My Wet Neighbour Ch. 5-6


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* * * * *

My Wet Neighbour – Part5.

By morning the next day, I had not seen my son and thought it best to leave him to himself. We both needed to think about the implications of what had happened the day before.

I was going about my usual routine. My husband had left for work some two hours before and I had heard Frank leave quietly at around 09.30 to get to college. I was alone in the house and enjoying the quiet and my own thoughts of the previous few days events when I was shaken out of my daydreams by the ring of the phone.

I picked it up, “Hello.”

“Hello Mary, Its Wendy Kent here.”

“Oh hello…Mrs.. Kent,” I said, rather surprised by her call.

“I hope you don’t mind me phoning but Anne said that you might like me to start cleaning for you.”

I was surprised by her coolness after what we had done together with Anne and mumbled, “Erh…Yes…Erh.. yes I think I would.”

“Are you sure? You seem a bit put out by my calling.” She said.

By now I was gaining my composure and replied, “No not at all Mrs.. Kent and yes, I would definitely like to talk to you about you coming to clean for me.”

“Good,” she said, “I can always do with the extra income, and please, call me Wendy. I like to be on first name terms with my ‘ladies’.”

“Okay Wendy it is,” I said, “when would be convenient for you to come round to discuss details”?

“Well how about now. I can be with you in twenty minutes.”

“That would be fine. See you then,” I answered and hung up the phone. God, what was I doing. Did I really want Wendy to start cleaning for me. Did I want to be one of her ‘special’ ladies. What the hell, I thought. Go for it! She is obviously trusted by Anne and if Anne can rely on her discretion then so could I.

I decided, rather illogically, that if she was going to come to my house to talk about cleaning it, then I should quickly rush round and clean it myself. I knew it was crazy but it’s just the sort of thing you do isn’t it. You don’t want your cleaner to see what a mess you live in. I quickly sorted things out and chucked all the dirty crockery into the dishwasher when I realised I had already been 15 minutes. With only a few moments left before Wendy arrived I wanted to be sure I looked okay and dashed upstairs to straighten my hair etc. I wasn’t yet dressed but did have underwear on under my robe and generally looked decent enough to have visitors, I thought.

I went back down stairs just as the doorbell rang. I opened it to a warm smile from Wendy who greeted me with the kind words, “thanks for asking me round. It is much appreciated that you may wish to take me on as your cleaner.”

“Please come in,” I said and showed Wendy through into the lounge and invited her to sit down. “So…Wendy…I’ve never taken on a cleaner before and to tell the truth I don’t really know the drill, so to speak.”

She immediately put me at ease by saying, “Don’t worry about that. Basically I do a few hours a week general cleaning. For a little extra I am also willing to do ironing, if you want.” She paused and then said, “and as you know, for selected clients, I occasionally earn bonuses for special duties.”

“Would I be a ‘selected’ client?,” I asked.

“Oh I think after the other day at Anne’s that you would certainly qualify if you wanted my special services.”, she replied with a smile.

I really did want a cleaner but the thought of Wendy doing other things for me as well was a real turn on. As we spoke about it, even in polite, cryptic tones, I was felling myself getting turned on. As I described before, Wendy was a very attractive woman and I think she knew it.

“So do you want me?” she said, again with a smile but this time a dirty kind of smile.

“Oh yes, Wendy,” I said, “I want you as my cleaner all right and I will most definitely being paying you bonuses Gaziantep Escort Reklamları from time to time!”

“Great,” she said, “but there is one thing I would like to understand. When I offer a client special services I have found it best to know whether they wish me to take the lead.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“Well,” she went on, “do you wish me to be submissive since you are the lady of the house or would you prefer me to be more dominant in those situations? I seemed to me that when we met at Anne’s you were at ease being somewhat submissive. Am I correct?” she said.

“Oh, I see,” I said and thought for a moment before answering, “I suppose you’re right Wendy. Yes. I would be happy for you to take the lead but maybe at some time in the future I could change my mind.”

