My Sex-Packed Holiday Ch. 09

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For newcomers who might like to catch up on the previous chapters, a quick summary follows.

On holiday in Devon with my parents and my brother Matt, we make friends with Abi and her daughter Sally. So begins a series of increasingly exciting sexual adventures.

• Chapter One – I accidentally stumble across Matt fucking Sally. Abi catches me watching them, and she masturbates with me while we both watch.

• Chapter Two — That evening in our bedroom, I tell Matt that I saw him with Sally. We each masturbate, and he ejaculates on my naked body.

• Chapter Three — The next day, I meet Sally on the beach while skinny-dipping and sunbathing topless, and we have sex.

• Chapter Four — That night, Sally asks me to film her and Matt fucking. Afterwards, they film me masturbating.

• Chapter Five — The next day, I meet Abi again. She watches me pee in the bath, and then I fist her.

• Chapter Six — That evening, I meet Matt in a pub garden and we watch the video of him and Sally fucking. Turned on, I give him a blow-job, and he fingers me until I orgasm.

• Chapter Seven — The next day, I go with my parents to a cider farm. While they are out of the way, I have a quickie fuck with the farmer’s son.

• Chapter Eight — That afternoon, I meet Abi and pee in the bath again, this time directly onto her. Her husband, Chris, arrives, and he fucks me, including giving me my first taste of anal sex.

Now read on…

I woke early on Friday morning, and lay in bed idly strumming at my clitoris. I opened my legs just far enough to allow me to slip a couple of fingers inside my vagina, and was pleasantly surprised to find how sloppy I already was up there. It was the last full day of my holiday, and to be honest, it hadn’t been anything like I’d expected. I’d had a hell of a lot of sex, for a start, and not just of the normal “in, out and wipe yourself clean” kind, either. Peeing, fisting, anal: I’d had my eyes (and other places) well and truly opening during the last few days. And Matt hadn’t done too badly either. I wasn’t sure how many times he’d fucked Sally, but I was surprised he hadn’t worn out his cock completely. I could see him across the room, still sleeping. Or if he was awake and wanking, he was doing it very quietly.

I looked at my phone: nearly time to get up for breakfast. I got up and had a quick shower, and by the time I was finished Matt was awake as well, sitting on the bed scratching his balls.

“Can’t you leave them alone for once?” I asked, as I finished towelling myself dry, and he stuck out his tongue at me.

Anyway, after breakfast we went up to the village with our parents to get the usual boxes of fudge and biscuits for work colleagues and friends. We decided to go back to the hotel for lunch, where we bumped into Abi, Chris and Sally, and the adults all ended up in the bar having a drink.

Then they started talking about their kids. I know some parents would have been trying to get one up on each other, boasting about how brilliant their offspring were, but that wasn’t my mum and dad’s style at all. They just started telling a load of stories about how awful Matt and I were when we were younger, and all about the stupid things we used to do, like pushing each other into the garden pond and painting the cat pink. Then Abi and Chris started on about Sally, so before long the parents were in fits of laughter, while we kids just sat there feeling embarrassed.

“Honestly,” I said, after sitting through yet another tale about me dropping some keys down the toilet and flushing them round the S-bend, “I’m not going to sit here and listen to another embarrassing story. Come on, Sally, let’s go to the beach. This may be our last chance.”

“Can I come too?” asked Matt, obviously fed up as well.

“Sure,” I said. “Let’s all get our things and go over to Granta Beach. It’ll be lovely and warm by this time of day.”

Matt and I went up to our room and I undressed again, before putting on my skimpiest little bikini, with the cups that aren’t really cups at all, just triangles of material that cover my nipples. I could see Matt admiring it as he pulled his swim-shorts on, and I gave a little twirl and wriggled my bum at him, before putting on my little sun-dress over it.

We met up with Sally by the gate. She was dressed like me, in a sun-dress with bikini underneath, and very nice she looked too. We set off along the cliff path to Granta Beach (which regular readers will remember was where Sally and I had had some naughty fun, way back in Chapter Three). As we walked above it, we could see that it was deserted as usual. It’s not surprising, really, since you have to climb down over some pretty rough rocks to get to it. Most parents don’t take their kids there, which is all the better for those of us who like a bit of peace and quiet when we’re sunbathing, and doing other stuff.

Anyway, we arranged all our towels and bags on the sand and stripped down to our görükle escort swimming costumes.

