My Sister’s Deception Ch. 02

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I woke up the next morning with a sliver of sunlight streaming into the bedroom, cutting sharply into the fog hanging over me.

I took a deep breath.

Jen’s arm was around me, her face resting against the back of my shoulder and her tits pressing against me. I was in bed with my little sister, we were both naked, and she was spooning me. It wasn’t a flood of realization, but I quickly remembered what had happened just a few hours earlier.

I slowly moved Jen’s arm and crawled out of bed, pulling the sheet up over her shoulder. With any luck, she’d sleep a little while yet. I pulled on a pair of shorts. If I’d known for a fact that Meghan was still asleep, I’d have ventured walking out of my bedroom without getting dressed to take a shower.

That was when I noticed it. The bedroom door was cracked open nearly half a foot. I remembered Jen closing it. Had she gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom?

I walked out of my bedroom. Meghan was still asleep. I went to take a shower.

I did nothing but stand under the hot water for several minutes, letting my mind clear. I remembered everything that had happened, or thought I did anyway. Drinks, lots of drinks, laughing, kissing, kissing Meghan briefly and Jen intensely, dancing, with both of them, the two of them fondling each other? Meghan coming on to my sister? Telling me to love Jen, that she needed it? Jen laying there, naked, masturbating, stroking my cock, my cock sliding into her pussy, the two of us cumming together.

I leaned against the shower wall, mouth open, gasping for air as water streamed down my face.

I’d fucked my little sister. And we’d both wanted it; we’d both enjoyed it.

I turned off the shower and reached for a towel. How did this fit in with the ‘boyfriend’ scenario she was playing out?

I pulled on a pair of shorts and headed for the kitchen.

As I passed the couch, I noticed Meghan’s pajama bottoms lying on the floor next to her. Unless she’d changed the way she slept, beneath the sheets, she was naked from the waist down.

I turned the volume all the way down on my laptop, and booted it. I could sit and surf while waiting for the two of them to wake up.

I didn’t have long to wait. I heard Meghan stirring almost as soon as I cracked my computer open. She looked up at me at just the moment I leaned back into the living room. Startled, she scrambled to cover herself. I started some coffee as I heard Meghan head to the bathroom and start the shower.

The coffee was about done when Meghan walked into the kitchen, dressed in a short robe, her hair wet, a comb held in an angry hand.

“What the hell were you doing last night?” she asked. Her voice was venom, a hiss as she plowed her wet tresses.

“Good morning to you, too,” I said. “What, specifically, are you referring to?”

“I don’t know,” she said, raking the comb through her hair. “Maybe the part where you were fucking your sister?! You know, when you were practically shoving your dick into her ass!?”

The silence was loud.

I watched the rise and fall of Meghan’s chest as she huffed and puffed and thought of the next string of accusing words she wanted to blow at me.

“What were you thinking?” she asked.

“What were you doing spying on us?” I asked.

I’d connected the dots on my end. Now I knew why the door to my bedroom was open when I woke up.

“I heard something and wanted to make sure everything was alright,” she said, suddenly defensive.

“I guess it was too much to expect you to knock.”

We glared at each other.

“And what was with that business in there in the living room when we were dancing?” I asked. “Kissing her neck and shoulder, feeling her up, starting to undress her, telling me what she likes? And then this… Are you jealous, wishing it was you with her last night instead of me?”

“N-no,” she said, softening a bit. “More wishing it was you with me last night instead of her.”

Didn’t see that coming.

Meghan sighed heavily as she leaned against the kitchen counter.

“We were all really buzzed last night,” she said. “And horny. Dammit.”

The bathroom door slammed shut. Jenifer was awake.

“If you wanted to fuck someone that badly,” she said, “all you had to do was ask.”

I caught my breath.

“You’re engaged,” I said.

“Engaged,” she said, “not married. And it wouldn’t have been the first time you and I slept together. But, at least, then, the two of you wouldn’t have to deal with all of this… this morning.”

“So… what? A sympathy fuck? Is that it?”

“No,” she said. “We stopped dating for a lot of reasons, but bad sex wasn’t one of them. It would have been good to be in bed together again.”

“Why don’t you let Jen and me worry about this?” More a suggestion than a question. “She and I were the ones in bed together.”

“Because she’s your sister,” Meghan said, “but she’s my best friend. And we’re both supposed to do what we can to protect her from things like this. What are you going to do tonight? Sleep etiler ucuz escort with her again?”

