My Telija Ch. 02

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There are always times in a person’s life when they feel like they’ve fallen off the edge, no matter who you are or where you come from…none of us are ever safe from reality. I had no idea of how much time had passed since I first tumbled into Vendish’s arms, but I knew that as the minutes ticked by, I was now the one slowly backing towards that edge. Never in my wildest dreams, even as a self-proclaimed ‘creative’ type, could I have imagined the things unfolding before me.

It was like a curtain had lifted from the world I knew and revealed to me the ugly truth, in the form of psychotic visions in which pixies, shadow dragons, and gorgeous fairy men lurked. Some people might have been fascinated and lured into a world that was not the mundane existence they knew to be, hoping that their romanticized childhood notions would sate their hearts and imaginations, but in reality though, being thrust into ‘the other side’ without anything safe to cling to, made you cower in fear and wish to god you had just called in sick that day.

So here I was, sitting in a field made of silky dancing grass, next to a man who looked like a hulking fairy warrior, and staring at my cousin…if she was really my cousin…who just happened to be as blue as the sky. Well the sky I knew anyways. I couldn’t really think about much else besides the color of her skin, it was unreal and it was taking my brain some time to process. One minute she had been the girl I always knew, blonde, blue eyed, golden skin, and the next she looked like something pulled straight from a freaking fairy tale.

I watched her dragon fly remnant wings flap in the subtle breeze, a giggle bustling from her lips, and a delighted sparkle in her silver eyes, taking it in with a numb weakness in the pit of my stomach. The pixie called Daega flitted around Lucy’s shoulders, playfully calling my name, and trying to break me from my silent stare, but I couldn’t move, or think, or speak.

Even Vendish tried to shake me from my stupor, but he too was defeated. Daega landed on my knee, causing me to shudder at the feeling of impossibly tiny feet marching up my leg. She tugged on my shirt and I looked at her directly, watching her eyes catch the mandarin sky above and light up like fiery diamonds.

“I am sorry wee one. I didn’t mean to give ya a fright,” she lowered her fuchsia colored head, her wings ceasing to beat, “I brought you something to drink,” Daega lifted a thimble sized vile with both hands and I couldn’t help but take what she offered, making sure not to squash her tiny fingers with my much larger ones.

I wasn’t sure how to feel about the offering, I mean what if it was some weird Fae drink that I could trip on for days? Vendish’s touch soothed along my back, reassuring me that Daega’s offering was alright, and his green eyes were soft with encouragement. He was seriously gorgeous, almost textbook Adonis, everything about him screamed perfect, but I was a skeptic of all things too perfect. Managing to pull my eyes away from his, I took a deep breath, and threw back the measly shot of possible Fae tonic.

Immediately the minty cool rush of liquid made its way into my bloodstream. My body responded quickly, causing my tension to ease, and my eyes to widen with awareness. It was like Red Bull combined with the childhood security of your mother’s arms wrapped around you…or so I heard…in short it was miraculous. The smile that budded at my lips could not be stopped and I started to laugh. I hadn’t felt this good in years, scratch that, I had never felt this good.

Eyeing the tiny pixie in my lap, “what the hell was that?” I was so excited, but for what I had no idea.

Daega laughed, “that is a tea the pixies make for their wee ones when they have a bad day or a nightmare…”

“Well it’s absolutely amazing, I mean I feel wonderful!” I cut her off looking at Vendish who was on the verge of tears from laughing.

The sound of his rumbling laugh was exotic and enticing and I was so loose due to my buzz that I eyed his lips longingly. It was a well –known fact among my friends that I got extremely horny after smoking a joint, so rarely did I ever partake. I tried to fight the familiar urge, but lost the battle. So without further-adieu and a ton of tea-induced enthusiasm, I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his lips to mine. I was aware of the gasps from Daega and Lucy, but was lost in the soft lips that pushed back at mine combined with the large hands that pulled me closer. His mouth was warm and his lips were like brushing against rose petals and my fingers combed through his curtain of hair, loving the way it spilt through them like running water.

By tilting my head, we locked to each other deeper, his mouth fitting over mine perfectly and his tongue tracing against the seam of my lips. Everything felt new and innocent as his tongue breached the barrier of my mouth, slipping inside and running smoothly ataşehir escort over mine. I was frenzied with need for more, something felt as if it had unlocked inside of me as this man tasted every part of my mouth with hunger.