“Of course!” she said in a very up-beat tone, “and when do you want me to start.”

“I looked at her sheepishly, not wanting to appear over eager and quietly replied, “how about today.”

“Fine Mary, just show me where your cleaning stuff is. Is it okay to call you Mary?”

“Yes of course,” I said “and…erh…”

“What is it?” she asked.

“Well, if its not too pushy could you…erh…would you…um… Let me start again,” I said and gathering my courage blurted out, “would you be prepared to start by earning a special bonus, today Wendy?”

“Oh I see, a bonus on my first day,” she said, “you really are keen aren’t you Mary. Well, I don’t see why not. I can always start the cleaning tomorrow.” With that she gave me the most beautifully gentle smile and slowly stood up. The, without saying anything, she undid her jeans, pulled them down and took them off before sitting back down. She now had on a sweatshirt and a pair of black panties. She settled back into the sofa and opened her legs slightly all the time looking me straight in the eye.

I didn’t know what to say or do but just sat in my chair watching her with my gaze switching from her face to her crotch and back again.

The she spoke, “Knell down Mary and come over her.”

I was already so excited, I was eager to do as she instructed and immediately sunk of my chair to the floor. Then on my hands and knees I crawled over to her stopping between her legs and placed a hand on each of her thighs. I then looked at her, as if waiting to be given further instructions.

“Good girl,” Mary, now I want you to use your fingers and tongue on me. You will bring me off and I want you to do it quickly. I like to do these things quick and dirty. You will not speak while you are doing it and you will not touch yourself. Is that clear?”

I nodded and pushing my hands up her thighs, I pulled her panties to one side with my left hand and started to play with her pussy with the other. Wendy laid back and closed her eyes. I started to push my index finger into her and fuck her with it and at the same time dropped my head to her and started to lick at her clitoris. I started gently but remembering her instructions started to speed up my actions as she started to shout at me, “Come on Mary, do it dirty. Fuck me you filthy bitch. Fuck me dirty and make me come…oh god…yes… make me come Mary.

Wendy was obviously as turned on as I was because she started to rub her tits through her top and pushed her pussy hard against my mouth and onto my pumping finger.

“Use more fingers. Fill me up Mary,” she shouted, “Come on, now! Do it now before I come.”

I did as I was told and pushed a further two fingers into her continuing to finger fuck her as fast as I now could.

Wendy started to pant and squeal like a puppy as she reached orgasm. As she did so she clamped her thighs tight against my face and grabbing my head sort of rubbed my face up and down her pussy. I was getting covered in her juices all over my face and into my hair.

As her orgasm subsided she pushed my face away and caught her breath, then looking at me smiled and said, “Very good Mary, very good. I can see that I am going to enjoy working for you. Now stand up and remove your underwear.

I was loving this and stood as instructed eager to please. “Do you want my robe of as well?” I asked.

“No Mary, just your underwear. Leave you robe on for now.” She said.

I did as I was told and having removed my bra and put my arms back in my robe, I then pulled my panties off.

“Give me your panties, Mary,” Wendy said.

I looked puzzled but did as she said.

She took them and placed them in her bag saying, “I like to keep a momento the first time I get a bonus from a client. Now Mary lead the way to your kitchen please.”

I turned and lead her through the hallway and into the kitchen.

As we went in Wendy looked around and then making for the table sat down. I went to join her but she stopped me saying, “You can remain standing Mary. Please go over by the sink and open your robe for me.”

I did as instructed. My nipples were now standing proud and I was so excited I could feel juices leaking from my pussy and starting to rub down my thighs. I wanted so bad to touch myself and was relieved when Mary said, “Now I want to see you pussy Mary. Stand with your legs further apart please and open yourself for me.”

Again I did as I was told and having spread my legs I pulled myself open with my fingers. My own touch made me sigh with pleasure by this stage.

“You are a very good girl Mary,” she said and then lifting the bottom of her sweat shirt pulled it up and over her head to reveal her beautiful large breasts to me. Then standing, she removed her own panties and threw them to the floor as she sat back down.

