My Playmate Ch. 03

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Cum In

PART 3: Moving On


Saturday morning was just like my mood. Bright and sunny, but with a cloudless sky that somehow felt empty and cold.

For the first time, I could clearly see that a future did indeed exist for me. Today was the first day of the rest of my life. Very cliché, but very true in this case. I’d been given a blank slate. I could start fresh. Think of every catchphrase that would apply and throw it at me. I was free.

And yet that newfound freedom had come with a price. Courtney was gone. And her absence was now an empty hole in my heart. The first time she had left was just a trial run. Intellectually, I knew that she was gone. But for months I’d locked my happy memories of her inside of me, trapping them in, afraid to let them go. I wasn’t ready to break up with her yet. Whenever she had called, I’d pretended that we were still together, having a long distance relationship or something. Before, when I had seen a photo of Courtney, I glanced fondly after it as if she were only out for a few hours and would be returning soon.

But while time had not healed all wounds, it did allow me to get used to Courtney’s absence. And so by last night, after months of acclimating to life without her, I was able to take the shock and have the closure I needed. We had parted on awkward terms the first time. But not this time.

When we’d been dating, Courtney had been way too much for me to handle. She was vibrant, sexy, and constantly in motion. She didn’t have time to get bogged down with a deep emotional connection. And with her sex drive, I had just been in way over my head. I was the one hopelessly in love, a feeling she didn’t share and wasn’t ready for. When she had walked out of my life the first time, I hadn’t really believed it. Inside, I was always just waiting for her to come back.

Now I knew better. Now I was a calm, rational human being.

Hanging on the wall next to my bed, I saw a photo of Courtney and me snuggling together. Now the pain felt fresh. I couldn’t pretend anymore. The anger came automatically as I lashed out, punching the glass frame straight back. Shards of glass fell to the floor around my bloody knuckle.


I was moving on. It was a sunny day out.

Good weather to go for a walk.

It was the final month of my sophomore year. Classwork was piling up and Finals were just around the corner. I could head to the library, but my brain couldn’t focus and studying just wasn’t an option.

Back out in the fresh air once again, I just started walking. Mentally I was flailing out in every direction, trying to find something to latch onto and stop the rapid-fire pace in my head. And then I finally had that something.

I filled my mind with all the happy memories I’d taken away from this past semester. Unsurprisingly, most of those memories had something to do with Anna. Like the way she got so excited after beating me at Uno. Or the little smile that crawled onto her face after a particularly sarcastic (but funny) remark. I thought back at all the hours we had spent together just as friends. Anna was a sweet, still innocent girl, and I would be lucky to have her in my life.

But I knew right then that I shouldn’t start a relationship with her.

Right now, I was still just damaged goods. It wouldn’t be fair to Anna. A semester of denial had not done enough to let me get over Courtney. And now the wound was still fresh in my heart. If I hooked up with Anna on the rebound, our relationship would be doomed to failure.

It was a good thing my epiphany had come when it did, just barely before I started dating Anna as opposed to afterwards. Because now I still could nip our budding relationship in time to remain good friends. And I really needed good friends right now.

I had to make everything right. So I turned at the next street and made a beeline for the girls’ apartment.


Surprisingly, Anna was home when I got there, still in her pajamas. She had a regular Saturday morning meeting and didn’t usually get back for another half hour at least. I’d been counting on those thirty minutes to compose what I wanted to say. But now all I had left was instinct.

“Hi.” Anna smiled up at me and got up from her spot on the couch. A throwaway girls magazine dropped onto the coffee table, a far cry from her usual study material. Perhaps she couldn’t really focus either. She stood right in front of me as we rather awkwardly looked at each other. “I was wondering when you’d be coming by,” she told me.

I was still searching for the right words. **Why couldn’t I have had more time to think about this?** Then I decided that an apology is always a good way to start. “I’m sorry about last night. I-“

“Don’t be,” she interrupted. “Stuff happens. And we were both rather surprised. Courtney had a big impact on both our lives.”

