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You know what it’s like when you lust after someone, really lust? Why is it that you lust after those you can’t have? I suppose it’s the same thing with those girls that follow boy bands around hoping they can bed the lead singer and knowing full well they never will.

Well that was me! I was 23, attractive, slim, cute butt and gay. I can tell you but to be honest I was not really “out.” I work in the financial area of London and have a good job. No million pound bonuses, I don’t have THAT type of job but it does pay well. Well enough for me to have a neat little BMW sports car and a flat just big enough to swing a cat in. At 23 that’s not bad. The trouble is, all the lads in the office are young. I think the oldest is 37 (and he DOES get the big bonuses). That’s what I want in a few years time and I decided that if being in the closet gets me there then that’s where I would stay.

I did and still do the gay bars at the weekend and make sure everyone thinks I work for one of the newspapers. This subterfuge does mean that I ended up at stag parties, lad’s nights out and lad’s weekends away. It allowed me to ogle my friends when we share rooms and it won’t be the first time I have put one of them to bed drunk, copping a nice feel of cock and balls as I do it.

I digress. Let’s get back to lust and where it can take a desperate lad like me. Randolph Turner — that’s him. He was 27, 6 feet tall, absolutely hunky and looked well built in all areas. Sadly his cock and balls had not been displayed for my visual pleasure. This guy was straight and married and he showed absolutely no inclination to shag his workmate here! This was the position up until the time of my story.

So you know about Randolph (would you believe he’s called Randy). His sweet wife is a very sexy lady, by the name of Chrissie. They almost looked like a film star couple when both dressed to go out. She was very sweet and had always flirted with me. I couldn’t believe she didn’t see I was gay. I’m not too camp but I am a slim little blonde who can be a act up when I have a drink and she looked the sort who could assess a man’s sexuality from 500 yards. She kept calling me “cute.”

When Randy padded around their flat and I was there, she would say things like, “Michael, isn’t his bum cute,” or “he looks quite a man, doesn’t he?” Then she would wink at me.

I had heard stories that she was almost too hot for him and he had taken to doing some swinging with her. The story was that she instigated it and he is so in love with her that he does anything she asks. Certainly he walked around like a lapdog when she was around.

So, that was how things were back then. I worked with him and others, I’m quite friendly with him and his wife and no one knows that I’m gay and also that I would cut off my granny’s right leg to have sex with him, knowing full well I couldn’t (Granny was dead anyway).

A Thursday afternoon, the telephone rang at my desk and it’s Chrissie.

“Hi sexy!”

“Oh hi Chrissie, you’ve come through to the wrong extension. Hang on and I’ll transfer you.”

“No don’t, as it’s you I want to speak to. Randy and I were just talking about you last night and wondered if you fancied going out for a meal on Saturday night as an old friend of mine is staying over.”

“Girl?” I questioned.

“Yes and it’s about time you met a nice young girl anyway. You’re far too pretty to be single.”

Well I tried really hard to get out and she wasn’t going for it so I was trapped. There was no way I was staying over and no way was I going to be coerced into a fling with a female but I could do a passable heterosexual who hadn’t met the right woman. My thought was that Chrissie hadn’t guessed my sexuality.

On the Saturday night we met in a bar.

“Michael, this is Becky, and Becky this is Michael. Becky has been a friend of ours for almost two years and we knew her husband very well too. We thought he was gorgeous but Becky didn’t and now they’re separated.” This was Chrissie talking when we met.

I had to agree that she was a stunning and very sexual woman. She looked about 24 and capable. Chrissie and she were very close and Randy seemed all over her too. I was amazed that Chrissie wasn’t jealous.

We drank then moved on to a Chinese restaurant nearby and continued until we were all quite merry. Chrissie then invited us all back to their apartment. Becky had been absolutely charming to me though Chrissie had been quite suggestive at times throughout the night as to what I might do with her. At the flat I followed Chrissie to the kitchen in an effort to get her off my back. Before I could speak, I was asked what I thought of Becky. Chrissie, slightly the worse for wear, then announced that she and Randy had been having foursomes with her and her ex-husband. Though Becky had enjoyed them, her husband had been spending more of the time during sex, performing on Randy and though Randy had taken it in his stride, Becky had been jealous and accused him of being gay. One thing had led to cevizli escort another and they had split over it. They missed the fun and tonight I had been invited to make up a foursome.

