctly female pelvis press against my bottom, followed by a pair of breasts against my back. I sighed as I felt a feminine hand reach around to stroke my pussy. I placed my hand lovingly over it.

“Mmm,” I cooed, “I was hoping for another round, Tabby.”

I felt the hand on my pussy jolt. “Beth!?”

“Jessica?!?” My entire body lurched, as I spun around. Jessica, Tabitha’s girlfriend and Rylan’s sister, stood there completely naked, her brown hair undone, covering her breasts in shock.

“I thought you were Tabitha!” she exclaimed.

“I thoughtyou were Tabitha!”

“Oh my god, I didn’t have my glasses on, and all I saw was blonde hair through the steam, and – wait a minute, what do you mean you thought I was Tabitha?”

“Well, er, I mean, I figured – “

“And what did you mean,” she continued, putting her hands on her hips, “by ‘hoping for another round’?”

I was totally busted. Involuntarily, I backed up against the shower tiles, panicking. “Look, it’s not what you think, please don’t be mad at me!”

“Not what I think, hm?” she queried with her lips pursed. “And just what am I thinking?”

I hugged myself meekly, vainly trying to cover my naked shame. “I’m so sorry, Jessica!” I cried. “Last night I was very upset, and I maybe had a little too much to drink -“

“Go on,” Jessica smirked.

“And, and, well, Tabitha was very nice to me,” I sobbed, “and one thing led to another…”

“And the two of you had sex,” Jessica finished, bluntly.

I covered my face. “Please, Jessica! It wasn’t Tabitha’s fault, it was all my fault!”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure she has some fault here,” she mused, squinting at me. “Now, what to do with you…”

“Please don’t say anything to Rylan!” I begged.

“Hm, I suppose I can keep this from my little brother,” she said, stepping towards me. “Though it’s hardly fair that Tabitha got to have a little fun without me.” She reached out, and stroked my bare hip. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Um, what? What do you mean?” I asked, confused.

“Did you enjoy it,” she repeated, her body an inch away from my own, and her other hand finding my other hip. “Having sex with a girl for the first time?”

I gulped. Jessica was looking straight into my eyes, her hands lightly stroking my sides. I felt a sudden rush of warmth in my groin, and my nipples instantly hardened. I was still shaking, but no longer quite out of fear. “Actually,” I demurred, “that wasn’t my first time with another girl.”

Jessica grinned at me. “Really, now?” She pressed her naked body against mine, our breasts touching. “I figured you were curious, but I didn’t think you actually had. So I take it you enjoyed yourself with my Tabitha?”

She began to give light kisses to my neck. “Yes,” I moaned, as my hands went involuntarily to her shoulders. “I enjoyed it very much.”

“You wouldn’t be the first girl Tabitha and I have shared,” she casually mentioned, her lips on my neck. “And you aresuch a beautiful girl, Beth.”

“You’re…ooohh…so beautiful, too,” I managed to get out as she began to nibble my earlobe.

“Would you like to have sex with me?” she whispered.

“Oh yes, I want to.”

“I’m glad,” she replied, and her mouth went to mine.

I could hardly believe what was happening; I thought I was dead, but here I was with my arms wrapped around yet another naked güvenilir bahis girl. The shower was still running strong as Jessica’s hands roamed my back and my ass as we continued to make out. I felt her hand slip between my legs and she caressed my pussy lips. I shuddered, and I reached down to give her pussy the same attention she was giving me.

We didn’t stop kissing as she pressed me against the shower tiles, and both of our hands started stroking the other’s groin. Slowly, at first, but rapidly increasing in intensity. We moaned into each other’s mouths as we furiously stroked our fingers inside of each other, our thumbs rubbing our clits.

“God, Beth,” Jessica gasped, “I didn’t figure you’d be so good at this.”

Jessica grasped my hair, and I felt her start to pull me downwards. I happily acquiesced, letting her guide me to her nipples, which I ran my tongue in circles before I sucked one, then the other, into my mouth. I took my time nursing her breasts until Jessica’s hand, firmly gripping my hair the whole time, nudged me even lower.

