My Sister in Paris Ch. 03

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**Author’s Note: Thanks for all the advice, comments, suggestions, and votes.


I woke to soft giggles.

I had been up too late again. Claire, my French lover, was due for a photo-shoot in the Riviera, one which I could not attend. That chaffed, but she made it up with a night of wild sex. Dimly – but warmly – I remembered how the insides of her ass slid around my dick, squeezing but slick from oils I had rubbed all over her.

I heard a giggle again. I tried to open my eyes, but the sunlight coming through the balcony door was too bright. Way too bright. I pulled the sheet tighter over my shoulders and tried to burrow into the warm, soft flesh in front of me.

Slowly it dawned on me that Claire was gone already. If the sun was up, she had been gone for hours. Finally, I smelled Natalie, my younger sister. Her shampoo brought the scent of fruits and the outdoors. I loved that smell. Now, her damp hair lay only inches from my face.

Nat was curled in front of me, which meant I was spooning her. I had my arms around her, the bottom one beneath her neck, the top one under her upper arm, reaching past her top breast to softly clutch at the other. Had I thought her Claire in my sleep? Why hadn’t she slapped me away? If I was behind her, and the soft warmth of her body pressed against me, that meant the hot, damp flesh around my erection must have been her ass-cheeks after a shower. I felt a bit of give around my head.

I was jutting into my sister’s crack, my cock twitching right at her anus.

My erection throbbed, and Natalie giggled again.

So why was she letting this persist? She had squeezed my dick for Claire a few days ago, in the wildest sex I’d ever had up until last night. Claire had paid her back by rubbing my cock in Nat’s pussy and making me cum over her open sex. Most of the time, it seemed only a matter of time before Natalie and I were fucking, yet she had resisted, giving herself only to Claire.

What had changed? Had anything? Maybe it was all in my head.

Another twitch of my prick spilled slick pre-cum against her ass, and elicited yet another giggle. I snuggled closer to her back, determined to enjoy as much of this closeness as I could. Her dark hole, even without insertion, felt heavenly around my cock.

Natalie sat up. My dick slipped up through her butt-crack and onto her hip, smearing a trail of my slime. My sister looked back at me over her shoulder, grinning wickedly, then got up out of the bed.

“Where are you going?” I called after her as she left Claire’s bedroom.

Natalie stuck her head back through the door.

“To the bathroom, to relieve myself, so I don’t let you sodomize me.”

Mmmmm. I almost ejaculated right there, hearing her say that. I sighed. So close, so sinful.

I stroked myself absently for a few minutes, until she bounded back into the room and hopped onto the bed. She was clothed, and her hair was damp, which meant I had dozed off. I didn’t remember cumming, but my spend made a puddle on my hip and streamed down onto the sheet beside me.

“We need to go,” Nat said, staring at my limp prick as the pearly goo trailing from the head to the puddle. She had seen it before. Hell, Claire had jerked me right on to Nat’s vagina. When she looked at my withering erection, her face turned soft, still, unreadable, with her lips parted just so.

“Where? Why?”

“I have to meet someone. It’s for a job. Claire set it up, so let’s go.”

Well, if Claire set it up…

“I suppose,” I said. “Let me up, and I’ll go take a shower.”

“Good,” she said, “because your breath smells like Claire’s ass.”

“You ought to know,” I snapped back as she rose up onto her knees. Nat slid one finger through the semen on my hip, and lifted it to her mouth as she climbed off the bed again. I stared after her, watching the swish of her ass as she moved out of the room once more. I grabbed my newly hardened erection and followed her out and towards the bathroom.

Once cleaned up, I followed my sister down to a café, where we sat, sipping latte’s.

“You’re in love with Claire, aren’t you?” she asked me.

I shrugged. “I love being with her, if that’s what you mean. Why?”

She shrugged back. “You look really happy with her.”

I squinted at her. “So do you, since we’re on the subject.” I thought back to her dipping her finger in my cum and tasting it. It wasn’t something she had done with Claire. It was on her own. Mmmmmm.

Natalie blushed. “Does that bother you?”

I leaned in close to her. “You’ve seen first-hand exactly how much it bothers me.”

Her blush deepened.

“Why all these questions? Is something bugging you?”

Nat tipped her head towards me, put her nose against my neck, behind my ear. “It’s nothing, bro, except I wanna make sure we’re cool. Claire turns me on. You turning her on turns me on even more. Her turning you on even turns me on a little. I like our setup, but I don’t want you to feel forced into anything.”