I spluttered! The thought of seeing Randy naked and erect excited me but the prospect of catering to two women in the process did not. I tried every excuse in the book and Chrissie was having none of it. I was cornered.

“I find you attractive Michael. I’m really not into the beefcake type so having some fun with you would be great,” she said.

“How can I put this Chrissie,” I said. “You are an attractive woman, and so is Becky, but my interests lie elsewhere and it wouldn’t be something I would want to do. Can we just leave it there?”

“Oh I see,” she replied, “the problem is having Randy present, and performing in front of another man.”

“Quite the opposite:” the words were out of my mouth before I could stop them.

“Oh,” she said, her lips hanging in that shape as the penny dropped. “You would want to be in the queue for Randy too.” She giggled as the words came out and then she went quiet. “Michael, you know my biggest turn on of all?”

I raised my eyebrows as if to say, “what?”

“I just love watching Randy fucking someone else. I love seeing his manly buttocks pumping into someone and knowing he’s mine. Now add to that, my interest in you. I have a slight liking for other women, hence the threesomes, but a passive guy would be a real turn on. Could you even remotely see yourself fucking a woman?”

“I have done,” I told her honestly and then continued, “and quite successfully, even though I say so myself. I just decided that my interests lay elsewhere.”

“You fancy Randy though, don’t you?”

“Well, yes I do, but I wouldn’t want to spoil a friendship with both of you over it.”

“You want him Michael, you want to feel his cock in you and I can make it happen with no risk. He does anything I ask as long as he thinks it’s turning me on. Believe me, he does ANYTHING I ask,” she said emphasising those final words.

“Why don’t I slip away quietly and you can talk to him about it and give me a call,” I suggested.

I did as I said and, that night, was really turned on at the prospect of not only having Randy, but having him while really turned on by my being there. My mind was made up that I would go ahead if that’s what was proposed. In fact for the next day until returning to work on the Monday I thought of little else.

On Monday, Randy was his normal self and made no comment about the Saturday night and my urgent departure. At coffee break he intimated that he had kept both ladies happy after my departure and then slipped into the end of the sentence, “and I believe I’ll be doing something similar after our next night out.”

I spluttered, “Pardon?”

“Chrissie told you about her little voyeuristic kink.”


“Well I get very jealous if the guy doing her is hunky and good looking and the idea of us both getting what we want at the same time has been a real turn on. It’s all we’ve talked about over the weekend. Are you able to play that role?”

“More to the point,” I said, “are you able to play your role?”

“Oh I think I can manage,” he said, squeezing my leg.

I jumped and he laughed.

“So we’ll see you on Saturday at 7pm at our place for some fun followed by some pizza.”

If you had seen the state I was in by Saturday. Fantasy is great but the doing is often different. Should I look butch, should I wear something a little camp? I also wondered how I would feel, being bent double in front of a woman with her husband sticking his dick up my arse.

I went for camp/butch. White t-shirt, leather short jacket and jeans and arrived with a bottle of wine in hand and a Viagra in my stomach, just in case. Chrissie looked stunning and in control. I got the feeling she had a plan for the evening. Her flowing wispy top and short skirt in off-white looked more in keeping with a holiday in Spain than March in London. Randy looked stunning! He was wearing cotton chinos and a short-sleeved shirt in a natural cheesecloth-type material which showed off his fabulous body.

“Some wine for you, Michael. You look really cute tonight,” he said, “almost fuckable!”

I heard Chrissie giggle.

The wine was gone in 5 minutes and the second glass in another and that made me feel a little more relaxed. Chrissie was stroking Randy’s inner leg and snuggling into him.

“Are you going to stick your big dick in me tonight Randy,” she said in a little voice? “Are you going to fuck someone else with your dick too? “I’m going to get fucked by someone else too Randy,” she continued.

The pantomime seemed a little silly but Randy’s cock was straining at the cotton of his trousers so it obviously turned him on.

“I want to see my Randy’s cock being sucked by a man,” she said. “Michael, do it!”

It sounded more like a command than request and I looked at Randy, who erenköy escort stood up and faced me, still fully dressed. It was obvious that pleasing her, really got him going.

I went and stood beside him.

“Kiss him,” she barked!