“I know. And that’s why we can’t be together. Last night, Courtney and I-“

Anna interrupted again. “Don’t say it. I can guess, küçükçekmece escort but I don’t even want to know what happened.” Anna’s eyes were hard, serious. And at the same time she was showing me a tender vulnerability I’d never seen in her before. This was as wide open as Anna’s emotions ever got. “What you had with Courtney was very special. I get that. But it’s not the important thing right now.”

“But what Courtney and I had is still a big influence on me and my emotions right now.”

“That doesn’t matter to me, either.” Anna stood closer to me and reached up to wrap her arms behind my neck. “The only thing that matters to me is that right here, right now, you show me what it means to make love. I don’t want to wait another day.”

“Excuse me?” Surprise was an understatement for me.

She pulled her head back while keeping her hands locked behind my neck. “Do you like me?”

“Of course.”

“Well I’m in love with you. And you damn well know it.”

I did know it. Heck, according to Christine, half the campus knew it. But I wasn’t there yet with Anna. I still had too many bonds tying me to Courtney.

Anna just continued while staring right into the back of my eyes, pouring out her soul into me. “All I could think about for days was our Friday night date. I’d already made up my mind that Friday night would be the night I showed you how much I love you. Friday night you would make me a woman. Friday night!”

“I’m so sorry.” Sympathy welled up inside me for what this poor girl with an intense crush was going through. And already it made me feel a little obligated to give something back to her.

“It’s not your fault,” Anna soothed me. “What’s important is that you’re here. Now.”

I relaxed somewhat. I leaned down until our foreheads were touching as we held each other, eyes closed and feeling the warm energy pass between us. She was my friend. And maybe even more. The hug she was giving me felt so damn good, better than I’d felt in months. And I could feel the surge of adrenaline inside my limbs ordering me to grab this girl, make love to her, and never let her go.

Anna’s expression then took on a hard edge as her eyes opened up. “But I’ve been waiting a lot longer than I’d expected to. I’d planned on two or three hours of eating and talking and romance before I tried to seduce you. But that was Friday night. I don’t have the patience for all that bullshit right now. So I’m going to drag you into my room and fuck you until you pass out. Can you handle that?” Her voice was quiet, calm, and deadly serious.

“Uh, yes, ma’am.” This cold aggression seemed so strange coming from Anna, it was rather frightening. “But this is kind of a weird mood.”

“You let me worry about the mood.” And then Anna’s arms were tugging on my head and her lips were searing across mine. It was a fiery liplock I didn’t know this innocent little girl had in her. She was kissing me so hard I was amazed my teeth didn’t hurt.

Her taste was half-familiar. Only a few days had passed since our lips last touched. The sweet flavor and heady aroma of her skin filled my senses and activated all the hormonal male nerves in my body. It was as if I could sense automatically that a willing female was in animalistic heat, sending out nature’s mating call.

Anna laughed into our kiss and then she was the aggressor, pushing me until my back hit the wall. And then once she had my larger body pinned her hands took to roving across my torso before grabbing onto my hips and thrusting her body into me, feeling my newfound erection pressed against her belly.

**I shouldn’t be doing this… But it feels so damn good…**

I let Anna take complete charge of this encounter. The feelings she was instilling in me blinded me to all my rational decision-making, leaving nothing but the pleasant emotions and sense of comfortability with Anna. I had only recently ever thought of her as a red-blooded woman, but the passion of her love for me was clearly making its mark on me. How could I possibly ever think of rejecting such love?

Anna grew tired of simply making out with me. Her body screamed at me with a hunger, and then she was pulling my physically into her bedroom and slamming the door shut. I was a helpless doll in her hands as she shuffled me around until I was sitting on her bed with my feet on the floor. She helped me lift my shirt over my head, stopping to examine my pecs and stomach. I was no musclebound hunk, but I didn’t have any flab either and Anna slowed down to touch me gently, as if trying to memorize every part of my body.

I had seen the focus and determination Anna could put into her studies. Now I was the object of that focus, and it made me feel very, very good to be held in that regard. And then Anna was kneeling before me, tugging my jeans and underwear off of my hips. My erection sprang into view once she got the offending garments to my knees, and she stopped to stare küçükyalı escort in wonderment at her very first adult penis.