I kissed every inch of her stomach as I got to my knees in front of her. My face was mashed against her trimmed, brown bush, which I lovingly rubbed into. She never released my hair, and as I sucked her clit into my mouth, Jessica let out a groan as she humped my face. My tongue darted in and out of her pussy, though I had to be careful since water was still rushing down her body and into my face. Jessica’s hips gyrated faster and faster against me as I ate her out.

“Oh,fuck Beth, I’m going to fucking cum!”

She pulled my hair even tighter, and I felt her pussy throb into my mouth. I continued to lick her cum and she grinded against my face. Once her orgasm subsided, she pulled me up to her, and kissed me hard. My arms wrapped around her, and I loved feeling her breasts pressed against mine. After a few minutes of intense kissing, she pulled away from my mouth, her body still pressed against my own.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this, Jessica,” I breathed.

“I can,” she said, pecking me on the lips. “Besides, I’m not quite finished with you yet.”

She kissed my lips one more time, and shifted to my neck, and slowly down to my damp breasts. She eagerly sucked on my boob, and massaged the other with her full hand. She alternated between my tits a couple of times, until finally lowering herself to her knees. I was panting by the time she engulfed my pussy with her mouth

I silently screamed as she greedily sucked on my pussy. My hands went to pinch my nipples as her tongue traveled down my slit, back up to suckle my clit, and downwards once again. I was starting to feel light-headed from being so turned on, and I wasn’t given a moment’s reprieve as her fingers slid past my lips and into my vagina. I immediately came as she entered me, but she began to finger-fuck me hard while refusing to dislodge her mouth from my clit.

I began hyperventilating and screaming as my orgasms stacked on top of each other, but Jessica refused to stop. Her fingers kept jack-hammering into my pussy, until finally, I let out a final wail, with one last gush of cum, and my legs gave out from under me. I crumpled to the floor, my hands flailing and roaming all over my body. I lay curled on the tiles, for some time, desperately trying to catch my breath.

When I finally opened my eyes, I looked up and out of the shower to see Jessica buttoning up her blouse, having replaced her skirt and bra. As I had been recovering from my intense orgasms, she had managed to switch off the water and had gone out to the room to fetch her clothing. She smiled at me, adjusting her clothes.

“I’ll see you at breakfast, beautiful.” She winked at me, blew me a quick kiss, and headed out the door. Still breathing heavily, I sat on the floor of the shower stall with my legs curled against my chest and my head against the wall. Perhaps it was the shock of getting caught or Jessica’s unexpected brazenness, but I had never climaxed with enough intensity to leave me a sputtering wreck on the floor. I suppose that the fact I had had practically random sex with two different girls in the space of 12 hours didn’t help.

I eventually was able to pull myself to my feet, so I finished my shower and started getting ready for the morning. I dried off and put on a fresh pair of panties and a bra, and noticed that Rylan had texted me late last night and early this morning. His texts from last night were hugely apologetic, and his morning texts were practically begging me to contact him. I responded rather nonchalantly; I explained I was fine, if a little tired, and wanted to meet him for breakfast.

He instantly responded, saying he would meet me at the breakfast buffet, and I responded sweetly, and innocently, that I would see him there. I decided to go casual for the day, with a pair of jeans and a green sweater. I tied back my hair, and went light on the makeup for today. I was vaguely curious where Tabitha was – she had been gone since before I had woken up and güvenilir bahis siteleri still not back after Jessica and I had our frolic – but a part of me was glad because if she had gotten back while I was getting dressed it would have been another hour before we made it out of bed.

I exited my room, making my way to the main hall. Various folks were migrating in that direction, and I assumed they were heading to eat. I got to the door of the dining hall, and saw Rylan standing in front of the door, nervously rubbing his hands. He was ever so slightly disheveled; he still looked handsome, but for Rylan this was him as a stuttering wreck. He noticed me, and immediately made a beeline for me.