Jen walked into the kitchen quietly, stealthy, almost like a cat. She was wearing my shirt from the night before, her body hidden from view by only two buttons. She plowed her fingers through her hair, wild from sleeping, raising the hem of my shirt as she did, flashing me her pussy and Meghan her ass as she leaned into me and hugged me.

“‘Morning,” she said, leaning up and kissing me. “I need coffee.”

She spun around to lean against the counter as I poured her a cup. She and Meghan eyed each other, silence between them speaking volumes as it filled the air.

“I’m going to go take a shower,” she said, taking the cup of coffee from me and kissing me on the cheek.

As she left the kitchen, Jen grabbed Meghan’s hand, urging her to follow. The two women left me alone in the kitchen.

A moment later, the bathroom door closed. I heard Jen turn on the shower, and that noise was drowned out a couple of minutes later by Meghan’s blow dryer.

I looked up a few minutes later when Meghan walked back into the kitchen, buttoning her blouse.

“I’m supposed to apologize,” she said, touching me lightly on the shoulder. “Jen loves you. I love you and I love her. I just hope the two of you know what you’re doing.”

“She’s a big girl,” I said. “Capable of making her own decisions. And besides, last night, didn’t you say we would be sharing a hotel room when you get married?”

“You don’t get it,” Meghan said. “I’m part of this. I’m responsible.”

“We’re trusting you to keep this between the three of us,” I said.

“Oh, I’m not going to tell anyone,” she said. “It’s your secret. It’ll stay your secret. I promise. I’m not sure who I’d tell, anyway.”

The blow dryer kicked in again. Jen drying her hair.

“So what now?” I asked.

“We’re supposed to go shopping,” Meghan said. “I’m going to go on to the mall and check on a few things. You and Jen are going to meet me for lunch, and we’ll see what happens from there.”

“That sounds very open ended,” I said.

“We have dresses to buy, shoes to match,” she said. “It’s a boyfriend’s duty to help out with those things.”

Meghan waved as she walked out the front door. I sighed.

The dryer shut off a couple of minutes later, and the bathroom door opened.

“Is Meghan still here?” Jen asked, pulling her towel tight around her chest.

“No,” I said. “She left a few minutes ago. Why?”

“If she’s not here,” Jen said, “then I don’t have to worry about her getting upset about me being undressed.”

“You’ve got that towel wrapped around you,” I said as she walked out of the bathroom.

“I know,” she said. “But towels have a way of not staying tucked in place. That’s why I always dry my hair wearing a robe or nothing. And I don’t have a robe.”

“Didn’t bring one or don’t have one?” I asked. “Because I thought I got you a nice one for Christmas.”

“You did,” she said. “And I brought one. I’m just not going to put one on.”

Jen leaned against the doorway of the bathroom as I walked over to her.

“So why are we not going with Meghan now?” I asked/.

“Because I wanted to spend some time alone with you,” she said, sliding her hand into mine. “Is that okay?”

I leaned against the wall at the edge of the doorway as our fingers laced together.

“Yeah,” I said, “that’s okay.”

Jen held onto my hand and led me to the bedroom. She bent over and grabbed the bedcovers with both hands and pulled them back enough to crawl onto the mattress.

“I want to snuggle,” she said, turning to me. “But you need to get rid of this.”

Her fingers tugged and pulled at my t-shirt, and I helped her pull it off. As it came over my head, I saw that Jen’s towel had started slipping, threatening to expose her breasts.

“See what I said about towels?”

I caught her hands in mine and pulled them to me.

“You’re not really worried about your towel falling off,” I said.

Jen looked up at me her eyes questioning, vulnerable.

“No,” she said. “I’m not. Not with you.”

She took a step closer to me and melted into my arms as I hugged her. I pressed her head against my shoulder and ran a hand down her back to where the towel covered her.

She pulled away from me and crawled onto the bed, looking back to see if I was following her. I crawled onto the bed, moved ahead of her, and opened my arms for her.

“How do you feel this morning?” I asked as she fell against me.

“Is that rhetorical or am I supposed to answer that?” she asked.

Jen’s arms slid around me as she pulled herself against me, pushing her knee in between my legs and tucking her head back into my shoulder.

“Jen…,” I said.

She put a hand to my lips.

“I heard you and Meg arguing,” she said, sighing.

