My Sister and I

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Most often, incestual relations are disastrous, mostly due to worldwide social taboos. Another cause of incestual trauma has to do with non-consensual or forced sex.

I am happy to say that neither of these stigmas were a part of my incestual experience with my half sister.

In 1960, I was 18 years old and still a virgin; I was reintroduced to my half-sister. She was twenty-six and beautiful! She looked like a film star.

I was immediately mesmerized by her beauty, intellect and worldly quality. She seemed to know many famous people and had a very glamorous life style; jazz clubs, coffee houses, after hours joints.

The last time I had seen my half-sister, I was four or five. She had become estranged from the rest of the family due to a scandal which had occurred back in the 1940’s. She had accused our father of incest and it triggered a lot of newspaper stories.

Our father was a psychiatrist and an infamous womanizer. We lived in a mansion in Hollywood, which was well known for its wild parties. Most of the children in our neighborhood were forbidden to play with my brothers and me, due to our father’s reputation.

MY father hired the best attorney money could buy and beat the rap, branding my poor sister as a liar and little girl, obsessed with her father. A label that would stick with her for most of her life.

I guess things had calmed down a bit between my father and sister, because in the late 1950’s, he was visiting escort bayan bursa on one of his rare trips from the orient, he took the entire family, my mother, two brothers and half-sister to see “West Side Story”. The play was at the Shrine Auditorium and he had arranged box seats.

As we watched the play, it was all I could do to keep my head looking straight forward and off my sister, sitting behind me. When I did occasionally look back, I could see her blue eyes, staring straight at me and a sexy smile on her face.

After the play, we all went out to dinner. My sister suggested that I stay at her place in Hollywood, seeing as I lived in the Valley and was coming in the next day to visit my girlfriend in East Hollywood. I thought that was a wonderful idea and we were both dropped of at her place after dinner.

We spent the whole night talking about everything you could imagine. I did not go to my girlfriends the next day and moved in with my sister the following week, much to my mother’s dismay.

She introduced me to the worlds of wine, folk music, night clubs and coffee houses. She also introduced me to folk and blues singers, writers and some of the famous rebels of that time.

One day she took me to a place that women went to, called the House of Beauty and Massage. I remember sitting in a massage chair, watching all these beautiful women in various states of undress, parading before me.

Occasionally one of the bursa sinirsiz eskort women would come over to me, stroke my hair or cheek and say, “Oh, isn’t he cute, I could just eat him up!” I was in heaven.

My sister and I continued to spend every waking moment together. She was in the process of moving to East Hollywood and one night when everything was packed in boxes, due the fact that the moving van was coming the next morning.

My usual place to sleep, the hide-a-bed couch was stacked high with boxes, so my sister suggested I sleep with her in her bed. I crawled in with just my jeans on and she said, “Oh come on now, you can take your pants off, after all, we are brother and sister.

I nervously took them off, careful to conceal my erection and laid next to her under the covers. My eyes were directly in line with her breasts and I could see them rise and fall, under her blue, see-through baby doll nightgown, as she breathed. Her nipples pressed against the thin material, causing my heart to beat faster.

I looked up to see if she had noticed me starring at her breasts and she was smiling at me. This was the moment! I took her in my arms and we held each other close in a long embrace. I could feel her tongue probing my mouth and I parted my lips and tasted it’s warm, soft wetness.

She pulled me on top of her and I quickly penetrated her and within two minutes, had my first orgasm inside escort bayan a woman. It was fantastic! We held each other close and my sister said, “That was pure need!”

Feeling that she might be referring to how quickly I had cum, I told her it was my first time. She was surprised. She told me from the way I talked about sex; she had figured I was not a virgin. She was delighted that she had been the first woman in my life.

We lay in bed playing with each other when suddenly she started kissing me lower and lower. I had an idea where she was going but still found it hard to believe that a woman would be willing to do such a thing for a man. It felt wonderful!

She then explained that it was my turn to reciprocate. I nervously complied. I enjoyed it! Especially by following her careful instructions was able to make her cum.

This evening was the first of many nights in my sister’s arms. How fortunate for me to have an older woman to teach me all the intricacies of sex between and man and a woman. She saved me years of fumbling around trying to figure out what to do.

Our sexual relationship lasted for several months. My other girlfriends and family became aware of the situation and were shocked and angry. I didn’t care. It was fantastic! The love between a brother and a sister is beautiful but when you add a sexual relationship to the mix, it is amazing.

I do not advocate incest. I believe, in this society, it can be quite damaging due to the social stigma and taboos it entails but I will never regret those months I spent with my sister.

A few months after our coupling, I went into the Navy. My half sister and I have never resumed our sexual relationship but remain close throughout our lives and stay in touch on a weekly basis.

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