I was about to tell her how truly awesome I thought our arrangement, escort bayan but a woman’s voice interrupted us. She said, “excuse me, please,” and when we looked up, we found ourselves meeting the eyes of a short, dark-skinned French girl. She might have been twenty-four, but she looked eighteen.

“Are you Natalie,” she asked my sister. Her brown eyes were huge. Her nose was a little wide. A little flat. African ancestry, and cute as hell. Her lips, likewise, were thick, dark, and luscious. Her skin was a creamy brown color. I can’t describe how exotic and beautiful she was. The girl wore a white blouse she had buttoned only once, right between her small but perky breasts, and a thin cotton skirt that went down lower in the back than the front. I found myself following the shallow groove from her sternum to her navel with my eyes. What would she smell like? What would she taste like?

“Yes,” Nat said, and got to her feet. I joined her. “I’m Natalie, and this is…” she paused, and I could hear, ‘my brother,’ on the tip of her tongue. Instead, she finished with, “Jon.”

The young woman smiled at me. “Jon. Like Jean, but not. I love that name.”

Her accent was a little heavier than Claire’s, but I found I enjoyed it all the same. Her eyes were warm, inviting, as if I could lean across the table and kiss her any time.

“I am Monique,” she continued, I think more for me than Natalie. “Claire said you’d be perfect, and I can see she was right. Are you ready to go?”

“I want Jon to come with us,” Nat said.

Monique eyed me up and down, then smiled wickedly at my sister. “Oh, most definitely.”

Claire’s friend Monique led us to a small, electric-green Citroen parked not far away. A man sat in the driver’s seat. He was older, with greasy hair and a matching black mustache. Monique tried to get Natalie to sit in the front, but she would not, so the three of us crowded in the back. Once we were underway, Nat leaned her head on my shoulder.

“You make a cute couple,” Monique told us. Neither of us said anything to correct her. How far would Natalie go with this game?

“Were are we going?” I asked, finally, when I could take the suspense no more.

“Claire has rented an estate for the day,” Monique told us. “We’ll take the pictures there.”


She laughed.

Natalie leaned close to me, put her lips against my ear. My cock twitched at the subtle but erotic contact.

“Monique and I are going to pose for pictures on this country estate. Claire was supposed to do it, but she had that trip south, so I’m filling in for her.”

“Filling in,” I said, slowly. “As in, as a model?”

She grinned. “Sort of.”

Monique leaned across Nat to put her hand on my leg. “These will be – how shall we say…erotic – pictures.”

I gaped.

“Close your mouth, dear,” Nat told me.

Monique grinned. “Ah, yes, your girl will be posing naked with me. What do you think of that?”

I glanced at Natalie. Six months ago, I’d have never thought I’d have seen as much of her as I have. Hell, I certainly never imagined the things we would be doing in Paris.

“So, is this for a magazine? Online?”

“Online magazine,” Monique said. “Claire poses for us every few months. If your girlfriend here is as pretty under those clothes as she looks, then we’ll be inviting her back as well. Can you imagine it, your very own porn-star girlfriend?”

I looked away, tried to hid a grin. If Nat wasn’t going to reveal our true relationship, neither was I. I did have to wonder if that was what she was thinking about me, though.

The driver took us out of the city. As the trees grew larger and more commonplace, so too did the larger mansions and houses of the Parisian elite. I stared at the opulence we passed, ignoring the way the girls laughed, until we reached a small, quiet place near a river. The driver took a side path and drove behind a mansion, where we found a seemingly endless orchard and a section of park-like woods. Three men worked with a stand of camera equipment not too far from the river.

We got out, and one of the men came over. The driver walked around to the front of the house.

Monique spoke quickly to the guy, who I later learned was named Thomas. To me, he looked like a club hopper or a small-time gangster. I wasn’t sure I liked him, but his smile was simple, quick, and his manner was efficient.

“You are filling in for Claire, yes?” he asked of Natalie. My sister gulped.


“Good, you have a better body for the shots we’re going to do today. Claire is all chic and elegance. When she’s not fucking. You, you look more apropos, yes?”

Natalie shrugged. He grinned. “The answer is ‘yes’, my dear. Please, I am Thomas, and you already know Monique. You are?”

“Jon,” I said.

“Ah, the boyfriend. Well, we have our own guy, but you can do the part if you want. We don’t care so much about the guy.”

Natalie swallowed hard. “Guy?”