“She thinks I took advantage of you last night,” I said.

“I had a fair bit to drink last night,” she said. “But we all did. It’s not like etiler üniversiteli escort you threw me down on the bed and pounced on me. You didn’t even undress me. Well… okay. You helped me get undressed.”

“I pulled your panties off.”

“I asked you to.”

Her hands flattened against me as she ran them up my chest and put her arms around my neck.

“Last night, I spent the evening with my best friend and my boyfriend in his apartment,” she said. “My boyfriend took me to bed, fucked me and made me cum.”

“That was us, Jen,” I said. “We slept together. We had sex.”

“I know,” she said. “It wasn’t…”

She took a deep breath, held and then exhaled.

“I don’t think it’s what I planned to happen. But it happened. And then we fell asleep together.”

“We crossed a line last night,” I said. “You might even say we crossed ‘the’ line.”

Jenifer leaned up and kissed me, then slid her arms around me, hugging me.

“I’m not worried about the line,” she said. “We crossed it, and maybe I should, but I don’t regret it. I spent the evening with the two people I love the most, made out with both of them, slept with my brother, and I should be really upset.

“But I’m not,” she said, looking up at me.

“You’re not?” I asked.

She shook her head and kissed my chest.

“I never dreamed I’d have a night like last night,” she said. “That we’d have a night like last night.”

“I know,” I said.

We sat there in silence.

“Do you know why I never ran around the house in my underwear?” she asked. “Tempted though I was?”

“I have no idea,” I said.

“Part of it was because I didn’t think I was pretty,” she said. “The rest of it was because I was afraid of the outcome if we ever got into a situation even close to what we had last night. And mom and dad didn’t need anything like this to get upset about.”

“You were worried about us having sex?” I asked.

“Not worried about us having sex, so much,” she said, “as the fall-out from mom and dad catching us if anything happened between us.

“Remember when you were in school, and you punched out that guy who was telling everyone he was going to fuck me?”

I nodded.

“You never mentioned it,” she said, “mom never talked about it, and neither did daddy. But word about it filtered down to the middle school, and when I got to high school, I wasn’t Jenifer; I was the girl whose big brother stood up for her. I was almost a celebrity. What you had done for me, along with the fact that you were a nice guy, really worked in your favor.”

“What makes you say that?” I asked.

“Because there were four or five girls that would have dropped their panties for you in a heart beat,” she said.


“And I was one of them,” she said, nodding.

Jenifer pushed herself up and forward against the bed, her towel pulling loose, exposing her breasts as she kissed me. The loose fabric pooled down around her waist, its coverage now merely symbolic. All but naked, she leaned in to me again.

“I still am,” she said, putting her arms around my neck and hugging me.

“Then, when I got to college,” she said, “you were there again. You were like a comfort zone.”

“You dated Erik most of my junior and senior years,” I said.

“True,” she said. “But, there were still nights where I went home thinking about you.

“You’re my brother,” she said. “You’re always there for me, no matter what I need. You were there when he broke my heart, when I got divorced… why would I not love you?”

“Looking out for you is what I’m supposed to do,” I said. “And we’re supposed to love each other. What we did last night…”

“Was a manifestation of the love and affection we have for each other,” she said. “You can’t convince me otherwise.”

We lay there in silence for a moment.

“I remember a few days after you graduated high school, you were laying out by the pool with your top off,” I said. “We were arguing about something, and you stood up to go inside… never grabbed your top. But you never came back out again, either.”

“You remember that?” she asked, her face turning red.

“Oh, yeah. That was kind of hard to forget.”

“I took about four steps,” she said, “and realized I’d just flashed you my tits. It was all I could do not to scream and run for the door. I got inside the house and ran straight to my room and slammed the door shut. I sat there on my bed almost hyperventilating, but the more I thought about it, the more excited it made me.”


“Yeah,” Jen said. “I went to my window, cracked the blinds and you were still laying there on your back. I convinced myself that your cock was hard and you were thinking about me, I took off my bikini bottom and got myself off thinking about you looking at me.”

“I wish you’d said something,” I said.

“Why? Would you have wanted to see my tits again?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Maybe. I remember thinking you were hot.”

“Right. Me, hot?” fatih escort Jen laid her head down against mine as she looked at me.

“Heck, yeah. Sweet little tits, tight little ass in that bikini bottom. I would have…”

“Did you get hard thinking about me?”

