My Son’s Naked Cam Show, Ch. 03

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My Son’s Naked Cam Show, Ch. 03

Reread, Reviewed, Revised, and Rewritten from Chapter 2

Calmly relaxed and confident in what she was about to do in going outside of her box by exposing herself on live camera, Joe’s mother, Susan, was in her room alone with a video cam recording her every move. Her first time on live camera, she ignored the camera as if the camera wasn’t even there. She sat at her vanity table brushing her long, blonde, beautiful, lush hair while topless.

A big step for her, she deliberately showed her audience of horny men her naked, D cup breasts and her hard, erect nipples. She wanted to show her naked tits as much as men wanted to see her naked breasts. She hoped to receive positive feedback and men asking her to go private. Going private with a man or with a woman is where she made the most money.

‘You have fabulous breasts, Susan,’ wrote one admiring man to her message board. ‘They look so firm and so shapely.’

As if popping out of nowhere, another man appeared and wrote a message.

‘I’d love to fondle your naked breasts while sucking your erect nipples as you stroked my cock,’ wrote another man.

Suddenly, a frenzy activity, with more men logging in to see her naked breasts, not everyone left a comment. By her counter, with her posting going live only 2 hours ago, she already had more than 10,000 views and a dozen comments. Seemingly, the men like seeing her brushing her hair and walking around her room topless.

‘Your breasts are so big and shapely,’ wrote a third man. ‘I wish my wife had tits like your tits.’

Another man appeared to write his comment.

‘I’d love to fuck your naked breasts with my hard dick and cum all over your beautiful tits.’

Unbelievable but true, daring herself to do so, a new sexual adventure for her, Susan was topless while on camera. After all of the erotic stories that she wrote about being topless and/or naked in public, never believing that she would ever do such a thing, indeed, she was topless on live camera. As sexually excited as she was nervous that she was being watched by so many men, her nipples were erect and hard and her pussy was already moist with sexual anticipation of what may happen next.

With her an exhibitionist, crossing the line from exhibitionism to whore, like mother like daughter, this was a new role of exhibitionism even for her. With more men seeing her naked than the time she went to a nude beach, other than the time she ran across her college football field naked while drunk, this was the most men who have seen her without her clothes. Then, there were all those spring break parties that she attended while topless and naked. God only knows how many men saw her without her clothes.

Yet, this was different. As if she was participating in an interactive video, she had the ability to individually communicate with all of the men who watched her naked, cam show or all of the men at the same time. Moreover, men gave her their email address for her to correspond with them. What she liked best about her naked cam show, whenever she asked a question, such has, ‘How do you like my tits?’ she enjoyed having an instant response.

# # #

As if she was Lady Godiva riding bareback on her white horse instead of sitting in front of the vanity table mirror, except for her bright, white sheer, bikini panties, she was nearly naked. Exposing herself for the sexual attention and the money she hoped to receive by going private, she felt like such a whore. Moreover, a bonus, she hoped that more men would pay her to write their stories. Critical of her mother before, now, she knew how her mother must have felt the first time she stripped off her clothes while dancing around a pole to music.

The camcorder captured every angle of her large, D cup, naked breasts moving from side-to-side and jiggling up-and-down with each brush of her hair. While deliberately, sexually teasing her audience of admiring men, by going public with her daily, topless routine and her nightly topless ritual of brushing her hair in the morning and again at night, she brushed her hair for one-hundred strokes. Perhaps, wishing she’d stroke their cocks one-hundred times, she could almost hear the men keeping count of her strokes.

After finishing brushing her hair, no more stalling, with her ready or not, this was it. This was really it. She was going to appear on live camera naked, completely naked, stark, fucking naked. Stripping herself naked, she was ready to remove her panties to show the men watching her naked body. In addition to showing them her naked tits, she was ready to show them her naked ass and her naked pussy, too.

She stood and turned to face the camera. Then, as if she was a runway model on a catwalk, she slowly, sexually, and seductively walked closer to the camera. She was ready to give those men watching her a closeup shot of her naked breasts before giving them a view of her naked ass and naked pussy. She wanted to show them her naked body as much as they wanted to see her naked body.