“I fancy a quick dip first, before I put the rest of my sun-cream on,” announced Sally.

“Good idea,” said Matt, “I need to pee anyway.”

“You filthy beast,” said Sally, laughing. “Go and pee over there in the rocks if you need to go.”

I wondered if Sally had inherited her mum’s taste for water-sports. There was only one way to find out.

“If we’re going for a swim, let’s have some fun first,” I suggested. “Ok Matt, I dare you to pee all over Sally.”

Sally’s eyes were wide open and her jaw dropped.

“Oh my God, you cannot be serious,” she said. “That’s just so disgusting.” But she was laughing as she said it, so I had a feeling she wouldn’t need much more persuading.

“Oh go on,” I said, rubbing my hand over my pussy to show how turned on I was by the idea. “Haven’t you ever wanted to try it? It’s so hot, and you can go in the sea straight after to wash it off. How about it, Matt?”

“Fuck, yes,” he said. “Come on Sally, we’ve just got to give it a go.” I could see a massive tent in his swim-shorts, so he was obviously rock hard.

Sally blushed. “Shit, okay,” she said, “Since you two perverts are so keen. Let’s go over behind the rocks. I don’t want anyone to see.”

We paddled round so we were hidden from the shore, and found a tiny patch of sand that was almost underwater. Sally leant against the rocks.

“Come on then, if you’re going to do it,” she said. “Just don’t get it on my face, ok?”

Matt pulled his erect cock out of the top of his shorts and stood close to Sally, pointing it up towards her tits. He pulled the foreskin down, and I could see a look of concentration on his face.

“Here it comes,” he said, and a great arc of pale yellow piss began to stream out. At first it splashed off Sally’s tummy, but then it gathered force and he began to spray it over her bikini-clad tits. It was splashing off them all over the place, and soon great rivulets were running down her tummy and over her bikini bottoms. I leant over and with a giggle pulled her bikini top down, so the pee was splashing over her bare boobs.

Sally was swearing under her breath, but I could tell she was turned on as well. She pulled the front of her bikini pants out so she could see the pee running down into them and over her pussy, before cascading down her legs.

As Matt’s flow began to slow down, I leant over and hugged her to me, smelling the fresh, musky scent of pee all over her. I put my hand down her wet bikini pants and held her pussy.

“Can you pee too?” I asked. “I want to feel it. I’m going to do it too.”

“Oh fuck, okay,” she whimpered.

I felt her release a small trickle of warm liquid in my palm, which slowly gathered pace. I released my own, and felt the same warm gush start to fill my bikini pants before running down my legs. I took Sally’s hand and shoved it down my bikini, so she could feel my piss on her fingers. Her eyes were shut and she was gasping as I leant against her, our twin streams of pee running down our legs and soaking into the sand. I leant down and licked at her bare left breast, tasting the sharp taste of my brother’s urine. Her nipple was hard and aroused, and I took it in my mouth and sucked on it. I felt so dirty as my pee ran down my leg, and yet so aroused, just as I had when peeing with Sally’s mum.

Matt was rubbing his cock, although maybe he was more turned on by the hot lesbo action than by the fact that we were both peeing ourselves.

All too soon I felt Sally’s trickle coming to an end, and mine followed soon afterwards.

“Fuck, Annie, you really loved that, didn’t you?” said Sally with a little smile, and I nodded shamefully.

“Come on, into the sea,” I said quickly, before I had to admit what a pee-slut I’d become, and ran out into the surf. It was bloody cold at first, but once I’d got over the initial shock it was nice. Sally took off her bikini top completely, and rinsed it in the sea, before diving completely under the water to wash the pee off her body. Then she pulled her bikini top on again, which was a pity.

She and Matt were soon mucking about in the waves, trying to push each other over in the surf. He had found a length of seaweed, and was flicking her with it, until she managed to wrestle it off him and tried to stuff it down the front of his swim-shorts. She ended up pulling them right down, and then laughed at the sight of his penis, shrunken to a tiny ball by the cold water. She stuffed the seaweed on top of it, then pulled his shorts back up.

I couldn’t help laughing as he chased her up the beach, the seaweed dangling out of his shorts. They fell onto the towels together. Sally lay on her back, laughing, her breasts heaving, as Matt knelt over her. He put his hand on her flat stomach and stroked it, then leant over to kiss her as his hand slid down inside her bikini pants and began to eskort bayan rub at her pussy. I could see the bulge of his hand inside her bikini; from the way it was moving, it looked as if he had pushed at least one finger inside her vagina and was gently finger-fucking her.