“Beth,” he sputtered, taking my hands. “I am so sorry about last night. I should never have let them seat you at another table. I shouldn’t have let father drag me into that meeting, I’m so sorry…”

Rylan was truly a mess, and probably had been the whole time I was having amazing sex with his sister and her girlfriend. I know he felt guilty about last night, but Ihad sort of drunkenly cheated on him last night. And soberly, this morning. On the other hand, Rylan had been perfectly okay with me being with a girl before.

Okay, it was horrible, but I was looking to assuage any guilt I might potentially feel, so I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. I took Rylan’s cheek into my hand and gave him the most loving smile.

“Oh, sweetie, it’s okay. I know what kind of obligations you have with your family.” I gave an audible sigh. “I don’t want to get in the way…”

Rylan squeezed my hands, looking at me intensely. “Beth, you’re never in the way! You…you…you’re the most important person in the world to me!”

I placed my hand on his cheek. “Just promise me that tonight, during New Year’s tonight, that you don’t let me out of your sight.”

“Never! God Beth, I love you so much!”

“I love you too, you dork.”

Rylan embraced me tightly, and I hugged him back. I reminded myself that our relationship was, for better or for worse, pretty open as far as sex was concerned. We had done some crazy sex together, which included other guys and girls, and both of us had briefly discussed exploring our sexuality going forward. To what extent, I suppose we had to still figure that out together. I know for my part, it meant I would have sex with girls, and I didn’t feel guilty for wanting that. But for the moment, I just wanted to be held by my boy.

Rylan took my hand, and together we entered the dining area. There was a long buffet set up with piles of pastries, bacon, and anything else you could want in the morning. Rylan was feeling much better as we filled up our trays together, and as we found seats we were smiling and joking with each other.

As I dug into the yogurt and granola at our table, I looked up to see Tabitha and Jessica, sitting at a table across the room. Jessica was wearing her clothing from earlier, and Tabitha was wearing a running outfit and looked like she had been active this morning. She gave me a smile and waved. Jessica was also smirking at me, and I saw her lean towards Tabitha to whisper something into her ear.

I saw Tabitha’s eyes shoot open as Jessica kept talking, as Tabitha covered her mouth in surprise and looked at Jessica incredulously. I saw Jessica nod, and gesture towards me. Tabitha turned, her mouth agape and her eyes wide. The two of them started giggling at once, and I immediately blushed and dropped my eyes.

Rylan sipped his coffee and regarded me. “You okay, Beth?”

“Hm? Oh, er, I’m fine,” I muttered, jamming a piece of toast into my mouth.

Rylan glanced over at Jessica and Tabitha, who were sitting close together, their hands around each other’s waist. Simultaneously, they waved at us with their free hands, giving the most innocent of friendly smiles.

Rylan nodded at them, and turned to me. “That was…odd.”

“I think they’re just being weird today,” I mumbled, and then cleared my throat. “Anyway, what should we do today? Wedo have the whole day, right?”

“Well, if I make myself scarce I am sure I can avoid being snatched up by my father or mother. Do you like skiing?”

I sipped my tea. “Not really.”

“Thank god,” replied Rylan, “I hate skiing.”

“We could take a walk, though. It looks kind of nice out, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the property.”

“Well, I can definitely give you the grand tour. We can also check out the pool in the afternoon. It’s indoor, of course, and pretty nice.”

I smirked at Rylan. “I assume we’ll have to keep our suits on, unlike Long Island.”

Rylan scrunched his face. “Yeah,” he joked, ” probably gonna have to play it safe and stay dressed. At least in public.”

“I can do that, I suppose,” I grinned. “So what is the plan for tonight, for New Year’s?”

“Ah, well, there’s dinner around 7 in the ballroom, and there will be a band and dancing after that.”

I clapped my hands together. “Oh, that will be fun! I’ve never iddaa siteleri been to a New Year’s ball before! It’ll be so romantic!”

Immediately, my head went to thinking about tonight – getting my outfit ready, doing my hair and makeup, the works. Rylan sensed how eager I was, and started giving a few more details, like decorations and fireworks, which got me even more excited. Sure, I performed on the cheerleading squad, but I honestly had very little experience with partner dancing. But it would be with Rylan, so it would be fun regardless of whether or not I tripped.