I looked nervously at him but he brought his mouth down on mine with some force and pushed his tongue into my mouth. His kiss was like nectar and his firm hand held the back of my head, ensuring we stayed locked. I could see Chrissie pulling off her briefs beside us and sitting back down, her hand disappearing between her legs. He saw her too and kissed me even more forcefully. His tongue explored my mouth and then took my tongue back into his. He pulled back and pushed my head downwards. I sunk to my knees and took his zip in my hand. I was shaking as the zip slowly pulled downward, rising over the lump that signified his excitement. My hand fished inside and eased into his white briefs to find the hot flesh. I felt the pubic hair, touched his warm balls and finally gripped his cock. I pulled it out through the fly front and had my mouth over it immediately.

In my mouth was a seven inch, uncut cock of thicker than average dimensions but I was pleased to note that I was larger than him, so I had a surprise in store. I pulled back the foreskin and sucked expertly on the cock head, easing his balls out as I did so. Chrissie’s legs were up on the sofa and wide open. I could see her cunt and her finger stroking her little nub as she watched and gasped her husband’s cock in another man’s mouth. I was warming up in more ways that one. The Viagra had raised my blood pressure and my cock was straining for release. I was getting into this.

I unclipped his belt and let his trousers fall. He stepped out of them. I pulled his briefs down as he tugged out of his shirt I gazed at his blonde hairy chest which ran straight down to his wonderful cock and balls. His cock stuck obscenely up at a 45 degree angle, moisture over the head where my saliva mixed with his own juices. Now Chrissie was naked. She had a beautiful body with a slim waist and having not had children, a firm stomach. Her pubic mound had a neat trim “V” cut in the pubic hair and the lips of her vagina were large and very visible.

“Please Michael, do it to me now,” she said pointing to her clitoris.

I didn’t hesitate, and crawled quickly over as she slumped back in the chair. My tongue dipped into her. This was something, that, though I preferred guys, I have never hated doing to women. Most gays hate the idea but I suppose as I love oral sex and rimming, licking a woman is just an extension of that and I rather liked the warm, wet folds as my tongue explored her. I was no expert but knew what that little nodule of skin was for, giving it extra treatment as her back arched. Randy stood over me wanking his cock while I, still fully dressed, serviced his wife, immediately after servicing him. The thought turned me on.

God she was noisy. Chrissie arched her back, thrusting herself into my face. Randy knelt and stuck his cock beside her, allowing me to lick him and her at the same time. He pulled her down on to the rug and lay behind her to stick his cock inside her. I stood up to watch but he told me to get down at her front and to continue licking her as he fucked her. The experience was amazing! I was able to hold my tongue against his length as his brick hard cock pushed all the way into her and out with all her juices on it. I would lick her clitoris as he pumped slowly back in, up to his balls, which I then licked as he pulled out again and so on. I had to get my hands on my own cock.

I stood up and stripped off. Chrissie saw my cock first. “Jeesus, that’s no little poof’s cock is it,” she exclaimed.

I have to say, it wasn’t. My cock is fully eight inches erect and uncut. My balls are quite small so it does look obscenely large. Randy did a double take too!

“She’s going to feel that,” he said pointing at my cock, and I had no doubt she would.

By now the Viagra was in control. I wasn’t disgusted at having a naked woman in front of me with her legs open and her cunt exposed. I had seen that before. My target was standing behind me looking rather vacant with a semi hard 7 inch (at full tilt) cock!

“Fuck me Michael — please” pleaded Chrissie!

Now you fellow gays might not understand it but I was standing ballock naked in front of a randy woman and more importantly, her very horny husband who was the target of my desires. My key to his cock in my hole was fucking this woman and suddenly it was a very attractive target.

I’m not sure about my technique but I plunged my rigid cock into her and she gasped. I started to lunge in and out as her gorgeous husband wanked his cock with a vigour I would have preferred was aimed at me. She lay under me, my hands opening her legs and gripping her by the ankles. I looked down as my length slid into her open pussy and out again and even though I say it myself, it looked pretty erotic. Randy esenyurt escort stood to my right, his cock now stiff, mumbling encouragement. His cock was about 12 inches away being pumped back and forth while he watched me impale his wife. I leaned over without missing a beat, and took the head in my mouth.

“What the…….,” he began.