She was writhing about on the towel, arching her pelvis against his hand. His other hand was on her breast, and he slowly pulled the cup down off her right tit. He began to roll her nipple between his fingers, and I could see how hard her other nipple was, rising up inside her bikini cup.

They almost seemed to have forgotten I was there. I knelt down on my towel, parted my legs, and began to rub at my pussy through my bikini bottoms. Massaging the soft bulge of my mound, I felt my clitoris start to swell inside its little fold of flesh. I remembered how shy Sally had been, showing her bare breasts to me that first time we had sex, down here on this very beach.

Leaving my rubbing for a moment, I leant down and put my hand on the small cup that only just covered Sally’s other breast, gently stroking round her hard nipple. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, and pulled the cup down so that both her large breasts were bare. Matt’s face was buried in the nape of her neck as his fingers burrowed into her bikini bottoms, and I lay down and pressed my face against her breast, sticking out my tongue and licking at it, tasting the saltiness from the seawater. I took her whole puffy nipple in my mouth, gripped it between my teeth and carefully tugged at it, stretching it and making her squeal out.

“No, don’t stop,” she gasped as I let it go, so I nibbled at it some more, taking the flesh of her breast in my mouth and biting quite hard.

“Shit, oh fuck, oh shit,” she was muttering between clenched teeth. She was obviously getting really turned on by my biting. I could see that my teeth were leaving little red welts across her otherwise smooth, creamy flesh, and my own breath was coming faster as I nipped and pinched at her breasts.

Sally had arched her leg up and Matt was rubbing his crotch against her fleshy thigh. His cock was hard again inside his shorts, and as I watched I saw the round purple tip peep out from the top of his shorts, before disappearing back inside.

I pulled on the lacy tie at the side of Sally’s bikini bottoms, releasing the bow. I lifted the triangle of material away from her mound, so that I could see Matt’s fingers buried inside her vagina. They were slick with her juices, and I became fascinated by the way the wet folds of her labia clung to his fingers as they plunged in and out. His thumb was strumming over her clitoris, which was bulging out like a ripe little rosebud.

I wanted to see my brother’s erect penis inside her, one last time. I got hold of the elasticated waist of Matt’s swim-shorts, and dragged them down, releasing his erection. I looked at Sally, lying there on the towel, her bikini top pulled down off her breasts, her legs thrown wide apart, while Matt kissed her at the same time as finger-fucking her.

He kicked his shorts right off, then positioned his cock at Sally’s entrance. Her labia were puffy with arousal, and he teased her by running his cock up and down her slit, getting the tip wet with her juices but not yet entering her.

“Come on, fuck me,” she begged. “What are you waiting for? Can’t you see how wet I am?”

He relented, and pushed forward, his cock disappearing inside her. “Oh, yes, that’s better,” she whispered, as he began to fuck her properly, his cock quickly becoming slippery with her juices. It was such a turn-on to watch, seeing his cock disappear into her, then reappear all slippery, her sticky vaginal walls clinging to it, before it slid back inside again. I started to masturbate, rubbing at my clitoris, but then Sally reached out and pulled me over.

“I want you too, Annie,” she said. Suddenly she rolled over, letting Matt’s cock slip out of her, and pushed me onto my back. She straddled me, and while Matt grabbed hold of her and pushed his cock back into her from behind, she pulled my bikini top up, letting my tits loose. Now on her knees, with Matt thrusting into her doggie-style, she dragged at my pants too, and I wriggled my legs, kicking them off so that I was naked as well. I tried to pull Sally down on top of me, but instead she rolled over yet again and dragged Matt down on top of both of us. His erect cock slipped out of her and slapped against my leg, leaving a trail of Sally’s sticky juices. Sally grabbed hold of it and began to push it against my vulva.

Even in my aroused state, I tried to resist, closing my legs so his cock bounced harmlessly on my thigh.

“Hey, no, not that, not here,” I stammered, but Sally shushed me.

“You made Matt piss on me,” she said. “Now it’s my turn. I want to watch your brother fuck you.”