“Now Mary, I want you to pee yourself.”

“Where?” I rather stupidly asked.

“There Mary, where you are standing but first put your legs firmly together and cup your hands over your cunt.”

I adjusted my stance so that my legs were firmly pressed together, put my hands in front of myself and then, so looking forward to the experience, relaxed my bladder and started to pee. My piss shoot out from me only to be caught in my hands and splashed back onto my self so that it ran down my legs into a large puddle on the floor. As I peed Wendy sat playing with her pussy and pinching her clit between her finger and thumb.

When my pee finished I started to rub myself too but Wendy firmly said, “Leave yourself alone Mary. There will be time for that in a minute. Now I want you to close your robe around you and lay on the floor in your piss.”

I eagerly did so and my robe immediately soaked up a huge amount of my pee such that it clung to me as though I had just got out of the shower with it on. As before at Anne’s I got the impression that Wendy liked to slightly humiliate her ‘clients’.

“Excellent Mary, now come nearer, sit between my legs facing me and open your robe.”

I positioned myself such that I was firmly between her legs, with my face about eighteen inches from her pussy and rested back on my arms. I thought I knew what was coming and hoped I was right.

I was! Wendy parted her pussy lips and started to piss on me. She directed her stream with her fingers so that she first sprayed my breasts and then bought the stream up to my face and hair.

“Open your mouth!” she shouted, “sluts like you like to drink my piss, isn’t that right?”

“Yes,” I whimpered.

“Then ask politely,” she said.

“Can I drink your piss Wendy. Please let me drink your piss,” I asked and opened my mouth.

She expertly directed her continuing stream into my mouth where it landed and cascaded down my neck and onto my breasts. As she neared the end she said, “That’s nearly all for now Mary. Your last mouthful you will swallow. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes,” I said and filled my mouth once again. As she stopped I looked at her with my mouth full and then swallowed it down in one gulp. Mary grabbed my face with her hands and then kissed me deep and hard, as if trying to get a taste of her own pee from me.

Again she congratulated me on my behaviour saying, “now Mary you have earned the chance to relieve yourself. Do you have a dildo?”

“No I don’t.” I said, “Sorry.”

“That’s a shame, Mary,” she said, “I intended to fuck you again myself. Never mind go and get your vibrator.”

“Sorry Wendy,” I said, “but I don’t have a vibrator either.”

“You’re kidding. A lady like you and you don’t have sex toys! This is not good enough Mary. If you want my special services then you had better get some toys for me to use on you. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” I said apologetically, “I will get something sorted.”

“I have a mind not to let you cum at all, as punishment, but since you have been such a good girl today I will be generous.” With that she walked over to the fridge and looked inside. “These will do,” she said bringing out a packet of carrots and a large tub of yoghurt. “Now take off that wet robe and lean over your sink for me.”

I removed the pee soaked robe and dutifully lent over the sink.

Wendy came behind me and pulled my legs as far apart as they would go still allowing me to rest with my elbows on the sink. She then emptied the tub of yoghurt over my lower back and let it run down my arse crack before dripping onto the floor. She grabbed handfuls of the stuff and massaged it into my pussy and all round by arse. Then selecting two of the largest carrots, she lightly pushed one into my cunt and the other into my arse hole where she left them and returned to her seat.

“Now Mary, remain resting on your shoulders and with a hand on each carrot I want you first to pee yourself again and then you will fuck yourself.”

I put my right hand over my back and grabbed the carrot in my bottom whilst with my left hand between my legs I got hold of the carrot in my pussy. Then I relaxed myself and started to let my pee flow. I didn’t need to go a lot but there was enough to put on a show for Wendy and with the carrot in my pussy, my stream sprayed out in a good shower. I could see by her reaction that Wendy was pleased. Once my piss had stopped I started to fuck myself. Both Wendy and I knew that I was practically coming before I started and that I wouldn’t be long. I started to scream and shout as with only a few pushes of the carrot in my arse I started to feel my orgasm. As it came I sank to my knees so that I could better fuck with the carrots. My juices poured out of my pussy and mixed with the messy yoghurt and piss that covered my thighs and the floor between my legs. I rapidly finished what was the quickest orgasm I could remember in a long time, even quicker than those recently with Anne where I had been so excited.