Monique pointed over to the staging area, where I realized there was a sleek Italian motorcycle altıparmak escort bayan parked. “It’s a simple story. You are making out with your boyfriend on his bike, yes? I come along, sparks fly, and you left me fuck him. You don’t even have to get all intimate with the other guy if you don’t want to, though…”

She let it hang, but the look in her eyes as she peered down my sister’s body made it clear that she’d enjoy seeing Natalie get fucked.

I was so in.

Nat, though, slid up next to me. “She does my boyfriend, does she?” Her voice sounded dangerous, but her eyes were dripping lust. I knew that look. It was the same one from the train, when she had first touched my cock.

“Is that a problem?” Thomas asked quickly, nervous.

“Not at all,” Natalie said, suddenly sweet and in control. “I love watching Jon fuck. I especially love watching him with Claire.”

Monique’s eyes widened.

So did Thomas’.

“Claire, you say?”

Natalie grinned. “I needed a…favor…so I let her sample him. Don’t tell her I said so, but it was soooo hot.”

Thomas whistled, glanced my way. “You must be among the luckiest men in the world, my friend. Come, the day moves on.”

Things went surprisingly quickly after that. Between Monique and Thomas, they directed Natalie and I to sit on the motorcycle as if we had just parked. I felt a little camera shy, but I was so focused on Nat’s arms wrapped around my waist that it quickly passed. Thomas had a business-like but at the same time easy-going manner that I found relaxing. Natalie was nervous too, but he made light jokes that put us at ease.

Once they had the set-up with us on the bike as if we’d parked, Monique took charge.

“Put your hand on his package, dear,” she said to Nat. My sister’s hand snaked down to my jeans, where she brazenly cupped and lightly squeezed my manhood. I stiffened with both my cock and my spine. Natalie breathed against my neck.

“Good, stroke him a little, there, yes, we can see him getting hard through the denim. Perfect. Now, lean up, put your tits against his back. That shirt is lovely, but strain against it if you can.”

I don’t know what Nat was doing, but her hand never stopped on my dick. My sister was jacking me off on camera.

“All right, Jon,” Monique said. “When your girlfriend gets off the bike, you back up, and take your shirt off. I want her in front of you, so you can start making out.”

I wondered if Nat would balk at kissing me. It was a step further than we had gone, and yet it seemed so much less than her touching my dick. She let her fingers linker on my erection as she slid off the bike, and then helped me out of my shirt. She started kissing my chest, through my sparse hair, and my shoulders.

“Beautiful,” Monique said. “I so want to do that.”

Nat got back on the bike, this time across my thighs, facing me. She looked into my eyes, fully conscious of what we were doing, fully intent on seeing it through. Where was her cut-off? How much would she tolerate before she backed off? I pulled her to me, and hoped I’d find out it was father than I feared it would be.

Natalie melted to me. My sister tilted her head back. She was shorter than Claire, and kissing her, even with her on my thighs, meant I was kissing downward. She unbuttoned her shirt while we made out. Her lips never left mine. Her tongue dashed inside my mouth. Her breath filled my lungs, her short hair teased my face with every breeze. I held her with my hands on either side of her neck, kissing her as deeply as I could. I wanted her, and I think she wanted me.

“Jon,” Monique snapped, and I realized she’d been calling my name for a few moments. “That’s enough. Quickly, off the bike and drop your pants. Natalie, lose the bra.”

I complied. Natalie stiffened. It was a moment of truth. She reached behind her and undid her clasp while I shucked my pants and boxers. I was already fully erect. Making out with my sister was definitely on my list of things to repeat in the future. Immediately, if possible. Natalie, though, held her bra over her nipples, shy and glancing with nervous eyes towards the camera men.

I got back on the bike. My sympathy for Nat’s nervousness caused my cock to soften, so that my length lay stretched out over the seat. It was a weird feeling. I pulled my sister to me. She let the bra fall as I kissed her, and the cameras started clicking away again.

“That’s lovely, Jon,” Monique called, “but her breasts. Take her breasts.”

Before I could react, Natalie caught my hands and lifted them up to her chest where she put my palms over her nipples. She squeezed, so I squeezed too. Her flesh was soft, more full and round than Claire, and her nipples rasped against my hands. I licked her mouth while she sucked on my tongue, and my cock rose up between us.

“Okay, guys,” Monique laughed. I glanced over at her, and she had one hand in her skirt, fingering herself.

“Push her back over the fuel tank, Jon. She needs to lose those pants.”