Damn, she was right. She’d gone along with that, so I should do something for her in return. altıparmak escort But fuck my twin brother? I’d never felt anything remotely sexual for him before this week, but we’d already gone so much further during the last few days than I’d have believed possible. On the one hand, this would be a fuck, the real thing. On the other, a blow-job was sex too, so was it so very different to take his cock in my cunt as well as my mouth? I’d swallowed his cum; swirled its thick, gooey saltiness round in my mouth; tasted it in my throat. Surely just letting him squirt it up my vagina was actually less intimate, not more?

All these thoughts spun through my mind in much less time than it takes to write. Matt looked at me, his twin sister, naked and horny. His cock was sticking up like a flag-pole, rock-hard and ready. I knew he wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t happy, but from the look on his face I could tell he was up for it. Oh, what the fuck, I’d done so many crazy things this holiday, what was one more? So I gave him a dirty smile, and nodded.

“Ok, but take me this way,” I said, turning over on my front and sticking my bum in the air. Matt took hold of my waist and positioned himself behind me. Sally grabbed his cock and gave it a few quick pumps to make sure it was properly erect, then rubbed it against my vulva, getting the tip nice and moist with my juices. She just popped the head in between my labia, and rubbed it up and down over the entrance to my hole, teasing me. Then Matt gripped my waist and pushed forward, and my vagina opened to admit him, his whole length entering me in one smooth movement. Without hesitation, he began to thrust in and out, my vaginal walls contracting around his cock to suck him in.

Sally knelt next to me and squeezed my bum with one hand, while playing with my dangling breasts with the other. I felt her fingers sliding down into the crack of my bum, then one of them pressed at the entrance to my hole. My anus was still tender from the hammering it had received the night before, and I winced as Sally’s finger slipped inside and curved round so that she could feel Matt’s cock inside my vagina, just as I had done with Chris’s. What would she say if she knew that her dad had been fucking me the day before in exactly the same way as Matt was now? I was glad I’d cleaned out all the lube, otherwise she might have wondered why I was so gooey up there. My God, this was insane.

“How does it feel, Matt, fucking your sister?” she asked, as her finger wiggled inside my bum-hole.

“Fucking awesome,” he gasped, his cock slamming into me.

Abandoning my boobs, she transferred her hand to my clitoris, and began to rub at it, her fingers alternating between fast and slow up-and-down movements. As Matt’s cock pumped in and out, I could feel the clitoral stimulation from her fingers start to propel me towards orgasm.

“Oh God, oh yes,” I gasped, “That’s it, don’t stop.”

Her fingers began to move faster, and my breathing hastened to match them. I was letting out little squeaks now as my orgasm inexorably built within me. I began to tremble, and gritted my teeth to stop myself from screaming out loud as I came, my whole body shaking. Matt was moving faster now, his balls slapping into me with every thrust, his hands gripping my waist. Sally’s finger was still in my bum as I felt him start to shudder, and then hold himself steady as he ejaculated deep inside me, filling me with his hot, creamy jism.

I felt him pull out, and saw Sally wriggle over to him. His still hard cock was glistening with a mixture of my juices and his own cum, and Sally took it into her mouth and gently sucked it clean. I collapsed onto the towel and rolled onto my back, panting heavily. Then Sally came over to me and pulled my legs apart so she could see my sticky cunt, my labia pink and puffy with arousal. She lay down between my legs and pulled my labia apart open with her fingers, so she could look right up into my hole. I clenched my vaginal muscles together, trying to squeeze out what was inside.

“Oh fuck, Annie, I can see his cum inside you,” she giggled. “It’s all oozing out.”

I felt a dribble run down my thigh, before Sally pressed her face right against my vulva, her tongue lapping into me, trying to hoover up the contents. I could feel her tongue tickling round my entrance, and the slurping noises as she sucked it all up.

At last, she seemed to have got as much of it as she could, and she sat up with a grin, her face sticky with secretions. She opened her mouth and showed me that she hadn’t swallowed all of it, then crawled over to me and kissed me, transferring the sticky mess into my mouth. I swilled it round with my tongue, getting the full effect of the taste, before swallowing it with a grin.

“I was a nice girl until I met you two,” Sally said. “What would my friends think if they knew?”

“You’d better not boast about it on Twitter,” I said, “or they’ll think you’re a total slut-bucket.”

“And what about your mum?” considered Matt. “How much does she know?”

“Well, we’ve had a little chat about you,” said Sally. “She knows we’ve been fucking, obviously, and she’s just told me to take precautions and warned me not to get too upset when you go home tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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