We finished breakfast, and Rylan led me out of the dining room to show me the hotel. I avoided eye contact with Tabitha and Jessica, but I distinctly heard them laughing with each other as I walked by. I wasn’tashamed, or anything. I was just not sure how to act around two girls, to whom I had just frolicked naked with, in front of my boyfriend. And I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t being pranked or something by those two.

Rylan took me all over the hotel, and was pretty knowledgeable about the place. His family had spent many holidays here, well before even his mother was born, and they had specifically purchased the place in order to keep it operational and preserved. He showed me some of the more beautiful parlors and hallways, and took me up to the top floor where the suites were located. He lightly suggested we could check out his suite, but I declined for the moment. Partially because I was sexed-out for the moment, but partially because I knew we would be back tonight, and I wanted to make it special. Rylan cordially, if grudgingly, conceded.

Rylan even took me down into the bowels of the hotel, into the massive kitchen area and the hidden passages where the employees worked. Rylan loved cooking; he remembered everyone of the kitchen crew’s names, and apparently he was well-liked by the kitchen staff. I think Rylan would have rather been working down in the kitchen than being upstairs being an aristocrat or whatever he was.

After we had wandered everywhere in the building, we fetched our winter gear to go outside for a walk. It was a crisp winter’s day; the sun was bright, the wind was mild, and a fresh layer of light snow had fallen the night before. It gave the surrounding woods a picturesque look to it. We didn’t head in the direction of the ski slopes and cabins, instead opting for a local trail Rylan knew of.

We held hands as we took our time on the trail, enjoying the solitude. This was one thing that I had missed with all of the sex I had been getting in the last couple of weeks: just some time alone with Rylan. I couldn’t care less that Rylan came from a wealthy family, I just liked being with him. I felt like we understood each other.

We eventually came upon a frozen pond next to the trail, which had a snow-covered bench. I suggested we sit for a moment and enjoy the view. Rylan agreed, and swept off all of the snow off the bench, clearing a place for us. We sat, and with his arm behind me I curled against him. Not so much for warmth, but for companionship.

“I’m glad we get to spend a little time together, just the two of us, Beth.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

We sat, just looking over the white pond, watching the pine trees sway and a few distant birds sailing through the bright blue winter sky.

“Rylan, can I talk to you about something?”

“Sure, Beth. What about?”

“Well, you know.” I cleared my throat. “About us. About Long Island, about our little Bang Gang, and about all the sex we’ve been having.”

“Oh, okay. What’s bothering you, Beth?”

I sat up. “Oh, Rylan, nothing’s bothering me. Like, not one little bit I can’t believe how fucking great it’s been. Er, no pun intended.”

Rylan smiled. “I agree. I mean, I feel like I’ve been so uptight and repressed for so long. It’s just so difficult for me to open up, y’know?”

“Is that why you started having sex with Mark, back in junior year?”

“Yeah, totally. He’s my best friend, and I felt like I could trust him. I guess I’m bi, even though I never really pursued anything with a guy outside of Mark.” Rylan let out a breath, and leaned back. “But I never really met a girl that I could really be myself around. And then, well, Mark started dating Brooke. I got to spend time with you by proxy, but I was still nervous as hell.”

“Yeah, I sensed that. I know we were dating for a couple of months with practically no physical contact, and I just thought you wanted to take it slow. I was happy just to spend time with you” I turned to Rylan, looking him in the eyes. “You have no idea how much it meant to me when you invited me to Long Island.”

“Beth, I wanted to have sex with you so badly, I was just so damned scared. Plus I felt a little abandoned by Mark when he started dating Brooke and we stopped messing around. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not in love with Mark or anything, I just liked being able to be with someone physically.”

“You work yourself up way too much, Rylan.”

He leaned his head back, staring at the sky. “Beth, the idea that I’m sitting here talking about sex so candidly is like a freaking breakthrough or something. My god, the fact that you saw Mark fuck me, and liked watching it? Freaking. Breakthrough.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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