“EXCUSE ME!” a rather annoyed voice came to my ears and I twisted my face against Vendish’s scorching lips.

Lucy stood there with an ‘are you proud of yourself’ look, her hands on her hips, and her mouth parted slightly. Daega buzzed in circles around Lucy’s head and I turned my eyes back to Vendish, who was mere inches away. I startled out of his lap with the realization that I had just attacked his face and all because of some crazy fairy tea. What the hell was I thinking?

Vendish frowned and reached out as I clamored away from him and stood up, I wouldn’t make that mistake twice. I won’t deny that the kiss was hot and better than I had imagined, but as I said not just no…but hell no.

“Okay, now that I’m feeling ‘better’…” I blurted, hoping to subdue all talk of my drugged out lip lock, while running a hand through my hair, and ignoring Vendish’s mouth hanging open, “what the hell Lucy? If this is your real name…I mean come on. How do you expect me to react to this? I mean twenty two years and I didn’t know! Are you even my real cousin?”

“Of course I am Jordy,” she smiled brightly, flicking her white hair over her shoulder, “your…well Jameen is Aunt Kim’s older brother. In any universe that makes us cousins, duh,” she rolled her eyes and I clenched my fists. Show a little compassion Lu! “Anyways, do you honestly think I could show you what I am without you having a flip out fest and keeling over from a heart attack? I mean come on Jordy…when I took over as your watcher, I was three. It kind of became a habit to stay in glamour and all the boys loved it. Mortal boys are sooo much fun and the parties…Oh Great Mother! Those boys know how to dance and drink and….”

“Ugh, just can it Lu. I know damn well what you do in your spare time,” I rolled my eyes in disgust.

“Oh excuse me oh righteous one. I am sorry to offend thee with such crude talk of my sexual endeavors,” she mocked in a haughty accent, “or is it that you’re just a stick in the mud because the last boy you had wasn’t really satisfying and it’s been a while?” She smirked.

“You bitch! I will have you know that he was very satisfying and …” I stopped when I heard a low growl coming from next to me. I turned to see Vendish’s green eyes glowing in anger and I shifted slowly back to Lucy who was giggling loudly. “Lucy!” I shouted and she laughed louder.

“Oh… You are just too easy cousin mine. Do continue…I think the Prince would love to hear just how satisfying Marcus was…” She rolled to the ground clenching her stomach. “Hey! Ouch Daega!”

The little Pixie continued to pinch her until Lucy crossed her arms with a frown, “you’re going to get into trouble Luciana.” Daega warned and Lucy huffed, but sat cross legged on the ground, arms folded across each other.

“Whatever Lu, what about mom, does she know? And how is she…you saw her right?”

“Aunt J is fine Jordy. My mom is with her and she’s just sleeping. When I left June, the Fae’s most powerful healer, was checking her over and to answer your first question…yes she does know. She has since the day he left her,” Lucy came forward and I took a step back unconsciously. Lucy frowned, stepping back, and turned her head away from me. Apparently fear of her appearance still lurked on the edge of my mind and the pain she felt due to my careless prejudice was evident on her face.

“Lu I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it…” I offered.

“Yes you did Jordy! You always hate on me. You don’t think I hear you with your friends or on the phone about what you think of me…oh and add to that I’m a monster because I’m not like you,” she gestured to me from head to toe, anger in her eyes, “…well let me tell you something Jordan, you’re not what you think. You may be half human, but you’re also half Fae, part of my family Jordan. Did the Prince here tell you about what happens when you cross over into Fae Jordy? Huh…did he?”

I looked from a hysterical Lucy to a now fidgety Vendish. The imposing man now looked like a guilty child and I started to fume.

“No he didn’t…” I grit out.

“Let me be the one to inform you then cousin mine. Once you cross into Fae from the mortal realm, your powers strengthen. For us this is normal, but for you…it will be different and ‘new’ shall we say.”

“What do you mean Lucy?” I felt the color drain from my face.

“I mean dearest Jordy…that you will find out where your powers lie. They will come to you now and you will find out the true meaning of being Fae, but then again you have your Ghea to help you through, so it won’t be a problem,” the last part was snide from Lucy’s mouth.

“My what?”