The collar of her pajama shirt hung down loosely while she was bent over, and the gentle swells of her naked breasts came into my vision, causing an extra jump in my cock. And Anna giggled while watching my member twitch of its own accord.

I delighted in seeing her reaction, so I flexed my PC muscles to make it wave again before letting gravity drop it back. Anna looked up into my eyes, her youthful face full of energy and vigor, her irises sparkling. She got an impish grin on her face and reached down to remove her own shirt. And when her fully naked breasts came into my view she watched intently as my dick started twitching towards them again.

It was my first time to see Anna’s naked torso. I’d already known from swimsuits that while not especially toned nor a frequent exerciser like Courtney, Anna was still a healthy eater who took care of her body. And so her slender frame with minimal fat now greatly accentuated her B-cup breasts, looking larger than I’d expected and hanging perfectly with erect, cute nipples. Nipples that were soon being tweaked by Anna’s own fingers, and she moaned in arousal while caressing her own breasts and then giggled as she saw how it affected my dick.

Anna then took the next step of wrapping her hands around the shaft. First it was just her right hand, curled around the base and wide-eyed at the length still poking out the top. Her left fingers then traced around the mushroom head, tickling the nerves underneath the ridgeline. I couldn’t help but groan at her touch.

Anna intently studied me for the next several minutes as her right hand pumped up and down, experimenting by trial and error to determine the proper force and speed to apply, using my audible moans as indicators.

I just let her play with me, letting her obvious enthusiasm make up for her inexperience. Her touch was just enough to keep me hard and aroused, but not so much that I felt in any danger of blasting off.

It was unexpected then when she ducked her head and took me into her mouth, gulping down as much as possible before her gag reflex made her choke a bit and pull off. The hot, wet sensation nearly set me off right then, but as my cock returned to the cool air I cooled down as well.

I was better prepared when she ducked again and ran her tongue from base to crown, licking and slurping as she went. Then very quickly she picked up on how much I loved it when her lips and tongue danced around the head while her hand pumped up and down the shaft. It was far from the best blowjob I’d ever had. But the mental arousal of knowing this was innocent Anna blowing me added significantly to the pleasure factor.

She popped off long enough to ask, “How am I doing?”

“Oh, that’s wonderful.”

Her grin was back. “Hmm. Well if you like that, watch this!”

Anna took a deep breath and then took me into her mouth, lowering herself slowly inch by inch, breathing shallowly through her nostrils.

**No fucking way.** But sure enough, after a few moments, Anna had her lips locked around the base of my shaft as she had completed her deep throat of me.

Then she pulled back and away for a few moments to catch her breath.

“Wow,” was all I could croak. Already I was teetering on the edge. “How did you learn to do that?”

“Christine showed me. We practiced on one of her dildoes. It was one of those things I really wanted to learn before we did this. Can I do it again?”

“Anna, you can do it whenever the hell you want.”

She giggled and then breathing slowly, she lowered her head until she’d accomplished the feat once again. And this time when she began sucking powerfully, a vacuum tight atmosphere forming along the entire length of my cock, I could feel the bubbling of pressure in my balls.

My hands went to her head in warning and I mumbled, “Oh, I’m going to cum!”

Anna pulled back and started jacking my shaft with her right hand while the head was just barely inside of her mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip. The first jet exploded into the back of Anna’s throat with enough force to cause her to back up a few inches, the head of my cock popping out of her mouth.

She closed her mouth to swallow and then the second jet splattered against her nose and cheek. Anna gasped in surprise, but her hand kept its pumping on its own and so the third jet flew out with just as much force, half hitting her lips and half going inside. And the rest of my cum started dribbling out, coating my own rod and spilling lower onto Anna’s neck and upper slopes of her naked breasts.

“Wow! It’s so hot! I mean, it’s much warmer than I’d expected,” she exclaimed, once I’d finished. “And you don’t taste bad at all.”

Her expression then became concerned, her eyes wide as she suddenly looked younger and more innocent than I ever imagined. maltepe escort “Did I do okay?”

I had to remember that despite her actual age, Anna was still a baby when it came to sexual experience. “Honey, that was wonderful.”