She gave the men watching her, leering at öğrenci gaziantep escort her, and masturbating over her, a better look of her naked breasts and her big, erect nipples. Then, as if she was an artist’s model posing to be painted, she slowly and sexily turned one way before turning the other way. Unashamed and unembarrassed, showing men all that they wanted to see of her naked breasts, she wanted men to see her naked tits as much as men wanted to see her naked tits. She was as proud of her naked breasts as much as she was proud of the rest of her naked body.

Finally, as if there was a drumroll going off in her blonde, pretty head, she took a step back to get all of herself in view of the camera. Turning to face the camera head-on, she tucked her thumb in her waistband of her panties on one side and her index finger on the other side of the waistband of her panties. While seductively staring into the camera with a sexy smile and a naughty look, she slowly and sexily slid her panties down and off to reveal her blonde, trimmed, naked pussy and her shapely, naked ass.

‘SusanJillParker is naked,’ wrote one of her fans. ‘I can’t believe I’m seeing my favorite author without her clothes. I never thought you could be more beautiful, but you’re even more beautiful without your clothes, Susan.’

Something she thought she’d never do, but after being encouraged by her son and dared by her mother, she was doing now. As if she was alone in her room and as if no one could see her without her clothes, she stood in front of her full-length mirror and in front of her camera naked. Again, unashamed and unembarrassed, as unbelievable as it was true, a first time for everything, Susan was naked, totally naked on live cam.

# # #

Giving her viewers a total view of her naked ass and the back of her naked pussy, she turned away from the camera and bent at the waist to moon the camera. After mooning the camera and mooning her small army of devoted men, she turned back to face the camera. Then, as if catching her son sniffing her soiled panties while masturbating himself, she removed her panties and with a quick kick of her foot. She kicked her panties at the camera lens. As if she was doing an interactive video, her panties zoomed in front of the camera as if in three D.

‘You not only have incredible breasts but you have an incredible ass, too. I don’t know if I like your naked ass more than your naked breasts,’ wrote one fan.

As if she had learned how to strip herself naked from watching her stripper mother strip herself naked, she was naked without needing to dance around a pole to music. All she had to do was to stand there. All she had to do was to walk around her bedroom getting ready to get dressed as if she was alone.

Instead of receiving one-dollar tips thrown at her feet, after giving them a private peep show, she was paid more to go private with the men. Unbelievably, after reading her profile and seeing her sexy photos, no doubt, something that readers imagined while reading her stories and masturbating themselves, Susan Jill Parker was naked. No longer able to cast judgement on her mother for being a stripper, a whore, and a prostitute, like mother like daughter, she was a stripper, a whore, and a prostitute now, too.

Unaccustomed to seeing so much of his mother’s beautiful, naked body, Joe was seeing his MILF of a mother naked and on camera for the first time. Never believing that she would strip herself naked and, possibly, even masturbate herself on camera, he was stunned. Unable to look away, as if staring at a car crash, he continued staring at his naked mother. He’ll be masturbating over his naked, MILF of a mother for the rest of his horny life.

Unbelievably with her in the next room, as if she was his personal, porn star giving him a private, naked, cam show, he stared at the camera and at his naked mother while stroking himself faster to a harder erection. As if he wasn’t there and couldn’t see his mother naked, she continued deliberately playing to the camera while Joe continued masturbating himself faster and harder. Determined to cum for his mother, in the way that he saw his mother naked, tempted to walk in her room naked, he wanted her to see him naked and masturbating himself, too.

Now that he’s seen her naked and soon to watch her masturbating herself, taking the next, incestuous step, he hoped she’d invite him to sleep with her in her bed tonight and every night thereafter. He’d love to hold her, spoon her, and cuddle her while touching and feeling her everywhere through her sexy nightgown. French kissing her while touching her, feeling her, fondling her in places that a son should never touch, feel, and fondle his mother, he’d love to make out with his mother.

Then, as soon as she fell asleep, he’d stealthily lift the back of her nightgown, rub her clit until she was wet, and slide his erect cock inside of her. He’d fuck her from behind. Joe had no reservations about wanting to fuck his mother. He’d even climb out of bed to stick gaziantep öğrenci escort his big prick in her mouth while she was sleeping. Giving him a sleeping blowjob, he’d love to cum in his mother’s mouth and all over her beautiful face while she was sleeping.