As he went to pull back, I plunged my mouth over its entire length and slurped back to the tip. A little “Oh,” escaped his lips.

Chrissie said, “Go for it Randy!”

He stepped closer.

Chrissie was definitely the hot one. “Let me see him suck you Randy, it would really get me going!”

I made sure Chrissie got my full cock and she had returned to her rhythmic grunting as I plunged into her but my heart was now set on the reason I found myself here — Randy’s beautiful cock! I took it more tenderly now and slid back his foreskin to reveal a wonderfully full red head. My mouth enveloped it and I started to suck gently while holding his shaft in my hand. Under me, Chrissie was starting to cum so I had to move away and concentrate on her as she reached her peak. He stood idly and watched me, slowly stroking his cock. I slowed my pace as she slid down from her high and he said to me (I thought rather hopefully), “Did you cum.”

“Oh no Randy, I haven’t cum yet,” I replied, my eye on his stiff cock.

“Payback time,” said Chrissie to Randy.

I pulled out my cock, still rigid, and slipped off the condom, turning to kneel in front of Randy. I took his cock firmly with one hand while stroking his hanging balls with the other and really got going on him as he stood rigidly above me. Chrissie sat on the sofa, gently fingering herself as I did this. Randy’s cock alternated from being stiff as steel, to being slightly limp. Every time Chrissie shouted something dirty across to him, his cock would jump again. I figured he liked being told what to do and she enjoyed telling him. I stood up and led him to the couch. As we went to sit down, I turned him round and pushed him over, parting his bum cheeks, I plunged my mouth into his hole. He gasped. I presumed this was a new one on him. I gripped his cock with one hand and wanked him as I tongue fucked his bum. This time his erection didn’t need Chrissie’s help. I stood up after a few minutes and grabbed the lube, gently squeezing the gel on my hole. I handed Randy a condom and said quite curtly, “Fuck me!”

He looked scared but Chrissie was now frantically fingering herself and said in an urgent whisper, “This is awesome!”

I lay on the rug and opened my legs. He lay on top of me and gently tried to push his cock into me but was having trouble. I rolled over doggy fashion and gave him easier access. The first push was amazing. The man of my dreams, 100% straight, was sticking his cock in my hole. He took it easy. I figured he thought it would hurt me. Little did he know!

Now the rhythm was good and he held my hips as he started to hammer into my bum. This was awesome. My cock was a hard as it was possible for it to go. I could feel the blood pumping through the veins, rushing to fill my cock to bursting with blood. He was really hammering me now, mumbling under his breath as he did so.

Chrissie came across and slid under me to take my cock in her mouth. She was good. She sucked me and then licked between my legs until her face was almost at the entry to my hole where her husband’s cock was impaling me. My cock was almost reaching its orgasm.

“I’m going to cum soon,” he said.

“On my face,” I said.

“On our faces,” said Chrissie as she stood up.

I lay on my back and she lay alongside me. I started to wank my cock as Randy took up position standing over us and gripped his cock. His knees buckled and a strong jet of cum shot out and was perfectly aimed at my face and mouth. It disappeared straight into me. The second was messier and hit my cheek, spraying on to Chrissie, she lifted herself and caught the third and fourth over her face, with residue splattering back on to me. She whispered,” he comes gallons.”

There were eight jets of cum and I was beautifully soaked in it, the strong ammonia smell brought me quickly to my peak and as I started to cum, Chrissie placed her mouth over my cock and caught all of it. I held the base as I wanked and she sucked the tip. My sperm caught her throat and she gagged with the first blast but quickly caught up and swallowed all of it. She stood up and kissed Randy before he could move and he didn’t look to pleased as my cum trickled down his chin from her lips.

“Two years I’ve waited to feel your husband’s cock in me,” I said as we started to dress.

“Eighteen months since she started fantasising about your cock in her,” said Randy.

“Well I got fucked by a sexy straight man,” I said.

“And I was fucked by a poof,” said Chrissie with a twinkle in her eye and continued, “A poof with a massive cock and who could somehow please a woman.”

“And I witnessed both firsts,” said Randy with a smirk.

“Did you enjoy any of it,” I asked?

“You know I did,” he replied. “Your hole was really tight and I would have loved to cum while fucking you and to see someone who is as camp as you, plunging eight inches into my wife was absolutely amazing. Next time I’m going to try sucking.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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