My Newly-Wild Wife and I

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My name is Cal Ellis and for the past 21 years, I have been married to a beautiful black woman named Elaine. I love her with all of my heart; she has been my soul-mate since the day we met. I was 17 and she was 16. We were joined at the hip from then on and I asked her to marry me on her 18th birthday. She said yes and I was 20 when we married. Elaine’s family has money, so Elaine worked part-time in a hospital while I worked part-time as a computer programmer for a local firm. While doing that, I went to school 3 nights a week and pursued my doctorate. Once I started making good money and got a sizable offer from a local company, Elaine cut back her hours to 2 days a week to be with our children. They never once lacked attention. One or both of us was always home after school and in the mornings.

Last year, both of our children headed off to university in Ottawa. Now that they were living away from home, my wife and I decided to downsize our living arrangements. We no longer wanted the responsibility of owning a large house. Quite frankly, I was sick of the yard work. I’ve always hated mowing the lawn.

We moved a 30 minute drive from our old home and bought a lovely, 3-bedroom condo (someone else mows the lawn!) While we remain in contact with our old friends, we also relished the opportunity to make some new ones as well. Elaine and I have become very good friends with a single mother named Lorraine and her daughter, Tabitha. Lorraine was a mother at 16 and Tabitha is now 19. Both are tall, leggy brunettes, although Tabitha’s hair is currently a lovely, flattering shade of auburn.

Recently, we held a welcoming party for all of our new neighbors. A few people got inebriated and some got a bit too wasted. I am not a big drinker so I stayed pretty sober. Lorraine made it home okay and Elaine, bless her heart, was a bit tipsy and crashed on our couch.

To my shock, while my wife was half out of it, Tabitha walked up to me and pressed herself against me, kissing me passionately. She dropped to her knees and unzipped my fly. “I’ve wanted to do this for weeks,” she purred, taking my cock all the way in her mouth. I looked over to make sure that Elaine was still out of it. This gorgeous young beauty was sucking my cock and I wasn’t stopping her. I knew that I was betraying my marriage, but I tried to justify it by saying to myself I hadn’t forced myself on Tabitha, she had pursued me. I blamed her aggression on the amount on alcohol she had consumed that night, but damn, this gorgeous young thing knew what she was doing. I came in her mouth and she licked it clean. She zipped me back up and stood up just as Elaine was coming to. She smiled at both of us and told Tabitha that she could spend the night in our guest bedroom if she was feeling too dizzy to walk home. Tabitha smiled and said she would appreciate that because she didn’t want to “hurl” on the way back to her place.

“I love that dress on you, Mrs. E,” Tabitha said to my wife. Elaine had told her several times to call her Elaine and insisted again. Tabitha smiled and nodded. Elaine did look spectacular. Her dress and heels were both gold, as was her jewelry. Her skin is a lighter black as one of her grandparents is Caucasian. No matter what my wife wears, even if it’s just jeans and a T-shirt, she looks lovely and wouldn’t be caught dead without nice earrings and makeup. My wife does have a tiny vain streak, but she has every right to it.

“Let’s go make some coffee,” Elaine suggested. “I think you and I could use a cup to help us sober up,” she said to Tabitha. I smiled as they left and Tabitha winked and blew me a kiss. Escaping Elaine’s notice, she flipped up her short black dress to reveal she wore no panties!

I knew that I could never, ever let my gorgeous wife know of my brief infidelity. I didn’t want anything to ruin our marriage. As I sat there and stewed in my own juices, I realized they were taking etiler eve gelen escort a long time just to make coffee. I decided to go into the kitchen and see what was causing the delay. I would never, not in a million years, expected to see what I saw. Elaine and Tabitha were kissing heatedly, their hands moving all over each other’s bodies. Not once in all our years together had Elaine even suggested that she was interested in women. She and Tabitha were really going at it and Tabitha appeared to be the aggressor. So our gorgeous little neighbor was bi. Or was she? I had rarely seen her out on dates, maybe she was a full-blown lesbian. I wondered if her mother knew about her daughter’s sexual activities. Lorraine had told Elaine and myself that they were close, what did she know about Tabitha’s love life? I continued watching my desirable bride and the lovely Tabitha kissing like crazy.

I’m a typical male in many respects. I have always loved watching two women together in porn films. In my fantasies, I had thought many times about seeing my gorgeous wife and another woman in bed together. With Elaine’s dark skin, it would be an erotic contrast with any woman she paired with. However, I’d always assumed it would remain a fantasy. I wouldn’t want to share her with another man. How could I then selfishly ask her to share me with another woman?