‘Joe? What’s all this sticking stuff,’ he imagined his mother asking? ‘Did you cum on my face while I was sleeping? Did you allow mommy to give you a sleeping blowjob?’

Instead of answering her, he imagined telling his mother what more he sexually wanted.

‘Blow me, mother,’ he thought while staring at his naked mother. ‘Suck my cock while stroking my prick. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth,’ he imagined softly whispering in the ear of his sleeping mother. ‘I need to fondle your naked breasts while you stroke me faster, stroke me harder, and suck me deeper. Then, after you blow me, I want you to fuck me.’

# # #

Again, unashamed and unembarrassed, Susan showed her son and everyone else watching her live, naked video her shapely, naked ass, her big, naked breasts, and her blonde, trimmed, naked pussy. While continuing to stare into the camera, as if deliberately sexually teasing those who were watching her naked cam, video show, she cupped her naturally blonde pussy in her left hand while fingering her erect nipples with her right hand. No doubt, the horny men stroking their cocks while watching her sexually teasing them wished they could cup her naked, blonde, trimmed pussy and finger her erect nipples.

Then, inserting a stiff index finger inside of her pussy, she parted her pussy lips to show the camera her glistening wet, pink cunt. Deliberately teasing her audience of admiring men, while continuing to seductively stare into the camera, she slowly rubbed her swollen clit while finger fucking her pussy. Masturbating herself on camera as if they were masturbating her, she rubbed her clit faster and harder while finger fucking herself deeper. After taking direction from her mother on how to seductively strip herself naked while sexually teasing men, she moved her finger to her lips to suck her vaginal juices.

As a woman of words instead of pictures, and certainly not videos, no longer hiding behind her stories, she now seemed eager for men to see all that they wanted to see of her shapely, naked body. While soon to be to masturbating herself on camera, she seemed eager to show men all that they had imagined seeing while imagining seeing her without her clothes. With her clearly getting off on exposing herself to all who were watching, including her son and her mother, she was as sexually aroused as much as men were sexually excited.

After stripping herself naked and masturbating herself on camera, she couldn’t wait to read some the comments that men wrote after seeing her naked ass, her naked tits, and her naked pussy. She couldn’t wait to respond to some of their sexual comments to watching her masturbate herself. She couldn’t wait to go private with some of these men in hopes of receiving larger tips. A bonus of going private, she’d love to solicit them to write their custom, erotic stories.

# # #

After watching her daughter stripping herself naked from the next room, Natalie watched Susan sexually tease men. Natalie’s turn to strip herself naked while sexually teasing the men watching, she couldn’t wait to slowly undress and seductively strip herself naked. In the way that her daughter would soon do, she couldn’t wait to masturbate herself on camera. She couldn’t wait to see if more men would ask her to give them a private show. She couldn’t wait to see how much more money she’d earn than Susan.

Unaccustomed to remaining in the background, as if on stage stripping again, preferring a floodlight illuminating her naked body, Natalie, Susan’s whore and nasty prostitute of a mother, watched her daughter from behind the camera putting on a naked show. As if in competition with her daughter, she patiently waited in the wings to give her first neighborhood, naked cam show. Pouring over the comments and reviews as if she was reading Variety, she hoped to have more favorable comments than her daughter.

Going first and aiming the camera at her naked pussy, as if she was a concubine in an Arab’s harem, Susan set her son’s camera to get a clear, closeup video of her laying on her bed with her legs spread wide open. Showing a lot of wet, glistening pink, normally masturbating herself in private, she was first to start her public, masturbation show of exhibitionism. Wanting to see more and wanting her to do more, she immediately had three men who requested that she go private and masturbate herself with them masturbating themselves.

While she showed them her wet, naked pussy, they wanted to show her their erect, naked pricks. Again, as if she was home alone in her room, she walked to her lingerie drawer naked to find a fresh pair of panties and a clean bra. Taking her sweet time going through her lingerie drawer to decide on which lingerie to wear, she removed her panties and bras gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan from her lingerie drawer and held them up to the camera.