“LUCIANA!” avcılar escort Vendish turned around and screamed. The wind whirled around him and Lucy stepped back fearfully, “you will have a care water child or I will send you back to your Gran and let her have a go at you!”

Lucy dropped to her knees and bowed her head, “forgive me my Lord, I overstepped and was upset. I had no right.”

Vendish shook his head and sighed, his features becoming balanced once more, “I am sorry Lucy…in truth you have done nothing wrong and have been nothing but honest, unlike myself. Rise Luciana, I forgive you.” Lucy jumped to her feet, but kept her distance.

“Why did you yell at her and what did she mean about the Ghea?” I eyed him suspiciously. He was leaving things out and I suspected he did this often…or maybe it was a Fae trait, but even if it was, I didn’t like it.

“I am a Ghea…” he looked at me slowly.

“Okay…so your mated then?” my stomach clenched and knotted with a sickness. The very thought of him in someone else’s arms made me sweat. He was married and I kissed him…Oh God he was married!

Both girls laughed loudly, clenching their stomachs, and received a hard glare from Vendish.

“No Jordan, I guess what I mean is…’we’ as in you and I are Ghea together,” he waited, like that would make what he just said any clearer.

“I’m sorry. I guess I’m an idiot, but I don’t understand what you’re saying to me.”

“What he’s saying is that he’s your mate, your true soul mate that is…” Lucy piped up and dashed behind me in fear of Vendish. Her slender fingers gripped my arms and her face buried into my back.

“Lucy! By the Great Mother….” Vendish was turning red.

My jaw had to have dropped somewhere around my knees, because that’s what this kind of shock felt like. Not only had Vendish not told me about Lucy, but he was my pre-destined husband? Holy shit! My thoughts went to the only other Ghea he had told me of and the churning in my stomach was almost overwhelming.

“This is crazy!” my eyes bugged and I could feel the hysteria taking over again, “how can you be my mate? I haven’t even known you all of a day and you’re like what…what is this some kind of fucked up proposal? Oh Jesus, I’m gonna be sick…” I turned around and whatever drop of tea was left in my stomach, came up tenfold into the grass. Lucy shrieked and jumped away from me. Payback is a bitch, I muttered inwardly, thinking on what she had left for me this morning.

Warm hands soothed my hair away from my face and rubbed my back in slow circles, “I am so sorry Jordan. You have no idea how sorry I am for all this. If I could take back all of it for you, I would…” Vendish’s rumbled whisper reached my ears.

I didn’t know what to say to that. Let’s break down that response while the shame of throwing up in front of a gorgeous man who claimed to be my rightful husband took a back seat shall we? He’s sorry…for what? For being what he is or that I am what I am? He’s right on one thing though, I don’t know how sorry he is, because I don’t know what he’s sorry for! Secondly, what the hell did he mean about taking it back and why does that piss me off? Does he hate that he wants me and doesn’t want to be with me? God Jordan, you are pathetic! Of course he doesn’t want you…you’re a mess. You’re just some half freak that doesn’t hold a candle to his godliness. Ugh…what the hell is going on?

“Telija…please talk to me…” the wind man’s voice begged.

I wiped my shirt on my sleeve, coming up with no place to even begin to return that. Shutting my eyes, I stood up, and took some calming breaths. Think, Jordan, think…

I opened my eyes and stared at him, pouring some serious attitude into my gaze, “alright Vendish, I think I’ve had enough of the run around for one day. From now on you are going to give it to me straight. No more keeping things to yourself and no more revealing things when you feel the time is right. I’d like to think that I’ve handled this pretty damned well for the most part, but when you just keep springing shit on me…well let’s just say if you keep it up, I’m going to explode and it won’t be pretty.

You want to tell me I’m your mate and I’m your pretty princess bride, well that’s just dandy, but don’t expect me to just come running into your arms and reciprocate the bliss. Where I come from this mating business doesn’t exist and it’s going to take me a while to come around, if at all, to seeing things from your side, ” Vendish tried to interrupt and I held up my hand, “I don’t care that I kissed you, if you read into it more than you should have, then that’s your fault…I mean I was hopped up on ‘the tea’, so the fact that you kissed me back does not gain you any points. In fact I believe that was taking advantage of me and I don’t really like that at all. I’m not saying I hate you and yes I’m grateful that avrupa yakası escort you saved me from the hunters and yes I feel the weird pull or whatever, but right now I just can’t do this…this us.