With a satisfied nod, Anna leaned in again and began to lick my cock clean while it was still semi-hard. And while her mouth was busy, she multi-tasked well enough to strip my jeans and underwear the rest of the way off my body until I was fully naked before her.

When her tasks were complete, Anna got up and stripped herself naked as well, revealing a freshly bare-shaven pussy for me with just a bit of fuzz re-growing. She noticed my gaze and answered the unspoken question. “Just did it Friday morning. I really wanted to be ready for you.”

She was ready for me. I could see the glistening moisture and the bright pink as her lips were already puffing out in anticipation. But I wanted to take my time with her.

I held my arms up and Anna came into my embrace. We fell back against the bed together and began to kiss slowly. It felt rather amazing to kiss her, like I was back in high school when kissing was the ultimate. The heady sensations running through my mind were exquisite as I let my emotions flow and my enjoyment at kissing Anna blitz through my mind, still trying to figure out this girl who was so new to me and yet such a dear, close friend.

She didn’t resist when I began to kiss my way lower. But I did feel her body tense up a bit in anticipation as she realized what my intentions were. She moaned happily when I first took a perky nipple into my mouth. And her body writhed against the bedsheets as I nuzzled my way across her sides and belly, teasing every inch of her skin.

I took my time in getting to my destination, being patient to titillate every nook and cranny of Anna’s body and building up her arousal until she was panting loudly in anticipation. After five minutes of exploring Anna’s naked body, her entire body was tense, like a taught bowstring just moments before firing its arrow.

And that arrow flew off the instant my tongue touched her clit. A piercing scream shattered the silent air and her hips bucked a few inches off the bed when my tongue first touched her, the wet pussy flying into my face and lifting me off the bed with her as she cried out in her first climax with another person.

I kept tonguing her through the entire orgasm, prolonging it for as long as I could, until she pushed my head away complaining that it was too sensitive. But the instant she’d reasserted herself, Anna gripped my shoulders and started pulling up along her body.

“Do it! Do it!” she commanded.

My conscience decided on that moment to rear its ugly head. What were the morals of having sex with Anna when I was still attached to the memory of Courtney? I hesitated, and Anna read the expression on my face.

“Pleeeease…” she begged.

“I want to be fair to you.”

“FUCK fair! Do you have any idea how intense my decision-making process to lose my virginity? I made my choice. I want this. Now fucking FUCK me! Do it!”

But despite her insistence, I knew I was going to take my time with this. My cock was locked and ready to go, and I settled my body over hers in a traditional missionary position.

Anna’s gaze was zoomed in on my erection between her legs, eyes wide open so as not to miss a moment. “Do it!” she urged me. “And don’t you DARE tease me. FUCK me already!”

I fought away a laugh at her desperation and instead held my dick and guided it into place. Anna cooed at me when she felt the head first nudging her wet lips to the side, and then she was holding her breath as the first inch burrowed its way forward. It was the absolute tightest thing I had ever felt, and I rather doubted I could fit into her.

“Relax…” I soothed. “You have to relax and breathe or it will be too tight. Now, breathe out.”

Anna just exhaled a long, slow breath and I glided forwards while her breath turned into a long moan. It loosened her up just enough for me to enter in until I came across her maidenhood, and I saw her eyes tighten up when my cock began to stretch it.

When she calmed down enough, I asked, “Ready?”

Anna’s eyes set in hard determination. “Do it.”

I leaned down to kiss her, my tongue probing before pulling back into my own mouth lest she bite down on it. And just when she began to whimper into my mouth I lunged forward in a sudden burst of energy and she cried out in momentary pain as I shredded her virginity.

Immediately I was kissing her again and rubbing her shoulders while I leaned my pelvis into her to grind against her clit. And after several short thrusting motions Anna blinked the tears out of her eyes and I could see the pleasure start to overcome the pain.

Then, when Anna wrapped her legs behind me and started tugging me into her, I knew that she was feeling the joy of her first act of making love. Her arms went around my neck and pulled me tightly against her, our bodies mashed up until we were as one person. Her tunnel was so extremely tight around me; it felt like our bodies were melding together.

Anna was crying again while I made short pumps, but these were tears of joy. “Ooh, it feels so good. YOU feel so good in me. It’s like I never want you to leave.”

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