As if she had a panty and bra fetish, she had every style and every color of panties and bras. Sexually teasing them, she held up each bra and each panty of different styles and different colors for her fan’s inspection of her sexy lingerie. Allowing her audience of horny men to choose which bra and which panty she should wear, she read the comments that they wrote in reaction to her holding up her lingerie to the camera. An exhibitionist like her mother, never had she had as much fun being naked without having sex.

‘I like the blue bra with the blue panties,’ wrote one. ‘They match your big, beautiful, bright, blue eyes.’

She continued holding up different colors and styles of panties.

‘What about red? I like red,’ wrote another one of her fans. ‘Do you have a red bra with matching red panties?’

Another secret admirer wrote his comment.

‘I prefer the black bra and the black, crotchless panties,’ wrote another.

With her seemingly having an endless collection of underwear, she continued holding up different styles and colors of bras and panties.

‘The white panties and white bra allow me to see your patch of blonde pubic and your big, naked nipples,’ wrote another.

Finally, the last man wrote what most of the men wrote.

‘Forget putting on panties and a bra. Go commando. I’d love to see your naked tits and pussy when you’re outside in public,’ he wrote. ‘I’d love to see you wearing a very short skirt while climbing a flight of stairs.’

With him not the only one, not surprisingly, most of her comments read that she should forget about putting on her bra and panties and remain naked. Her audience of men wrote that she shouldn’t wear a bra beneath her sheer, low-cut, and unbuttoned shirt. They wrote that she shouldn’t wear panties beneath her short skirt. Instead, they wrote, flashing her naked ass and her naked pussy, she should wear that outfit outside on a windy day. No doubt, they’d love to watch the wind lift her skirt to expose her naked ass and her naked pussy, and the wind to push her blouse aside to expose her naked breasts.

# # #

Finally, not nearly done sexually teasing her audience of horny men, she had just started to drive men mad with sexual lust when she stopped to retrieve her masturbation toys from her bureau drawer. Knowing full well what she had in mind when reaching in her drawer to retrieve her masturbation toys, as if they were collectively holding their breath, they stopped commenting to see what Susan would do next. Then, sexually teasing them again, this time with the prospect of masturbating herself on camera, she removed her pink, rabbit vibrator and her big, black dildo from under her collection of sexy nightgowns.

Toying with her viewers, she took her dildo in her mouth to kiss it, lick it, and suck it as if she was blowing a hung, black man. Continuing to sexually play to the camera, she showed her audience of horny men what they all had hoped to see and watch of her touching herself and feeling herself while masturbating herself. She showed them what they imagined she’d look like naked and masturbating herself and while sucking their cocks.

After putting on quite the naked, cam show, with them promising her a big tip, even more men asked her to go private. Surprisingly, more men asked her to go private than they asked her mother to go private. Yet, even though Natalie was still beautiful and sexy, she was well past her prime. With her wearing much more makeup than her daughter, she looked like an old whore, a madam in charge of a whorehouse.

Susan moved the camera for a closeup view between her legs. Then, again, as if she was alone in her bedroom, making herself comfortable on her bed with her legs spread wide open, she fingered her naked pussy. As if she was Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag, playing to the camera as if she was a professional porn star, after rubbing her clit and finger fucking her pussy, she sucked her wet fingers dry. Then, she rubbed her clit again while finger fucking her pussy again. With her masturbating herself on camera a big hit, she continued masturbating herself live and on camera.

Not stopping there, just getting started, as if she was Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City masturbating her beautiful pussy, she fondled her naked breasts and pulled, turned, and twisted her erect nipples. As if she was Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Secretary being fucked by her boss from behind, getting off on playing with her nipples, again, she pulled, turned, and twisted her nipples. Then, as if she was a very pregnant and sexually frustrated Amy Adams in June Bug masturbating over her husband, she lifted her naked breasts to her mouth, first one and then the other, and sucked her nipples.

‘Oh, Susan, I wish I could fondle your big breasts and finger and suck your erect nipples,’ wrote a fan.

She used her vibrator on her swollen clit before inserting her dildo deep in her wet pussy. Slowly sliding it in and slowly sliding it out, before sliding her huge dildo in and out of her pussy faster and harder, again, she fucked herself as if she was being fucked by a big, black man with a huge cock. After titillating her clit with her vibrator, alternating between her two masturbation toys, the vibrator and the dildo, she continued fucking her soaking wet pussy with her big, black dildo.

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