Smiling nilüfer eskort at Natalie, and pushed her back. She arched her back against the cold metal, then grinned at me and lifted her feet. I unsnapped her pants, then reached under her ass and pulled her pants down over her cheeks. It was a beautiful sight, watching her anus slowly slide into view, followed by the tight lips of her pussy. She turned her head away from me, her eyes distant, yet evocative. She breathed through her mouth and slid her fingers along her bare cheeks, following the motion of her pants as they progressed upwards on her thighs. When her fingertips were even with her upturned pussy, she pulled the flesh of her thighs apart, giving me a direct view of her interior folds. Her labia remained bunched together, but I loved it.

“God, she’s so sexy,” Monique said. I had to agree. Her feet came down on my shoulders as I tossed her jeans to one side. Only then did I realize she had been wearing no panties. Mmmm. Kinky little sister.

At that point, my erection was touching one of her ass cheeks, teasingly close to her anus. I thought back to that morning, and suppressed a grin.

“Kiss more,” Monique told us. “It’s about time for me to arrive.”

Natalie spread her legs around me and sat up. I helped her navigate her spine over the hard fuel-tank, and she settled down over my thighs. My cock throbbed beneath her. Nestled along her pussy and the inner cheeks of her ass. I cupped her butt in my hands as she kissed me, wrapping her arms around me. I pulled her ass apart, and my cock, as if buoyant, rose into the opening around her anus.

Natalie moaned into my mouth. I released her ass, stroked her back, cupped one of her tits. She molded to me, her body soft and warm. Her lips fastened to mine, as she sucked the secrets out of my soul, and her ass clung to my dickhead possessively.

“Guys, put Jon’s cock up between you. We want to see it against Natalie’s belly.”

Monique had moved away from us, so the photographers could capture her hips swaying as she walked up. Natalie lifted herself away from my prick enough to pull it up. Her small fingers on my erection brought a gasp, and she smiled at me. She had leaked a small puddle on the top of my cock, and the moisture trickled down to my pubic hair. Thomas had moved closer, and seemed fascinated with it.

“Perfect,” he whispered as he took more pictures.

I started kissing Natalie again as she settled against me. At first, my erection throbbed against her belly, well below her navel, but as we made out, her grinding brought her closer and closer, until her pussy was pinning my erection to my lower abdomen.

“Good God,” Thomas muttered.

Natalie ground against my erection, and when I glanced down, I could see that her humping had seated the bow of my cock into her folds, so that her outer labia spread around the underside of my prick while she moved. Hell, if I just turned my hips a little, I would thrust right into her. Was she as tight as Claire? Did she still have her hymen? She liked girls, so maybe it was still there. If I took her, would I break it? Did I want to break it? Did I want my little sister’s cherry, or the pain it would bring?

Fuck. My little sister was humping my dick. Just a slight change, and we’d be fucking, right there on the bike, in front of four strangers. Her pussy was so slick, I was having trouble restraining myself. She glided up until her clit exploded over the top of my cock, then dropped back down, stretching her little button against my glans until it disappeared once more. A pulse of precum oozed out of me, and merged with her fluids as she came back up.

“Hey, Monique,” Thomas called, “We better hurry or this guy’s going to blow.”

Natalie burst into laughter. I know I blushed, but I laughed too.

Monique walked up to us once we sobered. Natalie was leaning back over the gas tank again. My cock stood straight up, throbbing and gleaming from my sister’s pussy juice. Nat bit her lip when she looked at my prick and the wet coating me. Monique leaned against Natalie’s shoulder. The two looked at each other, stared into each other’s eyes. I watched, my cock throbbing at the sudden change in sexual tension. I could watch Natalie fuck Claire for hours. Actually, I had just watched like that a couple of times. In that regard, this was little different. When their lips met, I had to look away a second to get control of my body.

Their first kiss was slow. Nat was hesitant. Monique was patient. I groaned when their lips parted but their tongues did not. Monique, her dark, cocoa skin all the more beautiful next to my sister’s creamy paleness, cupped Nat’s cheek in one hand and stroked her shoulder with the other. As her lips moved down to my sister’s chin, her roaming hand trailed down Nat’s arm, slipped inward to Nat’s hip, and back up, to the side of her small, lovely breasts.

“Play with your boyfriend’s cock,” Monique panted, her voice dripping French honey.

Nat’s hand snaked out, her fingers almost lethargic as she wrapped them around my rigid length. I took a careful breath, eager both for her touch and to prolong this intense sensation. Her thumb met her middle finger, forming a delightful ring that she used to lightly rub along the far end of my prick. Each time that little ‘o’ swept over my glans, my cock throbbed and I moaned.

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