Now apparently, that particular problem was solved.

When they both saw me standing there, I wasn’t sure how they would react to my presence. Wordlessly, each of them took one of my hands and guided me upstairs to our spare bedroom. The two of them kissed each other a few more times and then kissed each other. I sensed that I was about to see a truly great show.

As I said at the beginning, I’ve been with Elaine for 21 amazing years. I was her first and she was mine. I’d never seen her with another person before, let alone a sexy brunette teenager. Yet here they were, kissing with open passion in front of my very eyes. She might have been the younger of the two women, but Tabitha was going to be the teacher. She untied Elaine’s dress at the back and let it fall to the ground. Aside from a thong that matched the dress and heels, my wife was naked. She then turned around and let Elaine unzip her cute black number. It dropped away from her body and she was still wearing a bra and stockings. The bra joined the dress. The two women climbed on the large bed and kissed again. It was so hot and I could barely move because I was so aroused!

Both of the girls — the women – were so exquisitely beautiful. I watched with mounting lust as my wife lifted her hips so that Tabitha could remove her thong. Elaine has recently started shaving her pussy. She told me that a friend said it heightened sensitivity. I just thought it looked sexy. Tabitha made love to my wife with her tongue. She ate her cunt like there was no tomorrow and for the first time ever in my life; I was watching someone else give my wife an orgasm. Okay — several orgasms, from what I could see.

Elaine is never the kind of woman to be an idle participant. Once she stopped panting and thrashing about, she moved on top of Tabitha. “Darling girl,” she said in her softest, most alluring voice “Prepare to get the shit fucked out of you.” I’d never seen Elaine so hot! She got between Tabitha’s stocking-clad thighs and ate cunt. I mean, she really went at it! I knew Elaine had never been with a woman, but it was almost hard to tell. Her mouth was humming a merry tune on Tabitha’s cunt and clit.

The two women looked up at me and my wife’s eyes had a smoky, sensual look I had never seen before. “Are you just going to stand and watch?” She asked. “Or are you going to join us and fuck our horny cunts?”

I was momentarily startled because Elaine had never used that word before. She talks dirty in bed but the “C word” was always etiler grup yapan escort off limits. Tabitha was licking my wife’s tits and I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough. The two of them pounced on my cock and now I knew why guys in porn films look so pleased if they’re getting a double blowjob. There is nothing else like it!

“Fuck her,” Elaine told me, shoving me between Tabitha’s spread thighs. “Fuck her darling, really fuck the little cunt good! I’m going to have the little whore eat my pussy some more, but screw her good!” I did just as I was told. I felt her high heels digging into my back as I fucked Tabitha and I saw Elaine’s face glaze over with passion. She and Tabitha came at the same time and I shot my load into two willing mouths not soon after.

I was in a daze the entire next morning and afternoon. My boss chewed me out but as I own a large chunk of stock in the company and I know more about the operation than he does, I told him to go fuck himself. That isn’t like me, but I was feeling too good to take his shit. I wanted to go home and fuck my wife again. I was more in love with her than ever and our threesome last night had only strengthened our bond. Seeing Elaine so wild and free was the best thing I had ever witnessed.

I got home and Elaine was by our complex’s shared pool in the tiniest white bikini I have ever seen. Two tiny triangles covered her breasts and one barely covered her pussy. It was held together by flimsy pieces of string. “I just felt so sexy I wanted to go out and buy something exciting,” Elaine smiled as I kissed her hello. “I just feel so … so alive!”

She looked incredible. My lovely wife takes a back seat to no one and I really wanted to take her inside and fuck her. She astonished me by confessing she thought that if she left us alone, Tabitha might make a play for me. She had been thinking about a threesome for months, ever since we moved in and had met Lorraine and her daughter. She wasn’t even sure herself just how far she would allow it to go.

We weren’t even done talking when Tabitha showed up. Her bikini was equally as skimpy as Elaine’s, blue and metallic. I saw it in my wife’s dark eyes and in Tabitha’s — they wanted a repeat performance of last night. Elaine stood up and as bold as brass, she kissed Tabitha again. This new personality of hers was downright sexy. While my wife has never been the kind to hide her light under a bushel, PDA with a girl was not something I would ever have expected. To my utter astonishment, Elaine laid on her back on a chaise lounge. Tabitha straddled her head and lowered her pussy to my wife’s mouth. Now my wife was having public sex with our new playmate and she was slurping and moaning. My cock felt like an iron bar. She didn’t take long to make Tabitha cum and her face was still gleaming with pussy juice when Tabitha dismounted. “That was fun, baby” Elaine purred.