“Yeah, I got hard thinking about you. I got off more than once thinking about you standing there topless, imagining you skimming your bikini bottom down off your hips.”

Jen shifted again. Her towel, which covered her anyway, opened even further, and I could see the shadow of her sex beneath the cloth gathered at her waist. Her pussy was devoid of hair save for a small strip right above it.

“Mmmm. I wish I could have seen you,” she said.

Jen darted her head gently forward and kissed me on the cheek.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” I said.

“I heard Meghan say something about you and her having sex.” A long moment of silence. “I know the two of you slept together when you were dating. Did she want you to sleep with her last night?”

“She said she’d have preferred me sleep with her instead of you,” I said.

Jen nodded.

“What about you?” she asked. “Do you wish you’d slept with her instead of me?”

Again, her eyes were questioning, vulnerable.

“No,” I said. “There’s no where I’d rather have been last night than in bed with you.”

It was the right answer. Jen smiled and snuggled against me.

“My turn for a question,” I said.


“What was going on last night between the two of you?” I asked. “You and I are dancing, she comes up behind you and…”

“And she starts making out with me, right?” Jen leaned up on an elbow.

“Right. Undressing you, groping you. And then you start doing the same things with her when she and I were dancing.”

Jen tossed her head back, taking a deep breath.

“Back when we were freshmen in college,” Jen said, “we’re cuddled up on her bed watching TV one night; you could even say we were snuggling. We were both exhausted from a long week of exams. We were warm, comfortable.

“It all started so sweet and innocent,” she said. “She kissed me on the cheek, I kissed her back on the cheek. I think we were both half asleep when we kissed on the lips. That woke us up and freaked us out. We didn’t think about it a lot, I mean, we were more than just roomies, we were best friends. And, then, I think it was about a month after you and her broke up, and I’d just had a big fight with Erik. I got back to the room late that night, just as she was headed to the shower. She got back from the shower and I was laying on my bed in my underwear, all tangled up hugging Freddie, still crying.”

Freddie was a huge teddy bear I’d given her when she was a little kid. Linus had his security blanket, Jen had Freddie.

“Meg pulled Freddie away from me, sat down on the bed and hugged me,” she said. “She had her towel wrapped around her, and it came loose, falling off of her breasts. When she pulled me to her, my head came to rest high on her chest, and it just seemed so natural to put my arms around her. I don’t remember now who did it, but one of us unhooked my bra, I pulled it off and we lay there, snuggled together on my bed for more than an hour. The first time we shifted position, it just seemed to happen all at once. My hand pinned her towel to the bed and suddenly she was naked, and just as suddenly, I kissed her breast.

“There was an awkward moment of silence as we looked at each other,” Jen said, “and I did it again. One thing led to another, and before we turned out the lights that night, I’d taken off my panties and crawled into bed with her.

“All the time we were roommates,” she said, “it was that something special between us. Erik sucked at oral sex, and Dale couldn’t be bothered with it. Meg is the only person who ever really put any kind of effort into pleasuring me. We… weren’t together a lot, but every now and then we’d indulge overselves.

“And since we’ve lived so close together,” Jen said, “there have been occasions where I’m just really keyed up and Denny leaves her alone for a bit, and we…”

Jen looked at me and blushed.

“I can’t believe I’m telling you all this,” she said.

“It explains last night,” I said.

“Mmmm, last night.” Jen sighed and smiled. “I think, in the back of my mind, I had to have fantasized about that happening. It’s like I was in a dream.”

Jen sat up and looked at me. My sister sat next to me, naked except for the cloth draped loosely about her thighs.

“Did you ask her what I like to do, or did she just start telling you?”

“She didn’t so much tell me what it is that you like to do,” I said, “as tell me some of the things that turn you on.”

“So she wanted you to get me wet, hot and bothered,” Jen said. “Like I am now.”

Jen ran her hand down into my lap, her fingers finding the bulge of my cock pressing up.

“You’re hard,” she said. “You got turned on by me telling you about me and Meg.”

I smiled.

“Are you forgetting that you’re naked right here beside me?” I asked.

Jen pulled on the drawstring holding my shorts closed and tugged on the waistband.

“Hips up,” she said. “I want to see your cock.”

She got my shorts down as far as my knees. I sat up and kicked them the rest of the way off.

“What was it Meghan told you last night?” Jen asked.

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