The strange thing was, once I had come I suddenly felt embarrassed. Here I was sitting in my own cum and pee, covered with yoghurt, still wet with Wendy’s piss, a carrot in my backside and one in my pussy and all in front of a woman who was still a relative stranger. I simply couldn’t believe what I was doing nor did I know how to act.

Wendy saw my predicament and enjoyed it, I think. “God, you’re a filthy slut, aren’t you Mary?” she said. “Look at the state of you. Now go upstairs and get yourself cleaned up.”

“Thank you, I will,” I said as I pulled myself to my feet and wiped as much of the mess of myself as I could and left the room not believing that I was actually thanking her for humiliating me.

I was upstairs for fifteen minutes or so and wandered back down not quite knowing what to expect. When I entered the kitchen, Wendy was dressed and was just finishing cleaning of the kitchen. It was spotless, showing no sign at all of our messy fun. Most surprisingly Wendy had reverted from the role of dominant to that of my cleaner, “Sorry about the mess Mary. I cleaned it all up well and I will get on with the rest of the house straight away. Is that okay?”

“Er..yes, that will be fine Wendy,” I said, “please carry on.”

“Thank you Mary,” she said and gathering her cleaning kit set about her normal duties.

I was really quite bizarre but good to know that there was a definite end to our ‘bonus’ sessions after which it was simply forgotten and normality resumed. This made me feel much more comfortable about the sexual path I was allowing her and Anne to lead me down.

* * * * *

My Wet Neighbour – Part 6.

Two day’s later I was planning to call on Anne again since I had not seen her for a few days. I decided first however to make a bit of an effort and get myself some new clothes and maybe some new underwear. The shopping trip was originally intended to be to a local sex shop to get the toys that Mrs.. Kent had told me to have ready for her next visit; a strap-on dildo and a vibrator. However at the last minute, after a whole day and night talking myself into it, I lost my nerve. I figured I would ask Anne to recommend a web site or two where I could get the toys and where I could be relatively anonymous. So it was new clothes instead for this trip!

I had had a real busy day, I didn’t seem to have achieved much, but nevertheless nearly the whole day had gone by the time I was ready to go out. I left a note for my husband telling him I was going shopping and would be back as soon as possible but was not likely to be home before him. With that I set off to the local town arriving only ten minutes or so, later. I knew I didn’t have long before the shops started closing for the day so decided on a particularly little boutique I had seen on my previous visit but had never been in. From their window display they seemed to have some nice stuff and a little different to what was available everywhere else. Just special enough for the way I was feeling and to celebrate my new sexual confidence and adventures.

The shop was down a small side street and didn’t seem too busy as I approached it. I looked in the window and, confident it would have something to my taste, I entered. As soon as I walked in a woman in maybe her early forties approached me and extremely politely apologised saying, “I’m sorry but you’re a little too late today madam. We were just preparing to close.”

“Oh,” I said, “Sorry, I thought you shut at 5.30.”

“No, I’m afraid not. We tend to close up at 5.00 if possible. I’m very sorry madam.”

“That’s okay,” I said, disappointedly. I was just turning towards the door when another woman walked into the display area from the back stockroom. She was around twenty and with the same petite sort of figure as myself.

“Mum, where are those new ……” She said, obviously not realising there were any customers in the shop, “Oh sorry,” she continued looking at me, “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“That’s okay,” I said, “I was just leaving anyway. I thought you were open half an hour more.”

The young woman turned to the older one, who I now knew to be her mother, and said, “I’ll be around a little longer Mum. If this lady want’s to browse I’m happy to attend to her.”

“Are you sure?” her mother asked.

“Yeah sure,” she said with a smile and glancing between her mother and myself, “I’ll lock up when I finish in the stock room and see you at home shortly.”

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