I’m tired, I’m hungry, and I worried about my mom. So right now can we just tone down the he-man you’re my main squeeze eternally bullshit? Cause that would be great, thanks.”

Vendish stood there with his mouth gaping open. Lucy was hiding her face behind her hands and Daega was perfectly still on top of Lu’s head. Finally Vendish took a deep breath and straightened himself, “you would like the truth? The whole truth, are you sure?” I nodded uh duh, just said that big guy.

“Fine. Luciana take Daega away, Jordan and I are going to have a private conversation.”

“Yes my Lord,” she bowed and both females were gone with a blue flash and a mist of water. I didn’t have much time to be in awe over the mini rave sprinkler explosion because Vendish just kept going.

“Now, I will ask you one more time if you wish to know the truth Jordan, because I will be pretty forthcoming with my feelings and some of it you may not want to hear,” he smirked.

“Wipe that smirk off your face, you ass, and tell me already. I’m a big boy and I think I can take it,” he was so irritating.

“Are you a big boy Jordan?” he purred and I narrowed my eyes, “because you don’t look so big to me. You look like you would be more suited for the use of a real big boy, a real man.” He smiled, his green eyes glowing and I swallowed. Was he serious? Did he just suggest…oh hell no.

“God you are so arrogant. If you think that’s how you’re going to get me to accept, then you have another thing coming. I thought you were going to tell me the truth…”

“Well that was a truth,” he chuckled and I wanted to slap him, “alright, you win. Here is the real truth Jordan. I am going to do whatever it takes to win you over. I know you feel the ‘pull’ as you said, but when I am done with you, I will make you beg for my touch,” my heart was racing as he took slow steps towards me, “and when you finally give in…I will lick every square inch of your luscious little body until my tongue is numb and your taste is forever embedded in my memory.

You will scream my name, the name of your mate, while I pound into your flesh and the wind pleasures your skin to the likes of which you’ve never known. You will know who your other half is when I am done with you and never will anyone else satisfy you like I will. Never will you look at another the way you look at me and never will anyone know your heart like I know yours. How is that for truths little boy?” he whispered as he circled me. I felt painfully small as he preyed on my mind, my cock was rock hard at his blatant imagery, and I was having trouble breathing for the twentieth time today. I looked up as he stopped in front of me, not touching, but just looking. His green eyes were glowing bright and I felt pulled in by them, hypnotized.

Something changed and he seemed to come out of a trance almost as he shook his head. He looked away from me and I summoned all my control to keep from touching his beautiful face, “I’m sorry Jordan. I didn’t mean to make you so uncomfortable. I respect your feelings towards me and that won’t happen again. I know I am your mate like I know the grass to be green though. You can keep shutting me out and I understand your fear, but I will warn you that there will come a time when I won’t be able to stop myself. I won’t be able to control my want for you.”

“So what are you saying…that if I don’t come to terms with this, that you’ll rape me? How romantic…” I scoffed.

“You do not understand!” He turned back to me, pain written across his features, “to know that everywhere around you is a love that will never be yours. That after five centuries of loneliness and almost giving up, to finally know the face of your beloved, your telija, to feel your bones cry with the ache to touch him, only to be slapped in the face with denial from his lips. No Jordan, I will not rape you, I would rather kill myself, and if it comes to that I will. In fact I would rather kill myself than hear anything else of your hatred for me.” He spun on his heel and began walking towards the open field and away from the line of trees.

I felt crushed, way to go Jordan, way to be an asshole! “Wait! Vendish stop!” I ran towards him and he faced me, “I just…” I panted when I reached him.

“Can’t right?” Vendish whispered and nodded. The look on his face was so broken, shredding my insides to pieces. He turned towards the open field and began to walk away. My heart fluttered, my breath hitched, and panic coursed through me. Was he really leaving me without a fight after that little speech? Come on big guy…

“Just stop! Stop this right now! I said I can’t right now you big ass, not that I can’t, as in end of conversation. Try to see this from my side Vendish, just try for crying out loud to listen to me. My mother is dying, I found out I’m part fairy, that there is whole other ‘realm’, and then throw on top of that this man proclaiming his undying love for me and wants me just to up and marry him? Just listen to how crazy that sounds…” I blew a hair out of my face and put my hands on my hips.

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