“It was, wasn’t it?” Tabitha giggled. “Poor Cal — we’ve made him horny again. We’ll take care of you baby, can I spend the night with you guys again?”

“We’d be delighted to have you,” my wife answered for me. I went inside and called work and told my secretary I was taking a “personal day” tomorrow. She’d heard the argument I’d had with my superior and figured it was likely because of that. She had NO idea.

Once dinner was finished, the two women went upstairs, leaving me with the clean up. As I loaded the dishwasher, I could hear a lot of laughter coming from upstairs and wondered if they were having sex again. It got me hot, but I had to keep my cool. Wait to be invited, don’t seem too eager — that was the way to play it, I thought.

They weren’t having sex because there wasn’t enough time. My wife came downstairs in a diaphanous white negligee that I had never seen her wear before. “I did a little bit of shopping today,” she giggled. etiler masöz escort Tabitha had on a black teddy, matching stockings and black bedroom slippers. “I, uh, bought some things for her, too,” Elaine told me. “I knew she’d be back.”

“Knew or hoped?” I teased Elaine, kissing the nape of her neck.

“Knew,” Elaine whispered to me softly, looking over at our sexy neighbor. “After last night, I knew.” She was right — something had happened last night between the three of us. The genie had been let out of the bottle and the cork couldn’t be put back in. I made a pitcher of drinks for the three of us and turned on some soft music. I sat there and watched as my two lovers danced for me, swaying bodies and holding each other close. It was very erotic and the kind of thing you don’t rush. I sat there and enjoyed myself while the girls kissed sweetly. It seemed as if they couldn’t get enough of kissing each other and who was I to object?

The girls stopped dancing together and headed upstairs, motioning for me to follow. Once they were there, Tabitha pushed my wife back on the bed. She reached down beside the bed and pulled out a strap-on dildo! This was getting wild! I was going to see my wife get fucked by someone else — a sexy teenage girl! Once she got going, it was obvious that our new friend was no stranger to using a toy like this. She had my wife bucking and howling, Elaine was really getting into it. Her nightgown was matted to her body, she was perspiring so much! Tabitha moved away and smiled once she had made my wife cum with the rubber toy. “Your wife fucks like the little slut she is,” Tabitha grinned evilly. “Now I think I deserve to be fucked while she watches, don’t you?”

I couldn’t have agreed more and watched as the sexy brunette got down on all fours. I slid into Tabitha’s cunt like my cock was made to be there. My wife watched as I fucked someone else and she was almost spellbound. Tabitha was so hot and so tight, it didn’t take me long to cum. Again, I had two eager mouths ready to gobble up all of my spunk.

To finish off the evening, I watched my wife rim Tabitha’s asshole and then fuck it with the dildo. Both women then got on all fours while I fucked them both. We all came within seconds of each other. It was glorious.

We spent the next two weeks having sex with our new lover. We didn’t miss a night and our sex life, while always good, was rejuvenated. We were fucking like we did as newlyweds, even when Tabitha wasn’t around. The best times were with her but we did fine without her.

So when she announced that she and her friends were going to Cancun, we were disappointed and knew we’d miss her, but knew we’d be okay. We’d already started hatching plots as to what we’d do to her when she got back. We even adjusted plans for a long awaited second honeymoon to Hawaii to be a three-way vacation. Elaine and I could easily afford it and it would be a nice gift for someone who had already given us so much. I can hardly wait to see my two lovelies in their skimpy bikinis on those beautiful beaches.

There’s another twist we hadn’t anticipated. A few days after Tabitha was gone, we were out by the pool. Elaine was in another new bikini. That’s when Lorraine showed up. She looked at us both and said in a stern tone “You’re fucking my daughter, aren’t you? Both of you?”

As Tabitha was a legal adult and we were both now more open about things, we saw no reason to deny it. “Yes and yes,” Elaine said to our neighbor.

Lorraine broke out in a huge grin. “So, what’s wrong with asking the mother if she’d like a turn with you two gorgeous people?” Stunning us both, she further added “Just where do you think Tabby learned most of her little tricks?” With that, she threw open the robe she had been wearing to reveal a taut, sleek body with tits even bigger than her daughter’s. I looked at Elaine and she looked back at me and both of us took one of her hands, leading her inside and up to our bedroom. Tabitha’s a wildcat, but Lorraine has moves that are just as sexy and entirely her own. She’s promised to give us a steamy mother-daughter show when Tabitha returns. I can’t wait to have all four of them in bed but I might need to skip a few nights rest a few nights to build up my strength.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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